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"A Good Day"  Episode 73/405


Men's Voices:  "Ahhhhh!"  "Keep moving!"

Soldier:  "Nothing.  No food or supplies.  This village is

A Soldier:  "Empty?  Caesar doesn't want to hear empty.  His army
needs food."

Woman:  "Pompey's soldiers came and took everything.  We had no
choice.  We don't even have enough to feed ourselves."

Soldier:  "They've been dealing with Pompey-- our enemy-- the
enemy of Caesar!"

Woman:  "No!  My husband serves with Caesar's army"

Soldier:  "A Greek mercenary?"

Woman:  "Yes."

A Soldier:  "Your husband's a good soldier.  He knows the penalty
for dealing with the enemy.  Javelins!"

Flanigus [Flan]:  "Hold, centurions!"

A Soldier:  "Who are you?"

Flan:  "Flanigus.  Amanda.  Greek harp lights.  Legion of

Woman [Whispers]:  "Flanigus."

Flan:  "These people are under my protection!"

A Soldier:  "You're supposed to be at Corinth with the other
Greek mercenaries.  Now, stand aside."

Flan:  "I outrank you, centurion."

A Soldier:  "No Greek outranks me.  Now, stand aside.  We have a
lesson to teach."

Flan:  "I will _not_ allow you to kill these people."

A Soldier:  "Javelins!"

Flan:  "Stand down!  That is an order.  Stand down!"

A Soldier:  "Ready?!"

X:  "Xena-- hello."

Flan:  "Flanigus-- thanks."

A Soldier:  "Attack!"


G's Voice:  "Women and children!  Get behind me!  Quick!  Get

A Soldier:  "Back, men-- back!  Fall back!"

Soldiers' Voices:  "You heard him!"  "All right-- "  "Leave!"
"Go!"  "Come on!"  "Move it!"  "Come on!"  "I've got him!"

Aremus:  "Daddy!  Daddy!"

Flan:  "Aremus!"

Woman:  "By the gods, we missed you."

G's Voice:  "So, that's why you fought so hard."

Flan:  "Thanks."

X:  "I understand Caesar and Pompey have moved their armies here.
They've brought their filthy civil war from Rome to Greece-- into
our land."

Flan:  "That's right.  And with respect-- to your legend'ry
abilities, Xena-- there's nothing you can do to stop this war
from happening."

X:  "Stop it?  On the contrary-- I'm here to guarantee that it



Flan:  "Did you make that?  It's beautiful.  Good work."

X:  "Flanigus, we need to talk."

Flan:  "I haven't seen my family in two years.  I was hoping to
make enough money in Caesar's army to-- buy a fishing pole-- move
to the sea.  Well [Sighs]-- that's all over, now.  So-- let me
get this straight-- you _want_ Caesar and Pompey to fight."

X:  "If their armies entrench themselves here, they'll be here
for years.  And your people will be enslaved-- forced to feed an
army of occupation.  No-- I want them to waste their forces so
quickly, they have to take this all the way back to Rome."

Flan:  "And what about my family-- these people?  Pompey already
has the paths through the cliffs guarded.  There's no way out for

X:  "We'll have to deal with that."

Flan:  "Why is it men always think war is a simple solution?"

X:  "Those are interesting words coming from a soldier of Rome."

Flan:  "Oh, I know you don't like me.  Maybe it's the uniform,
hmm?  A Greek, going off to serve in Caesar's legions?  I am not
a traitor.  I would never kill a Greek in Caesar's war."

G:  "Xena, you were right.  This valley is crisscrossed with
caverns.  I talked to a few of the miners.  They're willing to
make up a map for you."

X:  "Good.  You know, if we're gonna pull this off, we need all
the help we can get."

Woman's Voice:  "Oh-- come here."  [Laughs]

Flan [Sighs]:  "A long time ago, I-- I promised my wife that when
I returned I would never speak of war.  I didn't want my son to
know about it.  I wanted his life to be peaceful.  [Sighs]
You've got your man."

X:  "You're right, it was the uniform.  Don't get rid of it.
It'll come in handy."


G:  "Go to all the surrounding villages.  Gather anybody who's
willing to fight, and tell them Xena needs them here, now."

Man:  "Come on!"

G:  "Hurry!"

Man:  "Hyah!  Hyah!"

Temecula [Tem]:  "I heard you're looking for people to

G:  "What's your name?"

Tem:  "Temecula."

G:  "Temecula-- this is war.  I've seen it.  You don't wanna jump
into this."

Tem:  "I-I know-- and I'm afraid.  I've never shot anybody,

G:  "Let's keep it that way, OK?"

Tem:  "Look, this is my home.   My family's lived here for
generations.  This is all I've known."

