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“Is There A Doctor?”  Episode 24/124


G:  “Maybe we should take the southern route.”

X:  “This is the shortest way to Athens.”

G:  “Yes, I know, but there’s a war going on here-- it’s so

X:  “This one’s more senseless than most.  It’s a civil war--
brother against brother.  That’s Ares’ favorite kind of

G:  “Why would they want to fight over this area?  There doesn’t
seem to be much here.”

X:  “Same reason we’re here.  This forest is the only way
between Thessaly and Mitoa.  Whoever controls it controls--”

Ephiny:  “Ahhh--”

G:  “What was that?”

Ephiny:  “Ahh--”

G:  “Ephiny?”

Ephiny:  “Gabrielle.”

X:  “It’s a nasty gash-- but it’ll heal.  Your baby-- it’s about

Ephiny:  “I’ve already had some pains.”

G:  “What are you doing here?”

Ephiny :  “We were on our way to Athens.  Phantes and I wanted
to have the baby born there.”

X:  “Where is Phantes?”

Ephiny:  “He was trying to find a safe way around the battle.
But he--”

X:  “What happened?”

Ephiny:  “He was captured and killed by Mitoans.”

G:  “When?”

Ephiny:  “I’ve been hiding here for-- I don’t know-- two, three
days.  Can’t tell anymore.  He died protecting me.  Some Amazon,

G:  “You can’t blame yourself; there’s nothing you could’ve
done.  Why would they want to kill Phantes?”

X:  “He got in the way.  It’s a war, Gabrielle.”

G:  “I can’t bear to think of all the innocents who suffer
because of this madness.  Someone has to stop it.  Come on,
Xena-- not even you can stop an entire war.  All right!  Well
look-- I did not mean that as a challenge.”

X:  “Stay here with Ephiny.”

G:  “What are, what are you going to do?”

X:  “I’m gonna find a safe place for Ephiny to have her baby.
And then I’m gonna stop this war.”

G:  “I’ve got to learn to keep my mouth shut.”


Marmax:  “One giant push will destroy the Thessalians once and
for all.  We’ll march on into their city-- free men at last.
We’ve been fighting long and hard for liberation-- for the right
to worship our own gods, and victory is near.  These Thessalian
tyrants are about to feel the hand of justice tight around their
throats.  May the gods bless the Mitoans this day!  Now-- go,

Mitoan Soldiers:  “Spill their blood!”  “[?] for the gods!”


Marmax:  “Thessalian pig!  Thessalian scum!”



Ephiny:  “Ahh.”

G:  “We’re nearly there.”

Marmax:  “Are you insane?!”

X:  “You’re going in.”

Marmax:  “I’m a Mitoan!  This is a Thessalian healing temple.”

X:  “Well, you need to be healed, don’t you?”

Marmax:  “You obviously know nothing of war.  The Thessalians
are enemy of the Mitoans.  They’ll kill me!”

X:  “Nah, they’ll keep you alive.  You’re good slave material.”

Marmax:  “No, you don’t understand.  They’re going to want to
execute a man of my rank!”

X:  “What rank?  You look like just another foot soldier to me.”  

Guard:  “Who goes there?!”

X:  “We found this soldier-- and we have a pregnant woman.”

Guard:  “This way.”

G:  “Come on.”

Galen:  “Almighty Aesclepius, god of healing-- Here lies before
you the broken body of a good Thessalian soldier, who is worthy
of your great --”

X:  “Come on.  How’re you doing?”

Ephiny:  “Not good-- I’m so tired, and-- my soul feel like it’s
been sliced by a razor.”

X:  “Here.  Ephiny, I know Phantes is gone, but what you and he
created is within you, ready to come out into the world.  You
have to go on.”

G:  “You’re not alone.  Your friends and your family are here
with you.”

Ephiny:  “Family?”

G:  “Hey-- I’m you sister Amazon, remember?”

Ephiny:  “They gave you the right of caste.”

G:  “Xena and I will take care of you.”


Guard:  “Get in there, Mitoan scum!”

Sold:  “General Marmax.”

