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Edition Centaurs Don't Eat Hay!


“A Comedy of Eros”  Episode 22/49


Cupid [C]:  “I know, I know, I know.  When I was your age, I
hated going to bed, too, you know.  When you get to be my age,
and, uh-- going to bed takes on a-- a whole new meaning-- you

Wife’s Voice:  “Cupid, I’m waiting.”

C:  “OK, look-- this could _really_ work out for you, you know?
Here’s the deal.  Here’s the deal.  You go to bed, and _give_
your mother and me a chance, and you might just end up with a
_little_ baby brother, or-- or a  sister, huh?  Wouldn’t that be

Bliss [B]:  “No.”

C:  “No?”

B:  “No.”

C:  “No?  No?  Do you wanna go to sleep?”

B:  “No.”

C:  “No?”

B:  [Cries]

C:  “Shh, shh, shh, shh.  Shh, shh, shh, shh.  OK, come on.  Go
to sleep.  Watch Dada.  Yeah, that’s my boy.”

B:  [Cries]  “I don’t wanna go to sleep.”

Wife’s Voice:  “Cupid?”

C:  “OK-- Bliss, here’s the deal.  You go to sleep, right now,
and I’ll get you a dog.”

B:  [Cries]

C:  “No, no, no, no!  A pony.”

B:  [Cries]

C:  “No, no, no, no, no!  A horse!  Hah-hah-- a solid gold
chariot with-- with racing wheels, spiked hubs, and the power of
five-- six  pure-bred stallions.  Wooo!  Boy-- the things we do
for love.”

Wife’s Voice:  “Cupid, you coming?”


Virgin Priestess [Pr]:  “Hear us, Hestia.  Like doves to the sky,
we commit ourselves to peace and charity-- in the purity of both
our minds and our bodies.”

Virgins:  “Hear us, Hestia.”

G:  “It’s amazing, isn’t it?”

X:  “Not really.  Draco’s as smart as they come.  He wouldn’t go
after the Hestian virgins without scouting the place first.”

G:  “No, it’s the virgins I’m talking about.  Think of the faith
it takes to be one of them.”

X:  “Yeah, not to mention the other requirement.”

G:  “Just between you and me, being chaste can be real hard.”

X:  “Chaste?”

G:  “Hmm.”

X:  “No, I was talking about having to answer to that stupid bell
your whole life.”

G:  “That too-- yeah.”


G:  “Do you know what the hardest part about serving Hestia would

X:  “Hmm?”

G:  “Giving up the chance to fall in love again.”

X:  “Yeah, that’d be real  hard.”

1st Boy:  “Go on, give ‘em to her.  She’ll  like ‘em.”

2nd Boy:  “These are for you.”

G:  “Xena, we’ve both had our share of heartaches, but you can’t
give up on love.”

X:  “Who’s giving up?  All I’m saying is it rarely turns out the
way you expect.”

G:  “Yes-- so, there are no guarantees.  All I’m saying is that
when it’s right, love can be the most potent force in the world.”

Woman:  “Ooh!  Why I-- oh.”

X:  “Which is _precisely_ why it should be avoided-- and we
should stay focused on why we’re here-- to protect those women,

G:  “Right.”

Man:  “Leave me alone!”

Cowman:  “Bessie,  run for it!”

Cowlover:  “Come back!”

1st Boy:  “Uh.”

2nd Boy:  “But I love you, Orick!”

G:  “What I don’t get is why Draco has the field to himself.
Every Hestian virgin in the province is here.  It seems like a
flock any warlord would want.”

X:  “It takes a certain kind of reckless courage to defile a
temple.  It takes even more to go up against Draco.  Offhand, I
can’t think think of anyone else crazy enough to try.”

J:  “Xena!  Xena!”

X:  “Aw, on second thought--”

J:  “Hey, I knew you’d be here, ‘cause as soon as I heard that
rumor about Draco, I said to myself, ‘Self, I’ll bet Xena’ll be
here,’ and well, here you are.  Hi, Gaby, how you doing?”

G:  “Joxer, huh.  Like this mission wasn’t hard enough.”

J:  “So, what’s the plan.  I heard Draco’s one tough customer.”

Draco [D]:  “You heard right!”

X:  “Hello, Draco.”

D:  “Xena-- long time.”

X:  “Too long.”

[The Kiss]

G:  “Huh.”



D:  “That was quite a welcome.  What’d I do to deserve that?”

