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The Lost Mariner  Episode 45/221


G:  “Xena!”

X:  “We’re going down ! Take my sword and cut the ropes!

G:  “Nooo!”


Cecrops’ [C] men:  “Quite a wreck.”  “Yeah.”  “Two people
overboard!”  [More background dialogue I can’t decipher.] 

Hidsim [H]:  “Rama-- Some sharks on the other side-- coming

C:  “Bring them aboard.”


C:  “Very impressive.  Wonderful craftsmanship.  Custom-made, I
think.  [Laughs]  Another treasure I can rob from Poseidon.
Take it below, to my cabin.  Were you on the merchantman, or the
pirate ship?”

G:  “They were trying to take us.  My friend and I-- we were--
trying-- Where’s my friend?  Where’s Xena?”

C:  “Xena.  Xena.  The pirate ship survived the rocks.  But if
she was on the merchantman, she would’ve drowned, most likely--
pushing up seaweed by now.”

G:  “There-- She would have made her way to land.”

C:  “Maybe she did.  Let’s get back to it!  We have to be around
this island by nightfall!”

G:  “Wait!  Can’t you take me to shore?”

C:  “You’re staying with us.  You don’t seem to understand the

G:  “No.  _You_ don’t understand the danger.  This is a boat--
on water.  Water, boat, my stomach-- We don’t mix very well.
So, unless you want a quick and colorful deck-washing, I suggest
you put me on a boat for shore.”

C:  “Do you hear that, Hidsim?  I’m not averse to a bit of
color.  But you’re not leaving this ship.”

Man:  “No.  No, it can’t be.  You’re Cecrops.”

G:  “Cecrops-- the lost mariner.”

Man:  “You’re not keeping me here!”

C:  “That’s up to you.  You know the risk.” 

Man:  “No-- I’m not gonna end up like one of them!”

C:  “You know who I am!  You’re _not_ gonna leave this ship!”

Man:  “No!”

C:  “Now, that you’re here, you better get used to [me?]”

Man:  [Screams]

G:  “You could’ve prevented that.”

C:  “He chose to go against 300 years of curse.  That’s his
business.  No-- don’t look.  The sharks have found him!”

G:  “I’m on the cursed ship of Cecrops.”

C:  “Yes-- you are.”

G:  “For eternity?”

C:  “Ah-- no.  That particular part of the curse is mine.
You’ll just be here until you die.  Xena-- is the lucky one--
even if she drowned.”



Basculis  [B]:  “Hah!  Thought you might wash up here!”

X:  “Basculis-- I don’t have time for this.  My friend got
picked up by that ship, and I need to get to her!”

B:  “That’s the ship of Cecrops, the mariner.  Anyone who boards
her is cursed-- even the Warrior Princess.  Now, come with us,
Xena.  Our ship is in a cove, being repaired.  We almost ended
up on the rocks with you.”

X:  “Pity-- I could’ve used the company.”

B:  “I lost all the loot on that ship!  But, you’re a much
better prize.  You know, Mordecai has a nice price on your


B:  “After her!  You!  Go back to the ship!  Weigh anchor and
meet us down at the beach!   Move!”


Pirate:  “Get up, you fool!”


C:  “Snap to it, men!  Blumah!  Put your back into it!  You’ve
got more energy than that!”

Blumah:  “I’d like to see your energy for once-- energy enough,
maybe, to kill me!”

C:  “Probably not!  I don’t _like_ you that much!  Besides, I’m
a busy man!  Curse and all.  I’ve-- decided to make you the new
cook.  I see you’ve had some experience with food.”

G:  “I’m still trying to deal with this situation.”

C:  “Deal with it quick.  It’s been awhile since we’ve had a
woman aboard my ship.  I don’t like my men to get-- distracted.”

Altrech [A]:  “Hi.  My name is Altrech.  If you’re not feeling
too good, I might have just the thing for you.”

H:  “Leave her alone, Altrech.  She doesn’t need the likes of
you breathing in her face.”

A:  “I’m only trying to help.  See?  It-- it-- It’s ash.  I eat
it-- it settles my stomach.”


B:  “Yeah, she’s been through here.  Funny-- Xena’s not known
for her carelessness.”