Marmax:  “Shhh!”

Sold:  “You’re wounded.”

Soldiers:  “That’s him.”  “General!”

Marmax:  “The war goes well.”


Galen:  “Oh, mighty Aesclepius, we beseech you, and trust in thy
healing power to make this man whole.”

Hippocrates [Hip]:  “We’ve got to move you.”

X:  “Put him down!  Can’t you see he’s in terrible pain?”

Hip:  “But we’ve got to put him on the altar!”

X:  “What’s your name?”

Hip:  “I’m Hippocrates.”

X:  “Well, Hippocrates, a man with a wound like this should not
be moved.”

Hip:  “But Aesclepius, the god of medicine, has to empower Galen
with the proper knowledge and drugs on the altar!  So we have to
move him!  It’s Galen’s orders!”

X:  “Is that Galen?”

Hip:  “Yes.”

Galen:  “We beseech you, and we trust to make this man--”

X:  “The gods don’t care if these men live of die.”

Galen:  “_Who_ is this _woman_?”

X:  “I’ve spent a lot of time healing on the battlefield.  And
you could help a lot more people if you spent more time with
them, and less with you god.”

Galen:  “Am I supposed to believe some _harlot_ knows more about
healing than the priests of Aesclepius?”

Man:  “Help me, somebody, please!  He can’t breathe!  He’s

Galen:  “Put him with the other Mitoan [?].”

X:  “No, put him down here.  OK.  I need a hollow reed and some
rags-- now!”  

Galen:  “This is our temple!  We decide who will be treated!”

X:  “You-- Come here!  Do you wanna see another Mitoan die?”

Galen:  “Go ahead-- if you want to kill Mitoans with your
ignorance, it doesn’t matter!  Just don’t touch a Thessalian.”

X:  “Hold him down.”

Marmax:  “You’re killing him.”

X:  “Shut up and concentrate.  Give me that reed.  It has to be
put in at precisely the right angle.  Press down here.  Harder!
No, on the vein.  Relax and breathe.”

Crowd:  “Amazing.”

X:  “Right.  All right, now for the arrow.  Get me some cobwebs,
there, off the statue.”

Hip:  “Cobwebs?”

X:  “They help stop the bleeding, hurry!  I need another a pair
of hands.  Gabrielle!”

G:  “What do you want me to do?”

X:  “Get me some compresses.  Hold the arrow here.  Hold it very
steady, very, very steady.”

Democritus [Dem]:  “So what, you just bandage him up, now?”

X:  “Not quite.  OK.  Gabrielle, be ready with those compresses.
Brace yourself.”

G:  “OK.”

X:  “Keep the pressure constant-- don’t let go.”

Hip:  “That’s amazing.”

Dem:  “She is beautiful.”

G:  “Men.”

Hip:  “Not her, the healing woman.”

Dem:  “Oh-- Well, she’s amazing too.”

Galen:  “There’s nothing amazing about that!”

Hip:  “But, we’ve never seen anything like this!”

Galen:  “It’s an antiquated and im_pure_ form of healing-- _not_
of the gods!  You both should know better!”

Dem:  “Yes, Galen.”


X:  “I want all these people over there with the walking
wounded.  We’re clearing this area.”  

Sold:  “Right, let’s go.”

X:  “Hey, let’s take a look at that.  Right.”

[Somebody says something I can’t understand]

X:  “This is gonna sting.  All right?”

Hip:  “W-w-w- We’d like to observe your work.”

X:  “These people need care, not another pair of eyes gawking at
them.  You got a lot of customers.  Get to work.  It’s too late
for him--  but there are others that can be saved.  You need to
separate out the ones that can be saved from the ones that

Hip:  “How can we be sure?”

X:  “You need to choose.”

Hip:  “I-- I don’t know if I can do that.”

X:  “You have to-- lives depend upon it.  She could use your
help right now.  Take this-- her leg is broken.  Use the sword
to brace it with before you move her.  That’s the last one.”

Hip [or X-- I’m not sure which one]:  “OK.  OK.”


