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"Antony and Cleopatra"  Episode 108/518


Cleopatra [Cleo]'s Voice:  "Speak."

Advisor [Adv]:  "Cleopatra-- Rome is on the brink of an all-out
civil war."

Cleo:  "And why should that interrupt my bath?"

Adv:  "You command the greatest navy in the world-- a strategic
prize, if your name happens to be Brutus, or Antony.  Whichever
one of them gets control of your navy, will rule the empire."

Cleo:  "Well, it sounds like they'll both be courting me then,
doesn't it?"

Adv:  "Or trying to _eliminate_ you.  There are those that say--
with you out of the way-- the Egyptian navy will go to the
highest bidder."

Cleo:  "You worry too much.  I have always known how to protect
Egypt-- my people-- and myself.  _I_ will keep the Romans at bay.
See that my chief admiral receives those orders.  Hm-m-- is it
just me, Shianar [sic] or-- do crises only happen when I'm

Shiana [Shi]:  "Cleopatra-- an urgent message from Rome."

Cleo:  "Hm-m."

Servant's Voice:  "Help her!"

Cleo:  "Shiana--"

Shi:  "My queen."

Cleo:  "Shiana-- take this to Xena."

Shi:  "I will, my queen."


G:  "Are we really going to do this?"

X:  "Yes, we're really going to do this.  I fell that I owe it to

G:  "I wish Eve could see this."

X:  "No, she's better off in Alexandria with my mother."

G:  "Do you have a plan?"

X:  "First we become Egypt-- and then we take on Rome."


Canidius [Can]:  "There's a rumor that Brutus is in Egypt."

Antony [Ant]:  "I hope it's true, Canidius.  It'll save me the
trouble of having to find him."

Can:  "If he gets control of Cleopatra's fleet, we may not wanna
find him."

Ant:  "There's no reason to believe that he is any closer to that
than we are."

Soldier [Sold]:  "Sir!  Queen Cleopatra  bids you welcome-- and
has sent you a gift!"

Ant:  "Queen Cleopatra has sent me a gift.  Bring it in."

Sold:  "Sir, yes sir!  Bring it in!  It's a carpet, sir!"

Ant:  "Dismissed.  `Will Rome enter Egypt?'"

X/Cleo:  "I am Cleopatra-- queen of Egypt-- slave of Rome "



X/Cleo:  "Cat got your tongue?"

Ant [Chuckles]:  "Queen Cleopatra-- your reputation for not
wasting time-- 'tis well deserved."

X/Cleo:  "Egypt is yours, Antony.  Won't you free me?"

Ant:  "Is that what you want?  Surely-- this is about _you_
capturing _me_."

X/Cleo:  "If that was the plan, I would have dressed for the
occasion.  Ah-h.  Hm-m.  Now I am free-- and you?"

Ant:  "Let's just say your conquest is not yet complete."

X/Cleo:  "Well, of course not.  And who could expect the great
Antony to surrender easily.  I simply thought that, you might be
the type to enjoy surprises."

Ant:  "Your guessing serves you well, Queen-- but I came here--
to form an alliance with you-- one based on trust-- and

X/Cleo:  "I think we got the openness covered.  And as for
trust-- well I really couldn't have come here in a more
vulnerable state, now, could I?  So perhaps you should trust me.
Come to my palace.  I think I can find a bed for you."


Brutus:  "I must speak with Cleopatra at once!"

Shi:  "Brutus-- is she expecting you?"

Bru:  "No, she's not, but I fear for her safety."

G:  "What does Cleopatra have to be afraid of, Brutus?"

Bru [Whispers]:  "Gabrielle."

G:  "I'm alive.  I'll handle this."

Bru:  "You survived the crucifixion."

G:  "You should have been there."

Bru:  "What are you doing here?"

G:  "I'm paying a visit to an old friend."

Bru:  "Where's Xena?"

G:  "She's with Cleopatra."

Bru:  "Well, then I'll see them both."

G:  "It's not a good time, Brutus.  I'll relay your concerns
about her safety."

Bru:  "I'd just as soon do that in person."


X/Cleo:  "Come on, then.  I won't bite.  Ah-h-- why don't you
wait there while I slip into something less comfortable?"

