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"A Family Affair"  Episode 71/403


Narrator:  "Previously, on `Xena'-- a deadly sacrifice-- "
[[[[[[X:  "Gabrielle!"  X:  "I just wanna know where my friend
went after she died."]]]]]]  "-- leads Xena to a land of
mystery-- "  [[[[[[Yakut:  "It's a warrior woman.  She fought our
enemy, so I don't think we need to fear her."]]]]]]  "-- danger--
"  [[[[[[X:  "You did this, didn't you?"  Thug:  "Yeah."]]]]]]
"-- seduction-- "  [[[[[[Alti:  "Help me-- and I'll make you-- a
destroyer of nations."]]]]]]  "-- a battle with ultimate evil-- "
[[[[[[Otere:  "This is where they all died."  X:  "Gabrielle."
"-- and a remarkable discovery."  [[[[[[X:  "She's alive."]]]]]]

Man:  "Pluto?  Blasted dog!  Where in Tartarus-- ?!  Pluto!
Confounded dog!  Pluto!  Come here!  Pluto!  Here, boy!  Come!
Come here!  By the gods!  Pluto?"

Pluto:  [Barks throughout]

Man:  "Oh-- Pluto!  Zeus, you scared me!  Hey-- none of that."

Pluto:  [Whimpers, then is silent]

Man:  "Ahhhhhh!  Uh!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"


Joxer [Jox]:  "I brought your favorite-- daisies.  They're in
bloom now, so-- I can bring `em fresh to ya every day.
Gabrielle-- "

[[[[[[Jox:  "Gabrielle!"]]]]]]

Jox:  "Ahhhhh!"

X:  "She's alive!"

Jox:  "Xena?  What're you-- what're you doing?!  Gabrielle's
alive?  She's alive?!"

X:  "Yeah-- I had a vision.  I couldn't be sure until now."

Jox's Voice:  "A vision."

Jox:  "Xena-- no one could have survived that fall.  And if they
did, the lava river would have-- "

X:  "Poteidaia-- she would've gone back to her family."


Jox:  "You know, I can see Gabrielle growin' up around here--
helping her mom and dad with the chores-- playing games with her
sister-- makin' the other kids laugh."

Children:  "Tell us a story!  Tell us a story!"  

Man:  "Dum-de-dum-de-dum-de-dum-- oh, what a lovely day it is,

Man's Voice:  "Oh, hello-- who are you?!  Hello, boys and girls--

X:  "Funny, I just thought that maybe-- "

Man's Voice:  "My name is Mr. Wolf."

Jox:  "I _love_ this story."

Man:  "It's a nice day today, isn't it?"

Jox:  "Yeah."

Man's Voice:  "Ooh-- what are they?"

Jox's Voice:  "Feet [?]"

Man's Voice:  "They look very nice.  Four plump-- "



Jox:  "Gabrielle?!  Gabrielle?  I don't _believe_ it!  You're--
you're-- alive.  You're-- and you're-- here.  You're here!"

Hope [H]/G:   `I've missed you, too."

Jox:  "Yeah, I-- .  Um-- oh-- you guys, uh-- catch up.  I'm gonna
go check out the sights."

H/G:  "I can't believe you're here."

X:  "The gods, themselves, couldn't keep me away."

H/G:  "Xena, when you didn't answer my messages, I thought-- "

X:  "Messages?  Gabrielle, I never _got_ them.  I thought you
were dead.  I thought I'd lost you forever."

H/G:  "You nearly did."

[[[[[[G:  "Ahhhhhhhhhh!"]]]]]]  

H/G:  "It was a nightmare, Xena."  [[[[[[G:  "Ahhhhhh!"]]]]]]
H/G:  "We just kept falling-- straight at the lava.  I got
knocked into a niche in a wall.  But Hope-- "  [[[[[[H:  "Why,
Mother?!  Why?!"]]]]]]  H/G:  "I don't know how long I was out.
When I came to, I tried to shout for your help, but I couldn't.
I just laid there."

X:  "You were in shock."

H/G:  "Yeah-- I was a mess-- for a long time.  If you never got
my messages, then how did you know I was alive?"

X:  "It's hard to describe-- but I saw you.  Not now-- it was--
someplace in the future."

H/G:  "The future.  Don't tell me you've become an oracle."

X:  "Not a very good one.  I got a definite sense of danger
around you-- not the peace and quiet of Poteiadaia."

H/G:  "You're right-- there is danger, here."

Jox:  "Xena-- Gabrielle-- you guys better take a look at this."


H/G:  "By the gods-- that's the worst yet."

X:  "There have been others?"

H/G:  "Sheep-- cows-- a horse-- never a man-- until now."