X:  “Gabrielle, it’s Marmax.  I need you to change his

G:  “All right.  Oh-- sorry-- Medicine is _not_ my strong suit.”

Marmax:  “Right.  What is your strong suit?”

G:  “I’m a bard.”

Marmax:  “A bard, huh?”

G:  “Yeah.”

Marmax:  “Well-- go ahead.”

G:  “What?”

Marmax:  “Tell me a story.”

G:  “OK.  There was once this king-- his name was Libarius.  He
was a brave warrior-- a great hunter.”

Marmax:  “Hah!  I like it already.”

G:  “He was so proud of his hunting skills, that he decided to
test them in the sacred forest-- of the great goddess Artemis.”

Marmax:  “That sounds like a mistake.”

G:  “She was so angry with him that she turned him into a deer.”

Marmax:  “He became the hunted-- the worst thing that can happen
to a great hunter.”

G:  “That’s what he thought, at first.  But then he became so
fond of the peaceful ways of the deer, that he actually grew to
love them.  Of course, he still missed his friends and family,
which made him very sad.  So Artemis took pity on him-- turned
him back into his human form.”

Marmax:  “A happy ending.  But what a nightmare-- a warrior
having to live the life of a deer.”

G:  “Actually, it was the best thing that ever happened to him.
He became a better king after the experience-- a much happier

Marmax:  “Why is that?”

G:  “’Cause he learned the true secret of life-- is to find
peace in yourself-- and to share it with the world.”

Marmax:  “[Laughs]  It’s a pretty story.  Too bad it has nothing
to do with-- real life.”

G:  “Life is only what you make of it.”


Dem:  “We need some help here.”

X:  “Over here.  Over there.  Gabrielle!”

G:  “Yeah?”

X:  “We need to alternate between the two.  Try to stop the

X:  “I need a hollow reed and some kind of bladder.”

Dem:  “We slaughtered a pig this morning?”

X:  “Perfect.”

G:  “Can you hold this?”

Hip:  “Yeah, yeah, yeah-- I got it.”

Dem:  “Xena.”

X:  “Right.  Now hold the opening of the bladder firmly on the
tube.  Breathe, come on, breathe.”

G:  “Press harder.”

Hip:  “Yep.”

G:  “Xena!”

X:  “Gabrielle-- switch.  Try to keep the rhythm of his own

X:  “What have we got here?”

Hip:  “It’s a neck wound.”

Sold:  “I don’t wanna die.”

Galen:  “Woman!  What have you done to my temple?!”

X:  “Is there a problem?”

Galen:  “She has a Mitoan on our altar! And she’s murdering our
brave soldiers!  She must be stopped!  Throw her out!  And if
she resists, kill her!”



G:  “I need help!  He’s dying!”

X:  “Get over there!  If you want me out of here Galen, you’re
gonna have to do better than that.

Marmax:  “Here?”

X:  “Or do you like seeing people die?”

Galen:  “Of course not.  I’ve devoted my life to Aesclepius-- to
_stop_ human suffering; but you’ve _stormed_ in here with your
ap-_palling_ lack of respect for the gods!”

X:  “You don’t heal.  You sit and wait for some god to help out
when he feels like it.”

G:  “I-- I can’t stop this blood.”

X:  “Tie it off-- and then get a bandage on it tight.”

G:  “Breathe.  Come on.  Come on.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.”

X:  “Gabrielle, stop-- stop.  It’s over, just let him go.”

G:  “Why?  We tried so hard.  We worked so hard.  Why?”

Galen:  “I told you, only Aesclepius can choose who lives and
dies.  Now you’ll see his power.”

X:  “He lost too much blood.  It’s as simple as that.”

Galen:  “You can’t heal that, can you?”

X:  “No, I can’t.  


X:  “Gabrielle.”

G:  “Xena-- I-- I--  I’m sorry.  I-- I-- I really did try.”

X:  “It wasn’t your fault.  Death’s just part of this work.
You’re gonna have to get used to it.”

G:  “OK, I will.  I’ll-- I’ll try to do whatever you need me to

Woman’s Voice:  “We need a healer.”