Shi:  "Brutus is here to see Cleoptra."

X/Cleo:  "Ah-- great idea, Shiana.  I'm sure Rome would _love_ a
tour of Egypt's palace."


Bru:  "Gabrielle-- this is ridiculous.  I have information that
could save Cleopatra's life.  I insist on seeing her!"

G [Interrupts]:  "You're in no position to make demands!"


X:  "Ave, Brutus.  You know, you're in a queen's bedchamber."

Bru:  "I have come to warn Cleopatra there are people plotting
against her.  Under no circumstances should she trust either
Antony, or Octavius.  They both want her dead."

X:  "Octavius?  Caesar's adopted son?"

Bru:  "He claims to be the rightful heir to Rome.  He's just a
murdering opportunist."

X:  "Well-- I'll be sure and tell her.  I know she'll appreciate
your concern."

Bru:  "I would like to see her myself."

X:  "She's busy."

Bru:  "I'm glad you and Gabrielle are well."  [Clears throat]

Shi:  "What should I do with Antony?"

X:  "The bath."


G:  "If Brutus is right, Xena-- Antony may try to kill you."

X:  "I think he has some business to conclude with me first.
[X/Cleo]  Welcome, Antony.  Oh, this is my companion-- Iris."

Ant:  "If I were your hands, Iris-- I would be fortunate indeed."

X/Cleo:  "Leave us."

Ant:  "No-- I have matters to attend to.  Besides-- I have supped
full of pleasures this night.  Perhaps by morning, we can put
this issue of trust behind us-- and move on."

G:  "God, Xena-- I thought he was going to accept your
invitation.  How did you know he wouldn't?"

X:  "I didn't."



Octavius [Oct]:  "Are you Cleopatra?"

X/Cleo:  "Are you my assassin?"

Oct:  "No!  I was coming to see you."

X:  "We have a front door for that."

Oct:  "This was-but-- this was the only way.  B-believe me."

X/Cleo:  "Go!  Yah!"

Oct [Screams]:  "Help me!"

X/Cleo:  "Get up!  Get up!"

Ant:  "Cleopatra!"

X/Cleo:  "Where'd you think _you_ were going?"

Oct:  "Away from him.  He wants me dead.  Those assassins were
after me."

X/Cleo:  "Oh, well aren't _you_ the center of attention!  Isn't
it more likely they were after me?  It was _my_ bedroom they
torched. "

Oct:  "That's why we must ally.  They want us _both_ dead."

X/Cleo:  "And who are you?"

Ant:  "Octavius.  Queen Cleopatra-- may I introduce the
grandnephew, and adopted son-- of Julius Caesar-- and a traitor."

Oct:  "I'm a traitor?  What would Caesar think of his closest
friend denying me his throne?"

Ant:  "Uncle Julius was too busy to realize-- just how
ill-equipped you are.  It's not that I love Caesar less.  I love
Rome more."

X/Cleo:  "Antony--"

Oct:  "Cleopatra, please-- he'll kill me!"

X/Cleo:  "Silence.  Take him away.  I'll deal with him later."

Sold:  "Come on, traitor!"

X/Cleo:  "How do I know that you aren't somehow involved in

Ant:  "I came here-- to put out the fire.  We have unfinished
business-- you and I."

X:  "Yes?"

G:  "I'm losing sight of your plan, Xena.  Are you going to
_flirt_ him to death?"

X:  "I'm getting him to trust me, so I can do what I want with

G:  "Be careful.  He's your type."

X:  "You think?"

G:  "What's this unfinished business?'"

X:  "He's going to try to seduce me into letting him use
Cleopatra's navy."

G:  "And then?"

X:  "And then I'll have him on his knees-- figuatively speaking,
of course."

G:  "Of course."


Song:  "Have I been blind?"
"Have I been lost?"
"Have I been wrong?"
"Have I been wrong?"
"Have I been wise?"
"Have I been wise?"
"Have I been strong?

"Have I been hypnotized?  Mesmerized?
By what my eyes have found?"
"By what mmy eyes have found?"
"In that great street carnival?