Man’s Voice:  “I can’t believe Xena kissed him!”

X:  “It’s what you’re not gonna do that earned it-- and a lot

D:  “I’ll tell you what I’m not gonna do.  I’m not gonna let you
foul up the biggest score of my life.  That’s what I’m not gonna

X:  “You forced things between us once before, remember?”

J:  “_What_ is she _doing_?”

D:  “I remember.”

G:  “It’s all part of her plan.”

D:  “Eveything.”

G:  “I hope.”

D:  “No!  Stay back; she’s mine.  Uhh!”

X:  “Then come and get me.”

[Fight between Xena and Draco]

X:  “You’ve picked up some new moves.”

D:  “I’ve had lots of practice.”

X:  [Laughs]  “That sounds exhausting.”

D:  “On the contrary-- it was, uh-- refreshing.”

X:  “Huh-- I can think of better ways to get refreshed-- can’t

D:  “I can’t deny you excite me.  But interfere-- and I will kill
you just as dead as anybody else.  Do you understand me?”

X:  “Better than you think.”

D:  “No!  Back to camp!  I’m warning you, Xena.  Stay clear.”

X:  “Ah.”

G:  “We have to talk.”

X:  “Huh?  Oh, yeah.”


G:  “What’s wrong with you?

X:  “Nothing that a good workout won’t cure.”

J:  “Hey, uh-- try the lake.  A cold swim usually helps.
Hah-hah-hah-hah-- so I’ve been, uh-- told.”

G:  “You’re hot for Draco?”

X:  “Aw, don’t be ridiculous.”

G:  “That’s a relief.”

X:  “I’m merely responding to that-- dark part of me that has a
weakness for bad boys.”

G:  “Xena-- Xena, this is crazy.  We can _not_ stop Draco if
you’re so-- worked up over him.”

X:  “No sweat.  I told you he was bad once.  So was I-- once.”

G:  “So you think that he can change.”

X:  “Well, why not?!  I did!  So can he-- with my help-- huh.”


D:  “Whoa.”

Craigan [Cr]:  Draco!  Thank the gods!  When you didn’t return
right away, we thought-- well-- they say Xena’s crazy.”

D:  “Like a fox.  Mark me, Craigan, that woman knows exactly what
she’s doing.”

Cr:  “Word is, she played the same sort of mind games with
Zagrayas-- tricked him into losing his whole army.”

D:  “Zagrayas was a fool.  He didn’t know her.  I, on the other
hand, know Xena like I know my own face.  Get some water for a

Cr:  “Shouldn’t we be preparing for something from Xena?”

D:  “I am.”


J:  “Look-- I don’t know what you’re so worried about.  It’s a
good plan!”

G:  “But, it’s not the plan I’m worried about.  It’s Xena!  I’ve
never seen her like this.”

Woman:  “I’m gonna get you!”

J:  “You heard her.  She’s got a thing for us dangerous types.”

G:  “Well, if that’s all, then why take the trouble to change
him?  Why not just-- get a grip, save the girls, and go?”

J:  “You’re right.  That does sound more like her.”

G:  “Did you see the way she fought him? She never pressed one

J:  “So, what do you think that means?”

G:  “Trouble.”


D:  “You made good time.”

X:  “I had good reason.”

D:  “If that includes trying to talk me out of rustling those
virgins-- deal’s already set.  Slaver’s due today, with enough
gold to make me the richest man this side of Mt. Olympus.”

X:  “Well, if that’s all you’re willing to settle for.”

D:  “Are you saying I could do better?”

X:  “Much.”

D:  “How?”

X:  “By doing something you said you always dreamed of--  teaming
with me.”

D:  “You and me?  Ride together?”

X:  “Why not?  You said it yourself years ago.  We’d be

D:  “The two of us-- united.”

X:  “Mm-hmm.”

D:  “Zeus.  There wouldn’t be a-- a town or a village that could
stand against us.  But I thought you gave all that up.”

X:  “I did.  What I’m offering is a chance for you to ride with

D:  “And do what?  Good?  [Laughs]  Where’s the profit in that?”

X:  “You told me you tried to change once.”

D:  “I did-- and almost got killed for my trouble.”

X:  “Then try again.  Tsk, oh-- with me, profit’s not always
measured in gold.”

D:  “What you ask-- I don’t  know-- it’s a lot.  I have to think.
Craigan, get in here!”

