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"Dangerous Prey"  Episode 123/611


Morloch [Mor]:  "Oh, and you Amazons have such a reputation."

Marga [Mar]:  "If you're gonna kill me, just do it!"

Mor:  "Oh, where's the fun in that?  Before you die-- you'll
deliver a message for me."


G:  "Where are they?"

X:  "They're watching us.  We come alone!  And in peace."

G:  "Varia?"

Varia [Var]:  "What are you doing here, Xena?"

G:  "Marga invited us here.  Xana."

X:  "What's goin' on here?"

Xana:  "One of our warriors went missing in the sacred canyon.
Every time we went to search for her-- another one of us
disappeared.  Finally, Marga went alone to find whatever was out

X:  "Perhaps we can help."

Var:  "We don't need your help.  This is an Amazon problem.
She's been gone for days.  We're wasting time."

Xana:  "Marga ordered us not to come after her."

Var:  "It's been too long.  We've gotta do something."

X:  "Rushing blindly into the hands of whatever's out there isn't
going to help Marga."

Var:  "Neither is standing around here talking to you."

X:  "Let me go, Varia."

Var:  "Marga is our queen.  This is our responsibility."

X:  "I'll get her."


X:  "Marga.  Marga!  Marga."

Mar:  "Xena."

X:  "Sh-h.  Don't talk.  Don't talk."

Mar:  "Varia will try to avenge me.  If she dies-- the Amazons
are lost.  Promise me you'll protect her."

X:  "I promise, Marga."

Mar:  "Teach her to be a true warrior-- as you are.  The fate of
the Amazons-- is in your hands, Xena."

Var:  "Marga.  Margo.  No."

X:  "There's a message."

Var:  "Can you read it?"

X:  "`Is this the best that the Amazon nation has to offer?'
It's a challenge to all comers."



X:  "It was all internal damage.  It's pressure points,
Gabrielle.  Marga was meant to crawl back to camp before she

G:  "Why would someone do that?"

X:  "So she'd bring us the message?  Where's Varia?  Gabrielle,
try to keep everyone in the camp till I find out what's goin'


Var:  [Yells]

Raczar [Rac]:  "Prince Morloch will be pleased.  She looks like
she'll give a good chase.  You know?  You should feel honored.
Prince Morloch only hunts the best.  Take her down."

Man's Voice:  "Watch out.  Careful.  We're gonna have some _fun_
with you."


Man's Voice:  "Come on!  Get her!"

Rac:  "Prince Morloch has to hear about this one."

Var:  "Get me down!  Uh!"

X:  "Wait a minute.  Don't hurt him.  Just watch him.  I need
some information out of him."

Rac:  "Yah!  Ya!  Ya!"

X:  "He's gone.  At least we can find out where.  I told you to
watch him."

Var:  "One less to worry about."

X:  "These men have a leader-- and they are more afraid of facing
him than they are of death.  What does that tell you?"

Var:  "All I need to know is where to find him."

X:  "There's a whole lot of things you need to know.  This entire
canyon is rigged like a hunting ground.  There are traps

Var:  "A few little snares is not gonna stop me from finding
Marga's killer."

X:  "I promised Marga that I would protect you."

Var:  "I don't want your protection."

X:  "Varia!"

Var:  "Are you crazy?!"

X:  "If you want to find Marga's killer, and remain in one piece,
you'll do what I say-- when I say it."

Var:  "Get this off me-- now."

X:  "And until then-- you're on a leash.  Come on."

Var:  "Uh!"


Mor:  "Don't you knock, Raczar?"

Rac:  "You'll forgive my lack of manners, Prince Morloch-- when
you hear my news."

Mor:  "Fresh sport?"

Rac:  "An Amazon-- one of a kind."


Var:  "Let me go!  Get this thing off me."

X:  "Believe me, this chain's the best friend you've got right

Var:  "I lost my queen.  Most of my tribe is gone.  And you won't
let me loose so I can stop the man who's killing them?"

X:  "If you don't stop acting like a child and start trusting me
to help me, this man will hunt your people to extinction."

Var:  "You'd know about that.  You wiped out a whole tribe of my
sisters all by yourself."

X:  "I'm gonna let that one go."

Var:  "I hate you!"

X:  "Yeah?  Well, it won't be the last time you say that.  Come


Mor:  "I've hunted almost every creature that crawls or walks on
this Earth, Raczar.  Every one turned out to be an easy kill.
When I set my sights a little higher, I looked for something that
might provide a real challenge.  But even these so-called
ultimate warriors-- the fierce, cunning Amazons, huh-- I've been
disappointed.  If feels like some camping trip."

Rac:  "This one-- is different.  She has the speed of lightning.
She has the strength of many men.  She thinks three steps ahead."