X:  “I want you to help Democritus.”

Man’s Voice:  “-- strong warrior.  We need you.”

Marmax:  “She’s a lovely young woman.”

X:  “Yes, she is.”

Marmax:  “She shouldn’t be here. Why would you bring her into a
war zone?”

X:  “Since when are you concerned with people’s welfare?”

Marmax:  “That’s exactly what I’m fighting for-- the welfare of
young people _just_ like her.”

X:  “And what about the Thessalians’ young people?”

Marmax:  “You don’t understand.  Thessalians try to take away
our right to worship _our_ gods!  They tortured our people to
submit to _their_ religion!”

X:  “So the total annihilation of Thessaly is the only

Marmax:  “We’re securing our freedom from these butchers.”

X:  “You’re beyond securing your freedom.  You crossed that line
when this became a blood-bath.  We passed a Thessalian village
on our way.”

Marmax:  “It was a supply base for their army.  It was necessary
to neutralize it!”

X:  “Neutralize it?  There wasn’t a living thing in sight-- not
man, nor woman, nor child.  Who’s the butcher now, Marmax?”


G [Hums]:  “Is that better?”

Man:  “Much better.  Thank you.”

Dem:  “That was wonderful.”

G:  “What?”

Dem:  “Well, the way you relieved that man’s pain.”

G:  “It was the salve.”

Dem:  “No, it was your voice and your smile-- You gave him a
sense of peace.  You have a remarkable gift for healing.”

G:  “No, that’s Xena’s specialty.”

Dem:  “Well, when a man’s in pain, his soul needs healing, just
like his body.  And that’s what you did.  It was a beautiful
thing to watch.”

G:  “Thank you.”


Galen:  “Oh, mighty Aesclepius, we beseech--”

X:  “He’ll die, unless you cut off that leg.”

Sold:  “What?!  Lose my leg?!  I don’t want to lose my leg!”

Galen:  “Can’t I work in peace?”

Hip:  “You can’t cut off a man’s leg-- it’s cruel.”

X:  “I’ve seen it before-- that color is disease.  If you cut it
off, the man will live.  If you don’t, he’ll die.  What do you
want?  It’s really up to you?”

Sold:  “Do it.”

X:  “You-- over here.”

Marmax:  “That-- is a Thessalian.”

X:  “Unless you want another wound in your other shoulder, you
get over here now.”

Sold:  “I can’t feel anything.  My body’s totally numb.”

X:  “I know-- you’ll be all right.  You-- bring me a shield, a
sword, and a torch.  Hold him down.  He’ll be more in shock than
in pain.”

Sold:  “Ah, ah, ah--  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  Ahhhhhhhhhh!

X:  “Cauterize it.”


Man:  “Miss, please, Miss-- Someone has to go out there and get

G:  “Who’s Pareus?”

Man:  “He’s my little boy.  Please.  He wasn’t brought in.  But
I know he’s still out there.  Someone’s gotta go get him.”

G:  “Where is he?”

Man:  “He’s by the stand of trees, near the river.  He was
hiding when they took me away.”

G:  “I’ll go get him.”

Man:  “Thank you.”

Dem:  “Hey, hey.  You can’t go out there.”

G:  “His son is out there, wounded.”


Ephiny:  [Screams]

Marmax:  “What’s wrong?”

Ephiny:  “The baby-- I think it’s coming.”

Marmax:  “You said before you-- you were a warrior-- an Amazon?”

Ephiny:  “Yeah.”

Marmax:  “Why’re you here in Thessaly?”

Ephiny:  “We were on our way to Athens.  My husband, Phantes,
and I wanted our baby to be born there.”

Marmax:  “Why Athens?”

Ephiny:  “They’re more tolerant.”

Marmax:  “Tolerant?”

Ephiny:  “Nothing-- never mind.”

Marmax:  “Where’s your husband now?”

Ephiny:  “He was killed-- by a Mitoan war party.”

