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"Seeds of Faith"  Episode 99/509


Man:  "For as long as we can remember, we've been slaves to the

A Man's Voice:  "He's right."

Man:  "It's time we take our lives back into our _own_ hands!"

Second Man:  "But if we defy them, they'll destroy us."

Man:  "That's what they wantchoo to believe.  The gods rule
through fear!  But it's they who are afraid-- afraid we'll
realize the truth!"

Another Man:  "How are we supposed to fight them?  They're

Man:  "Our teacher will show you the way-- as he's shown us."

Second Man:  "Are you out of your minds?!  Defy the gods and
you'll bring their wrath down on all of us."

Male Voice:  "Yes."

Second Man:  Have you forgotten what happened to Ulysses?  Or the
carnage at Troy?"

Man:  "Some of us don't want to live in fear anymore."

Second Man:  "I will not let you put us all in danger."

Man:  "I'm sure your heart is in the right place-- but we're
doin' this to save you, too."

Guard:  "I'm warning you."

X:  "All right, ease off.  You'll all be much more comfortable
walking without a limp."


X:  "Gabrielle!  What's the matter?  He gonna hit you with his

G:  "I-I thought that he had a weapon."

X:  "What's going on here?"

Man:  "Just a disagreement.  Thanks for stoppin' it before it got
out of hand."

X:  "It did get out of hand."

Ares:  "Just when things were startin' to get fun, you have to go
spoil my good time."

X:  "Ares at a village squabble?  You must be bored."

Ares:  "_You_, on the other hand, have been keeping yourself
busy.  I wish I'd known you were lookin' for a father."

X:  "I'm not."

Ares:  "Oh?  Well, _somebody_ clearly got the job."

X:  "Yeah, Gabrielle."

Ares:  "I would have _paid_ to see that."

G:  "Hm-m."

X:  "All right, Ares-- what are you doing here?  I can't imagine
that a petty civil dispute would get you up in the morning."

Ares:  "Those men you saved are part of a growing movement-- a
movement that incites people to disobey the gods."

X:  "So, you're worried that this could be the beginning of-- the

Ares:  "It's a myth."

X [Whispers]:  "You _are_."

G:  "What is the twilight?"

X:  "The fates spoke of a time when mankind would no longer
_need_ the gods-- and they would lose their power."

G:  "If it's just a myth, Ares, then what are you worried about?"

Ares:  "Let's just say I believe in being thorough.  I don't like
taking chances."

X:  "Then we have a problem-- because these people are entitiled
to believe anything they want to.  We're not gonna stand by and
see you take that right away from them."

Ares:  "I warn you-- get in way this time-- you leave me no

X:  "You threatening me?  You're afraid."

Ares:  "The decisions you make don't just affect you anymore--
Mom-- they affect your child.  And I would hate-- to have to kill
you both."



X:  "Why are you doing that?"

G:  "Nine out of ten times-- the first strike means victory."

X:  "We're not at war, Gabrielle."

G:  "Don't patronize me."

X:  "It's just you've been so quick to pull those things lately,
when words have always been your strongest weapon."

G:  "Do you have a point?"

X:  "Yes-- couldn't we have settled that argument back there
without busting heads-- huh?"

G:  "Xena, I made a bad call.  There was a time I used to pull
you off anyone who looked at you sideways."

X:  "I guess I'm starting to think like a mother, huh?"

G:  "Yeah-- but I'm not your child.  I can handle situations like

Man:  "Xena-- I wanna thank you for escorting us."

X:  "Oh."

Man:  "You know, unfortunately, some people don't understand what
we're trying to achieve-- but in time-- the world will hear our
teacher's message."

G:  "Who's your teacher?"

Man:  "His name is Eli."


Woman's Voice:  "It's a time to celebrate!"

Eli's Voice:  "We don't _need_ a sacred dagger!"

Eli:  "Love-- is the only weapon we need!"

Man's Voice:  "Yes!"

Woman's Voice:  "This is true!"

