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"Path of Vengeance"  Episode 126/614


Kanae [Kan]'s Voice:  "You've seen our lands.  You've seen our hunting grounds.  Our numbers grow bigger every day.  Will you join your tribe with ours?"

Mawu-Ka [M-K]:  "These are good lands-- but my people are restless-- and wish to return to our own homes."

Gwyn-Teir [G-T]:  "This valley is the birthplace of the Amazons-- where Artemis created our people.  This _is_ home-- for all of us."

Kan:  "We can't survive scattered to the winds any longer.  Everywhere, Amazons are persecuted.  We have united-- to protect ourselves."

M-K:  "And-- everything is decided by your council of tribal queens?"

Varia [Var]:  "Not everything."

Kan:  "We uphold Amazon law, but Varia leads our warriors.  She is our queen.  She brought us together and made us strong."

Var:  "And now it's time to use our strength.  We've spotted Roman troops combing through our forests."

G-T:  "Why would the Romans come here?"

Var:  "Whatever their reason-- I'm going to make sure they don't leave."


Roman Captain's Voice:  "Keep moving!  She can't be far!"

Eve:  "What are you doing here?"

Capt:  "The emperor dispatched us to be your guard."

Eve:  "My guard-- I'm bringing a message of peace.  I can't come to the Amazons with troops."

Capt:  "I have my orders.  We're to accompany you."

Eve:  "This is insane.  Tell the emperor that I must do this alone.  I can't-- "

Roman's Voice:  "They're surrounding us!"

Capt:  "I thought they were a small tribe."

Eve:  "I'm a representative of Eli!  And of Rome!  I am here for peace!"

Capt:  "I don't think they care.  Fall back!  Stay together!  Keep tight!"


Capt:  "Come on!  I gotta get you outta here!"

Eve:  "No, I'm here for a purpose!  I'm not leaving!"

Var:  "Well, if it isn't Livia."

Eve:  "I'm Eve-- the messenger of Eli."

Var:  "Take her prisoner!  Whatever name it is you're going by now-- you're going to pay for the crimes you committed against against the Amazon sisterhood."

Capt:  "We've got to get word back to command.  Go back to the last village.  Find an officer and tell him what's happening.  Go!"

Amazons' Voices:  "How does it feel?!  Bitch of Rome!"  "Not so tough now, huh, Livia?!"  "You'll pay for what you've done!"


Man:  "I'm sorry."

G:  "They won't take us, either.  He says there's a legion of Roman soldiers coming through."

X:  "All this movement, back towards Rome.  I guess this new emperor's really serious about waging peace, huh?"

G:  "Well-- thanks to you."

X:  "Eve's the one who set him on the road to peace.  Let's try the next place."

G:  "Well, whoever it was, I'm just glad there's an end to the fighting."

X:  "Yeah."

A Roman:  "Amazons-- hundreds."

X:  "No Amazon tribe is that big."

A Roman:  "Well, I sawr [sic] it.  We didn't have a chance against that many."

G:  "What were you doing on Amazon lands?"

A Roman:  "The emperor sent us to protect the messenger of Eli."

X:  "The messenger of Eli, what happened to her?"

A Roman:  "The Amazons took her prisoner.  They were calling her Livia, and-- they seemed set on avenging some wrong she'd done to them in her past.  I don't know what they're gonna do with her."

X:  "They're going to kill her."



An Amazon's Voice:  "Right there!"

Cyane [Cya]:  "What do we do with these?"

Var:  "Finish the battle."

Cya:  "They've surrendered."

Var:  "Finish the battle-- or they'll just come back and kill more of our sisters."

Cya:  "My tribe doesn't kill the enemy once they've surrendered."

Var:  "Come."

An Amazon's Voice:  "Scum."

Cya:  "There's no honor in this, Varia."

Eve:  "Varia, no!  These men were sent to guard me.  They didn't come to fight.  I came here in peace!  If you massacre these men, you will be no better than I was."

Var:  "You dare compare me to you?  I'm defending Amazon land, and uniting my people.  You were raiding our village for slaves.  Marga sentenced you to death if you ever returned to Amazon lands.  We let you go last time.  This time, you're gonna face what you've done."

