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“Tsunami”  Episode 65/319


Sailors:  “Line coming down!”  “Right here!”  “Throw those sacks
up!”  “Tie that off!  I’ll take care of this!”  “Yes, sir!”


Palm reader:  “You’re going on a long voyage.  I see a man on
this voyage.”

X:  “Let me guess-- tall, dark, and handsome, right?”

Palm reader:  “As a matter of fact, he is.”

X:  “Right.  Come on, Gabrielle.” 

G:  “Give her a chance.  You see, we’re not going on a voyage.
We just needed some supplies.  We were passing through.”

Palm reader:  “Perhaps, I misread.”

X:  “Perhaps.  Sorry.  Your dinar.”

G:  “Have another look.  What?  What is it?”

X:  “All right, Gabrielle, that’s enough.  Come on, please.”

Palm reader:  “No!  There’s danger-- great danger-- and death.”

G:  “Did you hear that?  She just described every day of our

X:  “Hmm.”


G:  “Sort of spooky, huh?”

X:  “If you buy into that kind of thing.  Look, your future is
less in your palm than in your own two hands.  It’s what you
make of it.”

G:  “OK.  Well, in that case, these two hands should locate some
food, or there’ll be no dinner in our future.”

X:  “Fine, I’ll get everything else we need.  I’ll meet you back
here at noon.”

G:  “OK.”

Captain’s Voice:  “Move along, you dogs!”

Man:  “Careful, Miss.  Convicts boardin’.  Poor bastards.”

Captain’s Voice:  “Move, I said!”

Man:  “I mean, I know they done wrong, and-- and they oughtta be
punished, but-- sellin’ them to work in the mines?”

G:  “Must be a hard life.”

Man:  “Hard?  It’s no life at all.  I’m tellin’ you, Miss--
you’re lookin’ at dead men.”

G:  “Autolycus.  Autolycus.”

Autolycus [Auto]:  “Gabrielle, you shouldn’t be here.”

G:  “Me?  You’re in a chain gang.  What happened?”

Auto:  “A small miscalculation-- now, get outta here, will ya?
Before you make things worse.”

G:  “Uh-- ”

Captain:  “Hey!  Hey, hey, Miss!  No fraternizing with the
prisoners!  Now, shove off!”

Man’s Voice:  “No talking!”

Captain:  “All hands on deck!  Weigh anchor!  We’re losing the

[Voices in background]

Captain:  “Hoist the mainsail!  Prepare to cast off!  Come on!
Let’s move it!  Let’s go!  Move it!”

G:  “Wait!  I, I just wanna talk to my friend.”

Captain:  “You still here?!”

Auto:  “Gabrielle, get outta here!”

Captain:  “Take him below, and cast her ashore!”

Auto:  “Hey!  There’s no need to get rough!”

Sailor:  “You heard the captain!  Stow it!”

G:  “Why don’t-- you pick on someone who can fight back?!”

Man’s Voice:  “You’re pathetic!”
Captain:  “Go on!  After her!”


X:  “I’ll take this one-- and this one.”


Sailor:  “Come back here, you Missy!”

G:  “Xena!”


G’s Voice:  “Xena, quick!”

Sailor’s Voice:  “I gotcha!”

G:  “Xena, help!”

Sailor’s Voice:  “No use struggling!”

G’s Voice:  “Xena!”

Sailor’s Voice:  “Come here!”


G:  “Xena!”



G’s Voice:  “Xena!”

X:  “Heeee-yahhhh!  [Xena yell]  Ah!  Wahh!”

G:  “Xena!”

X:  “I guess we are going on a voyage, after all, huh?”

Thaddeus:  “What in Hades’ name is going-- ?!”

X:  “I’d like to know the answer to that, myself.”

Thaddeus:  “Who are these women?!  What are they doing on
board?!  I didn’t hire you as a passenger ship!”

Captain:  “She tried to free one of your prisoners.  Law says,
we gotta arrest her.” 

X:  “You did _what_?”

G:  “There’s been a mistake.”

Thaddeus:  “Yes-- and you made it.  Aiding a convict’s a serious

Soraya:  “But Thaddeus, maybe she can explain.”

Thaddeus:  “Soraya, you’ve no idea what these cons are like.
Believe me, it’s not just because they’re cheap labor.  I’m
doing the state a favor, taking these _animals_ to do something

G:  “Autolycus is not an animal!”
X:  “Autolycus?  What’s he got to do with this?”