Marmax:  “I’m sorry.  They must’ve thought he was fighting for
the Thessalians.  Sometimes, my soldiers are a little too
zealous in their desire for freedom.  You don’t know what
tyrants these Thessalians are.  They have to be destroyed.  My
whole family was thrown to a pack of starving wolves for not
bowing to their gods.”

Ephiny:  “My husband was ripped apart by Mitoan hunting dogs,
while your men watched and laughed.”

Marmax:  “This can’t be.”

Ephiny:  “Phantes was once my sworn enemy.  Then I learned
forgiveness, and from that I learned love.  I just hope my child
grows up to live in a world free from your blind hatred.”

Marmax:  “You despise me for this.”

Ephiny:  “I don’t despise you.  But you’ve got to think of the
children.  Is bloodshed all you want them to know?  Ohhh!”


Dem:  “I need help here!  Somebody, help!”

X:  “Gabrielle!  Set her down. Gabrielle.  Relax, relax.  You’re
safe here-- you’re safe.  You’re safe now.”



X:  “You’re gonna be all right.  Keep that soldier awake.  If he
falls asleep, he may never wake up.”

Galen:  “She should have hit him an inch lower.  She could have
killed the monster.”

X:  “She knew that-- that’s why he’s still alive.”

Marmax:  “Are you telling me that she’d rather die, then take
the life of a man she doesn’t even know?”

X:  “Gabrielle lives by her own code.  That code doesn’t include

Marmax:  “As I said before, a girl like that should _not_ be
brought into a war zone.”

Dem:  “It was your man that did this.”

Marmax:  “He didn’t know who she was.”

Dem:  “He didn’t know she was a Mitoan, and that made her the
enemy?  I can’t believe I let her go alone.”

G:  “Ephiny.”

X:  “Ephiny!  She’s not far away.”

Ephiny:  “I’m right here.”

G:  “I want-- I want you to have my right-- my right of caste.”

Ephiny:  “Stop talking like that.”

G:  “It’s important.  I won’t need it.”

Dem:  “What did she mean-- ‘Right of caste’?”

Ephiny:  “It’s a right passed on by Amazons on their death-- but
I won’t take it.  I won’t lose her, too.”

Dem:  “Death?  Well, she’s gonna be all right-- isn’t she?”

Boy:  “Galen, the battle is near-- the Mitoans are just over the
next ridge-- and they’re coming this way.”

Galen:  “I’m not leaving!  They won’t dare desecrate my temple!”

G:  “They’ll destroy anything at this point.  They smell

Hip:  “I’ll get the walking patients out of here.”


Dem:  “You have to follow the rest to above-ground.  You’ll be
safer there.”

Woman:  “We’ll all be killed!”

Dem:  “You won’t be killed if you follow the others.”

Woman:  “But my arm.!  [Screams]”

Galen:  “Democritus!  You can’t die!  Guards, help!”


Galen:  “What am I to do?  Please, you’ve got to help him.  I--
I don’t know what to do.”

X:  “Move that soldier.  Bring him over here-- quickly!

Hip:  “Yeah, I know, ah-- rags, cobwebs, and a knife.”

Dem:  “What about Gabrielle?”

X:  “Marmax, be ready with that cloth.”

Galen:  “You’ve got to save him.”

X:  “I’ll try.”

Dem:  “Forget about me.  Help Gabrielle.”

X:  “I’ve done all I can for her.  It’s up to her from now on.”

Dem:  “Don’t let her die.”

Galen:  “Is he dead?”

X:  “No, he’s just passed out from the pain.  He’ll live.”

Hip:  “Come on, Galen.”

X:  “You know how to do this.”

Hip:  “Yeah, sure.”

X:  “Gabrielle.  You know, if I could do it all over again, I’d
take the southern route.  I’m so sorry.”

Marmax:  “She may well pull through.”

X:  “You were right, I shouldn’t have brought her here.”

Marmax:  “I guess we all make mistakes.”

X:  “My pride may have killed my best friend.”

Hip:  “What was that?”

X:  “Catapults.”

Marmax:  “We don’t have catapults.”

Galen:  “Gods preserve us!”