Eve:  "That's why I came."

Var:  "Your clan's gonna protect the pass.  No one-- is to get through to our valley."

Cya:  "You heard her.  Let's go."


X:  "Cyane's tribe.  What are they doing this far south?"

G:  "I don't know.  We're friends of your tribe.  We want to talk."

Cya:  "Varia, queen of the Amazon nation, has ordered that no one is allowed to pass."

X:  "Well, _we're_ coming through."

G:  "Xena-- I know you wanna save Eve-- but these are our friends-- so let's keep it that way, all right?  We knew your queen-- Cyane."

Cya:  "That is my name, now.  I was given the honor of inheriting her name and rank."

G:  "This is Xena.  I'm Gabrielle."

Cya:  "It is a privilege to meet a fellow queen of such reputation.  The elders of my tribe tell many stories of your deeds-- but I can't go against Varia's orders.  She's our leader, now."

X:  "Cyane, those men were executed after surrender.  Your namesake would not have stood for that.  Now, we need to talk to Varia."

Cya:  "The coucil is about to meet.  You may have a chance to speak to Varia.  You can accompany me.  And you should know-- many of Varia's sisters do not like the path that she's leading us on."


Var:  "This woman was banished from our lands under threat of death.  Now, she returns with troops at her side, as she did years ago-- the infamous bitch of Rome, Livia."

X:  "Her name is Eve."

Var:  "These hands enslaved my sisters.  Changing her name does not change her crimes."

X:  "Your queen, Marga, already passed judgment on those crimes."

Var:  "And decreed that she would be executed if she ever returned to Amazon lands."

Kan:  "This is an Amazon, council, Xena-- you have no prerogative to be heard here."

X:  "I'm not leaving here without her."

G:  "Now, wait."

G-T:  "We recognize your right to speak, Queen Gabrielle."

G:  "Xena is here with my permission.  She has a right to defend her daughter before the Amazon council."

Kan:  "If she stays-- she must abide by our law."

Kan's Voice:  "Continue, Varia."

Var:  "Six years ago, before Livia of Rome came to our lands-- "


[Flashback to Six Years Ago]

Var's Voiceover:  "-- my tribe was strong.  My sister and I were scouting."

Roman's Voice:  "Keep moving!  Amazon village up ahead!"

Livia [Liv]'s Voice:  "Search the village!"

Var:  "Tura, come back!  Let's go."


Var:  "Romans!  Romans are coming!"

Amazons' Voices:  "Hurry!"  "Romans!"

Var:  "Romans!"

Roman's Voice:  "There they are!"

Amazon's Voice:  "Come on!"

Liv:  "Yah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!"


Amazon's Voice:  "Quickly!  Quickly!"

Var:  "Tura!"


Liv's Voice:  "Check inside!  I don't want _anyone_ hiding.  No!  Watch the faces.  We've got to get the money back at auction."

Var's Voiceover:  "I had the perfect chance.  I could have rid the world of Livia-- but it was my first battle-- I had never killed before."

Liv:  "Yah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!"

Var:  "No, Tura!"

Liv:  [Yells]

Tura:  [Screams]


[The Present]

Var:  "If I had killed Livia-- I would still have my tribe _and_ my sister.  I can't undo the past-- but we can redeem it with justice."

Eve:  "Varia's tell the truth.  I did those things."

Kan:  "The accused has confessed to her crimes.  Her guilt is not in question.  All that remains to be decided-- is the form of punishment."

G-T:  "The law is clear-- death or banishment."

Var:  "She was banished before and returned.  This time, she dies."

Kan:  "All in favor of the execution of Livier [sic] of Rome-- also known as Eve-- stand-- and be counted."



X:  "You're not doing this!"

G:  "By Amazon law, Xena has a right to defend the accused!"

Var:  "She confessed.  What could her defense be?"

X:  "You give me time.  I'll present one."

Cya:  "Gabrielle and Xena have done enough for the Amazons to deserve this."

M-K:  "You have one hour to present your case."

X:  "Did you notice that sword Varia had?"

G:  "Eve had a sword like that-- when she was Livia."

X:  "That's right-- she got it from Ares."