Auto:  “Oh!  Oh!  [Coughs]  You tryin’ to drown me?!  Xena!
[Coughs]  What are you doing here?!”

X:  “’Know?  I was gonna ask you the same thing?  Chains aren’t
usually your look.”

Macon:  “I got somethin’ you can look at.  Betcha’d like it,
too.  Don’t you think so, Petrodes?  Or is that ‘Petrified’?”

Petrodes:  “Real funny, Macon.”

Macon:  “Then, why ain’tcha laughin’?”

X:  “Back off!”

Thaddeus:  “What did I tell ya?  Animals!  Captain!  We need
help, here!”

Auto:  “He-heh-heh.  Come on, now.  No need to get testy over a
little-- misunderstanding, right?”

X:  “Oh, I think we understand one another perfectly.  Right,
Macon?  All right, so what gives, huh?  Nobody keeps the king of
thieves in chains, unless he wants to be there, so-- why would
you wanna be sent-- to these mines?  What’s in ‘em?”

Auto:  “Oh-- you know, the usual, uh-- dust, dirt, rocks.”

X:  “Diamonds.”

Auto:  “Diamonds?  Oh, well, yeah, sure, you know, a-- few.”

Petrodes:  “You kiddin’?!  It’s the largest diamond mine in the

Auto:  “Ha-ha-ha!”

X and Auto:  “Ha-ha!”
Auto:  “Xena-- if you think I would go to all the trouble, of
having myself caught and chained up-- j-- ”

X:  “-- for the chance to bag some diamonds?  Yeah-- call me
crazy.  Hm-mm-mm.”

Auto:  “All right, I did.  But, can you blame me?  It’s like
waving a red flag in front of a Minotaur.  Xena-- this plan is a
cinch, as long as you don’t blow my cover.”

Petrodes:  “What was that?!  Did you feel it?!  Some kinda jolt!
You didn’t feel it?!”

X:  “I did.”


G:  “There it is, again.  Didn’t you feel that?”

Soraya:  “Sorry-- it’s a first, being on a ship.  I don’t know
how anything’s supposed to feel.”

G:  “Oh.  Well, no wonder you’re sick.  Look, there are these
pressure points that I can show you.  It’ll clear it right up.”

Soraya:  “Thanks, but I’ll be fine.”

G:  “No really, there’s actually one-- ”

Soraya:  “It’s not the sea.” 

G:  “It’s just over here-- ”

Soraya:  “Besides, it might affect my -- ”

G:  “You’re pregnant?  Is that it?  Congratulations!”

Soraya:  “Shh, please!  Not so loud.”

G:  “Why?  Aren’t you excited?”

Soraya:  “Yes, of course.  It’s just, um-- Thaddeus doesn’t know

G:  “You know, you can only keep it a secret from him for so

Soraya:  “I know.  The trouble is, his mother _died_ in
childbirth.  So Thaddeus, he told me, when we married-- no
children.  He’s too scared to ever want me pregnant.  I’m too
scared to tell him I am.”


Thaddeus:  “That’s ridiculous!  She’s only doing this to try and
save her friend.  She thinks he’s innocent.”

X:  “He is, but that’s beside the point.”

Captain:  “It’s no reason to head back to port-- that’s for
sure.  He had his day in court.”

X:  “Listen, this is _not_ about Autolycus!  Didn’t you feel it?
Can’t you smell it?  It-- look.  Mt. Aetna’s just past the
horizon.  She’s active.  You see that cloud?”

Thaddeus:  “So, there’s a cloud.  So what?  A little rain never
hurt anyone.”

X:  “That’s no rain cloud.”

Captain:  “She’s right.  It’s ash.”

X:  “The air is full of it.  Look at the sea.  What’s our

Sailor:  “Six fathoms.”

Captain:  “We should be running ten, at least.”

X:  “The sea level’s dropping.”

Captain:  “The wind’s died, too.  Holy Hera, sacred mother of--

X:  “How far are we from port?”

Captain:  “No, we’re too far.  We’ll never make it.”

X:  “Any place closer?”

Thaddeus:  “What are you talking about?  We’re not changing

Captain:  “Oh, yes, we are!  Stand by, to come about!”


G and Soraya:  “Ohhh!”


