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"Eve"  Episode 111/521


[[[[[[Narrator:  "Previously, on Xena-- "  X's Voice:  "Ares?!"
Woman:  "Beg pardon, but, uh-- Ares hasn't been seen in these
parts since the legend'ry [sic] Xena died about, ooh, 25 years
ago."  Meg:  "I gave you the best chow-- "  G [Interrupts]:
"Joxer?"  Joxer [Jox]:  "What?!"  G:  "Is that you?"  X:
"Octavius.  Where's my daughter, Octavius?"  Crowd's Voices:
"Livia!  All hail Livia!  Livia!  Livia!  Livia!"  Livia [Liv]'s
Voice:  "You don't know the first thing about me!"  X's Voice:
"But I do."  X:  "I know your first laugh-- your first tears.  I
know your first breath.  I'm your mother."  X's Voice:  "I've
gotta go after her, Gabrielle."  X:  "I gotta save her from
herself-- and the gods."]]]]]]

G:  "We'll find Eve, Xena."

Jox:  "Yeah, look at all these tracks-- even _I_ could follow
'em.  I mean, uh-- you know-- judging from the, uh-- the
hoofprints-- uh, chances are a large group of men passed through
here.  Most likely they were on, uh-- horseback, I think."

X:  "Good eye, Joxer.  She's at least got a company-- Roman
troops still loyal to her.  They can't be more than half a day
ahead of us."

Virgil [Vir]:  "Don't worry, Xena-- we'll find Eve."

X:  "You keep saying `Eve.'  The woman we're tracking is Livia,
champion of Rome.  I'm not sure that my daughter even exists

G:  "It doesn't matter what she calls herself, Xena.  A lifetime
serving Rome doesn't change the fact that she's your daughter.
When she looks inside herself, she'll see you there.  She'll be
Eve again."

Jox:  "Sure, with a mother like you, how bad can she be?"



Liv:  "Followers of Eli-- don't forget to turn the other cheek.

Soldier [Sold]'s Voice:  "Traitors!  Do you like train!  [?]"

Liv:  "Why Xena is determined to protect you sheep is beyond me."

Lieutenant [Lieu]:  "Livia-- we can't find a temple to Eli in the
village.  There's no proof these people were even part of Eli's

Liv:  "And I should care?!  Why?  Eli's followers are vermin.
They hide amongst true Romans, spreading like a sickness.  If a
few innocents must die to stop their heresy-- so be it.  And if
it vexes Xena-- so much the better."

Old Man:  "You can't destroy our spirit!  We've seen worse than
you.  We've lived through Callisto's raids."

Liv:  "Callisto-- she did some good work-- but I'm not Callisto.


X:  "My daughter did this."



G:  "I can't believe Eve could do this."

X:  "`Rome needs no mother.'"

Vir:  "Canidus-- it's Titus-- these were my friends."

X:  "Get 'em down.  Get 'em all down."

G:  "Xena, you know this isn't your fault."

Woman's Voice:  "Xena?"

Woman:  "You're Xena?"

X:  "That's right."

Woman:  "She killed them all!  My husband-- my children!  I asked
her, `Why?!  Why?!'  She said, `Ask Xena-- ask my mother!'  Tell
me, why, Xena!  [Crying]  Why?!  Why?!  Why?!  Why?!"

Ares:  "She's something, isn't she?  Looks like Livia's nearly
racked up the body count you had at her age."

X:  "She's my daughter, you sick bastard."

Ares:  "Why do you think it was so easy to turn her?  Look-- this
is all blood under the bridge.  You give me a child-- the other
gods will never find out that Eve is still alive."

X:  "I'd rather go to hell."

Ares:  "Damn it, I'm not asking you, I'm telling you!  You give
me what I want!  Or I will bring _all_ of Olympus down on your
daughter's head!"

X:  "The thought of being with you-- or of having your child--
that sickens me."


Liv:  "We'll set up camp here."

Sold's Voice:  "It's about time we get a break!"

Ares:  "Kinda early for hard stuff, huh?"

Liv:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!"

Ares:  "Who-o-o-oa-- whoa-ho-o-o-o-o-o!  Down, girl-- we got some

Liv:  "Take your _business_-- to my mother-- your long-lost love.
We've got nothing!"

Ares:  "Oh, grow up.  I had a thing for Xena, once-- but no
longer-- so get over it-- and get even.  Wouldn't you like that?"