Pirate:  “She’s in a hurry.”

B:  “Still, it has me worried.  I don’t wanna take any chances.
Mordecai wanted her alive.  But, he’d take her dead if he had


C:  “It’s real.”

G:  “Ah-- I’m really sorry.  I, um-- I was just-- just looking
around, and I-- You see, if I stand still too long, I-- I just
not-- notice the movement of the boat, and, and, and, I thought

C:  “It’s OK.  It’s not like it’s valuable.  It’s only an

G:  “Yeah-- it’s a big emerald.”

C:  “Still, it might as well be a grain of sand for all the good
it does me.  It sparkles when the sun hits it.  It reminds me
of-- well-- something more than money.”

G:  “That’s the only way to judge beauty-- not by the price, but
how it touches the soul.  She’s beautiful.  Have you ever heard
of the lost Athena of Antigus?  It was a carving so beautiful,
that men swore she came to life in the moonlight.”

C:  “It has to be a full moon-- but the story is true.  Pirates
stole it.  I stole the pirates.  Some of my crew, in fact.”

G:  “And now, I’m part of your crew-- right?”

C:  “Do you know the story of how Athena became goddess of

G:  “Yeah.  Poseidon and Athena both wanted Athens.  So a
contest was held.  The first citizen was chosen to arbitrate.”

C:  “He wasn’t the first citizen.  A minor point-- but go

G:  “Poseidon brought forth a spring on the Acropolis-- and
Athena made a beautiful olive tree sprout on the rocky soil.
So, the Arbiter chose in favor of Athena.  That’s all I know.”

C:  “That’s all anybody ever knows.  Nobody remembers that
Poseidon was very angry-- or that the Arbiter was just
reflecting the will of the people.  Nobody remembers that
Poseidon placed a curse on the Arbiter-- or that the Arbiter’s
name was-- Cecrops.


Pirate:  “I’ve got her!”

[Small fight]

B:  “Where?  Where’d she go?  [Tend the house-cropping?]  You
three! Through the woods!  Try to cut her off!  The rest of
you-- let’s go!”


C:  “Poseidon’s curse was that I could never return to land
until-- love redeems me.”  

G:  “But, that was so long ago.”

C:  “300 years ago.  Athena decided to give me immortality.  I
can’t die, and I can’t return to land.  It’s a toss-up between
who I hate more-- Poseidon or Athena.”

G:  “But Athena gave you hope.  Don’t you see that?  She knew
how powerful love was, she gave you enough time to defeat the
curse-- until love redeems you.  That has to be the key.”

C:  “Oh, please.  Who’s going to love me?  I mean, I’m hardly
the catch of the day-- tall, dark, and-- cursed for eternity.
Yeah-- quite a draw.  With the exception of you, there hasn’t
been a woman onboard this ship for-- 200 years-- and she had an
attitude because I sank her ship.”

A:  “You got something out here you gotta see.”

G:  “Thank you.”


H:  “Altrech!  Over there.”

[Sees Xena fighting]

G:  “Xena.  Xena!  I’m here!”


B:  “Come on!”


C:  “Think about what you’re doing, girl.  If you care about
your friend, you don’t want her aboard my ship.”


X:  “Gabrielle!”


C:  “All right, turn it around!  I want as much distance between
us and those rocks as possible!  You’re friend is thinking about
jumping onto my ship-- and I’m not gonna let her do it.”


Pirate:  “She’s trapped.  Now, we’ve got her.”



Pirate:  “She’s got nowhere to go!”


C:  “That should do it!  Keep it up!  We’re turning away from
the shore!”

Men:  “Take her up!”  “She’s turning!”  “Get that sail up!”


C:  “Give me a hand!”

A:  “Get it up!  We’re heading back in toward shore!”

C:  “You get that sail back up!  Or I swear, I’m gonna throw a
lot of you overboard!”


B:  “Shoot!  Shoot her!”

X:  “Come and get me, fellas!”

[Incredible jump]


X:  “Hah!  Got’cha.”

Men:  [Cheer]

G:  “Xena-- oh Xena.”

C:  “Are you out of your mind?!”