"Have I been blind?"
"Blind?" " 
Have I been lost?"
"Lost?  Have I been-- ?"
"Have I been wrong?"
"Have I been wrong?"
"Have I been wise?"
"Have I been wise?"
"Have I been strong?

"Have I been hypnotized?  Mesmerized?
By what my eyes have found?"
"By what my eyes have found?"
"In that great street carnival?
In that carnival?"

G/Iris [Clears throat]:  "Queen Cleopatra-- don't forget your
meeting with your advisors."

X/Cleo:  "Ah, my advisors.  Yes, they're such busybodies."

Ant:  "Rome wasn't built in a day."

X:  "What do you think you were doing?  I was in complete

G:  "How far were you going to let that go?"

X:  "Until he begged for my navel."

G:  "Your navy?"

X:  "I know what I'm doing."

G:  "Xena, what happens if he's the one who killed Clepatra?"

X:  "Then he's the one I'll kill if I have to.  I have no real
feelings for him, Gabrielle, believe me."

Shi:  "This is from Antony."

X:  "Really?"

Shi:  "He invites you to meet him tomorrow night-- under the

X:  "Tell him I'll be there.  Got him right where I want him."



Ant:  "Our time in this world-- is brief.  Kingdoms-- they're
mere clay.  Will Rome surpass their majesty?  I don't know.  In a
place like this-- a man is truly small."

X/Cleo:  "Why did you come to Egypt?  My navy."

Ant:  "Yes-- but that has changed."

X/Cleo:  "Changed how?"

Ant:  "I don't want you to give me your navy.  You would always
suspect, that that is all I wanted from you."

X/Cleo:  "So, what do you want from me?"

Ant:  "Your love."

X/Cleo:  "My love won't help you in a fight against Brutus." 

Ant:  "The first time I saw you-- I knew a man would give up a
kingdom for such a woman.  There is nothing that I have learned
since-- that would change my mind."

X/Cleo:  "Nothing?"

Ant:  "Nothing."

X/Cleo:  "Antony."


Ant:  "One of Brutus'?"

X/Cleo:  "No, wait, Antony.  He could be useful to us.  Tell
Brutus he missed.  Tell him Antony and Cleopatra are alive--
well-- and together."


Oct:  "Do you think I tried to kill Cleopatra?"

G/Iris:  "I don't know."

Oct:  "Tears are for boys."

G/Iris:  "I know some men who could use a good cry."

Oct:  "I need to put them behind me-- and think of my people."

G/Iris:  "The people of Rome?"

Oct:  "And all who are under its protection.  My uncle exploited
the peoples of the world for his ambition.  I want to correct
that!  To bring them Roman peace-- Pax Romana.  Do you think I'm

G/Iris:  "No, I don't."


G:  "Xena?"

X:  "You were right, Gabrielle-- I do have a soft spot for bad
boys.  Even worse is a bad boy who loves like a fool."

G:  "What happened?"

X:  "He wouldn't take Cleopatra's navy.  He says he wants my love
instead.  I think he means it."

G:  "Maybe you can enlist him as an ally."

X:  "Well, what will happen when he finds out that I'm not
Cleopatra?  That I've duped him all this time?"

G:  "What are you going to do?"

X:  "I can't let him get control of the empire.  There's plenty
of blood on those hands of his.  He's not afraid to shed it.  I
know that.  And what about Octavius?"

G:  "He's idealistic.  His heart's in the right place, Xena."

X:  "I wonder if he and Antony can work together."


X/Cleo:  "Making travel plans?"

Ant:  "I'm trying to outguess Brutus."

X/Cleo:  "And if you defeat him, what will you do.?"

Ant:  "I will execute him-- and all his men."

X/Cleo:  "All of them?  Even the common soldier?"

Ant:  "There must be consequences for opposing Marc Antony--
death, executions-- it is the Roman way-- and I am Roman."

X/Cleo:  "Yes, I see.  And what about Octavius?  I hear he's a
good man."

Ant:  "He may be a good boy-- but I cannot let him live to be a
good man."

X/Cleo:  "Antony-- take my navy.  No, I insist.  This gesture of
yours is very sweet-- but I get the point.  I know that you love
me.  I've had reports that Brutus' fleet is approaching the mouth
of the Nile.  Draw him into battle there.  At the appropriate
time I will reinforce you.  Brutus will be crushed."

