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"The Convert"  Episode 89/418



Warriors:  "Come on!  Let's get outta here!"  "She's too much for
us!"  "Let's go!"  "Quickly!"

G:  "Are you all right?  By the gods."

Boy:  "Save them."

G:  "Save who?"

Boy  "The novitiates-- Cryton-- took-- "

X:  "Where?  Cryton took them where?"

Woman's Voice:  [Screams]


Woman:  "No!  No!"

Warrior:  "I said answer me!"

A Warrior's Voice:  "You can cry all you want after you-- !"

Warrior:  "Tell me who sent you!  Last chance-- either you tell
me-- or tell it to Hades."

X:  "There's a thought.  Why don't you tell him yourself?"


One Warrior:  "My eyes!"

G:  "Najara?"

Warriors:  "Cryton's dead!"  "Come on!  Let's get outta here!
Move!"  "Run!  Run!"



X:  "You all right?"

Joxer [Jox]:  "Yeah."

Women:  "You saved us!  He was a monster!"  "Thank you!  Bless

G:  "Xena."

X:  "Najara-- what are _you_ doing here?  Don't tell me ya got
time off for good behavior."

Najara [Naj]:  "I escaped."

G:  "I think he broke some ribs."

Naj:  "I'll be all right."

X:  "Stay put."

Naj:  "Ah-h-h-h-h!"

X:  "Nope-- nuthin' broken.  Just a few cuts and bruises and,
uh-- a mild concussion, it looks like.  We'll have to carry her
outta here.  Joxer, we gotta get moving.  Joxer?"

Jox:  "Yeah.  I'm fine.  What's the problem?"

X:  "That woman you saved-- Najara-- she and I have a checkered
history.  It turns out she just broke out of prison."

Woman:  "I don't believe it.  That woman-- risked her life trying
to free us.  And when Cryton caught and beat her-- she never even
raised a hand against him.  She's not a criminal.  She's a

X:  "Then maybe you and your friends would like to help us rig a
litter for your saint.  A few good-sized branches ought to do it.
And vines."

Jox:  "What are we gonna do?"

X:  "Get her healthy-- and then take her back to jail."

Jox:  "What about him?"

X:  "We'll take him back to the village.  They can deal with it."


Bearded Man [B M]:  "Hold it, folks.  Word is-- somebody around
here killed the warlord, Cryton."

Jox:  "I did."

B M:  "Mind if I see for myself?  That's Cryton, all right.  I'd
like to buy the man, who killed that son of a bacchae-- a drink."

Men:  [Cheer]

B M:  "Come on-- you can tell me all about it."

X:  "Excuse me-- where's the local apothecary?"

Young Man:  "End of the street-- on your left."

X:  "Thanks.  What happened?"

G:  "She was choking on some water.  Are you all right?"

Naj:  "Never better."

X:  "Excellent-- because the sooner you heal, the sooner we can
get you back-- to prison."

Naj:  "I've changed, Xena.  I put down the sword."

X:  "And I'm the queen of Egypt."

G:  "You stopped fighting?  Completely."

Naj:  "You think Cryton could do this to me if I hadn't?"

X:  "Oh, Gabrielle, please, tell me you're not buying this."

G:  "Xena-- the novitiates said she didn't fight back.  Now,
would she look like this if it weren't true?  Come on, for God's
sake-- this woman needs help."

X:  "And she'll get it.  I want you to go and set up camp just
outside of town.  I'll go to the apothecary and collect Joxer--
and then I'll meet you there-- after I've sent word to prison."


B M:  "Then there was time when-- Cryton fed a man's heart to a
dog-- while it was still beating.  Yes, sir-- it takes a real man
to stand up to Cryton-- not to mention the rest of his gang when
they get word he's dead."

X:  "You saying they'll take revenge?"

B M:  "You let a man brand you-- it figures you're not going to
take his death lying down.  And if the rumors are true-- they
won't be the only ones."

X:  "All right, I'll bite.  What rumors?"

B M:  " About his kid."

Jox:  "What kid?"

B M:  "Cryton's-- word is-- when his wife died in childbirth-- he
had the boy-- shipped out to the academy in Helios.  At least,
that's the story."

Jox:  "Cryton has a son?"

X:  "OK, Joxer-- the sooner we get out of here, the sooner you'll
sleep.  Now, let's go."

Jox:  "You're right."

X:  "Come on."

Jox:  "I'm gonna tell him."

X:  "You're gonna tell who-- what?"