Eli:  "It's a weapon the gods neither have-- nor understand-- and
so they can't defend themselves against it!  True love cannot
exist without-- the risk of loss.  The gods are immortal, my
friends.  What can an immortal-- possibly know about loss?"

A Man's Voice:  "That's right, Eli."

Eli:  "We don't need to fear them, anymore.  It's their turn to
fear us!"

G:  "Eli."

Eli:  "Gabrielle.  What are you doing here?"

G:  "Looking for you."

Eli:  "Xena."

X:  "Hi."

Eli:  "You're with child."

X:  "Yup."

Eli:  "You look beautiful."

X:  "Thank you.  I see you found yourself some new friends, huh?"

Eli:  "Every day more and more people are embracing the way of

X:  "Are you sure they're getting the right message?"

Eli:  "What do you mean?"

X:  "Eli, these people think that you're going to lead them in a
war against the gods."

Eli:  "It's not a war of violence.  It's a war of peace."

X:  "How does that work?"

Eli:  "The time of the Olympians is over, Xena.  The gods have no
choice but to give us what is rightfully ours."

G:  "Not without a fight they won't."

Eli:  "Let them come.  Love will be our-- shield and our weapon."

X:  "What if love isn't strong enough?  Are you gonna take the
chance that these people could _die_ in your name?"

Eli:  "I never ask them to do anything I'm not prepared to do

Woman:  "Teacher-- the food is prepared."

Eli:  "Thank you.  Come-- join us."

X:  "No, no, no.  I've-- got some things to take care of.  You go


Milos [Mil]:  "He has desecrated the temple!  He is turning the
people against you."

Ares:  "Do you think-- I don't know what goes on in my own
temples-- Milos?"

Mil:  "Of course not, master.  It's just that I thought he would
have been-- destroyed on the spot-- you know?  Fireball--
lightning-- one of your trademark executions."

Ares:  "Still-- he has become more of a pest-- than I'd

Mil:  "Well-- if this keeps up-- you run the risk of losing your

Ares:  "Then it's high time I paid Eli a visit.  Fear-- always
makes a good impression."


Eli:  "You've been quiet all afternoon.  What's wrong?"

G:  "I feel like I've disappointed you.  You're walking through
life preaching peace, and-- Xena and I have swords in our hands."

Eli:  "What, you feel like you've made the wrong choice?"

G:  "Yeah-- I mean no.  My heart says that you're right-- that
everything you say makes sense.  But then my head tells me that
sometimes the only answer is to fight."

Eli:  "Sometimes I feel the same way."

G:  "But you seem so sure of yourself-- like you have-- no doubt
about your cause."

Eli:  "Everyone lives with doubt, Gabrielle.  This is the path
I've chosen.  I just hope I have the strength to see it through.
At least you've got Xena to buoy you in these times of doubt."

G:  "She's afraid I'm becoming numb to the violence.  Look, I'm
not-- believe me."

Eli:  "I do believe you.  Besides, you could never disappoint

Ares:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-- touching!"

G:  "What do _you_ want?"

Ares:  "Want?  I'm here to make Eli an offer.  Forget your
pathetic crusade."

Eli:  "Or what?"

Ares:  "Oh, I'll think of something."

Eli:  "You've had plenty of time to kill me Ares, yet here I am.
Now why is that?"

Ares:  "I'm a sportsman.  I wanna give you a fighting chance."

Eli:  "Then perhaps, under all that rage, there's a little
compassion after all."

Ares [Laughs]:  "I wouldn't confuse caution with compassion if I
were you-- Eli.  The only reason you're still standing here-- is
that a good-- tactician-- does not make a move until he's seen
all the angles.  My advice-- walk away, Eli.  You'll save a great
many lives-- including your own."


Callisto [Cal]'s Voice:  "Hello, Xena."

X:  "What are you doing here?  I thought you were supposed to be
floating on a cloud someplace."

Cal:  "Thanks to you.  You saved me from an eternity in Hell--
and for that I owe you my soul."

X:  "You don't owe me anything."

Cal:  "I've been purified by the waters of Heaven-- and yet,
still all you see in me is a black heart."