Cr:  “How did it go?”

D:  “Stimulating woman-- but I think I bought us some time.  Now,
dress a man in my armor, and send him away from the camp.  That
should divert her for a while.  The rest of us will head to the
temple.  We got some merchandise to move.”


J:  “Well, it seems quiet here.  I mean, maybe she did it.
Maybe, she actually turned him.”

G:  “This is Draco we’re talking about.  The man is a ruthless,
flesh-peddling warlord who’d just as soon kill you as not.  Am I

D:  “As rain.  Resist, and he dies.”

G:  “Joxer.”



D:  “Hang him.”

G:  “No!”

D:  “Wait!  “Round up those virgins.”


War:  “Get her!”


D:  “And I thought I was being sacrilegious.  You can’t hide
those virgins forever.”

X:  “I’m not hiding them at all.  Without these robes, they look
just like the other village women, so--”

D:  “You dressed them like locals-- and hid them in plain sight.
Oh-ho-ho-ho-- you are as good as ever, aren’t you, Xena?”

X:  “Better.”


G:  “Joxer,  you’re tightening the ropes!  Will you let me do
[My best guess as to their gagged dialogue]
J:  “I’m not tightening-- Not quit moving and back to

G:  “What?  Xena! Oh, he’s hurting me!”

D:  “Well, at least I didn’t kill ‘em.”

X:  “And spoil a good shot at ransom?”

G:  “-- Joxer!  Thank you.  Xena?”

X:  “Gabrielle?”

G:  “Xena?”

J:  “Blecch!  It tastes like sweat!  [Spits]  Does yours?”

X:  “You two keep and eye on things--”

G:  “Uh-huh.”

X:  “-- till Draco and I get back.”

J:  “You know what, you’re right.  Something weird is going on
around here.”

G:  “Yeah.”

J:  “Definitely-- weird.”


D:  “By the gods!  You _have_ gotten better.”

X:  “Ahh-- so have you.  I’d say we were pretty well matched.”

D:  “I’ve been trying to tell you that for-- years.  What took
you so long?”

X:  “If I’d known it’d be like this, I wouldn’t ‘a.  You wanna go

D:  “You’re on.”


G:  “Come on, Joxer.  Please, just one more time?”

J:  “You really love it, don’t you?”

G:  “I love it.”  The more I practice, the better I’ll get.”

J:  “Well-- I’m up for it.  Except, this time, let’s do it
together, OK?  OK.”

G and J  [Sing]:  “Joxer the Mighty,
He roams through the countryside.
He never needs a place to hide.
With Gaby as his sidekick,
Fighting with her little stick.
Righting wrongs and singing songs.
Being mighty all day long.
He’s Joxer,
He’s Joxer the Mighty.”

J:  “Yeah.”


D:  “Aww-- you’re good.  Oh, you’re very good.”

X:  “I have many skills.”

D:  “There’s one we ‘ve yet to try.”

X:  “Draco-- I’ll be right back!”

D:  [Yells]


G:  “Remember the time that-- you changed personalities every
time the bell rang.”

J:  “Oh, uh-- yeah, yeah.”

G:  “That was a great story.”

J:  “Yeah, it was.”

G:  “You know-- I think I’ll have to know all the intimate

J:  “You, uh-- you, you-- will?”

G:  “Uh-huh.  It’s the first rule in the bard scrolls.  You write
what you know.”

J:  “Oh, uh-- well, uh-- you know-- that’s-- that’s-- very, uh--
that’s very wise advice because, ah-- hey, listen, uh-- sh--
shouldn’t we be keeping an eye out for uh-- for Xena-- wherever
she is?”

G:  “I’ve got my eye on something all right.”

J:  [Starts choking]

G:  “You OK?”

J:  “Gabrielle, could you-- could you get me some water?  Could
you get me water?  Water?”

G:  “Yes, I’ll be right back.”

J:  “OK-- thanks.”


G:  “What are you doing?”

X:  “Hard to believe, but Joxer’s advice about a cold swim-- I’m
taking it.”

G:  “That’s not hard to believe.  No, no-- Joxer’s full of good

X:  “Huh-- no, I said Joxer.”

G:  “I know.  He’s teaching me that wonderful song of his--
[Starts singing]

‘Joxer the Mighty,
Roams through the countryside.
He never needs a place to hide.
With Gaby as his sidekick,
Fighting with her little stick.
Righting wrongs and singing songs.
Being mighty all day long--’”

X:  “Gabrielle, what’s going on?  You barely tolerate Joxer.”