Jox:  "Cryton's son.  I'm gonna go to him.  I'm gonna explain
things.  I'm gonna explain everything."

X:  "No-no, no-no, Joxer, that's a really-- really noble idea, it
is, but, uh-- the chances of Cryton's son understanding about
your killing his father are slim to none.  Guess I could come
along as backup, though."

Jox:  "No!  No!  I'm gonna do it myself.  You know what, Xena?
You're always in everybody's business.  And this time, I'm gonna
tell him by myself.  Promise?"

X:  "I promise."


G:  "This should take down the swelling."

Naj:  "Aren't you going to ask me?"

G:  "Ask you what?"

Naj:  "Why I gave up fighting."

G:  "I just assumed-- it was your voices telling you.  What did
you call them?  The jinn, right?"

Naj:  "Yes-- my spiritual guides.  But you're wrong.  The truth
is-- the jinn stopped talking to me after you and Xena left.  It
wasn't until I stopped fighting that they returned.  That's how I
knew it was right."

G:  "Then what made you stop?"

Naj:  "A while ago-- a man came to our prison.  He had just
returned from India-- and he spoke of a way of life that seemed
so right to me-- a way of peace-- a way-- to break what he
called-- "

G and Naj:  "-- the cycle of violence."

G:  "You met Eli.  That's amazing.  Xena and I knew him in India.
He changed my life."

Naj:  "I know-- the same way he changed mine.  I used to justify
my violence by saying it was for good.  Eli taught me that the
greater good is to use no violence at all.  From that day on I--
stopped fighting and-- vowed never to lift a sword again."

G:  "But if you stopped fighting-- how did you escape?"

Naj:  "A divine decree.  The jinn move mysteriously.  They
prepare a way for those who believe.  So-- the next washing day--
I hid amongst the prisoners' laundry.  And when they took it to
the riverside-- I escaped into the water.  I must have swam [sic]
for miles.  But I've been free ever since."

G:  "And what have you been doing?"

Naj:  "Planting crops-- helping harvest-- mending clothes--
working towards the day the jinn said would come-- the day you
and I would meet again-- united in a common bond-- not even Xena

G:  "The jinn said that?"

Naj:  "We walk the same path, Gabrielle.  Our lives are dedicated
to defeating evil-- by promoting peace.  It's our way-- the way
Eli taught us [Whispers]-- a reverence-- for life.  [Normal
Voice] Stray from that path-- whatever the reason-- the
consequences could be devastating for everyone."



Jox:  "Yeah."

"Cry":  "What's with the long face?  You did it.  You scored your
first kill."

Jox:  "Go away."

"Cry":  "Aw, come on.  So, what if you made some kid an orphan?
I've done it hundreds of times.  It's no biggie."

Jox:  "_You're_ the murderer."

"Cry":  "So are you.  Keep it up.  Soon you'll be as bad as me--
`cause underneath it all, we're just the same, you and me-- two
bad-ass, butt-kicking, slaughter-happy-- "

Jox:  "Shut up!  Shut up!  Shut up!  Go away."

X:  "You talkin' to me?"

Jox:  "Xena."

X:  "Or are you just beating yourself up over Cryton?  Hmm?
Joxer, the guilt of killing never goes away-- nor should it.  But
your first kill is _definitely_ the worst."

Jox:  "How do _you_ live with it?"

X:  "I don't have a choice.  And now, neither do you.  But doing
what you're doing-- going and seeing Cryton's son, explaining
things, it's gotta help."


G:  "I'm sorry I have to do this.  I'll try not to hurt you.  Is
that too tight?  Can you still sleep?"

Naj:  "Like a baby.  It's OK-- really.  Xena's just being true to
her way.  But if she thinks I'm going anywhere now that I've
found you and our path-- she's crazy.  Good night, Gabrielle."

G:  "Najara's asleep."

X:  "Good.  Did you remember to tie her hands and feet?

G:  "Yes, I did."

X:  "Good.  That little smoke compact you made was pretty
effective, huh?"

G:  "Yeah, it seems to confuse them."

X:  "Still, I don't like you being in the thick of things knowing
you won't fight."

G:  "Xena, that's the beauty of my new techniques.  I can
distract them without hurting anyone.  Best of all, no killing."

X:  "Hmm.  Joxer's still pretty cut up about Cryton.  Think you
can talk to him?" 

G:  "I don't know what to say.  I keep remembering the first time
that _I_ killed.  I know it's strange, but it still hurts."

