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"Last of the Centaurs"  Episode 132/617


Xenan [Xen]:  "This way.  It's not far, now."

A Centaur:  "Anyone would think he's in a hurry."

Man:  "Get them!"

3rd Centaur:  "We're under attack!"

Man's Voice:  "This way!  Now!"

A Centaur:  "Watch out!  Behind you!"

Man:  "That's him!  That's the one we want!"

A Centaur:  "There's too many of them!  Get out of here!  Go!"

Xen:  "No!"

Men's Voices:  "Death to the Centaur!"  "After him!  Quick!"


X:  "Clothes."

G:  "Yes-s-s-s.  Oh-- very nice."

X:  "Gabrielle, you'll never buy that."

G:  "Xena, I'm not buying them.  I'm shopping."

X:  "Oh."

G:  "Different."

Ephiny [Eph]'s Voice:  "Gabrielle."

G:  "All right, Xena, I know-- it's not me."

Eph's Voice:  "As beautiful as ever."

G:  "Ephiny?  It can't be."

X:  "What can't be what?"

G:  "Xena, it's-it's Ephiny."

X:  "No, Ephiny's been dead for years."

G:  "Xena, she's here.  She is with us, right now.  I'm not
seeing things.  I mean, I-I am.  Ephiny's spirit-- is here."

X:  "Ephiny?  We've missed you."

Eph:  "I missed you, friends.  Gabrielle?  My son, Xenan-- he's
in danger.  I need your help."

G:  "Xenan's in danger?"

X:  "She's talking to you?"

G:  "Can't you see her?"

X:  "No."

Eph:  "Gabrielle, only you can."

G:  "Why me?"

X:  "Because you're an Amazon.  You're bonded through your right
of caste."

Eph:  "That's right."

G:  "How do you know that your son's in danger?"

X:  "She can sense it."

Man:  "Attention, everyone!"

Eph:  "Gabrielle, look."

Man:  "Lord Belach has placed a bounty on the head of this

G:  "That's Xenan."

X:  "Who's putting up this bounty?"

Man:  "Lord Belach."

X:  "I think maybe we offer our services to Lord Belach."

Man:  "Lord Belach has placed a bounty on the head of this



Warrior:  "Lord Belach."

Belach [Bel]:  "More bounty hunters, I take it."

G:  "Are you all right?"

Eph:  "She's staring in the face of her past.  This man is the
spitting image of Borias.  He was Xena's lover."

Bel:  "Well, have you found him?"

X:  "Not yet, but we will.  What's this Centaur done to make you
want him so badly?"

Bel:  "That half-man-- half-horse-- monstrosity stole my
daughter, Nika."

X:  "This place seems pretty well-guarded.  How did he manage

Bel:  "She was snatched up by that thing and carried away."

X:  "Why would he do a thing like that?"

Bel:  "I've received no ransom demands, so I can only assume the
worst.  I'll hunt down every last one of those animals if that's
what it takes to get my daughter back."

Eph:  "You're the animal!"

G:  "Take it easy."

X:  "What?"

Bel:  "Take it easy?!  You think you could take it easy if your
child was stolen?!"

X:  "No, no, no.  Look, pay no attention to her.  Your father--
was Borias."

Bel:  "That name-- is not to be spoken here."

X:  "I meant no offense."

Bel:  "My father was a warlord, a cruel-hearted man.  Everything
I have done-- everything I have built-- all you see around you
has been done despite being his son."

X:  "And he died when you were a child."

Bel:  "How do you know that?"

X:  "I've heard the legend.  Borias was a hero to the Centaurs.
Using his name might get your daughter back faster than any
needless war."

Bel:  "I have let those-- freaks-- live on my land for years.  It
was a mistake.  My wife-- Leone-- died bringing Nika into the
world.  She's all I have left."

X:  "I'll bring your daughter back."


Eph:  "He came through here-- I'm sure of it."

G:  "Ephiny says that we're on his trail."

X:  "Good.  That should put us ahead of the bounty hunters."

G:  "Xena-- if Belach is Borias' son, does that mean that he's
your-- ?"

X:  "No-- no, Borias had a son before I came along-- and that was
Lord Belach."

