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"Endgame"  Episode 88/420


Ephiny [Eph]:  "Solare."

Amarise [Ama]:  "They've gotta be on the other side of the trees, my queen.  Let's go."

Eph:  "No.  Amarise-- you follow behind me.  We look first, and then we attack."

Ama:  "In _my_ tribe, looking first is like giving a warning."

Eph:  "What does your tribe think about following orders?  Let's go."



Eph:  "Chilapa-- move to the rear.  Protect the flank."

Chilapa [Chi]:  "Come on!"

Eph:  "Amarise, stay close."

Chi:  "This way!"

Ama:  "No!  My queen!"

Brutus [Bru]:  "Pull back!  Re-form!"


G:  [Chuckles]

X:  "You've gotten really good at that."

G:  "Well, I've been practicing on rocks long enough.  You see, it won't hurt the fish.  They're not going to suffer at all."

X:  "Oh, they told you that?"

G:  "Yeah-- yeah, they did.  You wanna see?"

X:  "You know, Gabrielle-- there's only one way that you can know how fish _really_ feel-- and that's to become one with them."

G:  "Don't do it."

X:  "Oh, yeah."

G:  "Xena, this outfit takes forever to dry."

X:  "Oh, well, I've got time.  Come on, fishy, fishy, fishy."

Ama [Yells]:  "What are you waiting for?!  Run!  I'll hold her off!"

X:  "Oh, no.  I surrender before Gabrielle."

Ama:  "Is this a trick, my queen?"

G:  "No, this is Xena.  She's my friend."

Ama:  "Xena-- wow.  I-I thought you'd be-- taller."

G:  "Who _are_ you?"

Ama:  "My name is Amarise.  I come from the village of your tribe, my queen.  You must come with me, quickly."

G:  "What happened?  Why do you keep calling me `Queen'?  I'm not queen unless-- unless Ephiny were-- "

Ama:  "Ephiny is dead-- and we need our queen to lead us."



Chi:  "She's here!"

G:  "Chilapa-- what happened?"

Chi:  "Ephiny was leading patrol.  We ran into some Romans in the highlands.  There was a battle and-- she was killed."

G:  "Romans?"

X:  "Go on."

Chi:  "We brought Ephiny's body back here to the village when we were hit again.  We managed to throw them back, but-- they captured most of our sisters."

Ama:  "Captured-- I'm going after them."

X:  "Just calm down.  When you saw the Romans, was Caesar leading 'em?"

Chi:  "No-- but I did see the other one-- the one who killed Ephiny in the highlands."

G:  "What did he look like?"

Chi:  "Young-- black hair-- wore silver armor."

X:  "That's Brutus-- Caesar's right hand."

Ama:  "What are we waiting for?  Why hasn't anyone gone out after them?"

Chi:  "They left on rafts down the river.  We couldn't track them.  But we're ready now-- now that the queen has returned!"

Amazons:  [Cheer]

X:  "All right, we need to build a defense for this village."

Ama:  "What's left of it-- "

X:  "Chilapa-- post two guards down at the river.  We need to know if they come back.  And I want a squad working in shifts to repair the huts.  Is that correct, Gabrielle?"

G:  "Thank you.  Where's Ephiny's body?"

Chi:  "We hid it durning the attack.  It's in the queen's hut."

Ama:  "In my tribe, we never needed to defend.  We always attacked."

X:  "Well, we do things differently here."


G:  "This doesn't make any sense-- this fighting-- war-- "

X:  "Over the last ten years, I've watched the Amazons go from mighty nation to scattered tribes-- and I wondered if, what I was seeing was their greatness coming to an end.  But Ephiny showed me there was hope."

G:  "Xena, why would Caesar attack the Amazons?  Why would he take prisoners?"

X:  "It wasn't Caesar.  It was his enemy, Pompey.  Look-- I found this.  That's Pompey's crest.  See, that would make sense.  Pompey's trying to rebuild his army so he can go after Caesar again.  For that, he needs money.  So he's selling our friends as slaves.  Look-- Pompey's trail has gone cold.  I want to go after Brutus.  He'll lead me to Pompey and to the Amazon prisoners.  Ephiny-- this will not go unpunished.  I will _not_ let the Amazons just die away.  That, I promise you."


Amazon's Voice:  "Take me!"