Hip:  “Calm down, Galen!”

X:  “We’re caught in the crossfire between the Thessalian’s
defense and the Mitoan advance.”

Marmax:  “My forces are converging on this temple.  If we
overrun them in the valley, we _cut_ off the kingdom.”

X:  “They’re surrounded.  The Thessalians will be _crushed_ for

Hip:  “Well, where can we go?”

X:  “Anywhere, just out of here.  This building’s gonna be

Hip:  “Yeah, but many of these patients-- they can’t be moved.”

X:  “I know, I’ll stay with them.  Marmax will get his men to
higher ground and allow you safe passage for the rest.  Won’t
you, Marmax?”

Marmax:  “Of course.”

Hip:  “But, you’ll die.”

X:  “Cynic.  Ephiny.”

Galen:  “My temple!”

X:  “Marmax!  Stay with Ephiny.  I’ll get the other patients

Marmax:  “We have to leave.”

Ephiny:  “I can’t!  The baby is coming, now!”

Marmax:  “Xena, Xena, Xena!”



Marmax:  “Come on, push!”

Ephiny:  “I’m pushing!”

Marmax:  “That was a strong kick.  This is gonna be one healthy
little Centaur.  Yes, I’ve known since you said you wanted the
baby to be born in Athens-- because they’re more tolerant.
Phantes was a Centaur.”

Ephiny:  “Yeah.  You gotta problem with that?”

Marmax:  “No, Centaurs are very brave-- I admire that.  It’s not
come down at all, not since the labor started-- Come on, push!”

Ephiny:  “I said I’m pushing!”

Marmax:  “OK, OK.  Hang on-- I’ll get Xena.  Xena!  It’s

X:  “What’s wrong?”

Ephiny:  “I keep pushing, but-- but nothing’s happening.”

X:  “It’s breech-- We’ll have to cut it out.”

Marmax:  “What?”

X:  “She can’t deliver the baby-- and she may die.”

Ephiny:  “Do it, Xena, save my baby.”

X:  “Get me some hot water, clean knives, and as many clean rags
as you can find.  Ephiny-- Ephiny, I want you to look at this
candle.  Concentrate.  I want you to watch it very closely.
Think of Phantes and of how proud he’ll be of this little child.
Stare at it so hard that you can see his face in it.  Ephiny,
you’ll feel no pain.  We’re all here with you.  Your baby will
be healthy, so just relax.”

Hip:  “Marmax is coming with the rest.”

X:  “What are you still doing here?  And what are the Mitoans
still here for?”

Hip:  “They aren’t leaving without Marmax, and-- I’m not leaving
without you.”

X:  “And Galen?”

Hip:  “He’s too, ah-- shocked to do anything without us.”

X:  “Ready?”

Marmax:  “Yeah.”

X:  “Ephiny, you will feel no pain.  Marmax, put your hands in
there.  Peel back the first layers.  Give me that knife again.”

Hip:  “Knife.”

G:  “I’m making an incision in the womb.”

Marmax:  “Xena.  Oh, I can see it.”

X:  “Come on.  Now I need you to-- guide the legs out as I [?]
Come on.  It’s heavy.  You have a son.  He’s heavy, all right.”

Marmax:  “It’s Gabrielle.”

Sold:  “Now’s our chance.  Save the General!”

Marmax:  “Stop!  I order you to stop this instant.”

Sold:  “But, sir, you’re not yourself.  This woman has you under
her power.”

Marmax:  “I’m more myself now than I’ve ever been.  And I’ve
made a decision.  This war is over.”

Sold:  “No.  Sir, you can’t be serious!”

Marmax:  “Silence!  The war is over, and I’m ready to negotiate
with the Thessalians.  We’ve become everything we despised.  And
I’m going to put a stop to this madess.  Go out, tell our
soldiers to stop fighting, and to pull back to the Midian
highlands.  Then send a messenger to the Thessalians, and tell
them that I’m ready to talk.”

Sold:  “But sir, we’re winning!”

