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"The King of Assassins"  Episode 54/308	


X:  "Last chance.  Where's Melkray (sp?) headed?"

Thug:  "Oh-- you'll just have to figure that out.  See, Melkray and me--
we're friends to
the end.  I personally led his private guard when we destroyed the army of
Lindmuth(sp?)-- not that Lindmuth had much of an army.  I've seen better
warriors in a

X:  "Well, school's out.  Meet some of the warriors  from Lindmuth's army--
your new

Thug:  "He's heading towards Parsipedus(sp?).  He's taking the road through
mountains.  He's camping by the lake!  He wears red leather armor, and he--
sleeps with
his back to the door!"

X:  "All right, all right.  You-- put him in a cell on his own.  If you're
telling the truth, I'll
be back.  If not-- you rot."

Jailer:  "Come on!"

Joxer  [singing]:  "Joxer the Mighty. 
I roam through the country-side. 
I never need a place to hide.
With Gabby as his sidekick."

X:  "Joxer?"

Joxer:  "Xena!"

X:  "Mmm."

Joxer:  "You're here.  Word must be out on me.  There's blood on my hands."

X:  "Looks like you've been pecked by a chicken."

Joxer:  "Ow!"

Jailer:  "It was _my_ prize chicken.  That's what he gets for stealing it."

Joxer:  "I didn't steal it.  I liberated it!  But I came this close to
murder.  Those little beaks
are sharp."

X:  "I'll pay for the chicken.  Joxer, go into town; tell Gabrielle I've
gone to Parsipedus."

Joxer:  "Xena, it's only a matter of time.  These hands are lethal weapons,
and there is no
telling what they might do."

X:  "Joxer, you can barely kill time.  It's just not you.  Good boy."

Joxer:  "With a few changes, it could be me!  Could be me."



Autolycus [Auto]:  "Easy, now.  Nice and slow."

Jet:  "Hurry!"

Auto:  "Uh-uh-uh-uh-- patience.  A good thief-- like a good lover-- takes
his time-- has

Jet:  "Just-- get the sword."

Auto:  "You see, the security system is pressure-sensored.  I wouldn't want
to upset the
delicate balance now, would we?"

Jet:  "Shut up!"

Auto:  "Oh-ho-ho-ho-- diamonds and rubies-- and pearls.  Oh, my!  Well,
wasn't so
bad.  Shall we?"

Man:  "What in Tartarus?!  Hey!  That's my sword!"

[Jet kills him with cross-bow.]

Auto:  "What was that all about?!"

Jet:  "He was a warlord; no one will mourn his death."

Auto:  "Well, that may be, but cold-blooded murder was not part of the
I don't do

Jet:  "You'd better get used to it!  A good assassin does many.  Anyway--
stealing a
sword is only one part of my plan."

Auto:  "Does your plan, by chance, involve any other murders?"

Jet:  "Count on it."




Vendor's Voice:  "Fishcakes!"

Joxer:  "Well-- I guess I won't be needing this, anymore.  Get ready for
Joxer, the

Vendor's Voice:  "Fresh fish!"

Joxer:  "Oooh!"

Auto:  "Excuse me.  Pardon me, uh-- you?  Now, take it easy.  I can explain
Don't-- don't get carried away."

Joxer:  "Where?"

Auto:  "Here-- here-- here's your sword.  There you go."

Joxer:  "Oh, listen, I think you've got -- "

Auto:  "No, I didn't mean to take it with me.  You know, I'm gonna tell you
I've been checking on you, and the word on the street is that you are-- the
best.  Ha!  You
are-- the man.  Ha-ha-ha.  You're just-- a little too dangerous for me."

Joxer:  "Ah, listen.  I think y-- yeah, I, um-- [clears throat]-- I am
pretty dangerous--
aren't I?"

[They laugh]

Auto:  "So, you're OK with this, then?"

Joxer:  "Yeah!"

Auto:  "No hard feelings?"

Joxer:  "No."

Auto:  "We're both professionals, of course."

Joxer:  "Sure!"

Auto:  "You go your way, and I'll go mine."