G:  "There's something about him, Xena.  He's dangerous."

X:  "He's grieving."

G:  "It _is_ Xenan we're supposed to be helping, right?"

X:  "Gabrielle-- I _owe_ Belach."

Eph:  "My son never would have taken her against her will."

G:  "I know, Ephiny."

X:  "Belach's daughter was taken by a Centaur.  He's not going to
listen to reason till he gets her back.  You can't blame him for


Eph:  "Xenan-- my son.  Last time I saw you, you were-- a child.
Can't you sense that I'm here?"

Xen:  "Somebody's there."

Eph:  "Yes-- it's your mother."

Xen:  "Show yourself!"

X:  "Xenan-- we're here to help.  Where's Nika?"

Xen:  "How do you know my name?"

X:  "You were named after me.  I'm Xena.  I delivered you at

Xen:  "You're not old enough to be Xena."

G:  "It's a long story-- but it's true.  I was there, too."

Eph:  "Xenan-- they're your friends."

X:  "Belach is after you.  Why aren't you with your brothers?"

Xen:  "That's none of your concern."

Eph:  "Gabrielle, tell him I'm here."

G:  "All right, Ephiny."

Xen:  "Why do you say my mother's name?!"

G:  "Your mother's spirit-- is here."

Xen:  "Can you say anything that doesn't insult my

Eph:  "Gabrielle?  Do you know the Amazon lullaby?"

G:  "Yeah-- it's OK."

Eph:  "Sing it with me.  He'll understand.  I changed the words
when I used to sing it to him."

Eph and G [Sing]:  "Moon shines bright
By fire's light.
Amazon baby, sleep tonight."

Xen:  "A lot of people know that song!"

Eph and G [Sing]:  "Hush-- hush-a-bye.
Please don't cry.
Xenan sings his lullaby.
Xenan sings his lullaby."

Xen:  "Mother?  Are you really here?"

Eph:  "I'm here, my love."

G:  "She's here.  She brought us to you."

Xen:  "Nika!  Come!  They're friends.  This is my Nika."



X:  "Give me your hand.  It's a boy-- a Centaur."

Eph:  "My grandson."

G:  "How long?"

X:  "Any time-- right, Nika?"

Nika [Nik]:  "I've been feeling some pains already."

G:  "Your father didn't mention this.  I take it it didn't slip
his mind."

Xen:  "He doesn't know."

Nik:  "No one does.  I've been keeping to myself the last few
months.  He hardly looks at me anyway.  I think I remind him too
much of my mother."

X:  "Your father loves you."

Nik:  "I love Xenan-- and he loves me."

G's Voice:  "We can't take her back now."

X:  "We're gonna have to go back and talk to Lord Belach." 

Xen:  "Talk?  It's gone way past that.  Belach has declared war
on all the Centaurs."

X:  "The Centaurs should not be at war with the son of Borias."

Xen:  "Belach is the son of Borias?"

X:  "And the blood of Borias is in your son.  Where are your
brothers now?"

Xen:  "Camped in a secret place not far from here."

X:  "We'll escort you there and find a safe place for you all.
Then we can negotiate peace with Lord Belach.  he may think
differently, knowing his daughter's pregnant.  Come on."


G:  "I don't understand, Xena-- you owe Belach for what?"

X:  "When I met his father, Borias-- he was a rising warlord--
and me-- I was just ambitious."

X:  "It gets lonely at the top."
Borias [Bor]:  "You push your luck, Xena."
X:  "Always."
Bor:  "Natasha will see us."
X:  "She knows what kind of man she has.  Have you had time to
consider my campaign?"
Bor:  "Toward the East?  I've told you-- I can't feed and
transport my army halfway across the world."
X:  "That's why we leave your army and start from scratch in the
Bor:  "After I've paid off all my men-- and divided the treasure
among them.  You want to just take off and keep everything for
X:  "By the time anyone finds out where we are, we'll be so
formidable they wouldn't dare come after us.  They're thugs,
Borias.  They'd slit your throat for a dinar."
Bor:  "This campaign would take me away from Natasha.  You and I
would be together a long time."
X:  "For all time.  So, do you wanna live here in squalor-- or
ride to glory with me?"
Bor:  "How can I decide when I've never ridden with you?"
X:  "Giddy-up."
X:  Wait just a minute."
Bor:  "What are you doing?"
X:  "I'll be back in a minute.  Word of advice for ya, kid--
never step between two people and their passion."