Mor:  "Only three?  This isn't another of your big build-ups,

Rac:  "Trust me, Prince Morloch.  She's a worthy adversary for

Mor:  "Well, then-- you'd better prepare the men.  This afternoon
I hunt."


Var:  "I heard Marga say our fate was in your hands.  If you
think you're replacing her-- you're wrong."

X:  "It's not what she meant.  Marga wanted me to teach you about
being a warrior.  Well, I can't do that if you won't learn."


Var:  "I don't need to learn."

X:  "Anger makes you vulnerable, Varia."

Var:  "It's making me do what I should have done the moment you
stepped into the Amazon village."

X:  "You gotta control your anger, Varia.  Otherwise, you don't
got a chance against the one who killed Marga.  Is this the way
you're gonna save the Amazons, huh?  Come on, lesson's over.
Let's get outta here."

Var:  "You haven't beaten me."

X:  "Marga is dead, Varia.  The village is next.  You can't save
them on your own.  You've gotta trust me."

Var:  "Trusting outsiders has done nothing but get us killed!"

X:  "Varia!  Come on.  Take my hand!"

Var:  "Never."  [Yells]



X:  "All right, Varia.  Come on."

Var:  "You saved me."

X:  "For the last time.  I'm not going to waste enery protecting
someone with a death wish."

Var:  "I thought you made a pledge to Marga."

X:  "Because she saw somethin' in you.  Look-- if you don't want
my help, but [sic] that's your choice.  But just know that your
sisters will live or die by what you decide to do."

Var:  "Xena-- I know that I can learn a lot from you.  And I know
that you've helped my people.  I shouldn't have said what I did
about you."

X:  "Varia, you almost died in there, rather than admit defeat.
You gotta learn when enough's enough and when the fight is over."

Var:  "Yeah, but you-- !  I'll work on it."

X:  "Good."


Man's Voice:  "There!  This way!"

Var:  "Whatever this is-- one drop of it'll make a nice bonfire."

X:  "Is that right?  Now we'll find out exactly what we need to

Var:  "What can we find out when he's got a gag on?"

X:  "Exactly who's hunting Amazons out of season."


Men:  "I don't know how he got up there, but somebone's gotta get
him down."  "Hold him down."

Var:  "What about that tall one?"

X:  "He's not the leader."

Var:  "How about that other guy?"

X:  "Couldn't hunt butterflies."

Var:  "Why won't he show himself?"

X:  "Be patient.  He'll play his hand at some stage."

Mor:  "You could be right, Raczar.  She's a clever one."

Rac:  "She's in a perfect position to strike, but she doesn't."

Mor:  "She doesn't want them.  She wants me."

Var:  "What is it?"

X:  "Something's not right.  Varia, this is where you get to do
exactly what I say-- when I say it."

Var:  "Just give me the word."

X:  "Get ready to take your clothes off.  [Whispers]  I said, get
ready to take your clothes off."

Rac [Whispers]:  "That's the weapon she used to attack us.  It
flies like it's got a mind of its own."

Mor:  "I'll add it to my collection."

Rac [Whispers]:  "What are they doing?"

Mor:  "Sh-h-h."

Rac [Whispers]:  "Where'd the other one go?"

Mor [Whispers]:  "I don't care about her.  I want this one.
Where's her weapon?  Something's not right."

A Man:  "Yah!"

Mor:  "Bravo.  Come on in."


Var:  "All right.  Let's go."

X:  "Where do you think _you're_ going?"

Var:  "I'm goin' in there to help you."

X:  "No, we had an agreement, remember?  You stay here."


Mor:  "If I'd known how much fun you Amazons'd be, I'd have come
to this country years ago."

X:  "I'm not an Amazon."

Mor:  "But you're so tall."

X:  "It's the boots."

Mor:  "I don't usually do this, but I'd like to know your name
before I kill ya."

X:  "You first."

Mor:  "I'm Prince Chesnick-- Bloodicarr Morloch-- Upper

X:  "Oh, Xena of Amphipolis-- warrior princess, warrior mom-- who
conquers Prince Chesty Forlock of Upper Whateverstan."

Mor:  "Ah, impressive.  Very impressive."


Var:  "Come on.  [Sighs]  Come on."


X:  "Those Amazons you murdered were good friends of mine."

Mor:  "I'm not a murderer, Xena.  The gods make some men poets--
they make some men seers.  They made me a hunter."

X:  "A hunter hunts animals, not people."

Mor:  "In this world, there _is_ only the hunter and the hunted."

X:  "Varia!  Get down!  Varia!"

Mor:  "You're not worth adding to my collection."

Var:  "Uh!"



X:  "Varia!  Go, Varia, go!  Varia-- "

Var:  "I just wanted to see the master in action."

Man:  "They're here, somewhere."