G:  “Yeah?  That was before.”

X:  “Before what?”

G:  “Before I realized-- I love him!”

X:  “What?”

G:  “I know.  It _shocked_ me too-- seeing how blind I’ve been.
But, maybe that’s what love is-- it’s blind.  I should write that

X:  “No, Gabrielle, this is crazy.  You _can’t_ be in love with
Joxer.  He’s-- well, he’s Joxer!”

G:  “Are you talking about my man?  Like Draco is such a prize?
Xena, I would rather be in love with Joxer than a bloodthirsty
warlord like Draco.”

X:  “Uh-uh-- Draco is _not_ like that.  He’s _changed_.  He, he--
he sees now, that giving up that life is-- it’s not the end of
something.  It’s the-- it’s the beginning of something better.”

[Screaming in the background]

X:  “The temple.”


War:  “Get your clothes off!”

D:  [Ringing bell and laughing]

G:  “Tell me again how he’s changed!”

X:  “I thought you weren’t going to do this.”

D:  “You thought wrong.”

X:  “Don’t.”

G:  “No!  You leave her alone!  She loves you!”

X:  “It’s true, I do.  Draco, if you’ll just give me a chance,
I’ll prove it to you!”

D:  “No-- you’re too late, Xena.  You can’t keep me from what I
want-- and I want her.”



X:  “Wait a minute.  Something’s going on, here.  You-- you can’t
want Gabrielle.  Between you and me, she’s a little--”

D:  “I know what I want-- and she’s it.  Craigan!  Herd those
girls back to camp!”

Cr:  “Right away!”

D:  “Pinullus will be here this afternoon!  Let’s go.”

G:  “I’m not going anywhere with you!”

X:  “And neither are those girls!”


G:  “Back off!  I am warning you!  You touch me-- and you will be
grist for the gorgons!”

D:  “Oh, you’re quite a little spit-fire, aren’t you?  The cat
has claws.”

J:  “Hey!  Ow!  Hah-hah!  He hurt my hand!”

G:  “Pookie!”

J:  “I know.”

X:  “Quick!  Everyone to the temple!”

G:  “Run inside!”

X:  “We’ll get those doors closed!”

G:  “Hurry!  Hurry!  Get inside!  Get in the back of the temple.”

Virgin:  “I dropped my prayer scroll!”

X:  “You’ll get it later.”


X:  “Where’s Joxer?”

J:  “Hey!  Let go!  Put me down!  Ooh!  Ooh, ooh, ooh-- Xena--
Xena help!  Help me!  Hey, I’m on the wrong end.  Ooh, ooh.”

D:  “If you want to see your friend, you know where to find him!”

X:  “Ga-- Gabrielle?”

G:  “Xena!”

X:  “This love stuff is a real _pain_!”


G:  “I’m warning you.”

D:  [Laughs]  Didn’t  I say?  Hard as rock.”

G:  “Like your head.”

C:  “What did you say?”

G:  “I was agreeing with you-- l-- like you said.”

D:  “Good-- you keep agreeing, and we’ll get along fine.”

G:  “Look!  Cherries!  Mmm-- I love cherries.”

D:  “Me, too.”

G:  “Did I mention I’m a widow?”

D:  “No-- But, I guess that’s lucky-- saves me having to kill
your husband.  [Laughs]”

G:  “Now, look-- I didn’t wanna tell you this-- ‘cause-- well, I
didn’t wanna hurt your feelings.  But, I can’t love you, because
I’m in love with someone else!”

D:  “Who?  Who are you in love with?”

G:  “Like, I’m gonna tell you?”

D:  “Oh-- I won’t hurt him.  Look-- I swear it!  Even my enemies
know me as a man of my word.”

G:  “Forget it.  I tell you and Joxer’s as good as--”

D:  “Joxer?  J-- Joxer?!  That pip-squeak?!  I will kill him!”

G:  “No!  You gave your word that you wouldn’t hurt him.”

D:  “Oh, I won’t.  I will cut his head off so fast-- he won’t
feel a thing.”

D’s Voice from outside:  “Confine her to my tent.”

G:  “Joxer.”


X:  “You all right?”

J:  “Xena-- fine.  It’s Gabrielle I’m worried about.  Draco’s got
her, and I swear, if he even touches her, I’m gonna hunt him down
and kill him.”