X:  "Stranger if it didn't."

G:  "I'll try.  Xena-- you'll never guess who's been teaching
Najara the path of nonviolence-- Eli.  It's amazing.  He is
living proof that peace really works.  Are you asleep?"


G:  "Joxer, what you're doing-- going to tell Cryton's son-- I
think that's the bravest thing you've ever done."

Jox:  "I don't _feel_ brave.  I just feel bad."


Naj:  "You're awfully quiet, Xena.  But then, you never were one
to waste words."

X:  "Nothing's changed."

Naj:  "Including me-- is that it?  You're wrong."

X:  "New outfit-- new religion-- same old wacko underneath."

Naj:  "Yet you claim to have changed.  Why can't I?  After all,
we both had the same inspiration-- Gabrielle."

X:  "Ih."

Naj:  "But unlike you, I've changed my whole life for her.
You've just changed sides."

X:  "You hurt Gabrielle, and I will change you in ways that are
anything _but_ peaceful."

Naj:  "You forget-- hurting Gabrielle is _your_ job.  Or have
those visions gone away?  You know, the visions of your death
_and_ hers?  I wanna share a life of peace with Gabrielle.  You
wanna share a violent death.  You tell _me_ who's the villain
here-- me or you."


G [Softly]:  "I know you promised Joxer you wouldn't interfere--
but what happens if Cryton's son gets violent?"

Man:  "My assistant explained your business-- so I sent for
Cryton's son-- Armon."

Jox:  "Um-- has he heard what happened yet?"

Man:  "No one knows anything at all-- except me.  Ah-- here he is
now.  Armon-- these people are here about your father."

Jox:  "Hi.  I'm Joxer.  Uh-- this is Xena-- Gabrielle, and--

Armon [Arm]:  "Pleased to meet you.  I can't tell you how long
I've waited for this."

G:  "You have?"

Arm:  "Wouldn't you?  If your father was Cryton?"

X:  "He's got a point."

Arm:  "I knew one day he'd send for me to ride beside him--
fighting evil, righting wrongs.  Cryton the Courageous-- and

Jox:  "`Cryton the-- Courageous'."

Arm:  "I know.  It's supposed to be a secret and all-- but an old
nurse told me about him when I was little.  Guess she felt sorry
for me `cause I never got to go home.  But ever since then-- the
thought of my father out there fightin' for good-- has been like
a beacon of hope for me-- a real-life hero.  So-- where is he?"

Jox:  "Uh, he-h-he's, uh-- um-- he, um-- h-uh-- um-- "

X:  "Armon-- your father's dead."

Arm:  "Dead?  Wh-why?  When?"

X:  "He was killed in a fight yesterday.  [Whispers]  I'm sorry."

Arm:  "I'm gonna find the scum who killed my father.  and when I
do-- I'm gonna spill his blood."

Naj:  "I know you're hurt and angry-- but killing won't make that
go away."

G:  "Najara's right.  Your father is gone.  There's nothing you
can do to change that.  But he was your hero.  As long as he
continues to inspire you, he'll never really die.  I think that
your father would want you to stay here-- and finish school."

Arm:  "Oh, I will-- just as soon as I've avenged him."

X:  "Wait.  Armon, as long as you're set on leaving, then-- why
don't you travel awhile with us?  Just until you figure out
something else."


G:  "Joxer-- I'm just saying he's going to find out sometime."

Jox:  "Well, _fine_, but why does it have to be me?  Look, give
me one good reason to tell him why his father was a murderer and
would've killed ya if I hadn't 'a stopped him."

X:  "Because it's the truth."

Jox:  "Well-- it would really hurt him."

G:  "It would give him a chance to deal with it-- in an honest

Jox:  "It would break his heart."

X:  "She's just suggesting that you do what you said you would."

Jox:  "I'm not gonna tell him that his father was a murderer.
Every boy needs a hero."

X:  "Then be one."

Jox:  "OK, I already killed Cryton once.  If you guys wanna do it
again-- that's fine with me."

G:  "Joxer-- "



G:  "This may hurt a bit.  It's important if you want the wounds
to heal, you have to-- keep them cleaned.  Do you want me to

Naj:  "No-- it's not just that.  It's what you said about healing
wounds.  When I think about some of the-- wounds I've caused--
mortal wounds that-- 'll never be healed-- I feel so ashamed."

G:  "I'm sure that's hard-- but Najara, you've turned your life
around.  Take strength from that."