X:  “Gabrielle, are you all right?”

G:  “Yeah, I’m fine.  I’m-- seasick.  I’m cursed.  Actually, I’m
really seasick.”

C:  “Excuse me.  Do you know who I am?”

X:  “You’re Cecrops.  I wasn’t gonna let you take off with my
best friend.”

C:  “Oh, well, that’s good.  That’s real good.  So, now I have
_both_ of you.”

X:  “Looks like it.”

C:  “Hah!”


Pirate:  “That was _just_ insanity!  She just jumped onto that
cursed ship!”

B:  “Xena’s not crazy!  She knew what she was doing.  And I know
what she’s after-- Poseidon’s treasures.  All the riches Cecrops
robbed from Poseidon are on that ship.  And we’re gonna get it

Pirate:  “You forget Poseidon’s curse?  We get anywhere near
that ship-- Cecrops will either kill us or capture us.  You know
how he hates pirates.”

B:  “If anybody can beat that curse, Xena can.  And when she
does-- we’re gonna be there.  [Laughs]  All right.”

G:  “His cabin is back there.  What are you going to do?”

X:  “Try and convince him there is a way out of this.”

G:  “Is there?”

X:  “Athena wouldn’t have given him immortality if there wasn’t
an answer.  Any way, we’ve got a _lot_ of time to figure it

G:  “Hah-hah.  No, we don’t!  Because I will not live through a
lifetime of this!”

X:  “Here-- see that small bump?”

G:  “Mm-hmm.  Ouch!  My seasickness!”

X:  “Every time you feel your stomach getting queasy, jab your
wrist like I showed ya.”

G:  [Screams]

A:  “I brought you some squid.”


C:  “Look at that-- land.  So close, I could swim to it, and
yet-- You know, I’ve forgotten what it feels like-- sand; Earth;
dirt.  Have you ever noticed the smell of land?  Sometimes, when
we’re near the shore, I just-- close my eyes and try to take it
in-- try to imagine-- remember everything about it.  I, um-- I
think this belongs to you.  Not that you’ll need it on this
ship.  But it seemed too valuable to throw overboard.  I don’t
give anything to Poseidon, when I can avoid it.”

X:  “Seems to me like you’ve given everything to Poseidon--
including hope.  When did you give that up?”

C:  “Oh-- we have a Warrior Philosopher on board-- a regular
Sinteres.  It was three days before the summer solstice-- 27
years after Poseidon had cursed me.  That’s when I gave up hope.
That’s when.”

X:  “What was her name?”

C:  “Terai.  I loved her as no man has ever loved a woman.
Whenever she looked at me, her face lit up with the faith that
she had in me.  She had hair the color of the midnight sun--
skin as soft as silk-- and eyes so green and deep, you could
fall into them.  And I did.”

X:  “I’m sorry.”

C:  “I was on my way to see Terai when-- Poseidon arose from the
waters.   He cursed me at that moment.  Terai was watching from
the shores.  Then Poseidon created Charybdis, the mighty
whirlpool, as a reminder.  For many years, I stayed in the area,
sailing the coastline.  And every evening-- Terai would come to
the cliffs, and we would-- look at each other.  Even as she grew
older-- she grew more beautiful.  And then, one evening-- she
didn’t come and-- and I knew-- I knew I would never see her

X:  “Turn east.  Let’s go back to Terai’s village.”

C:  “That was 300 years ago.  Terai is dead-- dead.  The village
couldn’t exist with Charybdis just outside the shore.  It’s
gone-- all gone.”

X:  “The whirlpool is still there.  Poseidon created it.  It
might just be part of the answer.  Athena knew what she was
doing.  You just have to have faith.”

C:  “Faith?!  Faith has killed more people than war!”

X:  “You said that Terai had faith in you.  So either were lying
to her then, or you’re lying to yourself now.


G:  “The ship turning?”

X:  “East, toward Charybdis.  What are you eating?”

G:  “Squid.  Want some?”

Man:  “How’s about some more rope?!”

X:  “Cecrops.”

C:  “Don’t-- start with me!  Now there are better pickings
_east_ of here.  I need a new crew.  The pirates around here
avoid me!”