Herodotus [Her]:  "Xena-- we wondered when you'd get here."

X:  "Hello.  It's nice to see you all, too."

Hecuba [Hec]:  "Oh, Gabrielle?  Aren't you gonna introduce your
other friend?"

H/G:  "These are my parents-- Hecuba-- Herodotus-- and my sister,

Jox:  "Joxer, the mighty-- at your service.  Ma'am.  Sir?  You
know?  Any sister of Gabrielle's-- is a part of her family."

Lila:  "Pleased to meet you."

Jox:  "Is that fennel soup?"

Hec:  "Oh, what a nice young man-- so gallant."

X:  "So-- how's she been?"

Her:  "Without you-- just fine."

X:  "I meant, after everything she's been through."

Her:  "You should know-- seducing her away from home with your
heroics?  Filling her head with strange ideas.  `How's she been?'
Changed forever-- `cause of you."


X:  "It's almost dawn.  Bad luck about the storm."

H/G:  "Are you giving up?"

X:  "Of course not."

H/G:  "You never give up on anything-- no matter the odds-- the
cost-- the pain.  I missed you, Xena."

X:  "Back atcha.  Still-- hunting the thing in the daylight might
be better, anyway."

H/G:  "I thought you wanted to get it someplace confined."

X:  "I do and I will if we can track it down to its lair."


X:  "You shouldn't play with your food.  Gabrielle!"


X:  "Brace yourselves!"

Jox's Voice:  "Oh.  Look out!"

X's Voice:  "Daylight's got him on the run."

Jox:  "What was that?"

X:  "All I know is I cut it up pretty bad."

H/G:  "You did?"

Hec:  "Gabrielle, you've hurt your knee.  Come, and I'll see to
it.  Lila, get me some fresh water.  Herodotus, get a clean

Jox:  "Xena, you don't look so good.  You know, um-- whatever
that thing is out there--"

X:  "That thing is Dahok's grandchild-- the destroyer."

Jox:  "Destroyer-- Uh-- Xena-- let me go get Gabrielle.  Why
don't you sit down for a while?"

X:  "That thing-- is the destroyer.  And that means that the girl
in the other room is _not_ Gabrielle.  It's Hope."



Jox:  "Xena-- you're hurt worse than ya know.  Of _course_,
that's Gabrielle."

X:  "You shut up and you listen to me.  I wanted to believe it
too, `cause she is good-- but she's not-- Gabrielle."

Jox:  "How do you know?"

X:  "The monster-- she was directly in its path, and it blew by
her, not once, _several_ times.  And she never even moved."

Jox:  "OK-- if that's really Hope, why didn't she kill you
herself-- hmm?"

X:  "Because she _enjoyed_ it-- watching her creature try to tear
me apart."

Jox:  "If that's Hope, why don't we just go in there and-- ?"

X:  "Joxer, don't you see-- huh?  As long as we pretend to play
her game, the family is safe.  And I can use her to help me kill
the beast.  And after that-- "

Jox:  "I guess that vision of yours really was `Hope', after


Her:  "Maybe, next time you'll _listen_ when we tell ya not to go
courting trouble."

Hec:  "Oh, come on, dear-- she's fine.  You'll get one of your

Lila:  "Don't worry, Gab-- that thing looked awful, but at least
Xena wounded it."

H/G:  "I heard."

Lila:  "It's bound to be weaker next time Xena tries.  She'll
probably kill it, no problem.  Gaby-- what is it?  What's
_really_ wrong?"

H/G:  "When Xena kills the monster, Lila-- we're going to be
leaving.  I'm gonna miss you.  I wish there was some way that we
could spend time together before I go."

Lila:  "Of course, there's a way."


Jox:  "You can't kill Hope.  Well-- OK-- you can, but you can't.
Don't you remember Ares dealing with the Fates?  You kill Hope
and they'll [Pfffft!] ya."

X:  "Ares released that debt when he thought Hope was dead-- not
that it'd stop me.  Hope and her monster must die, whatever the

Jox:  "Xena-- didn'tcha see that thing?  It's huge.  It had
spikes like this.  [Sighs]  Well-- at least you got a-- piece of

X:  "Didn't."

Jox:  "Well, not a-- big chunk, but you-- wounded it, right?"

X:  "Nothing.  I just said that to make Hope think I hurt it.  I
can track her.  She'll lead me straight to it.  And then-- "

Jox:  "-- we'll kill `em both-- "

X [Whispers]:  "Yeah."

Jox:  "-- for Gabrielle.  Aah-- who am I kiddin'?  You're in no
shape to take on a monster."

S:  "Sure I am."

Jox:  "Good."

X:  "I'm gonna need a backup plan.  It's not gonna be easy."