X:  "I know that the old Callisto is dead-- but she's alive in my
memory.  Don't expect too much from me."

Cal's Voice:  "I've come here to ask you not to interfere with

Cal:  "He'll handle Ares on his own terms."

X:  "Ares' army's about to march on Pylos.  Eli thinks he can
stop them with a kind word.  He can't.  All I'm gonna do is give
him a fighting chance."

Cal:  "Eli has a destiny to fulfill.  He's brought hope to the
world-- and if that's to survive-- he's gonna have to face this
challenge alone."

Soldier:  "Look here, boys-- first catch of the day."



X:  "Am I gettin' too old for this?  Na-a-a-h."


X:  "Now, tell me-- which direction are you hitting Pylos from?"


Cal's Voice:  "I've been sent in answer to your prayers."

Cal:  "The kingdom of Heaven is beautiful, Eli."

Eli:  "The kingdom of Earth is beautiful too, Angel.  My place
has always been among the people."

Cal:  "And it always will be."

Eli:  "Are you sure this is how it has to be?  Isn't there-- some
other way?"

Cal:  "The new world can only be built on the foundation of the
old one.  The order of the gods must fall.  And you, Eli-- are
the hammer.  There is no reason to be afraid.  Your faith is
stronger than any who have come before you."

Eli:  "Until now."

Cal:  "You said it yourself.  `All fear is the fear of loss-- and
only through that fear-- can we truly love.'  You wouldn't have
been chosen if you weren't afraid.  Remember-- in everything you
do-- we are always with you."


G:  "Xena."

X:  "Eli!  Come here.  Ares' army is on the move.  Pretty soon
they'll be coming over the bridge north of the village.  If we
leave now, I can get you and your people to safety through the
southern pass."

Eli:  "I'm not leaving, Xena."

G:  "Eli, these people are in danger."

X:  "I might not share your view, Eli, I am trying to respect it.
But you gotta listen to me.  You have to pick and choose your

Eli:  "I have, Xena.  I appreciate your concern for me, but I
have to handle this in my own way."

X:  "Ares is a god.  You can't win this."

Eli:  "Maybe not this battle-- but you should know, sometimes you
have to lose a few to win the war."

G:  "Eli."

X:  "So much for convincing people with words.  Gabrielle, I need
you to stay here.  Make sure nothing happens to Eli before I get


X:  "Sorry, boys-- the bridge is closed."


X [Whispers]:  "Yeah."


Eli:  "If we are united in the spirit of love-- then no one can
stand against us.  If we are joined in-- peace and friendship--
then we have no need of the gods."

Ares:  "You really are-- quite the salesman.  Such passion.  I am
truly honored-- that I get you so worked up.  People-- Eli is
lying to you.  He's gonna lead you all to your deaths."

Eli:  "The only thing these people are being led to-- is the

Ares:  "The truth-- the truth is-- I am a god.  I decide whether
you live-- or die."

Eli:  "We can make the same choice for ourselves."

Ares:  "I really-- don't have time to debate this with you."

Ares:  "Now-- I'm gonna give you-- one-- last-- chance."

G:  "Eli-- "

Eli:  "It's all right.  No, Ares-- I'm gonna give you-- one last
chance.  No, Gabrielle!  If you save my life with violence-- the
future will pay the price."

G:  "Eli!"

Eli:  "Now, I understand my calling, now.  Please-- it's for the
greater good.  Believe me."

Ares:  "Enough talk."

Eli:  "Gabrielle, please!  I've never asked anything of you.  So,
I'm asking you now-- have faith in me."

Ares:  "Since the beginning of time-- it's been _warriors_ who
have shaped the world!"

Eli:  "That's about to change."

Ares:  "I don't usually take matters into my own hands-- but in
your case-- "

Ares:  "-- I'm gonna make an exception." 


X:  [Gasps]

Soldiers:  "Help me!"  "Hold on!"  "Hold on!"  "Grab her hand!"


G:  "Eli?  This can't be.  No-o-o-o-o-o-o!"



X:  "What happened?"

G:  "Ares, uh-- I-- I don't know."

