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"Amphipolis Under Siege"  Episode 104/514


Guard 3:  "Hi."

Guard 2:  "I don't want this watch.  Nothin' ever happens.  Huh?
Who goes there?!  Step forward!"

Elenis [Ele]:  [Sighs]

Guard 2:  "Well, well.  You know, this is Prince Dameron's road.
You'll have to pay the toll."

Ele:  "Toll?  Oh.  Dear me, I seem to be a little short at the

Guard:  "Well, I'm sure we can sort something out."

Ele [Giggles]:  "Oh, I'm sure we can."


Guards:  "Take cover!"  "Look out!"

X:  "Aa-a-a-a-ah."

Ele:  "Get her!"

G:  "Sh-h-h-h.  You'll give us away.  Mommy's working"

Ele:  [Whistles]

X:  "That should ease the pain.  Can you stand?"

Guard 2:  "Yeah."

G:  "Xena, are you all right?  Who were those archers?"

Guard 2:  "It doesn't make sense.  I mean, who wants to seize the
road to Amphipolis?"

X:  "Ares."

Ares:  "Hey, Xena-- have a change 'o heart?  Well, my offer still
stands.  I'm willing to protect you and your child-- at no small
amount of personal risk, I might add."

X:  "And what if I decline?  You ransack my hometown?  Hold my
mother hostage until I agree."

Ares:  "Oh-- you've got the wrong god.  There's another who deals
in mortal blood.  Like all the gods-- she knows your bundle of
joy portends the demise of the Olympians."

X:  "Athena."


Athena [Ath]:  "Report."

Ele:  "It is done.  We used your arrows, as you ordered-- and
spared the border guards to tell Xena that we're heading for

Ath:  "Don't tell me one of those toll collectors laid a weapon
on you."

Ele:  "Xena was there."

Ath:  "You have my favor, Elenis-- always.  But take care-- it
doesn't make you any less mortal."

Ele:  "I saw the child.  I could have killed her for you."

Ath:  "You're a fine warrior, Elenis.  But the most dangerous
animal on Earth-- is a mother protecting her young.  In the name
of Zeus-- I will kill the child myself."



X:  "Mom.  Here."

Cyrene [Cyr]:  "Xena!  Well-- it's about time you brought my new
little granddaughter for a visit."

X:  "Listen, Mom-- there'll be time for a family reunion later.
Right now, we've got to get you to safety."

Cyr:  [Talks baby talk to Eve]

X:  "Come on!"


Ele:  "We allowed Xena to enter the village before cutting off
the road behind her.  Amphipolis is completely surrounded."

Ath:  "Excellent.  You know my mind better than I do, Elenis."

Ares:  "Who was it who said, `An army is a terrible thing to
waste.'?"  I think it was me.  My, my-- legions from Rome
standing with Cleopatra's royal guard.  Knights from Brittania,
and of course-- Athena's own elete archers.  The best of the
best.  I am all a-tingle.  You should attack here-- and here,
now-- before Xena can rally her defenses."

Ele:  "Athena-- doesn't need your help."

Ares:  "Nor any man's, it would seem."

Ath:  "Why are you here, Brother?"

Ares:  "My survival is at stake, too.  The child must die."

Ath:  "Oh!  Really?  Rumor has it that you made Xena an offer to
spare the child-- if she gave you one of your own."

Ele:  "And rumor has it-- that she turned you down."

Ath:  "This isn't one of your little games to try and make Xena
your plaything.  Zeus is dead, Ares-- our father.  The prophecy
is coming true, and Xena's child is the key."

Ares:  "And why not attack now?"

Ath:  "People of Amphipolis are loyal to me.  Give them time--
and they'll deliver up the child-- without the need to spill

Ares:  "Perhaps-- but where's the fun in that?"


X:  "All right, listen-- the last thing I wanted to do was to
bring an army down on your heads-- but I'm not sacrificing my
child-- not for the sake of a selfish pack of gods who don't give
a damn about the human suffering they cause."

A Villager:  "We've heard stories, Xena-- about Eli and his
teachings-- how his god raised you from the dead-- that the age
of the Olympian gods is over.  Is that true?"