Joxer:  "But first, you're gonna tell me how dangerous I am."

Auto:  "Ah, well, I certainly know that the people you're hired to take
of always
manage to, uh-- go away."

Joxer:  "Yeah."

Auto:  "And that, uh-- just being around you is very, um-- dangerous."

Joxer:  "Yeah-- as a matter of fact, danger is my middle name-- 'D-A-N-J--

G:  "Three hours, Joxer.  I waited for you for three hours-- with a bunch
horny half-wits!"

Joxer:  "Ow!"

G:  "I have been grabbed more times than the golden fleece!"

Joxer:  "I was just out getting new clothes!  You like 'em?  Owwww!"

Auto:  "Gabrielle, what are you doing?  This man is a killer!  I saw him
murder a man, last

G:  "Him?  He was in prison last night for chicken theft."

Auto:  "Well, then who-- ?  But he looked exactly like you-- same long,
ferret face; beady
eyes; slack jaw; pasty-- "

Joxer:  "OK, I got it; I got it!"

G:  "Another man looks like Joxer?"

Joxer:  "If he's an assassin, it's probably my brother, Jet."

Auto  [Mouths]:  "Jet."

G:  "Brother?"

Auto:  "You mean to tell me that this guy is not a cold, calculating

G:  "Him?  [Laughs]  Let me tell you what the real Joxer is like."



Joxer:  [Screams]

Auto:  "Dangerous, huh?  You want dangerous?  I'll give you dangerous!"

G:  "Wait!  Now let's just calm down, and-- and figure this out.  OK. 
why is it that
you never mentioned that you had a brother?"

Joxer:  "'Cause I was embarassed, OK?"

G:  "OK-- I guess it would-- would be hard-- knowing that your brother is

Joxer:  "You don't know the _half_ of it!  My whole life's been, 'Jet stole
some horses;
Jet torched a village; Jet killed the neighbors.'  My parents were so

Auto:  "Whoa-- back up.  They were proud of the black sheep of the family?"

Joxer:  "No, _I'm_ the black sheep.  My father's a warlord.  My mother's a
wife.  My whole family's like that.  [Listen very carefully, here.  There's
a few notes that
sound like the opening theme to "West Side Story."]  But, Jet-- how do you
compete with
an over-achiever like that?"

G:  "We stop him."

Auto and Joxer:  "Excuse me?"

G:  "Jet-- he's going to murder someone-- and we have to stop him.  Who
could it be?  He
wanted you to steal the sword-- and then kill someone with it."

Joxer:  "Yeah."

Auto:  "Now, wait a minute."

G:  "And then frame the owner of the sword, and nobody would be the wiser."

Joxer:  "Sure."

G:  "You follow me?"

Auto:  "Not in a million years-- the owner of the sword happens to be dead.
He was some
bigshot warlord-- no one's gonna miss him."

Joxer:  "Yeah."

G:  "Still-- the murder weapon would be untraceable.  But who could the
target be?"

Joxer:  "Oh, well-- you know-- Jet doesn't work cheaply, so it's probably a

G:  "He hires a thief to steal a weapon-- placing the weapon in the room
before the
murder.  It's clever.  I know what we have to do."

Auto:  "Well-- I hope it includes Xena, because it's not going to include

G:  "Autolycus, you have to go through with this.  When he makes contact
with you, we
will set a trap and catch him in the act."

Joxer:  "Mmmm-- Mm-hmm."

G:  "It's a good plan.  Hey, I've been watching Xena; I know how she

Auto:  "All right, let me get this straight.  You want me to sneak the
murder weapon into
a castle, to stop his lunatic brother from assassinating someone we don't
even know, for
no gain whatsoever?"

G:  "Exactly."

Auto:  "I don't think so-- I'm not as dumb as he looks."

Joxer:  "Yeah, I'm not half as d-- "

G:  "Autolycus, an innocent person is going to die."

Auto:  "No he isn't, because he's leaving.  Goodbye."

G:  "If Jet is not captured, he'll know you ran out on him, and he'll hunt
you down."

Auto:  "That's a risk I'll happily take."

G:  "It's a chance to do something really good."