X:  "No, the rest of you need to stay here in case they come back.  Chilapa-- come with me.  Meslena, mount up.  Amarise, you too."

Ama:  "OK-- "  [Chuckles]


Bru:  "Two men-- go!  Find them!  Xena!  Char-r-r-r-r-r-ge!"

Romans:  [Cheer]


X:  "Yah!  Yah-h-h-h!  Go, Argo!  Yah-h-h!"

Bru:  "Xena-a-a!  Yah-h-h!"

X:  "This one's for you, Ephiny."

Bru:  "Xena-a!"


G:  "Where's Amarise?"

X:  "She took off before we got here.  I think she was upset I didn't let her _kill_ him."

Amazon:  "Come on!"

G:  "Hello, Brutus."

Bru:  "Gabrielle-- they told me you were the new leader of this tribe."

G:  "Thanks to you.  You killed Ephiny-- our queen-- my friend."

Bru:  "Ephiny-- that was her name.  One of the best fighters I've met.  She died as a warrior.  And for that, I have no guilt in my actions."

X:  "All right-- where's Pompey?"

Bru:  "Ah-h-- you're after the slaves.  That's why I'm important."

X:  "No, that's why you're alive."

Bru:  "Then I still have some power.  I'd like some water first-- and then I'll tell you what you want to know."

X:  "Get it."



X:  "Ah-h-h!  Ah-h-h-h!"

Ama:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!"

G:  "What were you thinking?!"

Ama:  "Amazon justice for a killer!  In my tribe-- "

G:  "`In your tribe' doesn't matter here.  This is _my_ tribe.  I think you need a few days to think about that.  Take her away."

X:  "Don't get too comfortable.  I don't think anyone would have been too upset if she had have killed you."

Bru:  "Except that I have the knowledge that you need-- the location of Pompey's army."

X:  "Oh, yeah.  About that.  All right, you know the drill.  30 seconds, you die-- no blood to the brain.  Where is Pompey?  Come on, Brutus.  Pompey's no friend of yours.  Anything I do to him can only make Caesar happy."

Bru:  "F-follow-- the river north.  Move-- west-- past the cliffs.  [Coughs]  His army's camped in the forest."

X:  "That'll do it."

G:  "Xena!"

Chi:  "No-- we have the information.  Now, let Amazon justice be done.  Let him die, Xena."

X:  "Get out of my way, Chilapa."

Chi:  "He killed the queen.  Amazon law says-- "

G:  "Amazon law says that Brutus' punishment is _my_ decision!  Take him and hold him."


Ama:  "Hey, Roman-- have you ever witnessed an Amazon execution before?  I don't know how they do it here-- but in my tribe-- in took a long, long time.  And as the life oozed out of you-- we'd talk with you-- ask you how it felt."

Bru:  "You're such a child.  I've seen death that you could never dream of.  And the fact that you would tell me that story-- means either you never saw it-- or you're a fool."

X:  "You're coming with me."

Ama:  "I betrayed my queen.  I know the price of that."

X:  "Yeah, I'm sure they covered that in your tribe.  Gabrielle has pardoned you.  Let's go."

Bru:  "Xena doesn't give many second chances, little girl."


X:  "Yeah, this is the route that Pompey will take to the sea."

Ama:  "How do you know?"

X:  "Because it's quickest and easiest-- .  Besides, he's got no reason to be cautious.  He thinks he's already beaten us.  All right, you know what to do!"

Amazon's Voice [In Background]:  "All right, let's go!"

Ama [Interrupts]:  "I don't get it."

X:  "What?"

Ama:  "You and Gabrielle-- are you really gonna just let her pardon Brutus?"

X:  "Well, what do you suggest?  That we take over the village, chain up Gabrielle, and kill him?"

Ama:  "Pick one.  I'll go with it."

X:  "You know, Gabrielle is not the weakling that you think she is.  She's seen more of life and death than you will ever know.  This is just one more battle, and she's got her own way of fighting it."

Ama:  "By letting him go?  Are you crazy?"

X:  "Her battle isn't with Brutus.  It's with _this_-- and with _this_-- and with war and with hatred.  And you know what?  Sometimes, _I_ don't like the way she goes about it.  But I've come to understand her.  Amarise, you're so young-- and when you're young, ya think the answers are simple to find.  You think you're gonna find them on the point of a sword?  Well, you're _wrong_.  I just pray that you live long enough to lay down your sword and look for those answers in yourself."

