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"Daughter of Pomira"  Episode 79/411




Men's Voices [Yells]:  "No-o-o-o-o-o!"  "Kill them all!"

Man:  "Retreat!"

X:  "Hold your ground!  We've _never_ retreated!"

Man:  "We've never fought the Horde before!  They'll kill us

X:  "Not you, they won't.  Retre-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-eat!"


[The Present]

G's Voice:  "That was a lifetime ago."

X:  "It feels like just yesterday.  I lost over half my men to
those-- .  There's a northern route.  It'll take us around all of

G:  "Xena-- you're not the same person that you were then.  Now,
you know more about yourself, now.  You know about the Horde."

X:  "I know they have a code of combat, and I know one word--
`Kaltaka', but do I understand them?  Come on.  They'll be around
us by dark.  They'll never know we were here.  Come on."

G:  "Xena, look.  Have you ever seen a blonde Horde girl?"

X:  "She looks familiar.  I don't know from where but-- .  Stop!
They'll kill you!"


Horde:  "P'lee!"

Milo:  "Rah-h-h-h-h!"

X:  "Ah-h-h!"

Milo:  "One more pelt-- one less Horde."

X:  "It's a lovely day for scalping."

Milo:  "What are you doing?  They're Horde!  You let `em get

X:  "They're just kids out hunting for food."

Milo:  "And when they're grown-- they'll hunt _us_.  I'll get ten
dinars apiece for those scalps as souvenirs.  So you owe me
thirty dinars-- not counting Gramps, there."

G:  "Xena, look at this."

Milo:  "Xena?  _The_ Xena, destroyer of nations?"

X:  "Ancient history, pal."

Milo:  "The name's Milo-- and I'm a history buff, too-- enough to
know that it tends to repeat itself.  You ever notice?"

G:  "Look at this.  It's a Roman design.  They must have picked
it up in battle."

X:  "They never got this in battle.  They got it from me."



X:  "I don't hold out much hope that they're alive.  The Horde
don't leave survivors-- but Raul was one of my best men.  And his
wife, Aja, was a gifted healer.  I feel I owe it to them to check
this out."

G:  "Imagine if it's true.  That poor girl being taken from her

Milo:  "I told you we should have killed them.  They creamed you
last time.  But you and me working together-- we could really put
a hurt on those Horde-- not to mention putting some coin in our

X:  "You're a mercenary little bastard, Milo."

Milo:  "Oh, you said it yourself years ago-- the only good Horde
is a _dead_ Horde.  Words to live by."

X:  "Words to die by.  Just ask my men-- the few that survived.
Get out of the way."


X:  "This is the place."


X:  "Raul!"

Raul:  "Xena."

X:  "Raul-- Aja-- this is my friend, Gabrielle."

G:  "Pleased to meet you."

Aja:  "He's done with fighting, Xena.  Tell her, Raul."

Raul:  "She's right.  I've quit."

X:  "Good.  That's good.  But it's not why we're here.  Let's
talk inside."


X:  "We ran into some of the Horde down by the river today.  We
found this."

Aja:  "It was Vanessa's-- the one you gave her before you left."

Raul:  "The Horde-- took her six years ago.  One moment, she was
outside, playing-- and the next-- .  I searched-- till I found
her tattered clothes, torn and burned.  That's when I knew-- they
killed her-- murdered my little girl in cold blood."

G:  "She's alive."

Raul:  "What?"

X:  "There was a blonde, blue-eyed girl with the Horde.  I knew
there was something familiar about her, but-- with the sling,
it-- "

G:  "It's gotta be Vanessa."

X:  "Raul-- you said yourself you'd given up fighting.  You go
out there now, and they will cut you into little pieces."

Raul:  "She's my daughter.  You expect me to just leave her with

G:  "No.  No, of course not.  We can bring her home."

Aja:  "Will you?  Please?  She's all we ever had.  Will you bring
her back to us, please?"

G:  "Yes, of course.  Look, don't worry.  I know that a child
needs her mother, and her father.  Right, Xena?"

X:  "Right."


Man's Voice:  "I suppose you were right."

Milo:  "Word has it you're hunting Horde."

X:  "Word has it wrong."

Milo:  "Oh, come on.  Let me in on this.  I could be very

G:  "We're not hunting Horde.  We're trying to take a girl back
to her family."

Milo:  "Fine.  If that's the party line, I'll spout it.  Just let
me come, huh?"

X:  "Get lost, Milo."