Auto:  "Hah."

G:  "And get a big reward."

Auto:  "Oh, she had to say the "R" word.  Ahh."



Guard:  "Come here!  Come here!  What's this?!  Get out of here!"

Man's Voice:  "Hold it right there."

Auto:  "Well-- this should be interesting.  No one with a weapon gets
that castle."

Joxer:  "Yeah-- interesting."

Auto:  "Hmm."

Joxer:  "Hmm."

G:  "The security must be here because Jet's target has arrived."

Auto:  "Ah-hah."

Joxer:  "Huh."

Auto:  "Could be."

Joxer:  "Yeah."

Auto:  "Mmm."

Joxer:  "Mmm."

Auto:  "There's a concept called personal space.  Look into it."

Joxer:  "Hey, I'm just trying to broaden my knowledge.  You might be the
King of
Thieves, but _I_ am Master of Mayhem.  There's a lot we can learn from each
other, you

Auto:  "Sure.  Hey, why don't you start by teaching me how to disappear
without a

Joxer:  "OK.  First-- "

Auto:  "Why exactly is he here?"

G:  "He knows Jet."

Auto:  "No, in a grander sense.  Why is he here?"

G:  "OK, here's the plan.  When you get inside, go to the room Jet told you
to go to. 
Leave the sword where he said to leave it, and wait for him to make

Auto:  "What if, in the process-- he kills the person with the sword,
because he found it
where I put it?"

G:  "Well, if it were as simple as murder, he would have done that by now."

Joxer:  "Yeah."

G:  "There has to be a second part.  He won't kill right away."

Auto:  "So, you're saying this is what Xena would do."

G:  "Oh, yes-- mostly-- probably.  Look-- she did the same thing when she
had to sneak a
baby into King Gregor's castle."

Joxer:  "King Gregor was killed by a baby?"

G:  "When you get into the room, drop a rope outside the window, and we'll
climb up. 
Right now, just concentrate on getting that sword past the dog."

Auto:  "Please-- after all, you are dealing with-- the King of Thieves."

Joxer:  "Ha-ha-ha-ha."

Auto:  "You-- Master Moron-- let's go."



Auto:  "All right now, Joxer, listen to me very carefully."

Joxer:  "I know what we're gonna do.  We're gonna get that guard, knock him
out, drag
him into the woods, take his uniform, and sneak into the castle-- right?"

Auto:  "Yeah-- something like that.  Hey, you've got strong hands."

Joxer:  "Sure-- like a killer."

Auto:  "All right, Killer, here.  Hold your hand out like that."

Joxer:  "Like that?"

Auto:  "Yeah-- like you're gonna grab something really hard."

Joxer:  "Like that?"

Auto:  "You ready?"

Joxer:  "Yeah-- "

Auto:  "Yeah, now grab!"

Woman:  [Screams]

Auto:  "Guards!"

Joxer:  "Oh-- oh, oh, Lady.  Oh, Lady.  Oh, Lady."

Auto:  "Can you believe that?!  He was fondling her behind!"

Joxer:  [Screams]

Guard:  "You fondled her behind?!"

Auto:  "Yes, he did."

Joxer:  "No, I did not."

Auto:  "I can't believe that you did that."

Guard:  "I can't believe that you did that!"

G:  "OK-- I'll take care of him.  Yo!  Worthless excuse for a husband! 

Auto:  "Ha-ha-ha-ha.  You sure handled that rift-raft pretty well."

Guard:  "Yeah, I like to think so."

Auto:  "I think you've got 'Captain of the Guards' written all over you."

Guard:  "Yeah?"

Auto:  "Mm-hmm."

Guard:  "It's been a long time coming."

Auto:  "Oh, I'll bet it has.  Well, you keep up the good work, huh?"

Guard:  "Yeah-- I'll do that."

Auto:  [Exits into castle grounds, humming]



Auto:  "Well-- ha-ha-- ha.  I do love my work."

Male Voice:  "This way, your Highness."

Lady-in-Waiting  [L-i-W]:  "Remove her robe."

Auto:  "Ooh, by all means."

L-i-W:  "Hang this up."