Captain:  “The water ‘round here’s full of reefs and geysers.
But with any luck-- we can ride the current away from here.”

X:  “Do it.  Thaddeus, you get Soraya and Gabrielle into the
hold.  Make sure they stay there.”

Thaddeus:  “Not till you explain what’s going on!”

Captain:  “Mt. Aetna’s erupted!”

Thaddeus:  “So?  Why are we running from a volcano?!” 

X:  “We’re not.  We’re running from worse.”


G:  “I think we just altered our course.  Xena must have changed
their minds about Autolycus.  I think we’re heading back to the

Soraya:  “What is it?!”

Thaddeus:  “Come on, quick!  You gotta get down to the hold
right away!”

Soraya:  “Why?  What’s wrong?!”

Thaddeus:  “Hurry!”

G:  “Where’s Xena?!”


Macon:  “Something’s up.  We’ve changed direction.”

Petrodes:  “Maybe, we’re going back.  That’d be great.  You

Auto:  “Oh, yeah-- great.”


G:  “Xena?!”

X:  “Gabrielle, get down below!”

G:  “What’s happening?”

X:  “We’re expecting trouble.  Now, go!”

G:  “Wait!  What’s the problem?!  Maybe, I can help you!”

X:  “Gabrielle!  There-- that’s the problem.”

Captain:  “No, no!  Don’t jump!  Get below!  Listen to me,

Sailor:  [Screams]

Captain:  “Come back!”

X:  “It’s no use!  Come on!”

Sailor:  [Screams]

Captain:  “You’re safer on board!”

Sailors:  [Scream]



X:  “Gabrielle.  Gabri-- ?  Gabrielle.  Hey.”

Macon:  “Aww.  What in Tartarus happened?”

X:  “The tidal wave hit us-- turned us over completely.”

Macon:  “No kiddin’?  How’d we right ourselves?”

X:  “We didn’t.  Look around you.  That bolted door leads to the
cabin, and the other to the forward compartment.  Must be the
air that’s trapped in one of the cabins that’s keeping us
buoyant, but it won’t last forever.  Gabrielle!”

Macon:  “But, but this is crazy!  Gee-- it’s impossible!”

Auto:  “Improbable, maybe.  Impossible?  Clearly not.”

X:  “Get out of those chains and help me find Gabrielle and the

Auto:  “Ah, so much for those diamonds.”

Macon:  “How did you-- ?  Why would you-- ?”

Soraya’s Voice:  “Help!  Help, somebody, please!”

X:  “She’s in the forward compartment.  Gabrielle!”

Soraya:  “Help!  Please!”

X:  “Soraya, are you hurt?” 

Soraya:  “It’s not me.  It’s Thaddeus!  You’ve gotta help him!”

X:  “OK.”

Thaddeus:  “Ah.  Thank the gods!  Ahh!  My leg!  Something’s

X:  “We’ll need some help.  Let’s unchain Macon.  Here-- give us
his key.”

Thaddeus:  “No, no, no, no, wait!  You can’t!  You can’t let
those scumbags loose!”

Auto:  “Sure, we can.  We don’t need your key to do it.”

Thaddeus:  “He’s free, but-- how?!”

X:  “Just be glad that he is.  We need to get you out of here
before this _whole_ place floods.  Soraya-- we’ll need some

Thaddeus:  “How bad is it?  Tell me!”

Petrodes’ Voice:  “Noooo!  She’s dead!”

X:  “Gabrielle!”

Petrodes’ Voice:  “Oh!  No, please!  Get her away!  Get her off
of me!”

X:  “Gabrielle!”

Petrodes:  “She’s dead!  Get her away!  She’s dead!  She’s

Auto:  “The wound-- I can’t see it.”

X:  “That’s because it’s not hers.  Gabrielle-- ”

G:  “The captain-- he’s hurt.  He’s-he-he-- ”

X:  “I know.  We can see that.  Are you all right?”

G:  “I am-- I think.”

X:  “Good, ‘cause I need your help.  Come on.”


Thaddeus:  “Ahhhhhh!  Ohhhhh!”

X:  “OK, Gabrielle-- you should be able to feel when it’s in

Thaddeus:  “Ohhhh!  Ahhhh!  Ahhhh!”

G:  “It’s not.”

X:  “OK, go again.  Hold him steady!”

Thaddeus:  “Ohhhh!  Ohhhh!  Ahh!”

G:  “It’s set!”

