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“The Deliverer”  Episode 4/53


Discord:  “Ares, we have to talk about this cult.”
Ares:  “Don’t worry about it, Discord.  Things are well in hand.
Take a look at that-- it’s a new kind of metal.  I’m thinking
about giving it to a chosen few.  Ah, the impatience of youth.  I
admire you; I really-- really do.  And I’ll excuse it for only so
long.  The cult-- has been taken care of.  I put one of my best
men on it-- he controls their temple.  And without that-- they’re
hardly a threat.”

Discord:  “Best men-- you have a mortal handling this.”

Ares:  “Not just any mortal-- this one is-- exceptional.”

Discord:  “It’s mortals that think this-- one god is so special.
Why don’t you just destroy the temple yourself-- and get it over

Ares:  “Why don’t you?  Are you willing to go up against this
god?  Is any on Olympus?  You are just lucky that I have the
resources and the people to do something about it.  No-- it has
to be a mortal.”

Discord:  “Do you handle everything so-- casually?”

Ares:  “If I didn’t know better-- I would think you were talking
about us.  And don’t mistake confident for casual.  I know full
well what could happen.  Everything we know-- everything we’ve
done to make this world a home-- could come to an end.  You have
to have a little faith in me.”


G:  “Well, what is a mountan, but just-- a-- a bunch of
boulders-- right?  And, and-- what is a-- a rock-- but a large
grain of sand?  And what is a large grain of sand?  Y-- you see
my theory, here?”

X:  “No.”

G:  “And that doesn’t bother you at all, does it?”

X:  “What possible use is this information to us-- huh?”

G:  “Well, I haven’t the slightest idea, but-- well, hey, it gave
us something to talk about since the last town, right?”

X:  “A town-- towns, which are made up of houses-- which, after
all, are just large huts-- which are made out of wood-- ”

G:  “Stop.”

X:  “ --which are made out of trees, and-- huh-- hang on-- trees
are bigger than huts, so-- there goes that theory.”

G:  “You can be so frustrating, sometimes.  Hey-- don’t do that.”

Soldiers:  “Stop it!  Pick up the pace!  Faster!  Come on, you
rebels!  Don’t be late for your [something unintelligible].”

G:  “Xena?  Who are those men?”

X:  “From the way they’re dressed, I’d say they’re from the
island north of Gaul.  Come on.”

Sold:  “Hold up!”

X:  “You’re a long way from Brittania.”

Sold:  “We travel only as far as criminals run.  We’re taking
these men back for trial.”

Crafstar  [Cr]:  “Kill us here, if you want.  My people will
never give in to Caesar.”

X:  “Let these men go.”

Sold:  “Any particular reason why we should?”

X:  “Yeah, a whole list of em.”


X:  “Reason one.  Reason two.  Reason three.  I don’t often get
to reason four, but when I do, it gets real messy!”

Man’s Voice:  “Yes.  Here.”

X:  “What does Caesar want with you?”

Cr:  “He knows I’m recruiting mercenaries to join Boadicea in

X:  “Boadicea’s fighting Caesar?”

G:  “You know her?  Of course you know her; you’re like a who’s
who of warriors.”

X:  “What about Persuticus (sp?)?”

Cr:  “Dead-- Boadicea barely had time to mourn her husband when
Caesar began his invasion.”

X:  “How many mercenaries have you found?”

Cr:  “Two hundred have already set off for Brittania.  I paid
these three to escort me safely to northern Gaul.”

G:  “You might consider a refund.  What’s your name?”

Cr:  “Crafstar-- first priest of the temple of the one god.”

X:  “Well, Crafstar-- put my name on your list.  I’m going with
you to help Boadicea-- and to destroy Caesar.”



X:  “The harbor should be up just beyond those trees.  Take a
break; I’ll go check it out.”

Cr:  “I’m not sure who hates the Romans more-- Boadicea or your

G:  “Xena doesn’t hate the Romans-- just Caesar.  She had a
run-in with him a long time ago, and he, uh-- he betrayed her.”

Cr:  “Oh-- wow.  I’m glad she’s on our side-- whatever the
reason.  I just hope there’s still time.  Caesar holds our
temple.  I’m worried he might destroy it.”

G:  “This one god of yours-- does he have a name?”

Cr:  “Yes-- but we aren’t permitted to speak it.”


Voices on boat:  “Turn it around!”  “Hold it down!”  “Clear the
main anchor!”