Auto:  "Oh, there's a word for people like me-- lucky."

L-i-W:  "Your bath is ready, Queen Cleopatra."

Auto:  "Cleopatra?  Ho!  I've died and gone to Olympus."

L-i-W:  "Cover her!"

Joxer's Voice:  "Almost to the top."

Auto:  "OK-- back to the show."



G:  "Get up!"

Joxer:  "Is there a Plan B?"

G:  "Yeah-- we let the guards take us prisoner and throw us into the

Joxer  [Laughs]:  "That's the dumbest idea-- I have ever-- "




**  [Lost the first few seconds in my copy of the episode]  L-i-W: 
That's better.  Gently."

Auto:  "Here we go-- nice and easy.  Oh.  Oh.  Oh."

L-i-W:  "Get into the bath."

Auto:  "Oh--boy.  Turn around, Cleo."

L-i-W:  "One moment!"

Auto:  "Ahhh."



Pontius  [Pont]:  "You wish to see me, my Queen?"

Cleopatra  [Cleo]:  "Yes.  I am impatient, Pontius.  I have been here three
days and yet, no
one has come."

Pont:  "The invitations were only sent out yesterday.  By dusk tomorrow,
will have
your choice of armies."

Cleo:  "I want the best.  My future is riding on this."

Pont:  "Ptolemy is sure to know where you are by now."

Cleo:  "There can be no reconciliation with my brother.  Ptolemy has stolen
my throne.  I
am the rightful ruler of Egypt-- by birth and by the will of the people."



Cleo's Voice:  "I intend to have the best army Greece has to offer-- "

Auto:  "Sword-- right, right here."

Cleo's Voice:  "-- march into Egypt-- "

Auto:  "All right-- the sword."

Cleo:  "-- and take back what is mine."

Pont's Voice:  "Yes, my Queen.  No one can fault you for taking back what






Cleo:  "Who are you?"

Auto:  "Who am I?  Who am I?  Uh-- that's a very good question.  Under the
circumstances, I would say that is an _excellent_ question."

Cleo:  "I don't waste my time with bad thieves."

Auto:  "Bad thie-- ?  I'll have you know, I am the King of-- security for
boss, who's a
great warrior-- who happens to have more than a passing interest in your
charms-- uh,
your charming offer to invade Egypt."

Cleo:  "Go on."

Auto:  "And-- well, I-- check out the security before my boss goes
and, uh--
ha-ha-- I gotta tell ya-- this place is _lacking_."

Cleo:  "My chief of security is very good at what he does.  You must just
very good at
what you do."

Auto:  "You don't know the half-- "

Cleo:  "Still-- give me one good reason why I shouldn't call him now."

Auto:  "One reason, one reason-- yes, well, uh-- you're looking for the
warrior.  I
happen to work for the best.  Surely you've heard of-- Xena.  Ahhh."



Joxer:  "Ohhhh.  Oh.  Oh.  Oh.  I think I bruised my brain.  Gabrielle-- do
you see a bruise

G:  "It's just a minor setback.  No plan is foolproof."

J:  "It depends on the fool."

G:  "They're going to question us.  We have to get our stories straight."

Joxer:  "I know, uh-- wait!  We can tell them we're circus performers, and
we were just
rehearsing an act."

G:  "Where does it hurt?"

Joxer:  "Right there.  Ow!"

Pont:  "My name is Pontius-- chief of security for Cleopatra."

G:  "Cleopatra?"

Pont:  "You were caught trying to break into the castle.  That is a very
serious offense."

G:  "Have you ever heard of the world-famous Rigulian Sisters circus?

Joxer:  "Don't listen to her.  Look-- I know there's gonna be an
assassination attempt on
Queen Cleopatra, and I'm here to warn you."

Pont:  "Assassination?  Alert the guard.  Lock all the gates until the
intruder is found.  No
one is allowed in or out.  Hmm, we'd heard that Ptolemy might try this. 
afraid I can't
let you leave the castle right now, but please-- stay-- as guests of the
Queen.  Release



Pont  [Laughs]  "The man is a genious."

Guard:  "That's the assassin you hired?"