X:  “Good.  Put him down.  Soraya, you got that sail thread?”

Soraya:  “Right here.”

X:  “We’re gonna put on a splint-- and we’re gonna move ya, but
first, I’ve gotta stitch you up.”

Macon:  “No way!  The water’s rising too fast!”

G:  “Xena knows what she’s doing!”

Macon:  “All right!  Enough doctorin’ the dyin’!  I’m gettin’
outta here!  So back off, or she buys it, right now!”

X:  “You gotta help us move him.”

Macon:  “I ain’t gotta do nothin’!”

X:  “All right-- so you get out there.  What then?”

Macon:  “I go up-- through the hull-- straight to the surface.”

X:  “It’s too late.  We’re down too deep.  You’d never never
make it.”

Macon:  “You’re wrong!”

X:  “Just look at the leaks, if you don’t believe me.  They’re
from nails that have been forced out by the pressure.  That wave
hit us hard.  We’re too far under.  Ahh!  You do that again, and
I won’t wait for the sea-- I’ll kill you myself.  OK, let’s get
him patched up, and then we’ll move him.”


G:  “OK, Petrodes-- now, can you just hold his head up a little
bit higher?  Keep this-- bandage around his wound.”

Petrodes:  “What does it matter?  We’re all gonna die, anyway.”

Macon:  “That’s the spirit, Petrified.  You may as well hang a
sign around your neck, saying, ‘Fish food-- come and get me.’”

Soraya:  “Please?  Can’t you see he’s scared?!”

Thaddeus:  “Don’t waste your breath, Soraya.”

Macon:  “Oh, that’s rich!  Coming from someone who’s wasting the
air _we_ could be breathing!  Yeah, that’s just perfect!”

X:  “Shut up, Macon!”

Auto:  “Look, how ‘bout this-- why don’t we take everything and
move it to one side of the hold?   Maybe the weight will spin us
around, right side up again.”

X:  “We’re too heavy.  Feel the floor?  The forecastle [foksel]
is completely flooded.  And the forward compartment is nearly
swamped as well.”

Macon:  “You said there was air behind that door!”

X:  “It’s keeping us buoyant.  You open that door, and we sink
like a stone.”

Soraya:  “So, what’re we gonna do?!”

X:  “I don’t know.  We’re moving with the current.  If we can
turn the rudder, so that we’re moving _against_ it-- maybe we
can get onto one of those reefs that the captain talked about.
It’ll buy us time to think.”

Auto:  “Well, I’ve heard worse plans-- not many-- but I’m game.”

G:  “Me, too.”

Soraya:  “I’ll help.”

Macon:  “Are you all crazy?!  We’re trapped inside a sinking
ship, and you’re makin’ like the Argonauts!  Well, I’m not
riding this bucket to my grave!  I’ll take my chances in the

X:  “Macon, no!  Hold on!  We’re going down!”



X:  “Everybody, keep calm.  Gabrielle and Soraya?  You see to
Thaddeus and the captain.  The rest of you, help me with the
rudderstock.  We gotta break down the housing.  Smash it down.
We gotta reach the shaft, and turn it.  Petrodes-- take this
lever and get to work.”

Petrodes:  “Spare me, almighty Poseidon!  That I may praise your
name forever!”

X:  “Petrodes, you take this lever-- and you get to work.  All
right.  Ahhhh!  Ahhhh!”


X:  “OK.  Now, grab the pole-- and turn it toward me!”


Macon:  “It’s no use!  You can’t even get a grip!”

Auto:  “Ah!  Ah!  Ah!  Ah, come on!  No!”

X:  “Stand back!  Get out of the way!  Ahh!”


G:  “Xena!”

X:  “It’s all right, Gabrielle.”

Auto:  “Ha-ha-ha-ha!  We musta hit the reef-- just like you

Macon:  “We’ve stopped sinking.”

Soraya:  “It worked!”

Petrodes:  “Poseidon, be praised!  You see?!  You see, he
listened!  He listened, we’re saved!”


Macon:  “Maybe, we _are_ saved-- but for how long?”


G:  “I don’t know.  He’s lost a lot of blood.”

X:  “His pulse is weak.  He’s in shock.”

G:  “I’d say that goes for all of us-- trapped in here until we
run out of air-- or luck.”

X:  “We’ll just try and keep him as warm as we can.”

G:  “What are we going to do?”