X:  "I shamed his mother and stole his father, Gabrielle.  I
can't let him lose his daughter as well."


Eph:  "It's completely devastated."

G:  "Where are they?"

X:  "Son of Borias, what have you done?"

Eph's Voice:  "This was prophecy."

Eph:  "I haven't changed anything."

X:  "Belach's men must have encircled your brothers and driven
them into this pit.  There was no escape."

G's Voice:  "What kind of man could do this?"

Xen:  "They're gone-- every last one.  All dead!  Belach will pay
for this!"

G:  "Xenan, you can't risk yourself!  Not now!"

Xen:  "Out of my way!

Nik:  "Whatever my father has done, you have to stay alive for
your son-- for me."

Xen:  "Then who will see justice done?"

X:  "I will."

Bel:  [Sobs]


Bel:  "Get 'em!  I see you haven't brought my daughter to me."

X:  "I talked to her."

Bel:  "Tell me where she is."

X:  "She is with her husband-- mourning his people."

Bel:  "Her what?"

X:  "Xenan didn't kidnap her.  She's carrying his baby.  They're
in love, Belach.  Do you have any idea what you have done?"

Bel:  "What I had to do."

X:  "You're the son of Borias.  How could you have betrayed your
father's legacy?!"

Bel:  "What do you know about my father."

X:  "I know that he defended the Centaurs when _they_ were

Bel:  "Yes-- by that faithless bitch that took my father from me
when I was a child.  All this, I have built.  _That_ is my
achievement.  But it means nothing without my daughter to give me
an heir.  I want a grandson to be loved and cherished-- not some
bastard offspring of a Centaur!"

X:  "Centaurs are a proud and noble race.  Your father knew

Bel:  "He was an ignorant savage.  Sweep the land until you find
that Centaur!  When you do-- kill him!"

X:  "Tip for ya, kid-- never step between two people and their

X:  Wait just a minute."
Bor:  "What are you doing?"
X:  "I'll be back in a minute.  Word of advice for ya, kid--
never step between two people and their passion."

Bel:  "You-- it can't be."

X:  "It is-- now you're coming with me."

Bel:  "I'm not going anywhere with you.  Guards!  Seize her!"


X:  "Come here.  After you."

Bel:  [Screams]

X:  "Aa-a-a-a-a-ah!  Come on!  Yah-h-h-h!"

Guards:  "To the horses!"  "Come on!"  "Yah!"  "Yah-h-h-h-h!"


Bel:  "Stop!"

Guards:  "Hyah!"

X:  "Yah-h-h-h-h-h!  Yah!  Keep up, Belach!

Bel:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!"

X:  "Nice day for it!  Yah-h-h-h!  Yah-h-h-h-h-h-h!
Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!  Get on!"



Bel:  "Whoa-a-a-a-a!"

X:  "Get off.  I suppose I don't need to tell you my name now."

Bel:  "Xena-- I realized who you were the moment I heard you say
those words.  I've always wanted to meet you again."

X:  "I bet you did."

Bel:  "To say I'm grateful.  If you hadn't stolen my father, I'd
be following in his muddy footprints."

X:  "You think you're so very different to him?"

Bel:  "I am nothing like my father!"

X:  "You're right.  Your father would never stoop to do what
you've done.  He was better than that."

Bel:  "Better?!  Are we remembering the same man?!  Are we
remembering the day you took him from us?!"

Natasha [Nat]:  "Belach?  Belach?  Belach?  Belach!  What
Bor:  [Laughs]
Bor:  "Natasha!  Natasha!"
Nat:  "What can you say to me?!  Me and your son?!  Uh!  Or that
whore?!  You must choose, Borias!"
Bor:  "If you were more of a woman, I wouldn't have to choose!"
X:  "Tsk-chk-chk."
Bor:  "Sah!"
Bel:  "Papa!"
X:  "Hyah!  Yah!  Get on!"