Cr:  “I’d be glad to tell you more.”

G:  “That’s OK-- the gods I know are trouble enough.”


X:  “Show yourself.  I know you’re there.  Ares.”

Ares:  “You wanna move this so we can talk?”

X:  “Oh, I don’t know.  I kind of like the look of it there.”

Ares:  “Hmm-- still miffed about the insanity thing, huh?  Oh,
get over it.  Even the Furies have forgotten about it by now.
There’s no real damage done.”

X:  “You wanted me to kill my mother.”

Ares:  “No-- I wanted you to join me.  Why do you always look at
the effect, and ignore the goal?  Anyway, that’s not why I’m
here-- at least not to moan about the past.  I am excited by your
future!  Your near future.”

X:  “Oh.”

Ares:  “You’re going up against Caesar, huh?”

X:  “I am helping a friend.”

Ares:  “Oh yeah-- sure, sure.  That must be great for the masses,
but we really know, don’t we?  You know, Caesar and I-- talk, now
and then.  But don’t get jealous-- I don’t always answer him.
He’s got this temple.  I told him he should destroy it, but he
hasn’t yet.  Sure must be important to him.”

X:  “Caesar doesn’t care about temples.  If he has it, it’s just
for strategic value.”

Ares:  “Either way-- it’ll really humiliate him if you destroy
it.  Go, Xena.  Lead your army to victory, and make me proud.”


Men’s Voices:  “Easy does it, now.”  “Gang way!”  “To the left.”

X:  “You all right?”


Cr:  “Some people call us a cult.  I hate that.  But, I
understand-- I mean, the idea of one god-- it’s a little

G:  “It’s, it’s-- it’s hard for people to believe in something
that-- they can’t see or touch or-- or hear.”

Cr:  “When was the last time you saw love-- or friendship?  You
see its effect. You’ll see the effect of our god when he brings
his kingdom to Earth.”

G:  “I don’t know.  Xena-- um-- I was just teaching Crafstar how
to avoid seasickness.  He was telling me about his god-- ha-ha.
It’s-- it’s very interesting.”

X:  “I’m sure it is.”

G:  “Hey-- what’s up?”

X:  “Does anything have to be up?”

G:  “Xena, I think you have mixed feelings about this.  I mean,
you say you wanna help a friend.  But you don’t sound very
friendly towards her.”

X:  “Boadicea and I were allies a long time ago in Gaul.”

G:  “You were allies?”

X:  “In a sense.  She thought I was a friend, and I just needed
an army.  So I let her think whatever she wanted to, until I took
control of her men.”

G:  “You used her.”

X:  “I ordered her killed.  But she escaped, and then she and
Persuticus joined forces.  They attacked me-- but I defeated
them-- and they retreated north to Britannia.  So you see-- I’m
not the only one dealing with betrayal.”

One-eyed mercenary:  “Xena-- You better come up here.”


One-eyed mercenary:  “Go ahead-- tell her what you told me.”

Roman Captain:  “Caesar has ordered that no ships land on these
shores.  You have until tomorrow morning to go back to Gaul.
After that, this vessel will be taken, and all aboard will be

X:  “You tell Caesar that we’re not stupid enough to go up
against his army.  As soon as I check the wind up top, we’ll set

Roman Captain:  “A wise decision.  I’ll relay your message.”

X:  “Do that.” 


Roman Captain:  “I see the mercenaries have gone.”

Lt:  “Yes, sir.  They’re headed north.”

Roman Captain:  “North?!  Get the men!  Now!”


Roman Captain:  “They’ve already come ashore.  Check the area
for-- formation!  Stand firm.  Prepare to fight.  Weapons!”

Boadicea  [Bo]:  [Yells]

Roman Captain:  “Boadicea!  Caesar himself will rest laurels on
my head.”

X:  “Hah!  If you still have one.”


Soldier’s Voice:  “Look out!”

Bo:  “It’s been a while, Xena.”

X:  “You got my message?”

Bo:  “Barely-- you need to polish your sword.”

Roman Soldiers:  “Retreat!”  “Back to town!  “There’s too many!

Mercenaries:  [Cheer]


G:  “Come on, hurry!  Keep going!  Don’t stop!  Let’s go!”

Roman Captain:  “At least it’s not a total loss.  Caesar might
spare my life, if-- I bring him prisoners.”

G:  “Let me go!”



Bo:  “There’s food and water in the back of the cave.  The
hospital’s there, too.  Take the wounded and then get some rest.
I want you all on the battlefield by morning.”