X:  “I’m workin’ on it.”

Soraya:  “What are you doing?!  Stop him!  [Screams]”

Macon:  “Uh!  Well, whaddya know?!  The bitch has bite, after
all!  Out of the way!  He’s a goner!  No point in lettin’ him
use up our air!  I say we put him out of his misery!”

Soraya:  “No!  He’s hurt!  He’s not dead!  You can’t just kill
him like he was some sort of animal!”

Macon:  “Why not?!  That’s how he treats us-- like animals!”

Auto:  “You’re right-- but killing him makes it true.” 

Macon:  “Who’s gonna stop me?  You?”

X:  “And me.”

G:  “Yeah.”

Macon:  “Bunch a’ losers!”

Soraya:  “Thank you.  I know how you must feel about my husband.
You’re a good man.  Thank you.  Thank all of you.”

X:  “She’s right, you know.  Like it or not, you are a good

Auto:  “Spare me, Xena.  We both know what I am.”

G:  “What’s that?”

Auto:  “Someone who can let a friend walk straight into
trouble-- all for the-- chance to steal a-- few lousy stones.”

X:  “Well, excuse me, I must’ve mistaken you for a man who once
risked his life to save mine.”

G:  “There is quite a resemblance.”

Auto:  “Look, you don’t get it.  Even then-- it wasn’t my idea.
Xena, come on, you were here inside me.  You know the truth.
I’m an opportunist, plain and simple.”

G:  “You didn’t ask me for help.  I jumped in with both feet.”

Auto:  “But if you didn’t think I was in trouble, you wouldn’t
be here, and neither would you.  How do you think that makes me

X:  “Guilty.”

Auto:  “I’ll drink to that.  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.  It’s empty.
Nothin’ but hot air.  How perfect is that?”

X:  “Autolycus, you’re a genius.  All right, everyone-- listen
up.  I’ve got a plan, but it’s risky.”

Thaddeus:  “Whatever it is-- it’s gotta be better than staying
here, waiting to die.”

X:  “Not by much, but it’s a shot.  The reefs around here are
full of volcanic geysers.”

Soraya:  “Geysers?”

G:  “It’s like an underwater spring.  It shoots jets of water up
to the surface.”

X:  “What I’m proposing, is that we fill up some of  these
wineskins with air, and then we-- we knock a hole in the side of
the ship, and when the water level’s up-- we swim for a geyser,
sucking air out of the skins, until we reach the surface.”

Macon:  “I think I speak for everyone when I say, [raspberry].”

Soraya:  “That’s not true.”

Auto:  “Speak for yourself.”

G:  “It’s a great idea.”

X:  “No, no.  No, he’s entitled to his opinion, so Macon, if
you’ve got any _better_ ideas, I would sure like to hear one.”

G:  “We all would.”

Macon:  “Look at you!  Bunch of sheep!  Willing to follow
anyone, even if it’s straight to Tartarus!  Well, not me!
Geysers?!  You’ll be scalded to death, half-way up!  That’s if
you’re lucky!  And your insides don’t _burst_ from the

Petrodes:  “Gods!  Is that true?!”

X:  “If you’re foolish enough to ride the inside, then yes.  But
if you stick to the outside, where the geyser runs slower and
cooler-- you’ll be fine.  We all will.”

Macon:  “That’s bull!  The best way is still through the hull
and straight up!”

X:  “You’ll never make it.  And without the geysers, our injured
don’t stand a chance.”

Macon:  “Remind me, when I have the time to care.  Right now, I
say we take a vote!  Those of you who want to do it my way,
raise your hands!  What about you, Petrified?!  How do you

Petrodes:  “Ahhhh!  Ahhhh!”

X:  “Ahhhh!”

Auto:  “Oh.  Oh.”



Auto:  “Oh, I’ve seen more leaks in a sieve.”

G:  “We can’t fix these.”

X:  “Maybe we don’t have to.  Feel the water here.”

G:  “It’s warm.”

X:  “The geyser’s on this side of the ship.”

Auto:  “Well, it’ll save us time and air.”

X:  “Gabrielle, you and Soraya start blowing up wineskins.
Autolycus, find something to break through his wood.  Petrodes--
Petrodes, we’re getting out of here, do you understand?
Petrodes, we’re leaving here and heading up to the surface.
OK-- let it go.  Whatever you’re hiding from, turn around and
face it.  I know you can do it.  You _have_ to.”