G:  "It is true.  The gods ruled us in fear.  Eli fought them
with love.  I was with Eli when Ares struck him down."

A Villager:  "We're not soldiers, Xena-- but if your daughter is
the one to bring about Eli's word-- we'll do our best to protect

Ath:  "Xena."

X:  "Athena-- I would say it's an honor, but considering you're
here to kill my baby, I'll skip the formalities."

Ath:  "I am not unsympathetic, Xena-- but consider the
consequences of your actions.  You would deprive these people of
their gods?  Their faith?  For the life of one child?"

Cyr:  "Hasn't this village given up enough of its children.  I've
already lost a son-- and a grandson I never even met.  Well, I
won't give up this child-- not even for the gods themselves."

Ath:  "And all of you-- are you that eager to die for this

Cyr:  [Sings Glede Ma Glede]

Ath:  "I don't want any of you to suffer.  Give me this child--
and you will receive my blessing."

Villagers:  [Sing Glede Ma Glede]

Ath:  "The armies of Athena lay siege to this town.  You think
you can fight them with a song?!  I've protected you for years--
watched over you-- and this is how you repay me?!  So, be it.
You have chosen your fate."


G:  "Fi-i-i-i-ire!"


Soldier:  "Cover-r-r-r-r-r-r!"

G:  "Char-r-r-r-rge!"


Ele:  "They're trying to break out here."

Ath:  "Frontal assault onto one of our best units?  It doesn't
sound like a move Xena would make."

Ele:  "Could be a diversion."

Ath:  "I considered that-- but Gabrielle is leading the attack.
Xena would never risk her second-in-command on a suicidal feint."

Ele:  "If Xena commands _half_ the loyalty you do, my goddess--
Gabrielle would surely lay down her life to insure Xena's

Ath:  "I don't doubt Gabrielle's willingness to die-- only Xena's
willingness to lose her.  But what if Xena has no intention of
losing her?  Remember, Elenis-- a great commander always looks
beyond what their opponent is doing-- to see if there's a deeper


X:  "These tunnels will take us beneath the battle."

X:  "With Gabrielle attacking, we'll come up behind the enemy and
crush them between us."

Ele:  "A fine battle plan, Xena-- but I'm afraid your friend,
Gabrielle, won't be getting any reinforcements."


A Villager:  "Where is she?!"

G:  "She'll be here!  Hold the line!"


Ele:  "Very clever-- using these tunnels to try and flank our

X:  "You know, I'd love to stay and compare strategies with you,
but I'm in a bit of a hurry."

Ele:  "Oh, there's no rush, Xena.  You see, you're too late to
save Gabrielle now."


G:  "Xena-a-a-a!"




X:  "I know who you are.  You're Athena's new champion, Elenis of
Mycenae.  You heal quickly-- or was that divine intervention?
You know, it's a shame that you had to run off last time we met.
I'd like to finish what we started."

Ele:  "Nothing would make me happier-- but very regrettably-- I
have my orders-- to seal these tunnels."

X:  "Greek fire.  Run!  You don't wanna do that.  Get out!"


X:  "Some people just don't listen."


G:  "Not what I expected.  Back to the trenches!  Back to the


G:  "The wounded can still keep watch.  They're all committed,
Xena, but we're down to half-strength."

X:  "Half-strength or full-strengh, we don't have the manpower to
break the siege.  Athena could just sit out there until we starve
to death."

G:  "They're might be another way.  Xena, we can get Eve out of
here.  Xena, we captured some of their armor in the last attack.
If you put it on, you can slip through these lines after dark."

X:  "Forget it.  It won't work."

G:  "If Athena thinks that Eve is gone, she will pull out.  This
whole thing will be over." 

X:  "No, it won't.  Don't you see?  Athena has chosen Amphipolis
because she knows I'll try to save these people.  She is
ransoming their lives for Eve's-- and every drop of blood that
she spills is on my hands."

Villager's Voice:  "Incoming!"

X:  "Get down!"

G:  "We should be out of the range of those arrows."

X:  "Get dow-w-w-w-w-w-w-wn!"