Bel:  "When my father's army broke up, we fell into servitude.
While we were starved and beaten-- I heard about his exploits--
cutting across the East with that woman-- with you.  This is the
only thing my father left me."

X:  "You kept it?"

Bel:  "Not for sentimental reasons, I can assure you-- only to
remind me of what scum he was and how far I've come!"


X:  "Lord Belach-- so fine, so cultured-- look how far you've
come-- to wipe out an entire race.  You're right-- you are
_nothing_ like your father."  

Bel:  "I did what had to be done."

X:  "You look again.  You look again and you tell me you feel
nothing.  If your daughter saw this-- who would she think is more
civilized, you or Borias?"

Bel:  "Why have you brought me here?  Why don't you just kill

X:  "I might yet."

Bel:  "No, I don't think so.  What's the matter?  Do I look too
much like my father?"  You had a son with Borias, didn't you,
Xena?  Would it be too much like slitting his throat?"

X [Mouths]:  "No.  [Normal Voice]  I just wanted you to know who
Borias really was.  Stay awhile amongst the dead.  Tell _them_
how far you've come-- what a fine lord you are.  [Whistles]  Yah!

Man:  "Lord Belach!  She went through there.  We can pick up her

2nd Man:  "Lord Belach?  Lord Belach."


Nik:  "Oh!  I-I-I have to stop!"

Eph:  "Gabrielle, it is time."

G:  "We have to get her to shelter.  Down there."


Xen:  "Nika-- what can I do?"

G:  "Go and keep a lookout.  We'll call for you.  Go on."

Eph:  "Gabrielle."

G:  "Slow down.  Breathe slowly.  Come on, sh-h.  Slow down.
Slow down.  Slow your breathing down."

Eph's Voice  "Sh-h."


Man's Voice:  "This way."


Nik:  "What am I doing here?!  I never should have left!  Xenan!"


Xen:  "Yah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!"

Men:  "There!  Come on!"  "He's getting away!"  

Bounty-Hunter [B-H] 1:  "Let _them_ have the Centaur.  Why settle
for a bounty?  Belach-- will pay a _ransom_ for his daughter."


Eph's Voice:  "Keep talking to her.  That's good."

G: "You have to stay calm, Nika."

Nik:  "I wanna push!"

Eph:  "Not yet.  She can't."

G:  "You can't push.  Breathe with me.  Just stay with me.
Breathe slow.  Breathe with me."

Eph:  "That's it, Gabrielle.  Just keep talking to her.  Calm

B-H 1's Voice:  "Let's check in here."

Eph:  "Gabrielle-- someone's here."

B-H 1:  "Search that side."

B-H 2:  "They're not here."

B-H 1:  "Yes, they are."


X:  "How close is she?"

G:  "Very."

X:  "OK, Nika-- we're gonna take good care of you, I promise."

Nik:  "'K."

X:  "Gabrielle, I'm gonna make an incision.  Make this as clean
as you can."

G:  "Why are they hunting us?  Did you stop Belach?"

X:  "I took him back to the Centaur camp.  I thought if I could
show him what he'd done-- "

G:  "Did you get through to him?  Xena, you should'a killed him."

X:  "Gabrielle-- I couldn't.  He's Borias' son, her father."

G:  "He slaughtered the Centaurs, and he won't stop until he
kills Xenan."

Nik:   "Xenan!  Where are you?!  I need you!"

G:  "Did you see Xenan out there?"

X:  "No.  Nika?  I'm gonna take away your pain now-- and
everything is gonna be just fine.  [Mouths]  All right?  [Normal
Voice]  OK?  All right?  Good.  OK."

G:  "Stay with us.  You're doing so well.  Stay with us."

X's Voice:  "Yes.  There he is.  Oh-- oh."

X:  "It's OK.  Oh, it's beautiful.  Oh-h-h-h."

Eph:  "Is that my grandson?  He's perfect."

X:  "He's beautiful, Nika."

G:  "I'll give her stitches."

Bel's Voice:  "Xena?!"

G's Voice:  "It's so new."