X:  “Right-- I can see that.”


G:  “Mmm.”
H:  “How’re you doing, little one?  How’s the stomach?”

G:  “Much better.  Hmm.  You want some squid?”

H:  “Ah, no, no.  I-- can’t eat and twine rope.”

G:  “Looks confusing.”

H:  “Nah, it’s really easy once you get the hang of it.  It’s
mindless work.  Here-- try it.”

G:  “Hah-hah.”

H:  “Of course, now you’re condemned to do that forever.”

G:  “What?”

H:  “It’s a joke .”

G:  [Laughs]

H:  “Ah, it’s good to hear laughter on the ship.  Rama-- he
doesn’t laugh.  Too bad-- he’s a good man.”

G:  “How did you meet him?”

H:  “A long time ago, ah-- I was rescuing orphans from a tidal
wave, while trying to keep my mother from sinking under water.”

G:  “You did that?”

H:  “No, little one.  But it sounds better than saying I was a
pirate.  I was just about to quit.  I had enough-- bad stuff,
and, then we attacked a ship-- his ship.  I’ve been here ever

G:  “How long, now?”

H:  “A long time.  I don’t know how old I am now.  Don’t need to
know any more.”

G:  “I have faith in Xena.  You should too.  She’ll get us out
of this.”

H:  “Well-- it’d be nice to lay on the grass again.  Me and my
daughter-- we used to do that all the time when I was home-- lay
on the grass and look at the clouds.”

G:  “You have a daughter?”

H:  “Somewhere.  She’d be about your age, now.  Probably thinks
I’m dead.  Yeah, little one, it’d be nice.”

Man’s voice:  “Starboard side!  Coming up fast!  Ship ahoy!”


Man’s voice:  “There!”

C:  “Pirates.”

X:  “Basculis.  The ones from the island-- they’re after your

C:  “That would make them stupid pirates.”


C:  “I love stupid pirates.”

A:  “We gonna attack?  You need a new crew.  That’s them.  You
hate pirates.”

C:  “No.  Stay the course!  East!  The wind’s no good.  Those
pirates’re gonna catch us anyway.  Hidsim!  Grab the wheel!

X:  “No, Cecrops, wait.  Something’s happening.”

Poseidon [P]:  [Emerges and yells]

Man’s Voice:  “Get back!”

X:  “Poseidon!”



X:  “What do you want, Poseidon?!  Haven’t you done your damage
here, already?!”
P:  “Xena!  This is between Cecrops and me!”

G:  “Excuse me!  But we don’t have a choice!”

C:  “You made the rules, Poseidon!”

P:  “Very well.  Xena, I grant you safe passsage from the ship
of Cecrops.  Go.”

X:  “Not without Gabrielle.”

P:  “Take her.  Love can’t redeem Cecrops.  He doesn’t even know
where to look.”

X:  “Thanks for the offer, Poseidon, but, we like the smell of
the ocean!”

C:  “Don’t be a fool!”

Man’s Voice:  “Is she crazy?”

X:  “I think we’ll stay on a little while longer!”

P:  “You won’t get a second chance!  [Laughs]


Pirate:  “I’m not sure this treasure is worth it!”

B:  “Of course, it is!  Did you hear Xena?  She had a chance to
escape-- she didn’t take it.  She knows something.  By the gods,
she knows something.”


X:  “You keep those ropes tight the way I showed you-- and we’ll
need less men topside.”

A:  “Poseidon’s trying to make things difficult for us.”

X:  “With this?  Believe me, Poseidon’s much more devious.”

H:  “Warrior Princess?  The men-- They-- they talked about you.
We-- we wonder if you’re gonna defeat Poseidon’s curse again.”

X:  “Well, that’s the plan.  How’re you doing?”

G:  “Good.  This sailor stuff is kind of fun once you know about
this, huh?”

X:  “Let’s hope it doesn’t get any worse.  Poseidon obviously
doesn’t want us reaching Charybdis.”

G:  “That means you were right.  The key must be there, and he
doesn’t want you to figure it out.”

X:  “And if I’m wrong?”

