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"Motherhood"  Episode 112/522


Eve:  "Uh!  Ah-h-h!"

G:  "Xena, I don't know if I wanna help her, or-- .  She killed

X:  "And she's lost-- just as I was.  But I got lucky-- 'cause I
found you.  Now, I have to try to help her find her way.
Gabrielle, I understand if you can't go-- through-- "

G:  "Xena-- let's save your daughter."

Eve:  "Uh-h-h!  Uh-h-h!"


A god's Voice:  "Come on, now!"

Ares' Voice:  "Back off!"

Ares:  "I'm the one figured out that Livia was Eve."

Hades:  "You should have told us immediately.  The prophecy says
she'll bring about the end of the gods."

Deimos [Dei]:  "She probably developed enough power to kill-- all
of us!"

Ares:  "I guarantee the only thing this girs has developed is
inferiority complex."

Hephaestus [Heph]:  "He's right.  I hear she's a babbling idiot."

Discord [Dis]:  "I say we move on her right away.  What's the

Athena [Ath]:  "Xena-- is the challenge, Discord.  If we wish to
kill Eve-- we have to go through Xena-- and as a mother-- she'll
be more dangerous than ever."

Artemis [Art]:  "So, what exactly is the plan?"

Ath:  "Furies!"

Ares [Laughs]:  "Yeah.  Um-- I gave the furies a shot at Xena.
It-- didn't work out."

Ath:  "Hm-m.  I know.  My plan is a bit more-- subtle."

Aphrodite [Aph] [Whispers]:  "Can we leave the bard out of this?"

Ath:  "Do you have a soft spot for Gabrielle?"

Aph:  "She's my friend."

Ath [Condescendingly]:  "Oh-h-h-h-- well-- then don't watch."


Man:  "Death!  To the monster, Livia!"

Men:  [Cheer]


X:  "Come on.  Eve!  [Whistles]  Yah!  Yah!  Yah-h-h!"

Man:  "Yah!  Yah!  Yah!"

X:  "Who-o-o-oa!"

Eve:  [Moans]

X [Whispers]:  "Eve.  Give me that."

Eve:  "You should have let them kill me!"

X:  "Never-- hear me?  Never.  Gabrielle, bring be some water.
Quick.  OK, try to drink."

Alecto [Ale]'s Voice:  "Xena-- Eve will only break your heart."

Ale:  "There'll be no peace for you until she's dead."



Ale's Voice:  "She killed Joxer."

Ale:  "Who will her next victim be?"

X:  "We've gotta get her to shelter.  Gabrielle?"

Ale's Voice:  "She killed Joxer.  Who will her next victim be?"

G:  "Xena?  Of course."

Woman:  "Xena?  Excuse me, did you call that woman Xena?"

G:  "Yes."

Woman:  "Oh.  Well, our scriptures tell us that our founder knew
a woman called Xena.  We call her the defender of the faith,
but-- well, it couldn't be the same woman."

G:  "The founder-- do you mean Eli?"

Woman:  "Yes!"

G:  "This is the defender of your faith."

X:  "Give me a hand to get her on the horse.  Come on."

Woman:  "It would be a great honor if you would all take shelter
in my home."

X:  "Thank you.  Come on."


Woman's Voice:  "Is it true that he could breathe fire?"

G:  "No-- no."

G:  "He was a man, made of flesh and blood-- like you.  That's
why his mission was so important."

Woman:  "You see, Jeb?  Now, I want you to take that
fire-breathing stuff out of your scroll.  Tell us some more,

G:  "He, um-- he gave us all hope-- that every living thing could
be saved by love."

Eve:  "He was wrong.  How can I be saved?  The things I've done."

X:  "Eve, maybe you should listen to what they have to say about

Woman:  "Eli teaches that, even if you've done something really
bad-- you can find comfort and love."

Eve:  "I wiped out entire villages because they wouldn't pay me
tribute.  I've drunk the blood of men that I tortured to death!
I killed her best friend!"

X [Whispers]:  "Stop.  Stop it."

Ale:  "She's gloating about killing Joxer.  I shouldn't leave her
alone with Xena.  Who knows what she's capable of?"

X:  "Eli used to initiate sinners into his way of love with some
sort of ceremony."

Woman:  "Yes, yes, w-- there's a man that continues that
tradition.  We call him `The Baptist.'"

X:  "Where can we find him?"


X:  "Here."

Baptist [Bap]:  "Do you admit your trespasses?"

Man [Sobbing]:  "Yes."

Bap:  "I now cleanse your body-- with these sweet waters-- and
initiate you-- to the way of love."

Eve:  "What are you looking at?!"