Bel:  "Even trade, Xena!  I've got the Centaur!  Give me my



Bel:  "Not another step!  Or we'll snap his neck!  Give me my
daughter-- and I'll spare the Centaur!"

X:  "I've got a better idea-- give me the Centaur and I'll spare

Bel:  "Yah-h-h-h!  Kill him!"

X:  "Ah-h-h-h-h!"

Bel:  "Attack her!"


Bel:  "Forward!  Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h!"

X:  "Xenan!  Get Nika and the baby and get outta here!  I'll hold

Bel:  "Dah-h-h-h-h!"


Xen [Sighs]:  "My boy."

Eph:  "They have reinforcements.  Xena needs help."

G:  "You have to get out of here.  Be careful-- she's weak."



Warrior's Voice:  "Come on!"


Xen:  "Nika, we have to go."

Nik:  "My father and Xena-- they could kill each other because of

Xen:  "There's nothing we can do about it!  We have to survive!"

Nik:  "For what?  What future can we give our son?"



G:  "You know what you have to do, Xena."

X:  "We'll see."

Bel:  "Fi-i-i-i-i-ire!"

Nik:  "No-o-o-o!  Stop it!"

Bel:  "Nika?!"

Nik:  "Stop it, now!"

Bel:  "Nika, get away from him!  Come here!  You don't belong
with him!  Not with his kind!"

Xen:  "You'll have to kill me first."

Nik:  "No!  Can't you see?!  I love him!  The way that you loved
my mother!"

Bel:  "You don't know what love is!"

G:  "You have to do it, Xena."

X:  "I will kill you, Belach."

Bel:  "I'm prepared to die for my child."

X:  "Your father was the same."

Bel:  "When was my father ever willing-- ?!"

X [Interrupts]:  "For our baby!  Your brother.  You spent your
life trying to be the opposite to your father-- but what you
don't know is that when he grew away from me, he grew into a
better man."

[Flashback, with Xena narrating]
X:  "Kill him."
X [Narrates]:  "I had broken a treaty with the Centaurs.  Borias
stood against me, risking his life to keep his word to them.  On
the night I gave birth-- he went up against my entire armies to
see the boy.  I had seduced him away from his first family.  He
never forgave himself for that.  He didn't wanna lose another
X:  "Ah-h!  Boria-a-a-a-as!"
Sat:  "It's your son, Xena.  Come on!  We have to go!  Come on,
Bor:  "My-- son."

X:  "Borias died tryin' to change what he'd become.  That was the
real story your father.  How will your story end, Belach?"

Men's Voices:  "Over there!"  "There they are!"  "Surround them!"

X:  "It's up to you now, Belach.  Do you want your daughter to
hate you the same way you hated your father?  The killing can end
here, Belach-- or-- "

Bel [Whispers]:  "No.  [Normal Voice]  No!  This is over.  She
belongs with him!  Forgive me, Nika.  Give this-- to your son.
When he is old enough to understand-- tell him-- "  

Nik:  "No-- when the time comes-- you tell him.  We have given
him a name-- Borias."


Bel:  "This was your mother's land.  Your family can live here in
safety and peace."

Nik:  "It's beautiful."

Eph:  "Gabrielle?  Please, let me appear to my son."

G:  "How?"

Eph:  "I can be in your body for just a few moments.  Just clear
your mind."

Xen:  "Mother."

Eph:  "I've been-- trying-- and trying to talk to you-- but-- now
I don't know what to say."

Xen:  "You don't  have to say anything."

Eph:  "Borias.
[Sings]:  Moon shines bright
Like fire's light.
Amazon baby, sleep tonight.
Please don't cry.
[Speaks]  I have to leave, now.  Xenan-- I will always be there.
You won't see me-- but I'll be there."

Xen:  "I have a feeling I'll know when you are."

G:  "We'll miss her."


G:  "Xena, I'm glad you didn't kill Belach."

X:  "Oh, now you're glad."

G:  "You know?  Different roads lead to the same place."

X:  "That's very wise-- only on _your_ road-- he'd be dead."

G [Chuckles]:  "Right.  I _can_ be wise, sometimes."

X:  "Yeah, right."

G:  "I can-- really."

X:  "Yeah.  I'm agreeing with you-- as always."


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