Girl:  [Screams]

Ele:  [Laughs]

X:  "You all right, sweetheart?"

Ele:  [Whistles]


Ath:  "Sad, isn't it?  To be mortal.  They can't see me.  I came
to talk to you."

X:  "Very well, then, let's talk.  Why are you doing this,
Athena?  Ares, I could understand.  He's always out for himself.
And Zeus was just clinging to power, but you-- of all the
Olympians, you were the only one who ever seemed to deserve my

Ath:  "I have no choice.  The fates have decreed it."

X:  "Warriors like us make our own fate.  I have a proposal for
you-- a fair fight-- no tricks-- no godlike powers-- and if I
win, you spare Eve and leave these people in peace."

Ath:  "Tempting-- but no-- the people need their gods, Xena.
They need something to believe in."

X:  "They have something to believe in.  If you listened to them,
you'd know that."

Ath:  "The cult of Eli?  Do you really believe love will win this
battle?  I've poisoned your water supply.  What will you give
them when they're dying of thirst?  Love?"

X:  "Eve?"

Cyr:  "Don't panic-- she just needs changing."

X:  "Hey, Eve-- you're all right.  I worry about her though,

Cyr:  "Listen-- no matter what happens-- thank you for letting me
see my granddaughter.  She is so perfect."

X:  "No, Mom, it's me who should be thanking you.  Standing up to
Athena like that was very impressive."

Cyr:  "Please-- facing down a god I can handle.  Well, I raised
you, remember?  Terrible twos, terrible threes, terrible

X:  "Sorry I made it so tough for you."

Cyr:  "Oh-- now look, just listen for once-- you know, in the end
it's worth all the heartache in the world-- just to see your
child grow up strong-- proud.  I'd like you to know what that's
like, Xena."

X:  "I will, Mom.  I will."


X:  "Ares!  Ares!"

Ares:  "Ow.  Athena is beatin' you like a dog out there.  Put a
poultice on it.  It's gotta sting."

X:  "Thanks."

Ares:  "Hey-- don't feel bad.  After all, you're fighting the
goddess of wisdom and warfare."

X:  "Don't forget weaving."

Ares:  "So-- "

X:  "Ares-- "

Ares:  "Hmm?"

X:  "I believe we discussed a deal."

Ares:  "Deal-- deal, deal, deal, deal-- I don't know.  Did we?"

X:  "Cut the crap.  I'm ready to bargain.  You fight beside me
and we can defeat Athena."

Ares:  "Maybe we can.  Of course, if I side with you against my
sister-- then I become a pariah on Olympus.  So by helping you--
my own fate is sealed.  Oh, I'm-- still interested.  I just wanna
know-- what's in it for me?"

X:  "What's in if for you?  Me."



X:  "You help me defeat Athena-- and I'm yours."

Ares:  "You're mine."

X:  "For years, you've been wanting me to be your Warrior Queen.
Well-- I'm offering you my sword-- and the body that wields it."

Ares:  "That's um-- that's very tempting.  But what about

X:  "Olympus is doomed.  Zeus  is dead.  And whatever happens
here, their reign is over.  Look-- you want immortality?  A child
_is_ immortality-- a legacy-- a lineage.  You help me save my
daughter and you will be her father.  Through her, we can live

Ares:  "Xena, uh-- "

X:  "I'm offering you everything you ever wanted.  Take it."

Ares:  "No.  No, you don't."

X:  "What?"

Ares:  "You're up to something.  I have desired you from the very
time I saw you in battle.  And now?  After all these years, after
all these games-- the cat and the mouse-- will I, won't I--
`Ares, I'm yours.  Take me.'  Well, I'm sorry, it's too easy."

X:  "I am offering you a deal.  And I don't go back on my

Ares:  "No.  No you don't.  But you always come up with some way
to mess with my head."


Pig Farmer:  "This is crazy.  I'm a pig farmer, not a soldier.
How am I supposed to fight Athena?"

The Villager:  "So, what are we supposed to do?  Just hand over
her little babe to get killed?"

Pig Farmer:  "If the gods will it, who are we to stand in the
way?  Athena's always protected us.  What do we know about this
Eli and his way?  All I know is he wound up on the end of Ares'

The:  "What about the twilight?"