Woman:  "She let Ares kill him!  She betrayed us all!  She should
be punished!"

Man's Voice:  "That's right!"

A Woman's Voice:  "Yes!"

X:  "Is that what Eli would have you do?!  Huh?!  Try to find a
scapegoat when you should be banding together?!  Oh, Eli."

G:  "I believed him."

X:  "You defended him, didn't you?  You defended him, didn't

G:  "Don't you blame me."

X:  "You put up a fight, didn't you?"

G:  "Don't you _dare_ blame me!  Don't you _dare_ blame me!"

X [Whispers]:  "You didn't put up a fight?"

G:  "Xena, you were gone!  I did what he asked me to do!"

X:  "What about what _I_ asked you to do?!  The only reason that
people like Eli _exist_ is because people like us defend them
when they won't defend themselves!"

G:  "So Ares is right?!  The whole future is shaped by warriors!"


Ares:  "When I first met you, you barely had the skill to skip a
rock.  I guess Xena's been a positive influence on ya after all.
You're gettin' pretty good with these."

G:  "Not good enough!  _You_ did it!  _You_ did it!"

Ares:  "I did what I had to do."

G:  "I didn't."

Ares:  "Don't be so hard on yourself, Gabrielle.  It was selfish
of Eli to put you in that position.  You can't fool me,
Gabrielle.  I can see you know the truth."

G:  "What truth is that?"

Ares:  "That might-- is right-- even when it's wrong."

G:  "You don't know what I believe."

Ares:  "I can see into your heart, Gabrielle.  I know you're
trying to do the right thing.  You'd have no regrets if you
listened to your head-- instead of Eli.  Imagine-- how it could
be-- if you had the power to save him.  Let me show you-- what it
feels like.  That is how I feel-- every moment-- of every day.
It is the power of the gods.  And with it-- you can change the
world.  Isn't that what you've always wanted?"


[Funeral Dirge]

Cal:  "Eli lived and died by his message-- and as long as you
keep it in your heart-- his spirit will live on."

X:  "I'm not much for flowery sentiment.  I'm not gonna start

Cal:  "What can I do to ease your pain?"

X:  "Nothing.  You wanted him dead."

Cal:  "Eli's death was not arbitrary, Xena."

X:  "I know that!  _You_ set it in motion!"

Cal:  "This isn't an ending.  It's a beginning.  Eli will
continue the cycle of life-- as a soul that's reincarnated into a
new body."

X:  "I liked him just fine in the old one!  And what about
Gabrielle?  She's suffering because she's caught up in the middle
of your game."

Cal:  "I'm afraid Ares will cause her the real harm."

X:  "That's why I'm going after him."

Cal:  "I realize you may never believe this-- but I care about
Gabrielle-- and about you."

X:  "Well if that's true-- you can take me to the dagger of
Helios.  They say that no person on Earth knows where it is--
which is why I'm betting you do."

Cal:  "I don't know if I can do that."

X:  "Well, why not?  Doesn't your God believe in free will?"


G:  "Is this your big accomplishment, Eli?  If I hadn't listened
to you-- I wouldn't be talking to your ashes.  You probably think
that I'm-- betraying you-- by standing with Ares, but-- I am just
trying to use his knowledge for a greater good.  I keep telling
myself that.  You believed in me, Eli-- but you always knew that
we were on a separate path.  Have faith in me now."


Cal's Voice:  "Eli chose his path-- now you choose yours."

Cal:  "I've remained in this realm-- simply to help you along.
So, if it's the dagger you want-- it's what you'll get."

X:  "The dagger of Helios.  The power to kill a god."

Cal:  "Consider this-- by killing Ares, are you honoring Eli's

X:  "Eli's dead.  Now, we do things my way."

Cal:  "Listen-- please listen.  I've spent my time in Heaven
trying to reconcile the monster I was-- with the being that I am
now.  And I've come to realize-- we are all born of two natures,
Xena-- good and evil.  The side we choose to nurture-- defines
who we are."

X:  "Last person I need a morality lesson from is you."

Cal:  "If you won't listen to me-- then listen to Eli.  He
sacrificed himself-- to make it easier for people to follow the
way of peace."