Ama:  "Well-- I still think she's wrong, but if you trust her-- .  Nah-- sorry, I can't go there.  You'll just have to trust her on your own."

X:  "I hope that you can follow orders."

Ama:  "Not a problem.  In my tribe, we would-- well-- it's not a problem.  I mean-- I followed Ephiny's orders.  I still think I could have done something to save her."

X:  "You know, Amarise, that wasn't your fault.  If it wasn't for women like Ephiny, the Amazon nation would have died out a long time ago.  But you and I and Gabrielle-- aren't gonna let that happen."


Pompey [Pom]:  "Excellent.  There's not one in the lot that'll go for less than 500 dinars.  Any word from the Serate [sp?] pirates?"

Carminus [Car]:  "They should be in port tomorrow.  I understand the captain has brought _two_ ships just to carry the gold."

Pom [Chuckles]:  "Amazons-- they'll fetch a _big_ price in the desert states."

Car:  "_If_ they can be broken."

Pom:  "They can be _killed_, for all I care-- as _long_ as I get my money!  With that-- I'll buy weapons for my army and the mercen'ries I need to take Caesar _and_ Rome."

Soldier's Voice:  "Yes, Sentorius!"

Pom:  "Head them out, Carminus.  Get back here as quickly as you can."


Soldier:  "Keep movin'!"

Car:  "We're about to be ambushed.  Quietly take a man behind the trees and wait there."

Car:  "Halt!  Xena-- I didn't know you were in the area?"

X:  "Just passing through-- where's Pompey?"

Car:  "Not here-- but don't worry-- Pompey the Magnus is just passing through as well-- just long enough to make some money."

X:  "Well, you're going to have to tell him to take up a new hobby-- because he's _not_ making money out of my friends."

Car:  "Well-- look what _we_ have here."

Ama:  "I'm sorry, Xena.  They were trying to get around you.  I _had_ to do something."

X:  "You could 'a stayed put like I told you."

Car:  "Any more out there?  Tell me quick, or she dies!"

X:  "Meslena-- Chilapa-- !"

Chi:  "Hm-m-m!"

Soldier:  "Move!"

Chi:  "Get your hands off _me_!"

Soldier:  "Get over there!"

Car:  "So much for your ambush."



Car:  "Thank you-- whoever you are-- .  I'm not sure the pirates can afford Xena-- but Pompey can find a buyer somewhere."

X:  "I'm gonna give you one chance, Carminus.  You give up now-- and I'll go easy on ya."

Car:  "Oh, please-- you and what army?"

Soldier:  "Yeah!"

X:  "Now!  Me and this army."


X:  "Ah-h-h!  No!  Let him go."

Ama:  "He'll warn Pompey!"

X:  "That's right-- I want him to."

Amazon's Voice:  "Get back here."

X:  "Round up all the men that are still alive.  I want you to take 'em back to the village.  That's where Pompey'll be headed next."

Ama:  "Lucky for them-- we've got just the queen for the situation.  Sorry."

Amazon's Voice:  "Chicken!"

Ama:  "But I did good-- I really fooled them."

X:  "Yes, ya did.  Now, get moving.  You've got your orders.  I'm gonna ride ahead."

Amazon:  "Let's go!"


Pom:  "Xena-- always Xena.  I get _this_ close to victory-- and she turns up.  I used to think all her hatred was reserved for Caesar.  Now I'm beginning to wonder."

Car:  "She does have a habit of-- getting in the way-- "

Pom:  "Yes-- and you-- _let_-- her _save_-- those Amazons!  She's taking money from me!  Money that I need.  Break camp.  We move back to Amazon land by morning."

Car:  "They'll be ready this time."

Pom:  "Xena's left me no choice.  We attack-- only this time, we don't leave _any_ behind."


Soldier's Voice:  "Break camp!  We strike at dawn!"


G:  "Leave us.  We want to talk about peace-- between Xena-- and Caesar."

Bru:  "Impossible.  Can you blame-- Caesar for hating Xena?  Look at all she's done to him."

G [Whispers]:  "What?"

Bru:  "Xena interfered in Caesar's war with Pompey.  He would have been out of the picture long ago if it wasn't for her."

G:  "Xena was trying to stop a war."