Bap:  "Suffering-- horrible suffering."

Eve:  "I should die for my deeds."

Bap:  "You're right.  You must die to the things of the flesh--
and be reborn-- to the way-- of love."

X:  "If that's the way it must be-- then I'm ready."

Ale:  "Look at Xena!"

Fury 2:  "She's just setting herself up to be hurt again."

G:  "No."

Ale:  "You know there's no reforming  Eve."

Fury 2's Voice:  "She's just setting herself up to be hurt

X:  "Eve."

[Poseidon dies.]

Dis:  [Yells]

Dei:  "No!  No, no, no, no, no!"

Dis:  [Yells]

[Discord dies.]

[Hephaestus dies.]"

G:  "Xena-- "

Ath:  "So-- you can kill gods."



X:  "How does it feel to smell your own mortality?  You know,
there's nothing more pathetic than a dead god.  So do yourselves
a favor-- don't follow us."

Ath:  "You fools!  If you'd waited for the furies to do their
work, we could have gotten through this without losing anyone!"

Ares:  "You know?  I'm just guessing-- but I'm thinking Xena's
gonna be pretty tough to kill."

Ath:  "We don't _have_ to.  Her daughter must somehow give her
that power.  It's Eve who has to die-- and the furies are still
our best chance!"

Ares:  "So, what we need is a distraction.  [Sarcastically]  Ooh,
pick me."


G:  "Xena, you can kill gods!  How is that possible?!"

X:  "While Eve was being initiated, I was visited by a spirit.
He said that Eve's cleansing-- gave me the power to kill gods."

G:  "What do you mean?  What kind of spirit?"

X:  "It was sent by the archangel, Michael."

G:  "Michael?"

X:  "He said that Eve would prepare the way for the rule of the
God of love."

G:  "And you're to protect her?"

X:  "I was chosen as the mother of the messenger.  As long as Eve
lives, I have the power to kill gods."

Eve:  "What's happened to me is all so confusing.  When I was
being initiated-- I felt one load being lifted, only to be
replaced by another just as frightening.  Where should I begin?"


X:  "By facing someone you've wronged."

Virgil [Vir]:  "Xena-- Gabrielle."  [Yells]

G:  "No."

Vir:  "Let me cut her throat."

X:  "Put it down, Virgil.  Put it-- down."

Eve:  "I don't expect you to forgive me."

Vir:  "Good-- because that's _not_ happening."

Eve:  "If my death could bring your father back, I'd accept it--

Vir:  "You know-- in my entire life, I never saw my father be
cruel to a man-- woman-- child, nor beast?!  He brought joy to
everybody who knew him-- and you?  You killed him."

X:  "That kind of reaction comes with the territory."

G:  "Where are you going?"

Vir:  "My mother was mad with grief.  She took my brothers and
sisters to Athens to stay with some relatives.  I'm going to
catch up with them."

G:  "I'm sorry, Virgil."

Vir [Whispers]:  "Thank you."  [Makes two kissing sounds]


Eve:  "You preserved Xena for all the ages in these scrolls,
Gabrielle.  Thank you."

X:  "Watch the back."


X:  "Ares?!"


Jox [Sceptre-like]:  "Oh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h.  Oh-h-h-h-h.
Oh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h.  [Normally]  Oh.  Oh.
Oh!  Ow!  Ow!  Damn!  Materializing is _not_ like it is in the
brochure.  Hi."

G:  "Joxer.  Y-- you're, uh-- "

Jox:  "Uh, yeah-- I'm dead."

G:  "I miss you, Joxer."

Jox:  "Then you shouldn't 'a let Eve kill me."

G:  "Joxer, I didn't _let_ Eve kill you."

Jox [Whispers]:  "Kill her, Gabrielle.  [Normal Voice]  Kill her
before she kills somebody else."

Hope's Voice:  "Good point."

Hope:  "Hello, Mother."

G:  "Hope?"

Hope:  "Xena's making a terrible mistake-- trying to save Eve?
The same mistake _you_ made-- when you didn't kill me when you
had the chance."


Ares:  "Hello, Xena."


Hope:  "Only _you_ can stop the cycle of violence.  Eve-- must
die.  Xena won't kill her own daughter.  You know how hard that
is.  Be brave, Mother [Whispers]-- for Xena.  You can do it,
Mother.  [Normal Voice]  You _must_ do it."


Ares:  "You're not gonna kill me, are you?"

X:  "Why ever not?!"

Ares:  "Because I love you.  Yeah-- I love you."


Hope:  "You can do it.  You can do it, Mother.  You have to do
it.  You must-- do it.  Do it, Mother-- kill her.  Do it!  Do it
for Xena.  I know you can.  This is the decision Xena can't make!
Kill her!  Kill her!"