X:  “Great-- so you’ve got it, too.”

J:  “What?”

X:  “This love-thing that’s going around.  Haven’t you noticed?
First, I fall for Draco, and then Gabrielle falls for you, and
then, Draco falls for Gabrielle!”

J:  “Who could be in very big trouble right now.”

X:  “Wait!  Slow down.  Gabrielle’s going to be fine just as long
as Draco’s in love with her.  It’s you who’s gonna get killed
when he finds out that she’s in love with you!  So, what is the
big picture here?  What’s going on?”

J:  “I don’t know.  Love-- chaos-- Aphrodite?”

X:  “Yeah, that’s what I thought at first.  But there’s no vanity
in it.  It seems so haphazard.  It’s like some child’s game.”

Warrior’s Voice:  “Hail, Draco!”


D:  “So, you’re the little piss-ant my woman loves.”

J:  “That’s me.”

D:  “Gabrielle won’t even know you’re gone.”

J:  “Oh?”

X:  “I’m sorry, Sweetie, that hurt me a lot more than it hurt
you.  ‘Sweetie’?  Did I say, ‘Sweetie’?  I’ve never used that
word in my life before.  But, he’s so cute.  Joxer-- you know
what to do.  Hurry, there’s no time to lose!”

J:  “Don’t worry-- I won’t fail you.”

X:  “Oh.”


G:  “Xena.”

X:  “Shh.”

G:  “I’m sorry.  I thought it was Draco coming back.”

X:  “No, not yet.  But he won’t be out long, so let’s go.”

G:  “What about Joxer?  We have to find him.  Draco will kill

X:  “He already left.  Now, come on.”

G:  “He left without me?”

X:  “He had to.  I sent him on a mission!  Can we get outta

G:  “A mission-- of course.  What a guy!”

X:  “A prince.”


D:  “Xena!  A truce!  We need to talk!”

X:  “So talk.”

D:  “I had the score of a decade.  Then you show up, and not only
_wreck_ it-- but you make me look bad in front of my woman.”

X:  “Well, ain’t love a bitch?!”

D:  “Wait!  Give me the girls and Gabrielle-- or I will torch the
place and everyone inside it.”

X:  “You would kill the woman you love.”

D:  “The question is-- would you?  [Laughs]  No-- that-- code of
honor you cleave to wouldn’t let you watch ‘em burn.  So-- we can
do this the _hard_ way-- or not.  Your call.”

X:  “Gabrielle’s not the woman for you, Draco.  I am.  And I’ll
prove it to you.  Those virgins-- you want ‘em?  Take them.
They’re yours.”



X:  “What are you waiting for?  Take them-- unless you’re worried
that your men may devalue them.”

D:  “Corral those virgins!”

Warriors:  “All right!”  “Come on!”  “Let’s get ‘em!”

D:  “And make sure they stay that way, or it’s your hides!  Why
are you doing this?”

X:  “For love.”

D:  “But you know that I’m in love with Gabrielle.”

X:  “I’m counting on it.”

Pinullus [P]:  “Draco.”

D:  “Pinullus!”

P:  “My men are on their way.  But I came ahead, just as soon as
I got your note.  Is this the Amazon?”

X:  “No, I’m Xena.  And you’re Pinullus.”

D:  “What note?!  I never sent you a note!”

P:  “Well, I got it right here.  ‘Adding one Amazon Princess to
the deal.’  Signed, Draco.”

D:  “Let me look at that!”

X:  “Here they are.”

P:  “And where’s the Amazon?”

D:  “There is no Amazon!  This note is a fake!”

P:  “What?!”

X: “Draco-- come on.  Just because you wanna keep her for
yourself doesn’t mean you can welsh on a deal.”

P:  “She’s right.”

D:  “She’s the one that faked the note!  Oh, you are good.  But,
trust me, Pinullus!  There is no Amazon Princess!”

X:  “Then, what’s she?”

D:  “Gabrielle!”

P:  “She’s magnificent.  I’ll take her!”

D:  “Touch her and die!  That woman is mine!”

P:  “So, Xena was right.  You are trying to double-cross me.”


X:  “Get those girls out of here, quick.”

G:  “Let’s go!

Cr:  “After them!”


G:  “This way!  Come on!”


Warriors:  “Come on!”  “Where are they?”  “They couldn’t just


X:  “Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to hit a man while
he’s down?”