Bru:  "And why do ya think there _was_ a war?!  Because of Pompey!  He opposes everything Caesar wishes for Rome-- peace, prosperity-- a return to the republic."

G:  "We really know different Caesars."

Bru:  "Caesar doesn't care about the Amazons.  What happened was an accident.  We can make sure it doesn't happen again."

G:  "_I_ can.  As queen of the Amazons, I propose a treaty of peace-- to Caesar.  We're not afraid to fight-- or to die.  Guards!"

Bru:  "You surprise me.  I accept-- contingent on Caesar's approval, of course-- and Xena."

G:  "What do you think?"

X:  "Well, he's not Caesar-- but he may be the chink in Caesar's armor."

Ama's Voice:  "Xena!  Pompey's turned his army around-- he'll _be_ here by morning."


Soldier's Voice:  "Fall in your lines!  Tighten up those ranks!"


Amazon's Voice:  "I'll get the other one!"

X:  "Fell those trees!  We need clear sightlines!  Make the breastworks half-height.  We may need to jump over them.  Amarise?!  Get the prisoners."

Chi:  "Xena-- "

Ama's Voice:  "Bring `em in."

Chi:  "-- we've got scouts trailing them, but they outnumber us three-to-one."

X:  "That's all right.  He'll come straight on."

Chi:  "Is he that foolish?"

X:  "No, but he's that angry.  Tie him up."


G:  "Xena-- I brought Brutus.  What is this?"

Ama:  "Isn't it great?  Pompey's gotta get through his own men just to get to us.  And when he does-- we light the pit."

G:  "You light a pit?"

Ama:  "This one's filled with oil.  While they're trying to untie their men-- we toss in a torch and-- poof!  Pompey-cue."

X:  "Amarise."

G [Whispers]:  "Xena-- "

X:  "Gabrielle, Pompey outnumbers us.  We need every advantage we can get."

G:  "You put them on crosses."

X:  "If that's what it takes to preserve Ephiny's tribe, then that's what I'll do."

Bru:  "Trade me to Pompey."

G:  "He'll only kill you."

Bru:  "Pompey-- needs money.  His supplies are low, and he has to pay his mercen'ries.  He'll risk everything because he's desperate.  He can sell me to the pirates for more than he could've gotten for your Amazons."

X:  "He'll only use you against Caesar himself."

Bru:  "Either way, he'll be certain of getting his money-- and there would be no reason to risk losing his army here."

Ama:  "Are we gonna believe him?  It's a trick."

Chi:  "Xena-- you'd better come to the top of the hill-- quickly."


Chi:  "There-- to the south of us."

G:  "I thought Pompey was coming from the north."

X:  "He is.  That's-- "

Bru:  "Xelifus-- the legion I was to command when I located Pompey.  Caesar's taken advantage of the situation."

Soldier's Voice:  "Stay together!"

X:  "Pompey hits us from the north, and Caesar hits us from the south.  In getting to Pompey, Caesar wants to obliterate us."



Soldier's Voice:  "Keep in formation!"

X:  "Brutus, if I hand you over to Pompey, he's going to kill you."

Bru:  "I'm willing to take that chance-- and I don't think you have much choice."

X:  "That's where you're wrong.  I do have choices.  I've had choices since we first captured you.  No, I think I'd rather give you back to Caesar.  Cut down the Romans and take them to the rear."

Ama's Voice:  "What about our defense?"

X:  "If my plan works, we won't need them.  And besides-- we don't kill just for the sake of it.."


Xelifus [Xel]:  "Brutus-- we were told you were captured by the Amazons."

Bru:  "I'm taking command, Xelifus."

Xel:  "The honor of command is yours-- as always."

Bru:  "Give the order to wheel eastward.  We're taking Pompey from the side."

Xel:  "Yes, sir-- immediately."

Bru:  "And bring up the artillery.  We're gonna blast a path right through to Pompey's command-- starting from that hill."


Soldiers' Voices:  "Char-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-ge!"


X:  "Ready-- and-- fi-i-i-i-i-ire!  First wave-- ata-a-a-ack!"

Ama:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h!  What are you doing?!"

X:  "Pull back!  Now-w!  Amarise-- I need you to do something for me.  I need you to stay here and hold the line."

Ama:  "Right-- count on it."

X:  "One more thing-- protect Gabrielle."