Pig Farmer:  "It's a myth.  Athena's the goddess of wisdom, for
crying out loud.  If she wants the child, I say we give it to

G:  "Do you want to give Eve to Athena?!  Does anybody else feel
that way?!  We give up the baby-- and go back to our fields in
peace-- until the next god comes along-- and they want _your_
child --or yours.  We're not fighting for Xena.  We're fighting
for ourselves-- for our right to be treated like human beings--
not game pieces.  If any _one_ of you is willing to give up their
own child-- then speak up!  'Cause I will _not_ have you fighting
next to me!  Back to your posts.  Ares!  Ares, I need to talk to

Ares:  "Well, aren't I Mr. Popular?"

G:  "I'm not here to play games.  I know that Xena made an offer
to you."

Ares:  "You're telling the story."

G:  "If you lay a hand on her-- I sw-- "

Ares:  "What?  You'll do what?"

G:  "If you accept-- you will destroy Xena.  You will turn her
into exactly what she used to be, a vicious killer!"

Ares:  "Yeah, well-- I kinda liked that Xena."

G:  "Did you?  Then why are you so obsessed with who she is now?
Tell me you don't feel anything for the real Xena-- the good
Xena.  Ares, if you make her do this-- she will  never love you."

Ares:  "Do you think-- she'd really give herself to me to save

G:  "Has she ever said anything she doesn't mean?"

Ares:  "Thank you."

G [Whispers]:  "Don't do it."

Ares:  "Hm-m-m-m-m."


Ares:  "So Sis-- how goes the siege?"

Ath:  "I'm about to start catapulting dead cows into the

Ares:  "And a classic it is.  But as much as I love the smell of
rotting cow carcass in the morning, have you condsidered there
might be another way to break the stalemate?"

Ath:  "Hm-m-m-m?"

Ares:  "I might be able to convince Xena-- to leave our realm--
to take Eve where she can do no harm."

Ath [Laughs]:  "And where would that be?  Oh, you're thinking
with your codpiece again, Brother.  Do you really think Xena will
be yours if you can save the child?"

Ares:  "Have you considered that maybe this prophecy is
fulfilling itself?!  Think about it.  What can Xena's baby do to
us?  Really?  Yet the more we fight amongst ourselves about the
future of this one tiny child, the more vulnerable we become."

Ath:  "Because of this one tiny child, Zeus is already dead!"

Ares:  "If he'd let well enough alone, Hercules wouldn't 'a
killed him."

Ath:  "And what if you're wrong, Ares?  Is it worth the risk for
one child?  Or for one woman?  There will be no compromise."


X:  "Hello, Ares.  Thought I might find you here."

Ares:  "Oh, yeah."

X:  "So-- are we going to seal this deal?  Or what?"

Ares:  "Sounds like a plan."

X:  "One thing.  Can I trust you to keep your end of the

Ares:  "Yeah-- sure."

X:  "Because I wouldn't want there to be any confusion."

Ares:  "No-- no confusion.  Uh-- I side with you-- against gods--
save Eve.  Gotcha."

X:  "Excellent."

Ares:  "Whoa!"

X:  "Uh-- didja hear something?"

Ares:  "No."

X:  "Uh, no, no-- no, I heard fighting."

Ares:  "Perfect.  Now-- where were we?"

Cyr:  "Are you all right?"

X:  "Mom?"



Cyr:  "Xena!"

X:  "This is not what it looks like!"

Ares:  "Yeah, it is."

Cyr:  "I suppose it could be-- worse.  I mean, after all, he is a
god.  Although, I would have preferred Apollo or-- or maybe

Ares:  "Excuse me, Hermes?  With the wings on the feet?  Oh,

Cyr:  "Xena-- Gabrielle has launched an attack on Athena's army."

Ares:  "Hey, hey.  Wait, wait, wait, wait.  What are you doing?
I couldn't have planned this better myself.  I promised, to help
you and your daughter.  Now, Gabrielle is attacking.  She's
providing us with the perfect cover."

X:  "What are you saying?"

Ares:  "Leave her-- now-- while Athena's distracted, and I'll
take you and your daughter someplace else."