Pont:  "First-- he manages to get himself into the castle.  Next-- he gives
me a legitimate
reason to lock all the doors.  When he kills Cleopatra, Ptolemy's gonna
me a very
wealthy man."

Guard:  "Who's the girl?"

Pont:  "Oh, he's a man's man.  The girl is obvious.  She's certainly not
here to think."



G:  "What were you thinking?"

Joxer:  "There's no reason for both of us to get the ax.  What's that?
Look-- I'm sorry,
Gabrielle.  This is for your own protection.  My brother's a killer.  I
don't want you in the
way when I stop him."

G:  "Joxer!"



Auto:  "Thank you, my good man.  Thank you very much.  Now, when
to finish our little chat, you just come and get me, all right?  Here's a
little something for
your troubles.  Anytime-- anytime, indeed.  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.  Well, hello
there.  You
can call me Auto.  Can I call you Cleo?  So soon?  Well-- can't say as I
blame her.  You? 
What took you so long?  Hey, where's Gabrielle?  You know what?  Never
just tell her I've got _everything_ under control.  Now, beat it. 
What a loser! 
Ah-- oh-- ah!  Oh, Jet.  Hello, and how nice to see you again.  Ah-- easy
the throat, can
you?  I've got this silly little breathing habit."

Jet:  "I barely made it in before they locked the doors.  You know what
me in a foul
mood, Autolycus?"

Auto:  "What?"

Jet:  "When my business partners-- run out on me."

Auto:  "Is that what you think?"

Jet:  "Mmm."

Auto:  "I'm shocked."

Jet:  "You're deceased."

Auto:  "Then what was I doing in Cleopatra's room , huh?  Just following
your orders."

Jet:  "Where's the sword?"

Auto:  "In her chambers, right where you wanted it.  When we got separated,
I thought
I'd go ahead with the plan, because I knew you'd show up."

Jet:  "Good-- wait here while I kill her."

Auto:  "Sure, I-- ooh!  Now?  You mean, there isn't a-- second part to your

Jet:  "No."

Auto:  "Oh, uh-- see--  that's a bad idea.  'Cause, uh, security-- well,
it's on high alert--
and, uh-- there's guards-- all through the chambers-- and no one-- I mean,
no one, gets in
to see her."

Guard:  "Autolycus-- Cleopatra will see you now."

Auto:  "Except me."

Jet:  "You're good.  Once you're inside-- dismiss Cleopatra's guards.
That'll be-- my
signal-- to strike."

Auto:  "You need nelp."

Jet:  "Huh."  [Laughs]



G:  "Gabrielle, you have a plan.  Nothing is set in stone.  Flexibility--
that's the key!  What
would Xena do?"

[Throws "chakram"]



Cleo:  "I hope you don't mind.  I find a bath can be quite relaxing during
unless it distracts you."

Auto:  "Distracts me?  Beautiful woman lying naked in a bathtub?  [Laughs]
Where was

Cleo:  "We were negotiating for your client's services."

Auto:  "Ah, yes-- but I think I should warn you, Cleopatra.  I drive a hard

Cleo:  "Mm-hmm.  I think you'll find my offer quite, um-- generous."

Auto:  "No doubt.  You certainly have a lot of-- assets."

Cleo:  "Mm-hmm.  But, how will I know what you have to offer will satisfy

Auto:  "Well, let's just say, I've never had any complaints."

Cleo:  "Mmm."

Auto:  "But I'm reluctant to dive right in.  You see, first, I need to
know-- when-- where--
and how often?"

Cleo:  "I'll let you know as soon as you make a firm offer.  Are you firm
yet, Autolycus?"

Auto:  "I don't know.  I haven't seen your bottom line."

Cleo:  "Let's put this deal to bed, shall we?"

Auto:  "Oooh-- love to."

Cleo:  "Guards!  Leave us!"

Auto:  "Guards-- leave us!  No-- no, wait, uh-- they have to stay.  Any
transaction requires-- witnesses."

Cleo:  "Kinky."



G:  "I've just cut off the flow of blood to your limbs."