Ama:  "Are you kidding me?"

X:  "You heard me.  Do as I say."

Ama:  "Hold!  Hold!"

[X charges.]

Ama:  "You better get back to camp.  You might get hurt."

G:  "You don't know me very well.  Hold your positions!  We have to wait and give Xena more time!  Hold the line.  For Ephiny!  Ephiny-y-y-y-y-!"

Ama:  "Go!  Go!  Go!"

G:  "Ephiny-y-y-y-y!"

Ama:  "Duck!"

G:  "Thanks."

Car:  "Pompey, Magnus-- Brutus is approaching from the east.  We _have_ to disengage with the Amazons and turn-- "

Pom:  "No!  We stay-- and we fight!  [Mouths]  Xena.  [Normal Voice]  Xena.  to ar-r-r-r-r-rms!"

[More fighting]

Pom:  "Wait!  If you kill me-- Caesar gains control.  You know it-- and I know it.  That's the balance I give you, Xena.  It's always been like that.  And you may hate us both-- but without one-- you can't control the other.  Now, if you let me live-- well-- we can't destroy the world if we're trying to destroy each other now, can we?  Hmm?  Ah-h-h-h!"

X:  "It's not about balance, anymore."

Amazons:  [Cheer]


Xel:  "Pompey's army is scattered.  We're ready to move the legion into the area near the hill."

Bru:  "No-- no, that's Amazon land.  We stay out."

Soldier's Voice:  "Rider approaching!"

Bru:  "Well-- your plan worked."

X:  "If you wanna stay alive, don't mention my name to Caesar.  The plan was yours."

Bru:  "Xena-- your vision of Caesar is blinded by hatred.  He is the only hope to restore the democracy of the republic."

X:  "And a man like you would do well in his democracy, huh?  Brutus, your faith in Caesar is misplaced.  One day, you're going to have to decide whether your _Caesar's_ man-- or your own."

Bru:  "Never-- I know Caesar.  He wouldn't betray a friend."

X:  "Pompey was a friend.  And Crassus-- wasn't Crassus a friend, too?  I was once a very good friend of his.  But, maybe you're special.  Remember-- this was your doing."


Caesar [Cae]:  "Pompey's changed his hairstyle-- too bad."

Bru:  "I'm afraid I was-- unable to bring him back alive as you requested, Caesar."

Cae:  "Alive or dead, no matter-- he's out of Rome's way.  Now the future can begin."

Bru:  "This is a personal message-- from the queen of the Amazons-- to Caesar-- ruler of all of Rome-- a peace treaty.  The queen of the Amazons promises to respect the territories of-- "

Cae:  "If they're not under my control, Brutus-- they're a threat.  There was a rumor that Xena was headed towards the Amazons.  Any word of that?"

Bru:  "No-- not that I'm aware of."

Cae:  "Hmm-- well-- her time will come.  Thank you, Brutus.  You're a loyal friend."

Chi:  "Are you sure?"

G:  "Chilapa, you would make a better queen than I."

Chi:  "But you have wisdom that I don't have."

G:  "There's a trick to that.  When you need to make a decision-- think of Ephiny.  Do what she would do.  It's so unreal, Xena.  I don't know why I don't just cry."

X:  "Maybe you're trying too hard-- or maybe part of you knows that Ephiny didn't die in vain.  She made a difference with her life-- and in her death, she became a symbol.  One way or another, the Amazons will go on."

Ama:  "Well-- when do we leave?"

X:  "I thought you were staying here with the tribe."

Ama:  "I gave it a shot-- long enough to know it's not my place.  I mean, they're all great and everything, but-- they treat me like a kid."

G:  "You _are_ a kid."

Ama:  "Right, and you're a warrior.  Besides, I need to see more of the world.  I was thinkin' about what you said, Xena-- about-- not finding my answers at the end of a sword-- and it seemed to make sense.  Then I started thinkin' about-- old Pompey, and-- it seems to me he found an answer at the end of yours-- "

G:  "Amarise, did you not find any philosophy behind those words?"

Ama:  "Yeah-- kick butt and take names later."

X:  "It's gonna take some time."

Ama:  "So-- where are we headed?"

X:  "That way-- "

Ama:  "Perfect-- exactly where I was thinking we'd go."

X:  "Trouble.  So, you ready-- ?"

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