X:  "No."

Ares:  "You're making a mistake.  I would have kept our bargain."

X:  "I know you would have.  I've got to do this my way."

Ares:  "What a surprise."



Ele:  "Gabrielle tried to charge our line-- but we have her

Ath:  "They're getting desperate.  End it for me, Elenis-- before
all of Amphipolis is destroyed.  Put an arrow in the young bard.
We'll see how long Xena will resisit while her companion slowly
bleeds to death.  Stop the attack."

Ele:  "Stop the attack!"

Soldiers' Voices:  "No!  Hold it!"  "Halt!  Halt!"

G:  "Xena-- what are you doing?"

X:  "Get outta my way, Gabrielle.  I'm going to save these people
_and_ you."

Ath:  "A wise decision, Xena."

X:  "Pull back your army."

Ath:  "Of course.  You heard her."

Ele:  "Pull back!"

X [Whispers]:  "OK."

Ath:  "It's for the best, Xena."

X:  "Don't make it worse with your platitudes.  Do it-- while
she's asleep.  Do it."

Ath:  "You might want to look away."

X:  "If my daughter's to be sacrificed to save these people, the
least I can do honor her is to remember every detail."

Ares:  "Not so fast, Sis."

Ath:  "Ares, get out of my way!"

Ares:  "You know what they say?  Blood is thicker than water--
but blood runs hardest when love is involved."

Ath:  "You're really whipped, aren't you?"

Ares:  "Oh, no, that ain't nice."

X:  "Gabrielle, now-w-w-w-w-w!"

G:  "Ata-a-a-a-a-ack!"

Ele:  "Yah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!"

X:  "Let's see you do without your goddess' back."

X:  "Not bad."

Ath:  "What's the matter, Bro?  Worried about your girlfriend?"

Ares:  "Me?  No.  Worried about yours?"

Ath:  "Elena!"

Soldiers' Voices:  "Pull back!"  "Retreat!"  "Retreat!"

Ath:  "Your wound is beyond my healing."

Ele:  "Do I still have your favor, Athena?"

Ath:  "Always.  Take a good look, Ares.  We're next-- all of us."

Soldier's Voice:  "Retreat!"

G:  "Yah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!  Xena-- are you OK?"

X:  "Yeah, I'm fine."

G:  "Did you and-- Ares-- ?"

X:  "No."

G:  "-- do-- "

Ares:  "Not-- yet.  Shall we conclude our transaction, Xena?"

X:  "Y'know, it's really kind of you, Ares, but I don't think I'm
gonna have to take you up on your offer after all."

Ares:  "I saved-- your child."

X:  "You saved my dollie."

Ares:  "Wh-- why do you continue-- to deny us?  We had a deal.
When we were fightin' side by side, it was like we were one.
Back there in the temple-- can you tell me you didn't feel

X:  "I felt nothing."

Ares:  "This isn't finished.  As long as your child lives,
they'll keep coming-- and then you're gonna have to come to me
for help."

X:  "I felt something."

Cyr:  "Xena-- you all right?"

X:  "Hey, Eve.  Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.  You guys cut it pretty
fine with that attack."

G:  "Huh."

X:  "Nearly ran out of foreplay-- just about had to go through
with it."

G:  "Xena, when someone invents an accurate time-keeping device,
then I can synchronize the plan better."

X:  "Yeah, and that bomb was a little much, you know?  It wasn't
like I was wearing anything-- I mean, armor."

Cyr:  "I don't understand.  Gabrielle-- you blew up Ares'

G:  "We had to start the battle somehow.  Otherwise, you would
have had to have gone through with the deal-- right?"

Cyr:  "So, you two planned the whole thing?"

X:  "Oh-h-h-h."

Cyr:  "Oh, what am I gonna do with you two?"

X:  "Come on."

G:  "Xena."

X:  "Hm-m?"

G:  "Did you say that you felt something?"

X:  "No."

G:  "No, I think I heard you.  You-- you said you felt

X:  "Gabrielle, I said no such thing."

G:  "Oh, really?"

X:  "Maybe a little something."

G:  "What?"


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