Guard:  [Waves hand]

G:  "The numbness is setting in."

Guard:  "Nope!  I seem to be fine.  Don't do that."

G:  "Uh!  I didn't want to resort to violence, but lives are at stake!"



G:  "Joxer, Joxer, Joxer, Joxer.  Joxer, Joxer.  You are _so lucky_ you're
still alive, right
now.  Don't you ever lock me in a cell like that, again.  Now, we have to
get this plan
back on track.  Have you seen your brother?"

Jet:  "No, I haven't, but he must be around here, somewhere."

G:  "Well, look-- let's just split up.  Now, if I see him, I'll come and
find you.  I think you
can handle your brother better than I can.  I'll probably get myself
or-- "

Jet:  "No,  no-- he'd never kill you.  Deep down inside, he's got a heart
gold.  I'm the

G:  "Don't say that about yourself.  You are worth a thousand Jets."



Joxer:  "You don't know how long I've waited for this moment-- all the
of torment;
all the teasing.  It all ends here, my brother.  And you know what?  I'm
gonna give you--
the first move-- but beware.  You're fighting Joxer-- the Mighty."




Jet:  "Kind of like looking in the mirror-- eh, Brother?  Been a long time,
Joxer.  But you
got this coming to ya."

Joxer:  "No!"

Jet:  "Come here!  You little ugly excuse for a brother!  Give me a hug!"

Joxer:  "Oh, Jet, don't!  Don't!  Ah!  Ah, not that!  Not the finger!"

Jet:  [Gives Joxer a "Wet Willie" and Laughs]

Joxer:  "Ow!  Cut it out!  I know you're after Cleopatra, and I'm not gonna
let you do it!"

Jet:  "Make me."

Joxer and Jet:  "I don't-- "

Jet:  "-- have to!  Jinx!  Ha-ha!  Ha-ha-ha!  You're a riot, Jox.  I don't
know how you
found out-- but seeing you sure explains a lot.  Hey-- nice clothes."

Joxer:  "Thanks."

Jet:  "Copy-cat.  Hey-- is Jase here, too?"

Joxer:  "Don't mention our brother's name in public."

Jet:  "Oh, yeah-- I forgot.  What's that?"

Joxer:  "What?  Ow!"

Jet:  [Laughs]  "How long has it been?  Five years?  Six?  Let me count the
That's how I keep track.  Ax murder in Athens."

Joxer:  "I'm serious!  Things are different, now.  I've seen evil, and I've
changed my

Jet:  "Bro-- if you saw evil-- you'd have to change your pants."

Joxer:  "Look-- Xena taught me.  I travel with her, now."

Jet:  "Oh-- you're friends with Xena, now.  Maybe you taught Hercules a
thing or two. 
[Sings]  Oh-- Joxer, the tidy;
He always inside-ey.
Never hurts the other boys,
Even when they steal his toys."
[Back to dialogue]
Remember that one?"

Joxer:  "Well, at least Mom sang to _me_."

Jet:  "Hey-- who's the cute little blonde who swings the mean stick?"

Joxer:  "You lay _one_ finger on her, and I will rip you apart with my bare

Jet:  "You're not threatening me-- are you Jox?"

Joxer:  "No."

Jet:  "Hey-- I missed ya.  We should get together.  But for now-- don't get
in my way."

Joxer:  "Sorry, Brother-- I can't let you do it.  Ooohh!"



Cleo:  "Mmm.  You do drive a hard bargain.  Consider our relationship--

Auto:  [Laughs]  "Pleasure doing business with you, Cleo.  Why, thank you.
Oh, hot towel.  Well, I could get used to this in a hurry.  [Laughs]  Hey,
it feels pretty
good.  A little lower, Sweetie.  Ow!  Gabrielle?"

G:  "Sh.  Have you found Jet?"

Auto:  "Yes.  He's waiting nearby for the guards to leave, so he can come
and finish the
job.  You know, for your information, there was no second part to his plan.
Why don't
we just tell Cleopatra?"

G:  "No, no, no.  We have Jet right where we want him.  Now, I have to get
to Pontius--
without raising suspicion."