Jox:  "No."

X:  "I need you to scout the land, calculating all the flocks.
Maybe then, we can get a fix on where the beast will strike

Jox:  "Good idea.  [Clears throat]  Wait.  You want me to count
flocks of sheep?"

X:  "Think you can handle it?"

Jox:  "Mm--hmm."


Her:  "I appreciate that she saved our lives.  That doesn't give
her the right to take our little girl."

Hec:  "Oh, Sweetheart-- Gabrielle's not a child.  If she wants to
go with Xena, we can't just lock her in her room."

Her:  "Talk to her.  Let her know the kind of mistake that she's

X:  "What kinda mistake is that?"

Her:  "The kind of mistake that can ruin a life-- or take one."

Hec:  "If you're lookin' for Gabrielle, she went for a walk-- "

Her:  "-- without you."

X:  "Did she?"

Her:  "That's right.  They wanted to spend some time alone."

X:  "`They?'"

Hec:  "Gabrielle and Lila-- after all, they are sisters.  And,
blood is thicker than water.  But we'd like to thank-- "


Lila:  "Gaby-- slow down.  Where is this special place of yours,
anyway?  I'm gettin' hungry."

H/G:  "You're not the only one.  It's just off to the left."

Lila:  "Ahh-- good.  I hope we brought enough food."

H/G [Chuckles]:  "There's plenty-- come."

X:  "Gabrielle!  Lila!  Ah, you guys walk fast!"

Lila:  "What are doing here?"

X:  "Your parents said you went out for a walk.  I thought I'd
join ya.  You don't mind?"

H/G:  "Why should we mind?"

Lila:  "Fine with me."

H/G:  "Oh, no, no-- not that way."

Lila:  "I thought you said left."

H/G:  "This is a shortcut.  It's much faster."


Jox:  "238-- 239-- two four-- Ha-choo!  Great-- lost count,
again.  1-- 2-- 3-- fo-- [Falls asleep and snores]"


X:  "So much for your shortcut."

H/G:  "I could've sworn this bridge was sound."

Lila:  "You must be thinkin' about someplace else.  It's been
like this for years."

H/G:  "Do you think it's further down?  Hmm.  What do you think,

Lila:  "Careful, Gabrielle-- i-it doesn't look safe!"

H/G:  "Ah!  Lila!  Lila!"

Lila:  "Gabrielle?!"

X:  "Lila!"

Lila:  "Ahhhhh  Ah!"

H/G:  "I'll get Father."

X:  "OK.  Hunh.  I gotcha."

Lila:  "Ahhhh!"

X:  "OK-- Lila.  Come on.  Gimme your hand."

Lila:  "I-I-- I-I can't!"

X:  "Yes, you can!  Come on!"

Lila:  "Ahhh!  Oh, Xena!  Oh!  Ahh!"

X:  "Uh!"

Lila:  "Oh, thank the gods!  And you!  Thank you for saving me!"

X:  "No thanks needed.  You all right?  Good-- now, go home.
Call off the alarm.  Your parents will be worried."

Lila:  "But, what about you?  What are you gonna do?"

X:  "Some search and destroy."


Destroyer [Des]:  "Mamma."

H/G:  "Hello, beautiful?  Are you cut?  Hmm?  Did she hurt you?
Let Mother see.  Now, stop that.  Stop it.  Stop!  My child--
Mother won't hurt you.  No, no-- there.  We're too close to
fulfilling my father's plan to fail now.  Listen to me.  Hold
still.  Be careful with Mother.  Let me see if she hurt you.
Careful.  Good.  She was using me to get to you.  Xena knows who
I am.  Yes.  Good.  Rest now.  Tonight-- I want you to enjoy--
every moment.  Yes."


Jox:  [Yells]

X:  [Yells]

Jox:  [Yells]

X [whispers]:  "Gabrielle?  Gabri-- is that you?  I'm sorry.  I'm
so sorry.  Oh."  [They cry.]



X:  "I searched for you.  I searched for you.  I was afraid
that-- "

G:  "You thought I was dead."

X:  "Yeah."

G:  "What else _could_ you think?"

X:  "I could've had faith.  You would have.  I  should've _known_
you'd survive."

G:  "How could you?  I didn't know that I was gonna survive.  I'm
not sure I have, really."

X:  "Sit down.  What happened?"

G:  "I don't remember much.  I remember falling.  Oh-- I remember
fire and-- the rocks."

X:  "Shh."

G:  "I remember Hope-- screaming when she died.  I just blacked
out, then and-- I woke up in this hospice.  Apparently, I had
been there for a long time, and I-I sent word to you."

X:  "I don't know how to tell you this-- "

G:  "Hope's alive.  By the gods, she's alive."