X:  “We should cut down those trees before Caesar puts [something
unintelligible]-- ”

Bo:  “This is my camp, Xena.  I’m in command here, not you.
Let’s just get that clear, right now.  This isn’t the past.”

X:  “Then stop acting as if it is.  I’m here to help you.”

Bo:  “No, you’re not.  You’re here because Caesar is here--
because your hatred of him won’t allow you to be elsewhere.  And
that’s the only reason we haven’t crossed swords.  I know I can’t
defeat him without you.”

X:  “I’m sorry about Persuticus.”

Soldier:  “Easy does it.  Careful, now.  I’ve got you.  That’s

X:  “You-- soldier, what happened to that girl that was brought
in earlier?”

Soldier2:  “What girl?  There’s been nobody brought in.”

X:  “No, that’s impossible.  She came in with a young man.  He
was the leader of that temple.”

Meridian:  “Crafstar?  Are you speaking of him?”

X:  “Yes, him and the girl-- what happened to them?” 

Meridian:  “I-- I don’t know who the girl is-- but Crafstar went
to Gaul to find mercenaries.  I-- I was hoping he’d be with you.”


Bo:  “This is a much stronger position.  There’s been a change in
the-- ”

X:  “You lied to me.  Gabrielle was never brought back here, and
you know it.”

Bo:  “Yes, I was told.  But we had to get out of there, and I
knew you wouldn’t leave.  I have to tell you something.”

Captain:  “Do you want me-- to call the guard?”

Bo:  “No, leave.  We found this near the river.  Caesar has them.
You go up there-- they’ll die-- if they haven’t already.”

X:  “No.  No, Caesar’ll know that she’s my friend.  He’ll keep
her alive until he can figure out how he can use her against me.”


G:  “Hey!”

Roman Captain:  “Sit!”

G:  “Sit on this.”

Cr:  “No-- no, we’ll sit.  No time for an attitude.  My god has
taught me that direct confrontation is not always the right

G:  “Yeah, well Xena taught me that if you let someone take
advantage of you, they will.  Besides, she’s gonna get us out of
this.  Caesar has no idea what he’s gotten himself into.”

Caesar:  “Divide a woman’s emotion from her sensibilities-- and
you have her.  Divide and conquer.”

G:  “Abou-- about what I said-- ”

Caesar:  “It doesn’t matter.  It has no bearing on your fate.
That was decided the moment you entered my world.  And how is--

G:  “She’s fine?”

Caesar:  “You’re a friend of Xena’s.”

G:  “Uh-- uh-- she hardly knows me.  She probably doesn’t even
know I’m gone.  I mean-- she hardly knows when I’m around--
ha-ha.  Come to think of it, she doesn’t even know my name.”

Caesar:  “Hmm-- well, we’ll see.  You see, Xena’s fatal flaw is
her emotion.  She feels.  She cares.  Not exactly good attributes
for a-- true warrior.  Guard them.  First daylight, we take them
to the hill.”


X:  “Boadicea?”

Bo:  “Fifteen volunteers are standing by.  They’re ready when you

X:  “At dawn, then.”

Bo:  “This had better work, Xena, or I’m going to lose a lot of
my best people.”

X:  “It will.  Caesar wants that one great battle that will make
him a part of history-- and we are going to give it to him.  But
first, we have to get his entire army here.  The key to
destroying Caesar is his belief in his destiny.”

Bo:  “Sounds like someone I once knew-- someone I trusted with my
army-- and with my life.”

X:  “Why do you trust me, now?”

Bo:  “I don’t.  But--I have no choice.  You know Caesar, and you
know how to wage war.”


G:  “Crafstar, do you have faith in your god?”

Cr:  “It’s hard to explain.  I had a farm once, in Gaul.  I went
to the temple of the gods-- made my offerings.  I did everything
right.  Then one day, a warlord came-- and destroyed my home and
almost killed me.  As I lay in the brush, bleeding, I saw him
walk over to the temple and make an offering to Hera and Zeus--
the same man who destroyed my world was blessed by the very gods
I thought would protect me.”

G:  “I’m sorry.”

Cr:  “I was found by some travelers from the East.  They cared
for me-- made me well.  They taught me about their one god.”

G:  “And that’s when you started to believe?”

Cr:  “Uh, I thought they were like sheep to believe.  Then I met
the warlord, again.  He was wounded from some battle already
and-- I was filled with so much rage, and-- as I was standing
over him with a sword at his throat-- something happened.  A
light filled me-- and I knew he existed.”