Auto:  "I thought you had it all figured out.  Ah, Cleopatra.  I've got to
talk to Pontius
about your security.  I'd like to meet him in my room.  Ah, you, girl, go
fetch him."

G:  "Yes, my Lord."

Auto:  "Until later, my Sweet."

Cleo:  "Hmm-- I could find uses for that man."



Auto:  "Did I just see-- what I thought I saw?"

Joxer:  "Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.  Oh, Autolycus.  Thank goodness it's you.
It's me--

Auto:  "How can I be sure?"

Joxer:  "I'm hanging from the wall by my underwear."

Auto:  "Good point."

Joxer:  "Ooh.  Ooh.  Ooh!  Oh!  Oh, oh, oh!  Oh!"

Auto:  "All right now, listen.  Jet is just waiting for those guards to
leave.  Gabrielle is
going to get Pontius.  So, with some luck, he'll be executed by nightfall,
and I can get
back to negotiating with Cleopatra."

Joxer:  "Wait a minute; wait a minute.  He might be a killer, but he's
_my_ brother."

Auto:  "Are you serious?  What did you think was gonna happen?  A slap on
the wrist? 
The man is an assassin."

Joxer:  "Oh, oh, and you're perfect, Autolycus?  Look, look-- I just might
be able to
convince him to do good-- like Xena did for me-- and like Hercules did for

Auto:  "Two things.  One, I find it very hard to believe that this is the
_improved_ you;
and two, I am only in this for the reward."

Joxer:  "No-- you've got a good heart, Autolycus."

Auto:  "Well, that may be, but I'd like to keep it here, beating happily in
my chest.  And
while Jet is alive, there is no guarantee of that." 

Joxer:  "Oh, yeah?"

Auto:  "Yeah, let's go."

Joxer:  "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!"



G:  "Pontius-- it's me, it's Gabrielle.  Don't let the disguise fool you.
Now, look, we have
the assassin cornered.  He's near Cleopatra's room.  If we move now, we can
catch him."

Pont:  "Are you sure you know what he looks like?"

G:  "Yeah-- he looks like the guy I came here with."

Auto:  "Found him in the hallway.  Did you tell him?"

G:  "Mm-hmm.  This is what you're looking for."

Pontius:  "Guards."

Auto:  "All part of Xena's plan, I'm sure."




Pont:  "I don't know what tavern you met this girl in, but she almost blew
your entire

Joxer:  "What?"

G:  "Right-- Jet.  Your boss realized I knew who you were-- Jet.  Hmm--
there's no
stopping you now."

Joxer:  "Why do you keep calling me-- ?"

Joxer/Auto:  "Jet."

Auto:  "Becuase you're the best assassin, aren't you-- ?"

Auto/G:  "Jet."

Joxer-as-Jet:  "Oh-- oh-- yes, uh [Clears throat]-- yes, I am.
Ha-ha-ha-ha-- ha-ha-ha. 
Yes, um-- it was you and I all along!  They were just dupes-- in-- my plan.
Ha-ha-- hmm. 
Now-- nothing can stop us!"

Pont:  "Yes, yes of course.  Lock them in the dungeon."

G:  "Hey!"

Pont:  "Now-- assassin-- do your job."

Joxer:  "It's brother against brother. Oh, brother."



Auto:  "Well, there's one down."

G:  "You just _had_ to tell 'em you're the King of Thieves."

Auto:  "Yeah, I worked hard for that title, Princess.  You know, this would
be easy if I
had my tools."

G:  "At least Joxer is still out there."

Auto:  "Ah yes, the rebel without a clue-- and the girl with a plan.
[Mocking, nagging
Voice]  'I've been watching Xena.  This is what Xena would do.'"

G:  "OK, so I'm not as good as Xena, but my plan would have worked if you
_followed_ it, instead of romancing Cleopatra."

Auto:  "Ho-ho!  Now, you blaming _me_!  Oh, that's rich.  You know, once--
I'd like to
see one of your Xena plans-- actually work."



Cleo:  "I'm going to be resting.  Do your security checks, then leave me."