Liv:  "What do you think?  I was supposed to marry Augustus.  I
was destined to be the empress-- of the empire-- till she came

Ares:  "So, what's changed?  We have an arrangement-- you destroy
the cult of Eli for me-- I run a little divine intervention for
you-- get you to be empress of Rome."  

Liv:  "Where's Xena fit into all this?"

Ares:  "She doesn't-- but you're gonna have to kill her to keep
her from stopping you."

Liv:  "And the twilight?  Aren't you afraid?  Aren't you afraid
I'll bring about the _end_-- of your gods?"

Ares:  "When you were born-- there was panic on Olympus.  It cost
Zeus his life.  Hera vanished.  And then-- we thought you were
dead-- for twenty-- five years-- and do you know-- what happened?
Nothing.  So, the only power you have over us is our own fear.
Reclaim your destiny, Livia.  Kill Xena."


Vir:  "It must feel great to be on the road again-- leading Xena
and Gabrielle into battle again after all these years?"

Jox:  "Yeah-- well, you know, you never lose a warrior instinct,
you know."

X:  "These tracks are fresh.  I can't believe that it's my
daughter we're tracking-- that it's Eve who's doing these
terrible things."

G:  "Xena, this isn't the Eve that you would've raised.  Ares did

X:  "Ares might have opened the door, but Eve had to walk

G:  "How do you know that?"

X:  "You said it yourself-- Eve finally took a good look inside
herself, and she found _me_ there."

G:  "That's not what I meant."

X:  "I know her rage-- it's in Eve's blood, Gabrielle.  I made
her who she was.  I _was_ her."

G:  "Then there's hope-- because you changed."


Solds' Voices:  "On your feet, sheep!"  "Get outside!  Go on!
Move!  You, too!  Get going!  You heard me!"  "I said move!"  "Go
on!  Quick!"  "It's Xena!"

X:  "All right, boys-- that's enough arts and crafts for today."

Jox:  "Now you'll taste the steel of Joxer the mighty!"


Jox:  "Wait till-- "

Vir:  "I got it, Dad."

Jox:  "Get 'em, boy!  Like I taught ya!"

X:  "Where _is_ she?!"

Liv:  "Oh, Mommy-- "

G [Whispers]:  "Joxer."

X:  "Eve-- "

Liv:  "I told you, my name is Livia!"

X:  "All right-- Livia.  You've got a bone to pick with me.  Here
I am-- but let Joxer go."

Liv:  "It's time for some payback, Xena.  I think I'll start with
this loser."

Vir:  "Dad!"

G:  "Joxer."

X:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h!"

Vir:  "You OK?"

Jox:  "Yeah, yeah.  Yeah, yeah."


Ares:  "Oh, yeah."

X:  "You can get past this anger, Eve."

Ares:  "Don't listen to her, Livia!  She's just jealous of your

Liv:  "I'm glad you came back.  Killing you must be part of my

X:  "No, your destiny _isn't_ to kill.  Your destiny is to find a
new way _beyond_ the killing!"

Liv:  "Shut up, and fight me!  Fight me!  Fight me!"

Ares:  "Do it!  She's all that stands between you and Rome!"

X:  "He's lying to you, Eve.  He'd say anything to keep you from
your true path.  That's why I came back-- to show you who you
truly are."

Ares:  "Come on.  Do it."

X:  "Listen to your heart."

Liv:  "My heart is a traitor."

X:  "Eve-- "

Man:  "Die, butcher!"

X:  "Hey-- it's all right."

Liv:  "Archers!"

X:  "Get dow-w-w-w-wn!"

A Man's Voice:  "Fire!"

Liv:  "Yah!"

Ares:  "How does it feel, Xena-- knowing the person you love--
despises you-- trying to reach her, but-- knowing in the end--
it'll either be her-- or you."

Man:  "Why did you stop me?  She murdered my wife-- my daughter.
What about the next family she butchers?  And the next?  Their
blood's on your hands, now!"



Ares:  "All better now?"

Liv:  "She could have let that peasant kill me.  She could have
ended it right there.  She laved my life.  Why?"

Ares:  "The same reason she didn't kill you in the arean.  She
wants you to buy into all the touchy-feely garbage, like love and

Liv:  "She came all this way.  She survived in an ice cave for 25
years to find me."

Ares:  "She came to destroy you!  Now, who are you gonna listen
to?  The mother who abondoned you 25 years ago?  Or the god--
who's gonna make you an empress?"


G's Voice:  "Austia."

X:  "Why Austia?"