X [Whispers]:  "Eve.  [Normal Voice]  Eve!"


G:  [Yells]

Eve:  [Yells]

X:  "No-o-o-o-o-o!"

Eve:  "Uh!"

X:  "Eve?  Good girl.  You _hang_ in there.  You're gonna be
fine.  Ga-- Gabrielle.  Furies."



X:  "Gabrielle-- stay with me, OK?  Stay with me."

Eve:  "How's Gabrielle?"

X:  "Not good."

Eve:  "You taught her-- ah-h-h!  You taught her pretty well."


Ath:  "All you had to do was distract her.  How was she able to
stop Gabrielle?"

Ares:  "How does Xena do anything?  She just _does_."

Ath:  "All right-- now we have no choice.  We launch a full-scale


Ath:  "There's no need for you to be hurt as well, Xena.  Give us
your daughter.  It's true you can kill gods, but at 4-to-1-- it's
not great odds."

X:  "Not for _you_."


Aph:  "No!  I just wanna help!"

X:  "Quick."

Dei:  "Ooh!  Ooh!"

X:  "Come on!  You gotta get out!  OK."

Eve:  [Screams]

Dei:  [Laughs]

X:  "All right?"

Hades:  "How did you _think_ it would end?"  [Screams, then dies]

X:  "Come on.  Go!  Go!  Go!"

Ath:  "No-o-o-o!"

X:  "Aphrodite?!  Aphrodite?!  Take care of her!"

Dei:  [Screams, then dies]


X:  "Neither of you is going to leave me.  Gabrielle-- you're the
most pure thing in my life-- and you're my great hope.  So, I'm
not gonna let either of you go!"

Aph:  "So sad."

X:  "Well, if you care so much, why don't you cure her?"

Aph:  "Gods can only heal with Athena's blessing.  That's not
gonna happen."

X:  "Then take us to Olympus."

Aph:  "Why?"

X:  "I want to offer them a deal."

Aph:  "And you'll-- kill them if they don't accept?"

X:  "Please?  Gabrielle doesn't have much time."

Aph:  "All right!  I'll take you to Olympus!"



X:  "Where are they?"

Aph:  "They're probably in the main hall, which is right through

X:  "Aphrodite, you might wanna take off.  Things could get

Aph:  "Goodbye, little one."

X:  "Thank you.  Here we go."

Eve:  "Mother?"

X:  "What is it, Eve?"

Eve:  "Nothing.  I just wanted to say it.  I-I've never called
anybody Mother before."

X:  "I just wish I had 'a seen you grow up.  I bet you were a
beautiful little girl."

Eve:  "I was.  [Chuckles]  I liked spiders."

X:  "Me, too.  OK-- let's get you two outta here."

Ares:  "Quite a load you got there.  Just-- take it easy.  I'm
here to make you an offer."

Eve:  "Like she'd trust _anything_ you'd say, you lying bastard!"

Ares:  "We'll make you a god."

X:  "What about Eve and Gabrielle?"

Ares:  "Gabrille-- we can negotiate.  But Eve-- she's our death
warrant.  She has to die.  You know?  Uh-- this is the second
time since you became-- Xena, slayer of gods-- that we've faced
off, one-on-one-- and you still haven't been able to pull the
trigger.  Ooh!  You shot me!  I'm the god of war!  Nobody shoots
the god of war!"

X:  "Move on!"

Ares:  "Oh-h-h-h!"


X:  "I have a deal for you, Athena.  You heal Eve and Gabrielle--
and I'll leave you alone."

Ath:  "Xena wants to make a deal-- I don't think that's going to
be necessary."


X:  [Yells]

[Art dies]

X:  "You sure you don't wanna reconsider?"

Ath:  "Never!"

X:  "Goddess of wisdom, you got two choices-- either you heal my
friends and I leave you in peace-- or you die now."

Ath [Yells]:  "I will _not_ be dictated to by a mortal!  I don't
feel a thing, Xena.  You've lost the power to kill gods.  It's a
shame it had to come to this, Xena.  [X stabs Athena.]  You
healed them without my blessing.  That's impossible."

Ares:  "I gave up my immortality to save them."

Ath:  "Why?"

Ares:  "I'm sorry-- but I got a thing for her."

X:  "Thank you."


X:  "Ooh-- what have we got here?"

Eve [Laughs]:  "Gabrielle?  About Joxer?  I, uh-- "

G:  "Eve-- Joxer's at peace."

Eve:  "Thank you."

G:  "Looks like you got your daughter back."

X:  "No, we got _our_ daughter back."

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