G:  “If you’re wrong?  Xena, I have to spend the rest of my life
dodging-- Altrech!  60 year old adolescent, who hasn’t had a
girlfriend since his voice was an octave higher.  Xena, why
didn’t you show me this when we were on Ulysses’ ship?”

X:  “Oh, well, uh-- I couldn’t risk it.  It has side effects.”

G:  “Side effects?  Yeah, what kind of side effects?”

X:  “Well, that pressure point numbs your taste buds.  Anything
tastes good-- even things that aren’t good for you.”

G:  “Like-- raw squid.  Oh, I‘m gonna be sick.”

X:  “Well, not until later-- when we’re on solid ground.”

H:  “I thought you should know-- Rama’s turning back, come

X:  “What are you talking about?”

H:  “He’d kill me for telling you.  But he told me we’re turning
to attack the pirates at dawn.  We’re not going to Charybdis
after all.”


C:  “Make yourself at home.”

X:  “Why are you turning back?”

C:  “I changed my mind.  It happens.”

X:  “No.  No, you’re afraid.”

C:  “Afraid?  Afraid of Poseidon?!  Not quite.”

X:  “It’s not Poseidon.  It’s because you think I might be
right-- that I might be able to end the curse.  Poseidon
wouldn’t have offered me my freedom, if he didn’t think I was
onto something.”

C:  “You don’t think-- that I would end this curse in a second,
if I could.”

X:  “No-- because it’s gone on too long.  Thousands of people
have been cursed along with you.  And you feel the guilt of
dooming all those people.”

C:  “Shouldn’t I?  For the first hundred years, it was merchant
vessels-- innocents.  These people spent the rest of their
lives, on this ship because of me!  So I switched to pirates.
No innocents there-- like the people I have on this ship, now--
all pirates!”

X:  “And all become your friends.  This isn’t a curse to you--
it’s justice.  You’ve begun to believe that you deserve it!”

C:  “How in the name of _Zeus_, did you ever come up with such a
lame theory?”

X:  “By watching you.  I’ve known many types of fear in my life,
Cecrops.  But the fear of your own guilt is distinctive.”

C:  “What do you know of fear?!  Do you fear death?!  Do you
fear injury?!  Do you fear losing your friend out there?  Well,
I fear life, because every die of life means another day someone
can lose their _freedom_ to me!”

X:  “Then break the cycle, Cecrops.  You didn’t start this--
Poseidon did-- but you can end it!”

C:  “How?  Were you planning on falling in love with me?  I
mean-- that is the answer, isn’t it?”  Wait!  You and Gabrielle
had your shot at freedom.  Why did you stay?”

X:  “Because I’m not leaving this ship without everyone else.”

C:  “Oh, right-- it’s as simple as that, ay?”

X:  “Yeah, it’s as simple as that.”


X:  “Gabrielle!”

G:  “I’m OK!”

C:  “Brace yourselves!  Brace yourselves!  Move us into the bow!
Get into the wind [?] first!  Altrech!  Move those crates into
the bow!”

A:  “Aye-aye, sir!”

C:  [?]

X:  “Over here, Gabrielle!”

H:  “Rama!”

X:  “No!  Come on help me move this thing!”

C:  “What?  What?  What?  What were you thinking?!  You pathetic
old fool!  Hadsim!  I’m immortal!  It wouldn’t have killed me!”

H:  “I just-- I just reacted, Rama.  I saw you were in danger.
I guess I’m not gonna lay on the grass after all-- little one,
with my-- with my daughter.”

G:  “No, you’re gonna be OK.”

C:  “Hidsim!”

H:  “Rama.  Touch the Earth for me.”

C:  “No.”

X:  “It’s too late.”

C:  “Poseidon.  No.  No!  No!  No!”


P:  “Cecrops.  You’ve learned a sad  lesson.”

C:  “If you’ve come to gloat, Poseidon-- save it ! Hidsim was
just another pirate!”

P:  “There is a way out for you and your crew.  I can give you
your freedom.”

C:  “Why now?”

P:  “Because now, you have something I want-- the Warrior
Princess.  Take her to Charybdis.  When the time is right, throw
her into the whirlpool-- and you and your men will be free

C:  “Just yesterday, you were offering her her freedom.”