G:  “And this god gave you enough strength to kill the warlord?”

Cr:  “Just the opposite.  I couldn’t kill him.  Despite all my
rage and hatred, I knew it wasn’t right-- that even the warlord
had a purpose.  That’s what I mean by faith.  I know-- it sounds

G:  “No, I think it sounds wonderful.”


Soldiers:  “All right.”  [And other incomprehensible phrases]


Caesar:  “Take this message to Catalinius (sp?).  He’s to form up
and prepare to move his entire legion.  Go.”

Soldier:  “Yes, sir.”

Roman Captain:  “Trouble, Caesar?”

Caesar:  “During the night, the barbarians gave up land they
fought and died for.  Xena’s trying to draw me into a trap.  If
she’s foolish enough to offer me the land, then-- I’m going to
take it.”

Roman Captain:  “That will spread our forces fairly thin.”

Caesar:  “You misunderstand.  I want her to attack.  If this
draws her into one big battle, I have her.  Take my personal
banner.  I want her to know-- who ordered their deaths.”


Roman Captain:  “There’s no way the Warrior Princess’ll miss
this.  Caesar wanted one more thing. Your legs are to be broken.
He said it would mean something to Xena.”




X:  “Gabrielle.”

G:  “Timing-- we have got to work on timing.”

X:  “You all right?”

[Mercenaries cheer]

Caesar:  “I want every legion in this country here by tomorrow.”


G:  “Xena-- now, I know what you’re gonna say.  Look, I’m sorry.
I-- it’s not like I wanted to be captured by Caesar.”

X:  “Did you talk to him?”

G:  “Caesar?  Yeah, I did-- um.  Well, he has this aura about
him-- ”

X:  “It’s the same thing that draws a moth to a flame, and with
pretty much the same result.”

G:  “Well, he said something about-- dividing-- ”

X:  “Dividing a woman’s sensibilites from her emotion?  Yeah.
Yeah, I know his philosophy.”


X:  “There are seven hills surrounding this valley.  To force the
battle, he’ll have to divide his army, and fight uphill.”

Bo:  “Divide and conquer.”

X:  “Right-- only this time, we’re the conquerors.”

Bo:  “What if he doesn’t attack?”

X:  “He will-- trust me.  We’re going to take these hills,
starting with this one.”

Bo:  “There’s a temple near there-- the Romans hold it.  If we
leave them there, they’ll be at our back.”

X:  “Then we take the temple.”


Roman Soldier:  “Square shields!”


Bo:  “Go!  Go!”

Roman Soldiers:  “Get out of here!”  “Run!”  “Take that!”

Bo:  “They’re heading for the hill.”

X:  “Press the advantage.  Follow them before they can reinforce
the garrison.”

Cr:  “Praise to the one god.”

Meridian:  “Praise to the one god.”


Bo:  “Get the army off to the hill.  Go, now.”

X:  “It’s going well.  The last hilltop is being taken as we

Bo:  “Caesar’s legions have arrived.  They’re forming up north of
the plain.”

X:  “Then this is it-- the final battle.  We need to get your
army into place on those hills.”

Bo:  “I’ve already sent out the order.”

Ares:  “The temple-- you can destroy the temple.”

X:  “What is it about that temple that bothers you so much?”

Ares:  “There is no place for one god in our world.  This is a
world that we created!  Zeus, Ahena, Hades, Poseidon!  It is our

X:  “And before that, it was the world of the Titans.  Oh, that’s
right.  Zeus overthrew them, didn’t he?  You’re just afraid that
history will repeat itself.”

Ares:  “Whatever you might think about us, Xena, you know us.
You might love us; you might hate us-- but we are not evil.  This
god is.”

X:  “Evil to you.”

Ares:  “Trust me, Xena!”

X:  “Based on what?!”


G:  “Are you sure my being here is OK?”

Cr:  “Our god is open to all.  Besides, I want you to see this.”

Meridian:  “If you don’t mind, I’d like to conduct the ceremony
of rejoining.  I know it’s your honor, but the tribunal’s made
some changes to it.”

Cr:  “Oh-- well if the tribunal wishes it.”

Meridian:  “From the beginning of time, the one has been waiting
to complete the circle.  The world that is his, has reached a
time of rejoining.  The days of old are gone.  And the new is
before us.  Tremble at his arrival.”