X:  "Varia-- Marga believed that one day you'd be a great queen.  She asked me to train you for that-- but I see I failed her." 

Var:  "No, you haven't failed.  I'm grateful for your training, but I'm on my own now."

X:  "Is that right?"


X:  "Anyone who's ever seen me use that move is dead-- except Ares.  He's training you now, isn't he?  For what?"

Var:  "He's helping me build the Amazon nation-- and we're doing it, Xena."

X:  "He doesn't care about you-- or the Amazon nation!"

Var:  "The Amazons are tired of being pushed around!  We're going to fight back, united and strong-- with the god of war as our ally."

X:  "You don't need him.  Varia, it's within you to lead the Amazons.  You're the one."

Amazon:  "They want to hear your defense."

Var:  "No, Xena, you're wrong-- I _do_ need him."


X:  "All right, Eve-- why did you raid Varia's tribe?"

Eve:  "Slaves."

X:  "Slaves-- but why would any commander lead a regiment of men through swamp and forest-- and then engage the fiercest warriors in the land in the vain hope of making them slaves?  What really happened?  Eve, Ares is leading the Amazons in a suicidal war against the Romans.  You can make them see how he operates.  If you don't care about yourself, at least care about them."

Eve:  "I committed these crimes, Mother.  I _must_ tell the truth."

X:  "Then tell the whole truth."

Eve:  "I was fighting two campaigns in the north.  I was taking provinces for Rome."


[Flashback to Six Years Ago]

Liv:  "So-- where are we?"

Roman:  "We hold these areas, here, here, and here.  These others will fall before the end of the day."

Liv:  "Hm-m-m-- all right.  Leave me."

Ares:  "What's wrong?  Campaign not goin' to plan?"

Liv [Chuckles]:  "Exactly _as_ I planned.  I'm running out of territories to capture.  We'll wage so much war-- we'll have nothing but peace."

Ares:  "Ya haven't been there."

Liv:  "Amazon lands?  There's nothing to be gained there."

Ares:  "Not all gains-- are shown on a map.  I'm talking about glory-- the name, `Livia.'  What would the world say, if you were to conquer the fierce Amazons just for-- kicks?"

Liv:  "Mm-hm-m."

Ares:  "Or even better-- turned them into slaves?  See, I know this Persian warlord-- Gurkhan?  He has a taste-- for the exotic."

Liv:  "Hm-m-m-- it doesn't make sense.  Even with a surprise raid, I'd still lose men."

Ares:  "Trust me on this.  If you enslave the Amazons-- you can watch the name Livia spread _all_ over the world."

Liv:  [Sighs]


[The Present]

X:  "So-- Ares _was_ behind the raid."

Eve:  "Yeah."

Var:  "Ares wants a strong Amazon nation.  He's helping me to build it."

X:  "Ares helps no one but himself."

Var:  "I'll find out the truth-- from him."

X:  "I'd consider Eve's verdict carefully-- because you're also choosing a path for your people."

Kan:  "You've had your say, Xena.  The Amazons will decide now."

G-T:  "You wish to be heard, Gabrielle?"

G:  "I wish to join the Amazon council in the deliberation."

M-K:  "As a queen, you have that right."

Cya:  "We could use your wisdom."

G:  "Xena-- I think I can make them understand what Ares is like.  Varia-- already has her doubts."

X:  "Still, Ares can be very persuasive.  He's managed to con them all so far."

G:  "Just be patient, Xena.  Let me try this.  There's a wisdom in the Amazon ways."

X:  "Like the time they painted you blue and made you howl at the moon to consecrate your queeniness?  Look-- if you can't talk 'em 'round, I'm getting Eve out of here the old-fashioned way."


Var:  "Ares!"

Ares:  "Whoa-- is that any way to _request_ the company of your patron god?"

Var:  "You were behind the raid that killed my sisters.  Eve told us what happend."

Ares:  "And you believed her."

Var:  "Just tell me the truth."

Ares:  "OK-- Artemis was content to let your sisters dwindle away in separate tribes.  I saw it coming.  I tried to warn her."

Var:  "That doesn't explain the raid."

Ares:  "Well, I knew when word of the raid spread, it'd bring the tribes together.  You see, hate-- is a powerful emotion, Varia.  It unites people."