X:  "Like sheep to the slaughter.  It's easy to preach peace when
you live in Heaven.  Where I come from, you've gotta fight for
what you believe in.  Why don't you come along?  It's not every
day you get to witness the twolight of the gods.  It should be a
good show."



Ares:  "Your precious Eli is dead.  So is his crusade."

Man:  "No!  His spirit lives on in all of us!"

Man's Voice:  "Yes!"

Man:  "Eli!  Eli!  [All join in]  Eli!  Eli!  Eli!  Eli!  Eli!
Eli!  Eli!  Eli!  Eli!  Eli!  Eli!  Eli!  Eli!  Eli!  Eli!"

Ares:  "I'm glad to see your faith is strong-- because you're
gonna die with it."

G:  "Not if I can help it."

Ares:  "Uh, gee, Gabrielle-- I'm kind of in the middle of sum'in'
here.  We'll continue our lesson later."

G:  "It's actually a lesson for you-- something I learned from
Xena a long time ago."

Ares:  "Oh, please-- enthrall me with your insight."

G:  "Peace is worth fighting for!"

Ares:  "Oh, really."


Ares:  "Why the return to form?  I thought you'd given up on

G:  "It would take more than you to do that."

Ares:  "Hm-m-m-m.  I guess this means it's over between us.  Oh,
well-- your loss."

G:  "What do you know about loss?"

Ares:  "You'll always be a goodie-two-shoes."

G:  "Yeah, but with a really big sword."

Ares:  "I warned you about gettin' in my way again."

X:  "You took the words right out of my mouth.  Make a move on
me-- please."

Ares:  "A dagger?  You're gonna have to do better than that."

X:  "The dagger of Helios.  So, no I don't."

Ares:  "How'd you get it?"

X:  "Let's just say I have friends in high places."

Ares:  "Even if you kill me, you've already lost.  Eli's dead!"

X:  "Then it's only fair that you pay for his life with yours."

[[[[[[Eli:  "We don't _need_ a sacred dagger!  Love-- is the only
weapon we need!"  G:  "So, Ares is right?!  The whole future is
shaped by warriors!"  Cal:  "If you won't listen to me-- then
listen to Eli.  He sacrificed himself-- to make it easier for
people to follow the way of peace."  G:  "I believed him."]]]]]]

Ares:  "Come on.  Do it!"

X:  "When you killed Eli, you made sure that his cause would
never die.  It's what he wanted, Ares.  You played _right_ into
his hands.  Now, you're hopin' that I'll play into yours."

Ares:  "Sounds to me like the rationale of a coward."

X:  "I'm gonna do worse than kill you.  I'm gonna spare your

Ares:  "And what makes you think I'm gonna spare yours?"

X:  "You martyr me to Eli's cause, Ares, and you make it twice as
strong.  It's the beginning of the end.  Enjoy your reign while
it lasts.  The twilight's upon you."

Ares:  "You make no mistake-- we're gonna see each other again--
when we've got a little more privacy."

X:  "Count on it."

Ares:  "And you-- I could 'a given you the world."

G:  "You can't give me what you don't have.  [Whispers]  I'm

X:  "Gabrielle-- I shouldn't have blamed you for Eli's death.
I'm-- "

G:  "Xena, I was blaming myself.  I'm sorry."

X:  "No, I'm sorry."

Eli:  "Your enduring faith in one another is the greatest miracle
of all."

G:  "Eli?"

Eli:  "Thank you, Xena-- for keeping my cause alive."

X:  "I had help."

Eli:  "Thank you, Gabrielle-- for listening to your heart.  Like
I said, you can never disappoint me."

Cal:  "Xena-- my time has come to be reincarnated into the mortal
world-- and the body that will bear my spirit has been ordained.
I can think of no greater mother than you."

X:  "It was you all along?  You gave me this child."

Cal:  "In the past, I destroyed your life, Xena."

X:  "And I destroyed yours.  Maybe it's time that we both gave
back what we once took from each other."

Eli:  "Love is the way."


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