Marmax:  “Both sides have already lost.  Do it!  That’s an

Sold:  “Yes, sir.  Listen, you, me--”

X:  “Gabrielle, come on, you’re gonna be fine.”

Marmax:  “What’s happening?”

X:  “I don’t know!  Gabrielle!”

Hip:  “She’s dead.”

X:  “She is not dead-- I wouldn’t let her.  Come on, Gabrielle,
wake up.  Come on, wake up.  Come on, wake up.  You’re scaring
me.  Wake up.  Wake up.  Gabrielle, breathe.  Come on.  Come on,
breathe, breathe.  Maybe she just needs air.  I need to get some
air in her lungs.  Come on, breathe!”

Hip:  “Please stop it.  She’s dead, now.  She’s in a much better

X:  “Get out of my way!  You don’t know anything!  Don’t you
listen to him.  Come on, I know you’re in there-- prove it.  You
can show him.  Come on.  Wake up and breathe.  You never ran
from anything in your whole life.  Come on, fight!”

Marmax:  “Xena.”

X:  “Fight!”

Marmax:  “Xena!  It’s time to stop now.  Let her cross over

X:  “What do you know?  You’ve killed so many.”

Marmax:  “So have you.  Let it go.”

X:  “No.  No-- Come on, Gabrielle.  Come on.  Come on.  Don’t
leave me.  Don’t you leave me!  Don’t leave me!  Don’t leave me!
Wake up!  Wake up!  Wake up!”

Galen:  “You’re Aesclepius!  You’ve come back to Earth!”

X:  “Get up, Galen.  I’m not Aesclepius-- you should know that
by now.  It’s Gabrielle who performed the miracle-- didn’t


Marmax:  “I’ve come to say goodbye.  I must return to my men,
and start negotiations with Thessaly.  With some hard work, the
killing will stop.”

X:  “I wish you much success.”

Marmax:  “Thank you, Xena.  You and your friend have been an
inspiration to me.  Tell Gabrielle that I did find that peace
within me and I plan to share it.”

X:  “I will.” 

Marmax:  “Oh, uh-- one thing.”

X:  “What’s that?”

Marmax:  “You did this, didn’t you?”

X:  “I’m sorry about that.”

Marmax:  “Don’t be.  I have had worse wounds, but-- never one
that taught me so much.  Goodbye, Xena.”

X:  “Goodbye, Marmax.  What are you doing?

Hip:  “I’m-- writing down everything you taught us.  I want all
future generations of healers to, ah, understand what values you
feel are necessary to practice.  We must pass on your wisdom.”

X:  “I’m not that wise-- I’ve made plenty of mistakes.  There’s
a lot about me you shouldn’t enter there.”

Hip:  “Yet, so much more that we should.  I hope one day that I,
too, will make a great healer.”

X:  “You already are.  You’ve got the most important quality.
You care enough about your patients to search for the truth no
matter what.”

Hip:  “Thank you.  I’ve been thinking about-- redesigning the
inside of the temple and starting to teach-- medical technique,
ethics.  But most important of all, the honor of being a healer.
Maybe, maybe I’ll make them take an oath.”

X:  “I’m sure you’ll think of something.”


Dem:  “Gabrielle.  Gabrielle-- good morning.”

G:  “Good morning.”

Dem:  “Look.”

Galen:  “Come on, sit up.”

G:  “I’m an aunt.”


G:  “Xena.”

X:  “Yeah?”

G:  “I wanted to thank you for saving my life-- again.  You
always seem to be doing that.”

X:  “It was your decision to come back.”

G:  “Well, how could I leave you?  We have so many wars to stop
and despots to foil.  You’re gonna need my help.”

X:  “I couldn’t do it without you.  But you’re gonna have to
rest up for a while.”

G:  “You know, you’re not gonna believe this, but, I had the
most amazing dream when I was on the other side.  There was this
green, peaceful pasture, with the most beautiful trees.  And I
saw my Grandmother and my Uncle Morose[?], and-- You wanna hear
about it?”

X:  “I can’t wait.”

G:  “And Talus was there.  Oh, he says hello, by the way.  You
know, we had a beautiful--”

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