Var:  "That's no excuse for turning _my_ sisters into slaves."

Ares:  "I knew Gurkhan would never take Amazons as slaves.  They're too spirited to fetch a dinar on the auction block.  So Livia took 'em to market-- couldn't make a profit.  I mean-- what she did-- "

Var:  "What?"

Ares:  "She threw them-- overboard.  I mean, she-- tossed them like spoiled cargo.  They still had their shackles one."

Var:  "I want to build an army to bring them back home."

Ares:  "Well, you can never bring them back-- but you can stop this from ever happening again.  Eve and Rome were hand-in-hand in the slaughter, so you know what you do?  You lead your sisters against the Romans, and you show them you mean business."


G:  "You know that Ares was behind the raid.  Why do you condemn Eve?"

Cya:  "Ares may have put the idear [sic] in her head-- but it was Eve's hand on the sword."

Kan:  "She admits her crimes.  It is our duty to uphold our laws.  If your heart is truly with the Amazon nation-- you must know we speak the truth."

Var:  "Amazon tradition states that the council must speak with one voiced.  We're growing impatient.  What is your vote, Sister?"


Amazon:  "They're giving the verdict."


M-K:  "We have all made our votes.  What have you decided?"

G:  "Guilty."



Kan:  "The verdict is guilty"

X:  "Eve."


G:  "Xena-- Xena, I had no choice."

X:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-- "

G:  "I had to vote with them.  If they had kicked me off the council, they would have found Eve guilty anyway.  It's the only thing I could do to save her."

X:  "By condemning her to death?"

G:  "No-- Xena, this way, I have a voice."

X:  "Mm-m--m."

G:  "I can plead Eve's case when they go to sentence her-- and I can try to wake up the Amazons to Ares' ways"

X [Interrupts]:  "I just can't talk to you right now."

G:  "Xena!"


X:  "Ares!  Ares!  Come out!"

Ares' Voice:  "Xena-- "

X:  "Ares, why are you doing this to me?!"

Ares' Voice:  "Xena-- tell me, Xena-- have you heard the story of the scorpion and the swan?"

X:  "You haven't even got the guts to face me."

Ares' Voice:  "See, the scorpion needs to get across the river-- and he asks the swan for a ride.  And the swan figures-- `It's not much of a risk.  The scorpion wouldn't sting the creature who's carrying him over the raging river.'"

X:  "My daughter's about to die because of you, and you're feeding me fairy tales?"

Ares:  "Bear with me-- it's worth the wait.  So, about halfway across, the scorpion stings the swan-- and as they're both being swept to their death-- the swan asks the scorpion-- `I was helping you.  Why did you sting me?'  And the scorpion answers-- "

X:  "`It's what  I do.'"

Ares:  "Yeah-- it's what I do.  See, I lost a lot of worshippers when I became mortal-- and I need something major on my scorecard."

X:  "Like the biggest war in centuries."

Ares:  "No-- in history.  Those crazy Amazons-- the ruthless Romans-- both of them worshipping me for success in battle, oh-- what a blast.  I'm the god of war and that's what I do."

X:  "You're a son of a bitch.  You think I'm gonna let you kill my daughter."

Ares:  "She wasn't invited to the party.  She got involved of her own free will."

X:  "I may no longer be able to kill gods, Ares-- but I'm not gonna let this happen without a fight."

Ares:  "I believe you."


Var:  "The council is finished.  Now I decide the sentence.  As queen of the Amazon nation-- in the name of our god, Ares-- I sentence Livia of Rome-- "

G:  "Wait."

Cya:  "Varia is the queen, Gabrielle.  She decides the sentence."

G:  "I use my rite to challenge.  You are not queen, Varia-- until you defeat me."

Var:  "You had a better chance of saving her with words, Gabrielle."


X:  "Gabrielle-- look-- I don't want you to do this.  Let me fight Varia."

G:  "Xena, it doesn't work that way.  _I_ challenged Varia.  It's my fight.  Promise me that you won't interfere.  If I am queen, I can pardon Eve _and_ uphold the Amazon law.  You _know_ it's the right thing to do.  Promise me."

X:  "All right."