Ant:  "Rome-- is eternally grateful."


Bru's Voice:  "Queen Cleopatra."

X/Cleo:  "Aproach, Roman.  Boo."

Bru:  "Xena."

X:  "That's right.  I've been playing the part of Cleopatra--
because _you_ killed her."

Bru:  "You have to understand.  Now, I _needed_ that navy.  And I
knew I could never compete with Antony for the affections of a
beautiful woman.  Now I thought-- if she were gone-- I had a
chance to negotiate with her admirals."

G:  "That's your justification for murder?"

Bru:  "When I killed Caesar-- I crossed the Rubicon of blood.
Why have you called me here?"

X:  "It seems we have a common enemy-- Marc Antony."

Bru:  "You see what a dangerous man he is."

X:  "Oh, yes I do.  His fleet is moving toward the mouth of the
Nile.  You meet him there and I'll reinforce.  Together we'll
chop him into little pieces."

Bru:  "Why should I trust you?"

G:  "I'll go with you."

Bru:  "I can't ask for a better guarantee than that.  You won't
regret this."

X:  "I won't regret this."

G:  "The trap's been set.  Perhaps you won't have to-- "

X:  "Kill Antony?"



Ant:  "Perhaps, when we have dealt with Brutus-- a journey on the
scented waters of the Nile-- on a golden barge with oars of
silver-- which we'll keep stroked to the tune of flutes-- and
make the waters which they beat to follow faster as though
amourous of each stroke."

X/Cleo:  "Antony, we're about to go into a major sea battle."

Ant:  "With Egypt's navy-- we cannot lose."


Bru:  "Once we catch Antony, you'll give Xena the signal?"

G:  "Yes."

Bru:  "Then we'll see who will become Rome."

G:  "You've become an ambitious man, Brutus."

Bru:  "People change, Gabrielle."

Sold's Voice:  "Higher!  Higher!"

Bru:  "I remember when you spoke only of peace-- and now you're a

G:  "And you're a murderer."

Bru:  "I killed Cleopatra for the good of Rome."

G:  "How many people have to die for the good of Rome?"


Oct:  "Nervous?"

Shi:  "Terrified.  How about you?"

Oct:  "Definitely nervous."

Oct:  "Why are you here, Shiana?"

Shi:  "I promised my mistress I'd see her murderers brought to

Oct:  "I can't believe Cleopatra's gone.  Death has no respect
for rank."

Shi:  "You're about to step onto the stage of history, Octavius.
Are you ready?"

Oct: "Yes.  I feel I was born for this moment.  I realize now
it's my destiny to rule Rome."


Sold's Voice:  "I stowed it down below."

Ant:  "Never has a battle been so one-sided."

A Sold's Voice:  "Ship ahoy!"

Ant:  "It's Brutus' flagship.  We're gonna be rammed!  Light the

Oct:  "There!  Time to launch the Egyptian fleet on both Antony--
and Brutus.  Prepare for battle!"


Solds' Voices:  "Come on!  Give me one!  "Here!  Take them!  Pass
it along!"  "For the glory of Brutus!"  "For imperial Rome!"
"Free Rome from tyranny!"  

Sold:  "The Egyptians are attacking our fleet!"

Bru:  "What?!  You knew?"  [Yells]

G:  [Yells]


A Sold:  "Cleopatra's navy is attacking both Roman fleets from
the rear!"

Ant:  "Both Roman fleets?!  Xena.  You win my trust-- my love--
and then you betray-- everything."

X:  "Antony-- "

Ant [Yells]:  "I did-- love you."


Oct:  "Xena-- Rome owes you a debt of gratitude."

X:  "Rome owes me nothing.  Octavius, you'll soon be the new
leader.  It is you who must recognize and support this new
alliance forged between Egypt and Rome.  It cost Cleopatra her
life.  Make sure it was worth it.  Cleopatra always put the
well-being of her kingdom ahead of her own.  Repsect this.  She
died in the hope that the Egyptian people might, for the first
time-- choose their next great leader.  She was Egypt."


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