G:  "We need someone to send back signals.  Are you any good with
that?  That'll do." 


Brutus [Bru]:  "We'll have to stretch our lines thin to match
Pompey.  He's got more men than we do, and less ground to cover."

Caesar [Cae]:  "Stretch them.  Pompey's being cautious.  He knows
my men are superior, so he's content to let a siege happen.  Have
the countryside combed for more supplies.  If a village is within
Pompey's reach-- burn it."

Bru:  "What of the small hill next to the western line?"

Cae:  "Ignore it.  It's worthless-- too many trees to use as
either observation or artillery.  This time I have him-- if I
have to destroy his army-- and this country piece by piece"


X:  "Not bad.  From a distance, Caesar won't know if these belong
to his army or Pompey's."

Flan:  "Xena-- news."

X:  "How many legions does Caesar have?"

Flan:  "Fifteen."

X:  "That means his entire army's on the line."

Flan:  "I've managed to recruit some miners.  Well, they're not
soldiers, but they're big-- and willing to fight."

X:  "We better get on with it, then.  Everyone, gather `round!
Most of you are already packed, and the rest of you need to
hurry.  It's time for you to go beyond the mountains.  You'll be
safe there until this is all over.  I need to ask you to do
something.  You must destroy your village."

[People gasp]

Tem:  "Destroy the village?"

X:  "Burn it-- raze it to the ground!  Kill all the cattle and
poison the meat.  We must leave nothing for the Romans to use.
This land must be worthless to them.  I know this is not an easy
thing to do.  It's where you grew up-- it's your home.  Where you
married-- where you raised your families.  But it is the only
way.  You can rebuild when you come back.  It is the only way."

G:  "Are you sure about this?"

X:  "Yes."


Flan:  "How long before they notice?"

X:  "They got spies all over the place-- not long."


Horseman:  "Make way!  Message for Pompey!  Stand clear!"


Pompey [Pom]:  "But that hill is useless!  Why would Caesar
weaken his line to send troops up there?"

Horseman:  "I don't know, Lord Pompey Magnus.  They took the hill
and planted Caesar's banner.  That's all I saw."

Pom:  "Caesar doesn't make mistakes.  There must be a reason.
What troops do we have near that hill?"

Bearded Soldier:  "The detachments guarding the catapults at the
cliff pass are the closest."

Pom:  "Send them up there.  If Caesar wants that hill-- I-- want
that hill."


Flan:  "It worked.  Pompey has dispatched the men from the cliff
pass.  They're coming down the south ridge."

X:  "Caesar should be here at any moment.  Pull our men out."

Flan:  "Let's move out."


Bru:  "It's deserted."

Cae:  "No.  There they are-- Pompey's men.  For Imperial Rome!
For Caesar!  Charge!  Yah!"


Cae:  "Xena."


G:  "We got the villagers through the pass.  What now?"

Man's Voice:  "Steady!"

X:  "First, we get these catapults into hiding, and then we give
Caesar and Pompey _exactly_ what they want-- that one spark, that
one great, glorious battle.  They just won't be there to see it."



Pom:  "Diversion?!  That hill was a diversion?!"

Soldier:  "I'm sorry, Lord Pompey Magnus.  We tried to defend the
catapults.  There were only a handful of them.  And this woman--

Pom:  "Woman-- "

Soldier:  "Tall woman-- she was incredible.  I barely got away."

Pom:  "Caesar didn't steal our artillery.  It was Xena."


Men's Voices:  "Hurry!  We need more branches!"  "OK-- "  "Hand
it up!"  "Up on top!"  "Cover it all!"  "Good-- very good.  Now,
back in the forest.  Hurry up, men.  Hurry up"

X:  "This is the spot.  Pace it out.  We wanna make sure those
catapults are exactly on their marks."

Olivas [Oli]:  "All right."


G:  "Take that over to the right."

Woman:  "You've done this before."

G:  "A couple of times."

Woman:  "I've never been in a war.  I've only wondered what it
was like-- and I'd think of Flanigus out there-- fighting.
Sometimes the thoughts were too much to bear."

G:  "I know what you mean."

Woman:  "I could tell that he-- that he hated it.  He wrote to
me, telling me there was no glory-- no honor-- just a monster
that needed to be fed.  [Sighs]  And now I finally have him
back-- the monster's followed him home."

Tem:  "Is Flanigus gonna be OK?"

G:  "Yeah.  He's with Xena."

Tem:  "It's just I've-- known him all my life.  He's like a
father to me.  Somehow, the idea that he's a soldier and he's--
he's killing people-- I wonder what that's like-- to kill

G:  "It changes everything-- everything."


Cae:  "Pull the fourteenth-- back from that hill and continue the
excavations towards the river."