Warriors:  “What are they, bimbos?”  “Don’t touch ‘em-- Draco’ll
kill us!”

Virgins:  “Where are they?”  “Where did they go?”  “Oh, boys--
olley, olley, oxen--free!”  

Pr:  “Come back!  We won’t bite-- hard.”

G:  “Girls!  Come back!  You’re going the wrong way!  Wait!

Virgin:  “Don’t play hard to get!”


G:  “Are you crazy?!”

D:  “Gabrielle!”

X:  “Draco?”


G:  “Where are you?!”

D:  “Gabrielle, stop!”

G:  “Ah!”

D:  “Gabrielle, don’t defy me!”

J:  “Xena!  Look!  I did it!  He’s here!  Come on!  Let’s go!”

X:  “Draco, I know you’re in here, someplace!”

Virgin:  “You woolly character!”

J:  “Xena, I got him!  He’s here!  Where are you?  Come on!
Let’s go!”

G:  “Joxer?  Joxer?”

D:  “Gabrielle!  Gabrielle!  Come back here!  Whoa!  Uh!.  Xena!
I should’ve known.”

X:  “So should I.  When Gabrielle fell for Joxer, me for you, you
for her, I should’ve known something was wrong then.”

D:  “What do you mean?”

X:  “These feelings that we’re having-- hmm, gods know, they seem
real, but-- but they’re not.  If I’m right, they’re from Cupid’s

D:  “You’d say anything to win me, wouldn’t you?”

X:  “No, but this happens to be true.  Think about it.”

D:  “I don’t need to think about it.  I _know_ how I feel.  And I
won’t stop until I make Gabrielle feel the same way for me.”  So,
_give it up_, Xena!  Stop trying to change me!”

X:  “You’re right. You can’t change the one you love.  So, wise
up.  Gabrielle could never love someone who lives off hurting
others.  You can’t change her.  So, if you want to win her love--
you better change yourself.”


G:  “Joxer!”

J:  “Gabrielle.”

G:  “Aw-- thank the gods!”

J:  “I do.”


C:  “Oh, no you don’t.  You’ve caused me quite enough trouble for
one day, young man.  Your mother and I have searched Olympus all
over looking for you.  So, you consider yourself grounded.  OK?”

X:  “About time you clipped his wings.”

C:  “Yeah, well, I was a little tied up.”

X:  “Oh.”

C:  “Thanks for finding my boy.  I owe you one.”

X:  “Yeah, ‘cause if word about this ever got out, you’d look
kind of foolish, huh?”

C:  “What’ll cost me to see that it doesn’t?”

X:  “Don’t worry about it.  Just put everyone back to normal, and
we’ll call it even-- starting with me, and ending with those

C:  “Deal.”

X:  “That’s it?”

C:  “Yeah-- easy come, easy go”


G:  “What’s going on?”

J:  “A love so deep, few have ever known it.”

G:  “What?!”

J:  “A love so deep, few have ever known it.”

X:  “Cupid-- forget it.  He’s for real.”

C:  “Oh-- happens.”

D:  “There you are.”

G:  “Oh!”

D:  “I’ve tried to make you love me every way I can.  But
nothing’s worked.  So now I’ll-- I’ll try it your way.”

G:  “My way?”

D:  “Instead of hurting people, I’ll try and he-- I’ll try and
help them.  From now on, whenever I loot a town or raid a
village, I’ll only kill the old people-- or-- maybe just the men
over 50.  Livestock?  OK, all right, all right-- I’ll only kill--
other looters and raiders.  Look, the point is-- everything I do
will be for you.  So, don’t forget me, Gabrielle.  The gods know,
I won’t forget you.”

X:  “Leave him.  Love suits him.”

P:  “You wuss!  Oh!  Oh, oh.”

D:  “I think I’m gonna like this helpful stuff.  

X:  “Well-- you can’t win ‘em all.”

G:  “Hmm.”


G:  “I never knew love could be so exhausting.”

X:  “Yeah, but, worth the work.”

G:  “Xena-- do I hear-- a touch of romance in your voice?”

X:  “Not if I hear a touch of the ‘I told you so’ in yours.
Besides, these weren’t exactly normal circumstances.”

G:  “Yeah, I’ll say.  [Laughs]  Can you imagine the two of us in

J:  “Ridiculous”

G:  “Yeah-- kind of makes you laugh just to think about it.”

J:  “Hah-hah.”

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