Cr:  “Things have changed, and a lot.”

Meridian:  “But first, the door must be opened.  The path of his
arrival must be sanctified in blood--pure blood-- innocent

Cr:  “What are you talking about?”

G:  “Let go of me.”

Meridian:  “This world will end today.  The hand of Dahok will
sweep the Earth-- bringing with it the winter of a thousand
years-- killing everyone who stands in the way of his world.”

Cr:  “No.  This isn’t our god.  Gabrielle!”


Meridian:  “With this life-- we praise Dahok-- the dark one.”

Cr:  “Look out!  Gabrielle!”

[Gabrielle kills Meridian]

Cr:  “Thank you, Gabrielle.  You were going to help bring Dahok
into this world.  He needed a sacrifice-- and not just one of
flesh and blood.  He wanted your purity-- your innocence of
evil-- and you just gave it to him.  This world, and all who are
on it, will be no more.  The new kingdom of Dahok will rule.  And
you, Gabrielle, will bring it to us.”

G:  [Screams]  “No!”



X:  “Boadicea-- ”

Bo:  “By the gods, look.”

Roman Soldier:  “All together!”

Bo:  “It’s immense.  How are we supposed to defeat that?”

X:  “Caesar still has to divide up his army to attack the hills.
Hold your cavalry until he tries to regroup.  I’m going after
Caesar.  He’s mine.”

Bo:  “Xena.  You’re not the person I once knew.  I can see that.
I can’t forgive you.  But-- I can thank you for what you’re doing
now.  What’s the matter?  What’s that?”

X:  “I don’t know, but it’s centered over the temple.  That’s
where Gabrielle is.”


X:  “Gabrielle.  Gabrielle.  What happened?”

G:  “Mer-- Mer-- Meridian.”

X:  “She’s dead.  Gabrielle, who did this?”

G:  “I did.  I killed her.  I killed her, Xena.”

X:  “No, Gabrielle, you couldn’t-- ”

G:  “No, I did.  I just stabbed her.  I stabbed-- ”

X:  “Accidentally, you--”

G:  “No, I stabbed her.  Xena-- I ju-- I murdered her.”

X:  “Gabrielle, it’s-- it’s-- ”

Cr:  [Interrupts]  “Thank you, Xena.”

G:  “Oh!  No.”

X:  “What have you done to her, you bastard?!”

Cr:  “Done to her?  I fulfilled her destiny.  She’s for Dahok.”

X:  “Who’s Dahok?”

Cr:  “The one god-- the dark force that will sweep this world--
the old, crippled, blind-- maimed-- your so-called gods-- all
will be destroyed.  Dahok will bring the cleansing fire of war to
the world-- a war begun over innocence.”

X:  “This is not the one god of the Israelites.”

Cr:  “No-- that one will be taken care of in due time-- but thank
you for Gabrielle.”

X:  “I don’t what you’re talking about.”

Cr:  “Look inside yourself.  You brought her here.  And why did
you come?  To defeat Caesar.  Your hatred brought you here.
Dahok appreciates rage.”

[Fight throughout]

G:  [Screams]  “No!  Xena, help!”

Cr’s Voice:  “Stay back, Xena.  You routed Caesar-- but Dahok
will triumph here as he will triumph everywhere.  I know!  [He
morphs]  I am-- the deliverer!  [Laughs]  Now Xena, you have to
go!  It’s Dahok’s will!  Dahok already has a sacrifice-- in
Gabrielle!  But he wants your blood-- to welcome him into the

G:  “Xena!”

X:  “Hold on, Gabrielle!  Well, that answers one question.  You
_can_ get hurt.  You get pretty mad, too.  Come and get me, then.
You half-witted toady to a third-rate god!  Come and get me!
Yeah, come on.  What’s the matter?  A mere mortal giving you a
problem?  I thought your god was all-powerful, or something.”

Cr/Morphed:  “You can’t talk of the great Dahok like that!”

X:  “Great?  Great at what?  All I’ve seen is a lame attempt at a
religion and some fancy fireworks.  Are you sure he’s what you
think he is?  Maybe he’s got you fooled, too.  I got’cha.  I
got’cha.  I got’cha.  You all right?  Run!  Get down[?]!”


G:  “Xena?”

X:  “I’m here, Gabrielle.”

G:  “It hurts inside.”

X:  “What?”

G:  “Everything’s changed-- everything.”

X:  “Hey-- it’s gonna be OK-- promise.”

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