Naj:  "The jinn say the same thing."

G:  "Listen to them."

Naj:  "They also talk about that hospice-- we were gonna start.

G:  "Yeah, I remember-- a place whose only purpose is to ease
suffering.  It was a good idea."

Naj:  "It still is."

G:  "Najara-- I think what you're doing is wonderful-- giving up
fighting, working through peace-- and starting a hospice would be
good for you.  But it's not for me.  My place is with Xena."

Naj:  "I know-- and it always will be-- until her continuing
violence-- finally makes her do something even _you_ can't

G:  "That's not going to happen."

Naj:  "It has to.  And then you will have to choose-- not between
me and Xena-- but between Xena-- and your own soul."


Arm's Voice:  "Hey, Joxer!  Look here!"

Arm:  "Rabbit stew for dinner."

Jox:  "Oh-- yeah, great."

Punk:  "Count me in.  Killing someone always makes me hungry."

X:  "You got a problem?!"

Punk:  "Not with you-- with him.  I hear you're the guy who k-- "

Jox [Interrupts]:  "You heard wrong.  It's OK-- no harm-- no
faul-- "

Punk [Interrupts]:  "Hey!  Wait!  There's been some mistake!"

Jox:  "Nope-- no mistake-- it happens all the time.  See ya

Punk:  "But back in town, they told me-- "

Jox:  "They told you-- wrong.  They told you wrong.  I didn't
kill anybody-- OK?"

Punk:  "Guess it's true.  You sure don't look tough enough to
have killed-- uh!"


X:  "You wanna pick on someone?  Pick on me?"

Punk:  "Done!"

X:  "You're done, all right.  Now, get outta here."


X:  "OK-- there ya go.  right, you're done.  Oh, you're welcome."

Argo:  [Neighs]

G:  "Xena."

X:  "Yeah."

G:  "Supper's ready."

X:  "OK."

G:  "Xena-- "

X:  "Hm-m-m-m?"

G:  "I've been thinking.  I know there's-- no excuse for what
Najara did."

X:  "Sure, there is.  She's a nut."

G:  "That was _before_ she met Eli.  He showed her the truth.
Now, all she wants to do is heal people-- help them-- you know?
Give them hope."

X:  "Are you saying that we shouldn't take Najara back to

G:  "I just don't see the point if she's already reformed.  Isn't
it better-- to have peaceful people around who do good rather
than people who fight?"

X:  "Like me."

G:  "No, I'm not saying that.  Xena, you're trying-- to find your
true way-- your path.  Well, so is Najara."

X:  "Najara doesn't have a path.  She follows whatever path her
voices tell her to.  You don't believe me?  Test her.  Say no to
her.  She'll blow up in your face."

G:  "You have hardly spoken to her!"

X [Interrupts]:  "Say-- no!  I don't have to!  I'm sure-- that
she says all the right things.  I'm sure she even believes them.
But she's a fanatic, Gabrielle.  Don't trust her."


Jox:  "Armon?  Hey.  Um-- I, um-- I-- I, uh-- wanted to tell
you-- thank you-- for, uh-- saving me from that-- kid.  And, uh--
I also wanted to-- tell you-- to tell you that, um-- uh-- that--
you're a-- a-a hero-- for doin' it.  So-- thanks."

Arm:  "Joxer, wait.  I know what you did back there.  Xena told

Jox:  "She told you."

Arm:  "She said it was all your idea-- comin' to tell me about my
father and all-- instead of letting me hear it who-knows-how."

Jox:  "Oh."

Arm:  "So, I'd say we were even, wouldn't you?"

Jox:  "Yes-- we're even."


Jox [Sighs]:  "I _hate_ this."

G:  "I've cooked better."

X::  "You said it."

Jox:  "Not the food-- this thing with Armon."

G:  "So, tell him the truth."


Arm:  "I don't believe you.  My father was a hero.  He couldn't
have done the things you say."

Naj:  "I know it's hard to hear, but it's true.  Your father had
to be stopped.  Joxer didn't _want_ to kill him.  He _had_ to."

Arm:  "Joxer-- killed my father?  Come on.  Now I _know_ you're

Naj:  "Go get his pack and I'll prove it."


Jox:  "It's a lie-- you know, my whole life.  I'm not a warrior.
What kind of warrior kills somebody then has nightmares about it
every night?"

X:  "You're not alone in feeling guilty, Joxer.  It's only

Jox:  "That's it, though.  That's my point.  It's not natural.  I
killed somebody, so you know what that makes me?"