Vir:  "It's near the coast.  Eli's largest temple's there.  Word
has it, that the last of Eli's faithful are gathering to pray for
a miracle to help save 'em from Livia."

X:  "Well, let's hope that they get one.  Why don't you guys get
some rest.  We're heading out at first light."

G:  "Xena-- you were getting through to Eve today.  All you
need-- all you need is another chance."

X:  "Chances run out, Gabrielle-- for all of us."

G:  "If that's true-- if Eve can't be changed-- could you kill
your own daughter?"

X:  "If I had to-- yes, I could."

Jox:  "Virgil-- about today-- "

Vir:  "Forget about today, Dad.  You were just tired."

Jox:  "Listen-- let me finish.  I always wanted to be a great
warrior.  It didn't work out.  I tried to join every army from--
here to Egypt, but nobody ever wanted me-- and, ah-- well--
that's all."

Vir:  "So, you never battled the dryads?"

Jox:  "That was Xena."

Vir:  "What about the harpies?"

Jox:  "Xena, too."

Vir:  "Sent Callisto to hell?"

Jox:  "Xena."

Vir:  "Got Callisto out of hell."

Jox:  "Xena."

Vir:  "Wow-- sounds like you and Xena had some real adventures
together, Dad."

Jox:  "We sure did, Son.  We sure did."

X:  "If this plan is going to work, I have to get to Austia
before Eve's forces dig in."

G:  "It'll work."

X:  "See you there.  Tsk-tsk."


G [Whispers]:  "Virgil.  Virgil, I have something I have to do.
If I'm not back by dawn, I need you to meet Xena in Austia, like
we planned."

Vir:  "Where are you going?"

G:  "Promise me."

Vir:  "I will, but what are you gonna do?"

G:  "I'm gonna try to keep Xena from doing something that she'd
never forgive herself for.  Thanks."


Liv:  "Have the preparations been made for the attack?"

Liru:  "Yes-- but there's a complication.  She just walked into
camp-- unarmed."

Liv:  "Leave us.  Auntie Gabrielle-- welcome."

G:  "I've come here-- "

Liv:  "No-- please-- let me.  You thought if you could just--
talk to me-- heart to heart?  You could convince me that Xena
wants only to help me-- and if I could find it-- within myself,
to give her a chance-- Mommy would make it all better."

G:  "The gods wanted you dead.  Xena risked her life to save you.
Does that mean anything to you?"

Liv:  "It means, she's as stupid as she is sentimental."

G:  "Your mother loves you."

Liv:  "Then why is she trying to destroy me?"

G:  "Xena wnats to protect you.  She will _not_ fight you."

Liv:  "Maybe-- she hasn't been properly motivated."


Jox:  "I can't _believe_ you let Gabrielle go alone."

Vir:  "She wanted us to wait for Xena.  What are you doing?!"

Jox:  "She could be in trouble."

Vir:  "Dad, you don't have proof-- !"

Jox [Interrupts]:  "Listen!  You get Xena, and you bring her

Vir:  "But Dad-- !"

Jox:  "Do what I tell you, boy."


Sold:  "I hate-- !"

Jox [Whispers]:  "Wow."

Sold's Voice:  "Yes, sir!  I'll get right on that!"

Jox [Interrupts]:  "17, 18, 19-- 20-- to one.  Good odds."

Solds' Voices:  "Come on!  Come on, you scurvy dogs!  Let's move
out!  Move!"  "Put that on the fire!"

Liv:  "Today-- we wipe out the remnants of Eli's cult-- and I--
take my revenge on their champion-- Xena."

G:  "It's not too late to stop this, Eve."

Liv:  "Don't-- call me Eve.  Tie her up."

Jox:  "Xena-- where are you?"

Jox:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-- hit your mark, baby.  Oop."

Sold:  "Ooh!"

Liv:  "Do you think that Xena will still want that
mother-daughter reunion-- after she finds your bloodless corpse--
Auntie Gabrielle?"

Jox:  "No!  Problem!  Heh-heh.  Spill that infidel's blood!
Personally, I never like to kill infidels before noon-- though,
in your cases, I'll make an excep-- ooh!  Hey, that _is_ sharp."


Liv:  "Oh, good-- Mom's here."

Jox:  "About time."

Lieu:  "Move!"

Liv:  "This will be much more effective with an audience."

Jox:  "No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!  Rah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!"

X:  "Joxer, get down!"

G:  "No-o-o!  No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!  Joxer!  No-o-o-o-o-o!"

Vir:  "No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!"