H:  "Are you comfortable?  Good.  It won't last long.  When
darkness comes, my child will awake.  He'll be hungry."

Jox [Mumbles]:  "Oh, shit."


X:  "Gabrielle, slow down."

G:  "Xena, we're almost there."

X:  "Look-- you'll blow the plan if you don't get focused.  You
lose your head, and we are history."

G:  "The thought of Hope with my family.  I mean, if she were to
hurt them-- "

X:  "She won't.  Now that she knows I'm on to her, she'll use
your family as leverage.  As long as she needs them, they're
safe.  You know that."

G:  "I _don't_ know that."


X:  "Herodotus, Hecuba-- can I, um-- can I have a word?"

Her:  "Why?  So you can do to us-- what you did to Gabrielle?"

Hec's [?] Voice:  "And you're supposed to be her friend!  What
kind of friend does this?!"

Her:  "Get out.  And don't come back-- ever."

X:  "But, Herodotus-- "

"H/G":  "You heard my father.  Leave, Xena, before somebody else
gets hurt."

Her:  "I'm warning you, Xena-- any bloodshed here, it'll be on
your hands."

"H/G":  "He's right.  If you were a real friend, you wouldn't
leave poor Joxer all alone out there, waiting for the monster."

Lila:  "You sent him out there alone?"

Hec:  "Poor young man."

Hec's Voice:  "He's just too brave for his own good."

Her:  "Or too stupid.  Well, it's true.  He'd have to be a fool
to take it on alone.  Ask her."


Lila:  "Gabrielle-- you scared me!  I told you I was gonna get
cloth for more bandages."

G [Whispers]:  "Just-- don't say anything.  Look-- it's me.  It's
Gabrielle-- all right.  Just-- [softly] now, I want you to listen
to me.  I know that thing in there looks like me-- but it's not.
[Whispers]  She wants to kill us all."

Lila:  "Wh-wh-- ?"

G [Softly]:  "No.  Sh.  Just listen.  Remember-- remember when we
were kids?  We got lost in the snow-- and I promised, that I
would give you my solstice gift, if you would just keep walking
till we found help.  And I kept my word, do you remember?
[Whispers]  I gave you that rag doll.  Don't you rmember?  Now do
you believe me?"

Lila:  "Gabrielle-- what are we gonna do?"

G:  "Take this cloth out there.  Act like nothing is wrong.  Tell
Mom and Dad that you need some help with some medicines, and
bring them in here.  [Whispers]  Be careful.  [Softly]  Hope is
very smart."

Hope:  "Hello, Mother."


X:  "Joxer-- "

Jox:  "Ah."

X:  "-- run to the village.  Tell them to light torches and keep
`em burning till you hear from me.  Go.  She-ee-yah!" 



X:  "Come and _get_ some."


Hope:  "It's turned into quite the family reunion.  What is it
now?  Four generations?  Your parents-- there's you-- me-- my
pride-- my joy.  Your grandson, Mother-- the destroyer."

G:  "Why aren't you dead?"

Hope:  "Well, it's certainly not for your lack of trying, is it?
The truth is, I could say the same thing about you-- if I cared--
which I don't."

G:  "I saw the fire.  No one survives that."

Hope:  "No one but me.  Dahok's flame-- rising to save me.  But
then, I've always been Daddy's little girl, haven't I?"

G [Whispers]:  "Always."

Hope:  "Is that why you never loved me?"

G:  "I love you, Hope.  I just had to stop you."

Hope:  "For Xena?"

G:  "No-- for us all.  Uh!"

Hope:  "Bye-bye, Mommy."


X:  "Gabrielle-- "


X:  "Bite me."

G/Hope:  "Wait!  Let's do it together."

Des:  "Mamma.  Mom!"  [Screams]

Hope:  "Nooooooo!  Uh!"

Des:  "Huh?  Huh?!  Mo-o-o-o-- Oh, Mo-o-o--o-o-o--  Ohhhhhhh!


G:  "It's over-- or is it?  Xena?  Do you ever?  Do you get the
feeling that sometimes-- nothing is really over?  You know, it
just-- keeps coming back around, but it's-- it's wearing a
different face.  It's-- it's the same underneath.  Do you know
what I mean?"

X:  "Sure.  I was trapped in a cycle of violence and hatred.  And
no matter how I tried to break free, something always pulled me
back-- until you."

G:  "Xena-- "

X:  "No, it's true.  You talk about trying to find your way, but
to me, you are my way."

G:  "How can I be your way, when I-- I'm lost, myself?"

X:  "I'm searching for answers, too.  But how we look for them
doesn't matter-- as long as we look for them together-- you and


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