Milo:  "Your loss.  But when you're trackin' `em and they
suddenly vanish-- don't come beggin' me to find `em for ya."

X:  "It's a deal.  Now, beat it."

G:  "Can you believe him?"

X:  "Gabrielle, I _was_ him.  If it wasn't for you and one word--
I'd be there, now."

G:  "`Kaltaka.'"

X:  "You trust your heart, and-and-- I respect that, but-- taking
Vanessa could stir up a whole lotta trouble."

G:  "They took her first.  We're just bringing her home, Xena.  I
mean, doesn't she deserve to be with the people that she loves,
the people that love her?"

X:  "I guess every child deserves that."

G:  "Well, then, the sooner we bring her back, the better."


G:  "So, that's how they disappear."

X:  "Underground.  Terrific."

G:  "Problem?"

X:  "No, piece of cake."


Horde:  "Kaltaka.  Kaltaka."

A Horde:  "Kaltaka.  Dovi, dovi.  Kaltaka."

X-in-Disguise:  "Kaltaka."


X:  "Don't be afraid, Vanessa.  I've come to get you outta here."

Vanessa [Van]:  [Screams]



Van:  [Screams]

A Horde:  "P'lee!  P'lee!"

X:  "It'll wear off.  Get going.  Go!"

Hordesman:  "P'lee!"

X:  "I hate small spaces.  No.  Forward.  Get going!"

Hordesman:  "P'lee!"


G:  "I thought you were coming out of the tunnel."

X:  "Yeah, well she panicked-- didn't know me-- started

G:  "You pinched her voice?"

X:  "It'll come back.  The Horde's right behind us.  Get her back
across the river.  I'll lay a false trail and meet you there."


Hordesman:  "P'lee!  Kasu!"

Hordes' Voices:  "P'lee!"  "P'lee!"

Cirvik [Cir]:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!  Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!"


G:  "Are you OK?  Are-are you sick?  Vanessa?  O-O-- K-- keep
trying.  Xena said it was temporary." 

Van:  "P-P'lee."

G:  "P-P'lee?  Uh-- I don't know that word.  I know, um--
`Kaltaka'.  Water, right?  Kaltaka.  OK.  We can do this.  Um--
watch.  I'm Gabrielle.  You're Vanessa."

Van:  "My-- name-- P'lee."

G:  "You can talk.  You can speak our language.  Wait till your
mother and father hear this."

Van:  "M-my father-- Cirvik.  My-- talk-- Pomira."

G:  "No.  We're going to take you home.  The Horde will never
hurt you again."

Van:  "Not-- Horde-- Pomira.  W-we-- Pomira.  The sky-- the--
Earth-- kaltaka-- all-- know-- Pomira, s-s-serve Pomira.  And--
Pomira give-- honor."

G:  "You were-- honoring the river?  Kaltaka?"

Van:  "Pomira honor-- life."

X:  "You got a funny way 'a showing it.  They killed hundreds of

Van:  "You killers.  You-- you kill-- trees-- Earth-- all-- and--
when-- we say, `No'-- go from here-- you kill Pomira."

G:  "Can I talk to you?  She won't leave-- right, Vanessa?  I-- I
mean, P'lee?"

Van:  "W-why run?  Soon-- Cirvik come.  Then, _you_ run."

G [Sighs]:  "Come here.  Look-- Cirvik is the name-- "

X:  "-- for Horde master.  Vanessa wasn't a slave.  She wasn't
even a servant.  She's the adopted daughter of their leader."

G:  "That doesn't mean it was right for him to kidnap her from
her mother."

X:  "All I'm saying is they won't give her up without a fight.
And if Vanessa doesn't wanna come, then maybe we made a
complete-- "

G:  "Xena-- she doesn't wanna come because she doesn't remember.
When she's in her mother's arms, she'll know that she belongs
there.  Now, how can that be wrong?"

Horde's Voice:  [Wails]


G:  "I know it's strange for you-- I mean, after all, you've been
gone for six years.  It will get easier.  You know?  I mean, your
parents-- they're-- .  What is it?  Horde?"

X:  "No-- much worse."  [Yells]

Milo:  [Moans]

X:  "Get up!"

Milo:  "Thought you'd like an escort into town."

X:  "No, what you thought was how easy it would be to pick off
Horde on our trail."

Milo:  "I love this woman.  So-- this the little prodigal?"

G:  "Leave her alone, Milo."

Milo:  "Hey, sweet pea."

X:  "Watch it, Milo."

Milo:  "Welcome back to civilization."

X:  "You were warned."