X:  "So, Joxer-- is the only one out there trying to find Jet.  Now, I must
be missing
something, here.  Gabrielle, why didn't you just-- go to Cleopatra, and
her when you
knew she was a target?"

Auto:  "Ah-- now, Xena, that's easy for you to say.  You weren't there.
Gabrielle's plan
kept Jet off-balance long enough to find a man on the inside-- right?"

G:  "Yeah-- that's right-- Pontius."

Auto:  "Pontius, exactly.  Now, frankly, I had my doubts that there _was_ a
man on the
inside, but fortunately, Gabrielle insisted that we follow her plan."

G:  "Hmm."

X:  "Good plan.  Now-- Gabrielle, you find Joxer.  Autolycus, you find Jet.
I'm going to
get to Cleopatra."

Auto:  "Right."

G:  "Thank you.  You may be a thief, but-- "

Auto:  "No, don't say it.  All right-- say it."

G:  "You have a heart of gold."

Auto:  "Aw-- ha-ha-ha.  Come on."



Jet:  "Time for blood."



Auto:  "Ah-- Cleopatra.  We have got-- what's with the veil?  Oh-- oh-- I
get it. 
Ha-ha-ha.  Nice veil, ah, Cleopatra.  Ah, Joxer.  Jet?  Joxer."

Jet:  "Wrong-- Jet."

Auto:  "Well, it doesn't matter who you are-- because I didn't put the
where you
told me to."

Jet:  "Oh?"

Auto:  "Only I know where it is."

Jet:  "Well, maybe you haven't noticed, it's not where you left it.  Ahh."

Auto:  "Uh!  Ooh!  Oh, I hate when I'm outbluffed."

Jet:  "First-- I'm gonna kill you-- and then I'm going to kill-- her."

Auto:  "Kill her?  Ha-ha-ha.  That's a good one.  Yeah, I'd like to see you
try.  Go ahead. 
Show him what you're made out of-- Cleopatra.  Cleopatra?"

Jet:  "Now-- where was I?  Oh, yeah-- murder."

Joxer:  "Ooh!  Jet."

Jet:  "Get outta here, right now!"

Joxer:  "Put-- the sword down, Jet.  There's another way."

Jet:  "No, there isn't.  Believe me-- I've considered it.  I don't believe
it.  Are you actually
gonna fight me?"

Joxer:  "I have to, Jet.  It's who I am, now."

Jet:  "Mom."

Joxer:  "Where?"

Jet:  "What?"

X:  "Be nice."

[X fights Jet]

Jet:  "Why, you-- Wow."

X:  "I told you to be nice."

G:  "We have company."

[Big fight between Xena, Auto, Gab and the bad guys]

Auto:  "Ah!  Huh!  There we go.  Huh?  How about some?  Step right up! 
right up! 
Pick a number.  Huh?  How are you?  Here you go!"

Pont:  "Ha-ha-ha.  At least-- you'll die."

Jet:  "Nobody hurts my brother-- except me."



X:  "The local regent has offered to try Jet here in Miramus (sp?)-- that
is, with your

Cleo:  "I owe you my life.  That's not something I soon forget-- though I
understand-- why the assassin can't be executed here."

X:  "Sadly, execution isn't recognized here in Miramus.  He'll be in prison
for life."

Cleo:  "Hmm.  Are you ever planning on coming to Egypt, Xena?  If you do,
send word. 
I'll plan a reception the world won't soon forget."

Auto:  "Well-- was that my invitation to Egypt?"

Cleo:  "That was a thank you.  My real kisses are a bit more-- intense."

Joxer:  "I'm sorry, Jet."

Jet:  "No hard feelings.  Hey-- I hear they're sending me to prison in
Miramus-- give me a
chance to catch up with Dad.  Joxer-- you got a good thing going here.
Don't blow it. 
Don't let anyone tell you who you are or who you could be-- that includes
family.  Hey--
hang onto that little blond.  She's pretty smart.  What's that?"

Joxer:  "Well-- guess you're all just gonna be looking at me a little bit
different, now."

G:  "Nope."

Auto:  "I think not."

X:  "Same old same old."

Joxer:  [Laughs]

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