Liv:  "Yah!"

Jox:  "Oh!"

X [Whispers]:  "Joxer."

Vir:  "Dad!"

Jox:  [Moans]

Vir:  " Can you help him?"

Jox:  "Hey-- are you OK?"

Vir [Whispers]:  "Yeah."

Jox [Whispers]:  "OK."

G:  "Joxer-- "

Jox:  "Yeah?"

G:  "What were you doing?"

Jox:  "I didn't want-- didn't want to disappoint you."

G:  "You could never disappoint me."

Jox:  "What?  What's the matter with you guys?  I'm gonna be
fine.  Come on.  I'm a little cold, but-- it doesn't hurt

G:  "We should take him home.  He would do the same for us."

Vir:  "I'll take him-- after we deal with Livia."

X:  "Virgil, you should be with Meg.  This isn't your fight."

Vir:  "Look-- you have my respect, because you had his-- but
don't tell me this isn't my fight-- not now."



Vir:  "Is this what it means to follow Eli?  I knew my faith
would be tested, but never like this."

G:  "Eli always says it takes courage to walk his path."

Vir:  "How can I love when my heart is filled with vengeance?"

G:  "I know that it's hard.  When you're pushed, you just wanna
push back-- but you have to ask yourself, is that want Eli would

Vir:  "I don't care what Eli wants.  I just know what I have to

Ares:  "That Virgil is one angry guy.  I can't say I blame him."

X:  "Get lost."

Ares:  "But he shouldn't hate Livia-- should he?  You're the one
he should hate.  You could have prevented all of this-- but no--
Joxer is dead-- because the thought of me made you sick.  OK--
but if I _sicken_-- your soul-- stopping Livia-- will _kill_ it."

X:  "I never thought it would be my friend."

G:  "It's not your fault, Xena."

X:  "Isn't it?"

G [Whispers]:  "No."

X:  "I spared Eve.  I thought I could save her, and now Joxer is
dead.  What part of that isn't my fault?"

G:  "You had to try."

X:  "That's cold comfort to Virgil and Meg.  How many more
innocents will die before I end this?"

G:  "None.  Xena, I went to Livia.  I tried to tell her that we
love her.  She didn't care."

X:  "You called her Livia."

G:  "That's who she is.  Eve is dead.  She's not your daughter
anymore, Xena-- she's Rome's."


X:  "Eli, wherever you are, I know you can hear me.  I'm having a
little trouble understanding your message, Eli.  I'm a warrior.
I have a warrior's heart-- and yet, you told me to-- to fight my
enemies with compassion instead of the sword.  Well, now I find I
have to kill my own daughter-- my own flesh and blood.  Is this
what you meant when you said I must love my enemy?  Show me
another way.  Where's your infinite love?"


Liv:  "Good-- the sheep are all here.  Aren't you afraid of me?!
You think Eli's gonna save you?!  Glad you could make it, Xena.
I hope you're not going to ruin my day with more of your
excrutiating mother-daughter platitudes."

X:  "No-- I'm done talking-- Livia."



X  "This ends here, Livia."

Liv:  "You finally get it.  Eve is dead."

X:  "That's right.  I'm here to avenge her."

Liv:  "Time to put you out of my misery."

X:  "Give it your best shot."


Ares:  "Oh, yeah-- who's my girl?!  Who's my girl?!  You are!
Oh, nice."

Liv:  "Attack!  What is this?"

X:  "You didn't think Augustus was just going to sit back and let
you take his throne, did you?  He was more than happy to lend me
a few reinforcements-- and Eli's followers had to take a little

Liv:  "Attack!"

[More fighting]

Liv:  "Come on, Mother-- do it.  Ares was right-- you're weak."

X:  "Eli, save my daughter.  I couldn't.  I love you."

[[[[[[X:  "It's a little girl!"  X:  "We're gonna be together
now, Eve-- you and me."  X [Sings]:  "Hush, now, my little one.
Please don't you cry.
Lay your head down
On my shoulder and sigh.

"Sun's gone away, and Mama will pray.
Silence will keep all the while you're asleep.

X [Whispers]:  "Livia-- "

Liv:  "Ooh, what have I done?!"

X:  "Livia-- "

Vir:  [Yells]

X:  "No-o-o-o-o!"

Vir:  "I had her!  Why'd you stop me?!


G:  "Xena, what happened?"

X:  "I think Eli's followers got that miracle they were praying

G:  "What did she say to you?"

X:  "She said her name was Eve."


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