Milo:  "Stupid savage!  You should 'a left her where you found
her.  More Horde than human."


Townsman:  "Xena's coming!  Open the gates!"

G:  "She's here."

X:  "Vanessa, this is your mother and father."

Raul:  "Vanessa?  Uh!"

Van:  "P'lee!"

Aja:  "Raul, remember-- she's been gone a long time."

Raul:  "Maybe too long."

G:  "She's still your daughter.  Tell him, Vanessa."

Van:  "I am P'lee!  Daughter of Cirvik!  And he come here-- and
take me!  And kill you all!  Uh!  Uh!  Uh!"



Aja:  "The Horde is comin'?"

G:  "No-- that's not what she meant."

X:  "Yes, it was.  Cirvik and his men are sure to come after

Milo:  "Just like ya planned.  We don't fight on their turf.  We
bring them to ours.  Brilliant strategy.  What'd I tell ya?  A
griffin'd shed its wings sooner `n Xena would lose her taste for
Horde blood."

G:  "You're wrong.  _I_ wanted to bring Vanessa home."

Raul:  "The girl you brought-- is _not_ Vanessa.  She's an
animal!  She doesn't know us-- or want us-- not anymore."

Milo:  "I say we hang the girl-- "

People:  "Yeah!"

Milo:  "-- as a warning to the rest of her kind-- stay out or

Aja:  "No!  I won't let you touch her!"

X:  "Neither will I.  Gabrielle-- go take her inside.  We'll sort
this out."

Aja:  "Come on, Vanessa.  I'm gonna take ya home.  Come with us.
Come on."

G:  "It's all right.  Come on, OK?  You're safe.  Come on."

X:  "Pretty soon, you're gonna get all the Horde you can handle."


Bearded Man:  "I say we give her back to the Horde!"

Men's Voice:  "Yeah!"  "Give her back!"

X:  "They'll just take her and attack us anyway."

Milo:  "I'm still for killing her!"

Man's Voice:  "Hear, hear."

Milo:  "Show `em we mean business!"

X:  "And I still stay no.  Killing Vanessa won't stop the Horde."

Garth:  "Nothing stops the Horde!"

Milo:  "It's true, they're animals.  All they know is killing!"

A Man:  "Let's destroy the Horde."

X:  "OK, settle down!  Garth and Milo are right.  Nothing stops
those animals but a sword."

Milo:  "You're saying all-out war."

X:  "I'm saying total wipeout.  No prisoners-- no terms--
complete annihilation."

Milo:  "Marry me."

X:  "I want complete command."

Garth:  "If anyone can lead us-- it's you."

X:  "Then let's get started.  And if this works, you'll never
fear the Horde again."


G:  "Raul?  Look-- I-- I know th-- that this didn't turn out like
you'd 'a thought.  You have to deal with Vanessa sometime."

Raul:  "How?  Lock her up?  Cage her?  No.  No, that animal--
she's not Vanessa."

G:  "Of course she is.  Under all that paint-- she still needs
her father's love.  She needs it now-- more than ever."

Raul:  "You heard her.  I'm not her father!  She's daughter to
the Horde!  The little girl I loved is gone."

G:  "The little girl may be gone-- every child grows up.  Look--
I'm sure that she's changed a lot, but you have to give her a

Raul:  "To do what?!  No, Gabrielle.  We lost our daughter six
years ago.  This girl-- she's a stranger-- a savage named--
P'lee.  My Vanessa's gone!"


Raul:  "Vanessa?"

Van:  "P'lee."

Aja:  "She'd rather be called by her other name."

Van:  "Tanabi.  Uh-- tanabi.  T-t-- lamb.  Lamb stew.  Glory,
tanabi.  Glory, baka."

G:  "She's honoring the lamb."

Van:  "Kara?"

Aja:  "The doll-- it's her name-- Kara."

Van:  "Father?"

Raul:  "Forgive me.  I should have kept searching.  I love you,
Vanessa.  By the gods!  I'll never let those Horde savages near
you again.  I swear it."

Aja:  "They're _not_ savages to her, Raul!  Remember, those
people fed and clothed her for six years!"

Raul:  "Those years belonged to us!  They stole her childhood
from us, and I'll never forgive `em for it!  Never!"


G:  "Garth said you wanted to see me."

X:  "Yeah."

G:  "What's happening?"

Milo:  "History in the making-- or should I say repeating itself?
Only this time, it'll be the Horde who call a retreat-- right,

X:  "That's right.  Now, take some men and go and check the south
wall before we boil up the oil."