Petrodes:  “I can’t swim!”

X:  “What?”

Petrodes:  “I never learned.  When I was little-- my brother and
me were playing ball on the beach.  I was real hot-- and I
wanted to quit-- so I threw the ball-- you know?  Just so’s he’d
have to go and run for it.  But it went in the sea-- and Damon--
he ran after it.  All’s I remember is the wave hitting him.  And
then he was gone.  And now he’s coming back-- for me.”

X:  “Petrodes, the dead can hear our thoughts.  That means that,
Damon knows it was an accident-- and he knows how much you loved
him.  And most of all, he knows that you would never dishonor
his memory by blaming him for your own fear.”

G:  “We still need one more to have enough for everyone.”

Soraya:  “OK, I’ll get one.”

Thaddeus:  “Gabrielle-- there isn’t much time-- so listen.
Whatever happens-- I want you to make sure that Soraya gets
through this-- all right?”

G:  “We’re all gonna make it.”

Thaddeus:  “Oh, I’m not a fool.  With this leg-- I’d be lucky to
make it to the geyser, let alone the surface.  So, take my
wineskin, for extra air.  And take this.  It’s priceless.  And
it’s yours if you save her.”

G:  “I don’t want it.”

Thaddeus:  “What, you want more?  I’ve got more, believe me, I--
just swear you’ll-- ”

Soraya:  “What are you doing?” 

Thaddeus:  “I-- I was just-- ”

Soraya:  “-- buying people again!  Thinking everyone’s for sale
if you’ve got the right coin!  Pushing me off for the price of
that pendant!”

Thaddeus:  “No, I just wanted you safe.  You can’t stay with me.
I’d hold you back.  You’d never make it.  Tell her!”

G:  “She’s on a roll.”

Soraya:  “I can’t live like this, Thaddeus-- not anymore.
You’ve got to stop trying to _shield_ me from things-- and learn
to trust that I won’t break-- or melt-- or die!  At least, not
yet.  I’m your wife.  You’re my husband.  And soon, we’re gonna
be a family.”

Thaddeus:  “What?  But Soraya, you-- ”

Soraya:  “No buts!  We’re having a baby, and that’s that.  So,
please don’t tell me to leave you behind.  A child needs both
its parents-- right?”

Thaddeus:  “Oh!  I guess I’m gonna need that wineskin after

X:  “All right.  All right, that’s it.  OK, listen up!  We put
the injured through first-- and then the rest of us go.  I go

Soraya:  “OK, I’ll take Thaddeus.”

X:  “Not alone, you won’t.  I can’t help you till I’ve cleared
everyone else.”

Auto:  “I’ll help her.”

Auto:  “Good.  You go first.”

G:  “I’ll take the captain.”

X:  “You’re gonna need help, too.”

Macon:  “When pigs fly.”

Petrodes:  “I’ll do it.  I’ll help.”

X:  “OK.  All right, everybody got their wineskins?  Then, let’s
go.  Autolycus, is your group ready?”

Auto:  “As we’ll ever be.”

X:  “Great.  You lead the way.  Good luck.  Fare well.”


X:  “Hey-- Gabrielle?  See you topside, huh?”

G:  “Right.”

Petrodes:  [Clears throat]

X:  “OK, come on.  She’s waitin’ for ya.  Deep breath.  OK,
Macon, come on.  Macon?  Come on, you can do it.  Deep breath,
keep calm.”


Petrodes:  “He’s still alive-- barely.”

G:  “We did it.”

Petrodes:  “Guess we did.”

Thaddeus:  “Ah.  Ah.”

Auto:  “I believe this is yours.”

Thaddeus:  “Thanks.  Truth is-- I’m gonna sell it.  After all
that’s happened, I’m gonna need new workers for the mine.  Hired
workers-- who choose to be there, because the wage is fair-- and
so is the way they’re treated.”

G:  “Xena!  You OK?  You know, you had me worried for a minute,

X:  “I’m sorry about that.  I had to go back for something.”

Macon:  “Why?  I’m a killer.  Why’d you come back?  What’d you

X:  “From you-- nothin’.  From me, nothin’ less.”

G:  “He doesn’t get it, does he?”

X:  “Not a clue.”

G:  “So-- what do you think of that palm reader, now?”

X:  “Well, like you said, just another average day.”


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