X [Whispers]:  "This way, go"

Mor:  "Kill the girl.  Leave Xena for me.  You two."

Man:  "Follow me."

Rac:  "There she is!  Fire!  Ru-u-u-u-un!"


Var:  "Why'd we have to use _my_ boots?"

X:  "'Cause Amazons have tougher feet."

Var:  "Do you think the fire killed him?"

X:  "Nah, this guy's not easy to kill."

Var:  "Neither are we."

X:  "You know what, Varia?  I'm tired of being the prey.  Maybe
it's time we hunted him.  Come on."


Mor:  "Oh, well done."


Mor:  "This Xena is the kind of prey I've searched for.  She's
always anticipating.  She creates situations.  And just when you
think you've got her-- "  [Makes explosion noise]

Rac:  "We're down to four men.  If you insist on continuing this
hunt-- "

Mor:  "Insist?!  This is the kind of quarry I've been searching
for my entire life.  Her skill nearly matches my own.  Well-- "


X:  "He'll see us coming a mile away.  We'll go around the hill--
sneak in back.  Let's go."

Var:  "Xena-- "

X:  "Varia!  Varia-- "

Var:  "I thought it was gonna hit you."

X:  "I can take care myself, thank you."

Var:  "If this had happened earlier today-- I bet you would have
just left me here."

X:  "Don't get too cocky."

Var:  "Uh!"

X:  "I still might."

Var:  "I think I'm startin' to grow on you."

X:  "Varia, Marga had a lot of faith in you.  I'm beginning to
see why.  A forest fire-- they're flushing us out.  Can you

Var:  "Yeah."

X:  "Come on."


Rac:  "Let's go!  We're lighting it!"

Mor:  "They can't hear me.  Light the fire."

Rac:  "They're right in the middle of it."

Mor:  "Oh, that's a shame.  Do it!"

Men:  [Scream]


X:  "Come on.  The fire's moving faster.  Lean on me.  There."

Var:  "I'm slowing you down."

X:  "They're squeezing us between two lines of fire.  He wants us
to run right down the middle, right into his camp."

Var:  "I'll never be fast enough.  We won't make it.  But you
will.  My sisters need you.  Just-- go."

X:  "Not a chance.  Varia, saving you is saving the Amazon
people.  You've just gotta have a little faith.  There we go.
There we go.  OK.  Varia-- I want you to get on."

Var:  "Get on?  Wh-- ?"

X:  "Come on.  There's a marsh on the other side of the fire
line.  Wait for me there till I've dealt with Morloch."

Var:  "What am I supposed to do about landing?"

X:  "Tuck and roll."

Mor:  "Now!"

X:  "Varia!"



X:  "Varia!"

Var:  [Yells]

Mor:  "Let's go."


X:  "Varia!"


Mor:  "Take her to the arena."

Rac:  "She is nearly dead.  What good is she to us?"

Mor:  "Do what I say.  I have plans for her."

Rac:  "Take her."


X:  "Varia!  Varia!"

Var:  "Xena!"


Mor:  "Face to face at last.  What's the matter, Xena?  Don't
like seeing your friend up there?  Why don't you go and get her?"

X:  "Why don't you come and get some of this?"

Mor:  "Know what I like about swords?  When I kill ya-- I get to
see the look in your eyes.  Ooh, I nicked you."

X:  "Where'd you get that?  Shaving?"

Mor:  "No one ever drew my blood before."

X:  "There's plenty more where that came from."

Mor:  "I enjoyed making your friend beg for mercy.  But even more
fun-- I get to watch you die."

Var:  "You're theone that's gonna die."

Mor:  "Ooh.  Xena!"

Var:  "Xena."

X:  "You all right?"

Var:  "Yeah."

X:  "Good.  OK, Varia, take off."

Var:  "Not until he's dead."

X:  "Varia, don't fight me on this one, not this time."

Mor:  "Your skills match mine on every level.  We could do this
all night long.  But sooner or later, I will get the upper hand.
You know why?"

X:  "Tell me."

Mor:  "Because I'm enjoying this.  This fight is the fight I've
been searching for my entire life."

X:  "You're right.  So why would I give it to you?"

Mor:  "You will fight me!"

Var:  "Watch it!"

Mor:  "You will fight me!  Yah-h-h-h-h-h!"

X:  "You lose."

Mor:  [Groans]

X:  "Here"

Var:  "This whole time, all I could think about was avenging
Marga's death.  But I'm here.  He's gone.  I guess that's

X:  "That's right.  That's right."


X:  "Varia-- Marga wanted you to have this."

G:  "She chose you as her right of caste.  You're the new leader
of the Amazons."

Var:  "I still have a lot to learn to honor Queen Marga's memory.
I will always be in your debt."

X:  "You don't owe me anything."

Var:  "I will make you proud, Marga."


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