Amazons [Cheer]:  "Varia!"  "Show 'em what you've got, Varia!"  "Go, Varia!"


Amazons:  "Bring it on, Varia!  Come on!"  "Come on, Gabrielle!"  "Get her!"  "Gabrielle can do it!"  "Come on, Varia!"

G:  "Varia!  It's not me you should be fighting!  It's Ares!  Open your eyes, Varia.  Ares is destroying you.  He's going to lead you to ruin."

Var:  "Actually, Gabrielle-- Ares taught me that-- and he taught me this."

X:  "Oh, Gabrielle."



Eve:  "No!"

X:  "Tsk-- oh-- Gabrielle-- "

G:  "Xena-- I'm sorry."

X:  "No, no, I'm sorry.  Gabrielle, you did all that you could to save Eve.  Now, I have to do what I have to do."

G:  "Go.  It's OK."


X:  "Ares-- come out, I can _smell_ you!"

Ares:  "I'm just here to give a little moral support."

X:  "No, you're here to gloat.  Now, that you you got your godhood back, you got everything you've _always_ wanted, haven't you?"

Ares:  "Well-- not exactly everything, but hey-- `Que sera.'  And come on!  I'm not begrudging you what you want.  Go in and grab your kid.  I won't get in the way.  In fact, I'm kind of looking forward to see you take on a few dozen Amazons.  Way-hay!"

X:  "Yeah, that'd be a nice warm-up for the main event, huh?"

Ares:  "Hey-- can I help it if I've played this like the malevolent genius I am?  Remember what the scorpion said."

X:  "Ares-- the scorpion drowned."


Var:  "I don't wanna fight you, Xena."

X:  "You got that right."

Var:  "I followed all the Amazon laws.  I'm doing this for my sisters."

M-K:  "You defy her, you defy the whole Amazon nation."

X:  "She's _not_ doing this for the Amazon nation.  She's doing it out of guilt.  You couldn't bring yourself to kill Livia when it really mattered-- and you've been carrying that around ever since."

Var:  "You know what?  I didn't kill my sisters.  _She_ did."

X:  "But you could have saved them.  You couldn't bring yourself to kill for them and now it's too late.  You _blame_ yourself."


X:  "Varia, if you follow Ares now, you'll become worse than Livia ever was.  You'll become everything you hate.  You don't believe me-- you already have.  You want vengeance, Varia-- you can start with me."

Var:  [Cries]

X:  "This is the pain that awaits you if you follow Ares' path."

Var:  "Amazons-- Xena's our friend.  We have to talk."

Ares [Claps]:  "You had this planned all along.  [Laughs]  You-- are so good."

X:  "It's what I do."

Ares:  "And I wouldn't have it any other way."


Var:  "This woman has pleaded guilty to her crimes.  Even whe admits she can never do enough good-- to erase the evil that she has done-- and yet, she's willing to keep trying.  As queen of the Amazon nation-- I hereby sentence Livia-- killer of the Amazons-- to death-- so that Eve-- the messenger of peace-- may live."

Cya:  "You are free to go."

X:  "Thank you, Varia."

Var:  "You were ready to let me kill you-- just so that I could see I was headed down the wrong path."

X:  "I knew the truth was inside you.  You just needed the chance to decide what was right."

Var:  "Thank you."


X:  "They've forgiven you, Eve.  Maybe you should think about forgiving yourself."

Eve:  "Have you?  Forgiven yourself, Mother?"

X:  "Ah-h-h-h-- good point."

Eve:  "I know what I have to do.  I've decided to go east-- to Ch'in and the land of Indus.  Eli's message will be heard."

X:  "Now?"

Eve:  "Yeah."

X:  "You mean now?"

Eve:  "Thank you-- for saving my mother-- for bringing her such happiness.  I'm forever in your debt."

G:  "Eve-- "

Eve:  "Gabrielle-- "

G:  "You don't owe me anything."

Eve:  "And thank you-- for giving me life so many times.  I love you."

X:  "I love you, too.  Um-m-- why don't we walk with you a ways?"

G:  "Yeah."

Eve:  "No.  I need to do this on my own.  Goodbye."

X:  "Stay outta trouble."


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