Milo:  "She's ba-ack."

X [Softly]:  "I'm back."

G:  "This is my fault.  If I hadn't been so blind about my
feelings towards Vanessa, then none of this would have happened."

X:  "You're right."

Man's Voice:  "Keep your eye on the wall!"

X:  "It's because of you that we have this chance."

G:  "To wage a war."

X:  "To forge a peace."

G:  "By fighting?"

X:  "No, by using the only tool that we have to reach them--

G:  "What?"

X:  "All of this, Gabrielle, is just so I can gain the trust of
the soldiers.  Vanessa is the only one who can communicate with
both sides."

G:  "Yes, she can, but what if she won't?"

X:  "You honestly think she's gonna stand by and watch her family

G:  "I don't know.  She's confused.  So am I."

X:  "What about?"

G:  "I thought that she deserved to know her family-- to be able
to make a choice.  I thought that she'd be happier with them than
she would with the Horde, and now I'm-- I don't know."

X:  "Cirvik-- loves her.  I saw it in his eyes, and I heard it in
his voice."

G:  "You know, you'd think I'd learn not to meddle with

X:  "You were right to wanna give her a choice, Gabrielle-- but
now we have to stand by the one she makes-- whatever it is."


Man's Voices:  "-- Stay alert!  Watch for any movement!"

Van:  "Xena-- I know you followed me."

Milo:  "Guess again, sweet pea."



Milo:  "You savages got any gods-- you better pray to `em now."

X:  "You know, this thing has really come in handy, lately.
You're still murdering children, Milo."

Milo:  "A Horde is a Horde-- whatever their age."

X:  "Look at her.  Does she seem like Horde to you?"

Milo:  "Not to look at-- but she's Horde, all right-- inside.
Ain't that right, P'lee?"

X:  "Get back to your post.  And if you ever desert again, I will
hand you over to the Horde myself.  You all right?"

Van:  "He hates Pomira."

X:  "Pomira hate him-- and the rest of us.  It's a bad situation
all around."

Van:  "Many will die."

X:  "On both sides.  But you can stop that, P'lee."

Van:  "How?"

X:  "You understand both sides-- both languages.  You can act as
a bridge between us-- a way of communicating without killing each

Van:  "What I care?"

X:  "Because if you don't care, both your families get hurt."

Van:  "My family Pomira.  Cirvik-- h-his daughter die-- a-and he
choose _me_-- for his daughter.  He love me."

X:  "I understand that.  But you can make him understand that you
have family here, too-- parents who love you-- and who would die
for you."


Horde's Voice:  "P'lee!"

X:  "That's him.  That's Cirvik."

G:  "Xena?"

X:  "Open the gates!"

Garth:  "No!"

X:  "I'm in command, here.  I said, `Open the gates.'"

Milo:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!"

X:  "Ah-h-h-h-h!"

Milo:  "Ata-a-a-ack!"

Cir:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h!"

Milo:  "Out of the way.  This one's no kid."

X:  "Can't let you do it, Milo."

Milo:  "Then stop me."


X:  "I hate that."

Milo:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h!"

Raul:  "Vanessa-- please.  Please don't go.  You're home.
Please-- stay with us, Vanessa."

Van:  "Both.  Both-- my father."

Raul:  "Vanessa-- your mother and I-- want you to come home."

Aja:  "Please, Vanessa."

Van:  "P'lee.  You keep.  I see her soon."

Cir:  [Horde language]

Van:  "Cirvik say-- `N-no fight; no war.'  Say-- `Family'."


X:  "Now that we can cross the river, it'll save us at least a
day's travel."

G:  "Good."

X:  "You still thinking about Raul?"

G:  "I wonder if he'll ever get past his hatred?"

X:  "Maybe.  I did.  And now, thanks to you, he'll have Vanessa
to help him."

G:  "Thanks to me?"

X:  "Sure-- if you hadn't insisted that we go after Vanessa, then
I would _never_ have crossed that river.  It was your faith in
love and family that convinced me it was right."

G:  "It was wrong."

X:  "No, Gabrielle, because of you, Raul and Aja now know that
their daughter is alive and happy-- instead of dead like they
thought.  And because of you, Vanessa now has two loving homes
and-- and because of you, for the first time ever, there's peace
between us and the Hor-- the Pomira."

G:  "I did all that?"

X:  "Mm-hmm."

G:  "And they call you the hero?  Hmm."

X:  "You wanna switch?  Fine.  You kick butt, and I'll take


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