Arm:  "I do.  It makes _you_-- the first man that _I'm_ gonna



Arm:  "How did you do it?  Najara didn't tell me.  What, 'jou hit
him from behind?"

X:  "Drop the knife, Armon."

Arm:  "Stay out of this, Xena.  Tell me, Joxer-- how'd a moron
like you ever kill a warrior like my father?"

Jox:  "Uh-- well, um-- even-- morons get lucky, sometimes."

Arm:  "Your luck's just run out."


X:  "Armon, don't!  I couldn't letcha do it, Armon."

Arm:  "He killed my father!"

G:  "Let it go, Armon."

Arm:  "I can't!"

X:  "Give it up, Armon."

Arm:  "I want vengeance!"

G:  "Well, then take it-- by letting Joxer go.  For him, living
with what he has done is a fate worse than death.  `Cryton the
Courageous'-- isn't that what you called your father?  Be brave,
Armon.  Let Joxer live."

Arm:  "In memory of Cryton."

Jox:  "Why, Najara?  Why didja tell him?"

Naj:  "Because Gabrielle's right-- and everyone deserves to know
the truth-- about someone they love."


X:  "Going someplace?"

Arm:  "Anyplace _you're_ not."

X:  "Well, that's your choice.  But before you make it, you might
wanna ask yourself who it was that Joxer really killed."

Arm:  "Easy-- my father."

X:  "That's one point of view."

Arm:  "You know another?"

X:  "There's always another, Armon.  In your dreams, your father
was Cryton the Courageous.  But the man that Joxer killed was
dirt.  Armon, you don't need that dream anymore.  You're 100
times the man your father ever was."


G:  "Xena-- "

X:  "If you'll finish up, I'll saddle Argo, and we can get outta

G:  "We can't leave Armon."

X:  "_He_ left _us_-- thanks to your little friend."

G:  "Najara was only trying to help."

X:  "Yeah, I heard."

G:  "Will you try to understand?  You went to prison after you
were changed.  You know what a waste that is."

X:  "That's what I'm trying to tell you.  Najara _hasn't_

G:  "And how do you know that?"

X:  "Because I know _her_.  She's the same zealot she always
was-- only now she's even more dangerous."

G:  "How is that?"

X:  "'Cause she's won you over."

Arm's Voice:  "Xena!"

X:  "What is it?"

Arm:  "Cryton's men-- are coming for-- "

Jox:  "Let `em.  It'll be a relief."

Arm:  "No.  You didn't kill my father.  You killed a man I didn't
even know, an evil stranger who died like he deserved.  My
father's not dead, Joxer.  He lives where he's always lived--
right here.  And that man-- that man would call you a hero."

Cryton's Man:  "Ah-h-h-h-h!"

Jox:  "Uh!"

X:  "Get back!"


X:  "Gabrielle and Najara-- clear out!  Ah-h-h!  You two take
Argo and get away from here!  I'll cover!  Now!  Go!"

Arm's Voice:  "Come on, Joxer!"

Cryton's Men:  "Get him!"  "Come on!  Hurry!"  "You're dead!"

Arm:  "Here!  Take my arm!"

G:  "Xena!"

Naj:  "Gabrielle!  No!"

G:  "No, no!  She's hurt!"

Naj:  "It's her way!  Let her walk it alone."

G:  "Get off me!"

Naj [Interrupts]:  "You have to listen!  Don't you hear them?
Sh!  The jinn.  Sh-h!  Yes-- I understand.  You heard them!"

G:  "No!"

Naj:  "Don't _say_ that!  The jinn get mad when you say that!
Tell me you heard them!"

X:  "Back off, Najara.  It's over."

Naj:  "Apparently not!"


Naj:  "The light will triumph, Xena!"

X:  "I told you you should've backed off.  Those jinn are cutting
it _mighty_ close."

Naj:  "Guide my hand to its destiny!"


G:  "Do you think she'll ever wake up?"

X:  "Who knows?  Maybe her voices will call her back home.  In
the meantime, the sisters will keep her comfortable as long as
she lives."

G:  "I really thought she had changed.  _You_ did."

X:  "So did you."

X's Voice:  "You've changed in ways that have shown me choices
I'd never have known without you."

G:  "Thanks.  It's funny, it seems that when push comes to shove,
sometimes the only choice is to shove back.  But with this path
that I'm on, I can't do that."

X:  "With me around, you won't have to.  Hmm."


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