Bru:  "Caesar-- "

Cae [Interrupting]:  "I don't want an-- "

Bru:  "There's a problem."

Cae:  "Excuse us.  There are no-- problems in front of my men,
Brutus.  One advantage I have over Pompey's numbers is morale.
I'd like to keep it that way."

Bru:  "Yes-- I apologize."

Cae:  "Now-- tell me-- what have you discovered?  She's here,
isn't she?"

Bru:  "Yes-- our spies report that Pompey is making overtures to
her-- maybe offering an alliance."

Cae:  "Of course.  Fetch Agrilius to my tent immediately."


Flan:  "Come on.  Prisoner for Caesar.  Come on.  Move it.
[Whispers]  We made it this far."

X [Whispers]:  "OK-- stay outta sight.  The regular soldiers
won't bother you, but avoid the officers."

Cae's Voice:  "We have an-- intangible element on the field right
now-- and there's no telling what she might do.  Agrilius, take
the fifteenth to this valley out west.  I plan to use your men as
a reserve.  No matter what happens on the line, you'll be able to
sweep through these woods and flank Pompey.  There's another part
of my plan-- that I'd like _you_ to put into action-- something
even-- Xena won't expect."

Soldier:  "Caesar-- we've caught a traitor.  He fits the
description of a Greek-- who deserted from the legion of Darian."

Cae:  "And you're bothering me with this?!  Execute him!"



Soldier's Voice:  "On your knees!"

Flan:  "Uh!"

X [Softly]:  "War's a bitch."

Flan:  "I'm sorry about that.  He was heading around the tent.  I
figured it was better he caught me than you."

X [Softly]:  "I can take care of myself.  Thank you, though."

Flan:  "Did you find out what you needed to know?"

X:  "Only half of it.  That's what worries me.  Come on."


Woman:  "Flanigus-- what happened?"

Flan:  "I'm all right."

Woman:  "Are you OK?"

Flan:  "It's a little blood, that's all."

G's Voice:  "How'd it go?"

X:  "Mixed bag.  Did we hear from Pompey?"

Tem:  "Uh, yeah-- we told his messenger just what you wanted.
He'll be there."

X:  "Excellent.  Olivas, are the catapults ready?"

Oli:  "They're getting `em ready, now."

Flan:  "Good.  I'll go give the men a hand."

X:  "Gabrielle."

G:  "Huh?"

X:  "Come with me?"


G:  "Look at that."

X:  "When I was listening to Caesar, I heard him mention a
reserve detachment.  When the battle starts, they'll be coming
from the woods.  I think I know how I can stop them."

G:  "And still keep Caesar and Pompey from taking control of
their armies?"

X:  "It won't be easy-- but there's something else-- another part
of Caesar's plan."

G:  "What is it?"

X:  "I don't know.  I won't be here when everything breaks loose.
Whatever Caesar appears to do, it's always part of a design.  I'm
afraid that Flanigus won't see that.  But you know Caesar-- and
you know how I think."

G:  "I can't give the command.  I cannot lead these men to their

X:  "I'll tell Flanigus."


Pom:  "You're sure she got my message?"

Bearded Soldier:  "She was told to come alone.  But just in case,
I have two men in the woods who-- "

Pom:  "Go back to command.  Wait for me there."

Bearded Soldier:  "But, sir-- "

Pom:  "Go.  Just a precaution.  There were only two guards."

X:  "I know.  Otherwise, I woulda had more helmets."

Pom [Chuckles]:  "Xena, you don't know how pleased I am to see
you.  After what you did to Caesar in Rome-- in Rome--

X:  "I wasn't there after Caesar."

Pom:  "Yes, I know-- Vercinix.  But still, without Crassus,
Caesar _was_ weakened.  The people are still behind him, but--
well, they will soon see Pompey the Magnus as their emperor.
Hmm.  I haven't decided whether to invite you to the coronation.
You're a little-- hard to control."

X:  "I'm not here to try on party hats.  You wanna talk or not?"

Pom:  "And they say all the good women are taken.  Very well--
let's talk."

Cae:  "Talk-- talk-- talk.  Is that all there is to do around
here?  Thank you, Xena.  You've managed to solve both my problems
in one stroke.  Rome is mine."

Pom:  "You made a deal with Caesar?"

Cae:  "Oh, no-- she's much too smart for that, Pompey.  In fact,
she's much too smart for you."

X:  "And I don't care what anyone else says, Caesar-- you're not
so stupid, yourself."

Cae:  "_That's_ what I admire about you, Xena-- even when you've
lost, you just can't allow someone else the satisfaction of
knowing it."

Pom:  "Hmm."

X:  "Oh, I haven't lost.  I _wanted_ you to come.  Now!"



Flan's Voice:  "There it is!"