P:  “And she defied me!  No one does that to me!  Your curse is
nothing compared to the satisfaction I will have when she is

X:  “Cecrops.”

C:  “We’re going to Charybdis.  It’s going to end there.”



C:  “Take your stations!  The sky is clearing.”

X:  “We’re close to Charybdis.”

G:  “The pirates are still with us.”

C:  “It makes no sense.  I was his enemy.”

X:  “Maybe at one time you were, but over the years, Hidsim saw
something different-- someone he respected and cared about.”

C:  “He always called me ‘Rama.’  Where he’s from, I guess Rama
was a great hero-- but not worth dying for.”

X:  “Obviously, to him you were.”

C:  “Goodbye, friend.”

A:  “We caught the current.  It’s a strong one.”

X:  “It’s the outter rim of Charybdis. We gotta break free.”

C:  “We need somebody up in the crow’s nest-- Dyossus.  One-eyed

Blumah:  “The crew won’t take your command-- too dangerous.
Those lines break-- the whole thing comes crashing into the

X:  “I’ll go.”


G:  “Xena!  Hold on!”


B:  “We have to catch up to them!”

Pirate:  “We’re not gonna do it this way!  We’re caught in the
same current they’re in!”

G:  “Cut the main mast lines!  Do it!”

Pirate:  “That will send us right into Charybdis!”

B:  “We’ll use the current to cut across the edge-- then raise
the sails!  It’ll bring us alongside!  Move!”


G:  “What are they doing?!”

C:  “Making a big mistake!”

X:  “Hold it to starboard!  Pull both sails!”


X:  “My sword!”

P:  “Now, Cecrops!  Give me the Warrior Princess!  Cut the rope!
Do it!  And you’ll go free!”

C:  “Xena!  No, Poseidon!  Love redeems me!   I finally figured
it out, you bastard!”

P:  [Yells]

X:  [Laughs, then war yell]

C:  “ It isn’t that-- someone loves me!  It’s my love for
others!   The love you had for Gabrielle, Xena!  When you risked
your life for her!  The love Hidsim had for me, when he died!
You’re right!  It really is-- just that simple!  Thank you!
Thank you!”

X:  “Cecrops!  No!”

C:  [Screams]

G:  “Cecrops!”


A:  “I hope you understand--”

G:  “Yeah-- it was great for me.”

A:  “Bye.”

X:  “You all right?”

G:  “Yeah-- I just had to-- had to get rid of my squid friends--
and my puppy love!  Yeah-- He’s off to get some new conquest.

X:  “Come on.  There you go.  Come on.”

Blumah:  “Thank you, Xena.”

G:  “I guess the answer was inside Cecrops all along-- ‘Till
love redeems you.’  So, it’s-- more important to-- to remember
the love you can give instead of the love that you receive,
right?  I should have figured that out.”

X:  “I guess Poseidon gave it away when he said that Cecrops
didn’t know where to look.  Cecrops.  Cecrops”

C:  [Laughing]  “I’m alive!  I-- I’m alive!  I-- I thought I
would never feel the Earth again!  I don’t know how I made it
through it, but-- I’m alive!”

X:  “Athena-- she gave you immortality.  Even Poseidon couldn’t
take that away.”

C:  “You know?  All these years, I-- I--I’ve been cursing her
name?  Aah, I think I owe her a big apology.  Have you ever--
felt anything-- so wonderful?!”

X:  “Yes-- almost anything else!”

G:  “Where will you go?”

C:  “I don’t know!  I don’t know.  A lot has changed in three
hundred years.  But, first I’m going to-- to sit here and--

X:  “Terai.”

C:  “Terai.  I can’t thank you enough.  But-- maybe I can-- help
others, the way you’ve helped me.”

G;  “Oh, I know how you can start.  Hidsim had a daughter.
Maybe you could see her.”

C:  “I think I will.  But I’m going to walk there!  [Laughs]
You know, Poseidon-- is probably upset with me.  I think he got
used to having me around.”

X:  “Well, he’ll find someone else to be angry at-- that’s just
his way.  Let’s hope it’s someone who truly deserves it.”

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