Flan:  "Fire!  [Cut back and forth between X and Flan]  Fire!
Fire!  Fire!"



Woman:  "It's almost daylight.  The attack begins at dawn.  I
should boil some more of these bandages."

Tem:  "It's over!  The battle!  It's over!"

G:  "What?"

Tem:  "Caesar's pulling back.  They're retreating."

Woman:  "Oh-- thank the gods!"

G:  "Wait-- it can't be.  It's a trap."

Tem:  "What do you mean?  We don't have to fight, now.  Flanigus
is already bringing our men back."

G:  "No.  No, this is the trap that Xena was talking about.  We
can't pull back!"


G:  "Flanigus!"

Flan:  "Gabrielle!  They're pulling back!  Caesar's legions are
in retreat!  We've won."

G:  "Flanigus, listen to me.  Caesar will not retreat.  He's too
arrogant.  If we don't finish what Xena started, Caesar will win.
I am positive."

Flan:  "OK, listen up!  Before she left-- Xena told me to listen
to Gabrielle.  Xena wanted us to trust her!  You're in command."



Cae:  "Clever, Xena.  You've taken us both off the field."

Pom:  "My army can still fight."

Cae:  "That's the plan, isn't it, Xena?!"

Pom [Laughs]:  "Why not just kill us both?"

X:  "All in good time-- but not here-- and not while you still
have armies in the field."


G:  "Take the war!"



Bearded Soldier:  "Counterattack!  All along the line!  Every
legion is to attack Caesar now!"


Bru:  "Cancel those orders and attack-- all along the line.  And
give the order to Agrilius to begin his attack."


Flan:  "It's started!  We gotta get outta here!"

G:  "Temecula!  Temecula!  The signal!  Now!"


Man:  "There's the signal!"


G:  "Get ready to pull back!  When the catapults hit!"

A Soldier:  "Fall back!  Disengage!"

G:  "We can't let `em fall back!"

Flan:  "Come back!  Forward!"


Cae:  "This battle's over, Xena.  Even if it's fought, I've
outsmarted you."

X:  "You mean, your reserve troops?  I know about them.  And I'm
goin' after `em!  Pathetic!"

Cae:  "And what about _your_ troops, Xena?  Right about now-- the
center of my line's pulling back-- like a retreat.  And when your
troops follow-- like you told them-- "

X:  "You'll trap them."

Cae:  "I'll destroy them.  So, whatever your plan was-- tell me
it's going to work now."


Agrilius [Agr]:  "We'll hit `em fast and hard!  No prisoners!
For Caesar-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r!"

X:  "Gabrielle!  Gabrielle!"

Agr:  "Now!  Come on!"

X:  "Gabrielle!"

Soldiers:  "Come on!"  "Fire!"

X:  "Gabriel-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-e!"

G:  "Look out!  Nooooooooo!  Flanigus!  Ahhhhh!  Ahhhhhhh!
Uhhhhhhhh!  Yahhhhhhhhh!"


Pom:  "This can't go on forever."

Cae:  "Listen."

Pom:  "The battle-- it's over."

Cae:  "What we do here doesn't matter, anymore.  Rome has won."

Pom:  "Ha-ha-ha.  No."


Pom:  "By the gods."

Cae:  "Well-- back to Rome-- back to the drawing board."

Pom:  "It doesn't matter where you go, Caesar.  I'll follow you."

Cae:  "Follow with what?  We lost, Pompey.  We were played-- and
we lost.  This-- is just-- a minor setback, Xena.  You can't
change-- my destiny."


X:  "Gabrielle."

G:  "I have the-- the men looking for the wounded.  I'm not
really sure how many there are, b-- "

X:  "Gabrielle, stop."

G [Sighs]:  "It took a little while for the armies to start
fighting, but they did.  Everything-- everything worked out just
like you said-- almost everything."  [Cries]


X:  [Sings Burial Song]

Woman:  "Thank you."

X:  "Your husband gave his life for peace-- so that your son
could live without fear."

Woman:  "When he asks me what his daddy used to do-- I'm gonna
tell him he was a simple fisherman.  That's what he was to me."

G:  "I could have saved him.  How do I get over that?"

X:  "I can't answer that question-- maybe `cause there's nothing
I can say that can take away that feeling you have.  You wanna
know that what you did was for all the right reasons-- but with
that pain in your gut and the weight on your shoulders, the best
you can come up with is that it was a good day of fighting.  I've
seen so many changes in you-- things I could never have
expected-- but as hard as the changes have been, you've gotta
know that it's for a reason.  All this is for a reason.
Otherwise, what's the point?  I was asking myself that same
question when I first met you."

G:  "I should talk to Temecula.  I should tell him that-- that
what he did was for the greater good, and there is a reason for
it.  It was a good day of fighting."


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