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“A Friend in Need I”  Episode 133/621


G:  “Looking out at the cosmos makes you think-- about where we
are-- where we’ve been-- where we’re going now.”

X:  “Yeah-- and like the bigger now.  I mean, Gabrielle, what are
we gonna do?  Wander around Greece our whole lives looking for
trouble?  Why don’t we go away?  Far away?  Whaddya say?”

G:  “I can’t believe you’re awake, much less listening to me.”

X:  “Let’s go south to the land of the Pharaohs.  I hear they’re
in need of a girl with a chakram.”

G:  “You know that there’s somebody out there.”

X:  “Yeah, he’s been trying to find us the past half-hour.”

Kenji [Ken]’s Voice:  “Oh!”

G:  “Are you all right?”

Ken:  “Ah-- yes.  Thank you.”

G:  “Whoa!”

Ken:  “Are you Xena?”

X:  “Who’s askin’?”

Ken 1:  “A messenger-- sent by Akemi.”

X:  “Akemi?  You saw Akemi?”

Ken:  “Several weeks ago.  I was journeying with another monk
through a forest-- near the town of Higuchi.”


Kens Voice:  “It started to rain.  And we sought shelter at a

Monk 2 [Laughs]:  “Kenji-- not even _you_ could be frightened of


Ken:  “Your shuji has great dignity and beauty.”

Ken’s Voice:  “I am blessed with a certainty-- about what it
means to be a monk-- but my companion-- was not as steadfast in
his resolve.”

Akemi [Ake]:  “You must leave-- now.”

Yodoshi [Yod]:  [Roars]  [Inhales, Blows out, then inhales]

Monk 2:  [Screams]


Ken:  [Coughs]

Ake:  “I know you’re a good man.  In the teahose, I felt the
compassion in your heart.  Don’t fear me.”

Ken:  “W-who-- who was that demon?!”

Ake:  “The lord of the dark land.  He’s preparing an army to wage
war in Higuchi-- and slowly, the populace.  Honorable monk-- I
beg you to do what must be done-- to stop him enslaving the souls
of that city.”

Ken:  “But I’m no swordsman!”

Ake:  “There’s one in the west-- far beyond the setting sun.”

Ken:  “A samurai?!  A priest?!  A god?!”

Ake:  “No-- a warrior princess.”



Ken’s Voice:  “The way of the sword-- is the most ancient of the
warrior’s art.  With practice-- the samurai develops the sacred
virtues of bravery-- self-discipline-- and honor.  A samurai
would rather a warrior, than live as a warrior.”

G:  “This Akemi who sent for Xena-- what do you know about her”

Ken:  “She was forced by Yodoshi-- the lord of the dark land-- to
seduce souls-- into his grasp.  She’s very beautiful-- and she’s
a ghost.”

G:  “She’s a-- ?”

X:  “Gabrielle, before we reach Jappa-- I should tell you
everything that happened there last time.”


X:  “Many years ago-- Borias told me about a young girl who was
kidnapped by a Chinese warlord.  She’d been taken hostage from a
mighty island-- even further east than Ch’in.”


[The Past]

X’s Voice:  “Being the kind of person I was then-- the challenge
of finding a new land to plunder was just too much for me.  I had
to meet her.”

X:  “So, her daddy’s rich, you say?”

Borias [Bor]:  “And powerful.  He should pay well for the return
of his sweet daughter.”

Kao:  “Come.  Akemi-- meet-- ”

Ake:  “Xena-- the warrior princess.”

X:  “You know me?”

Ake:  “Oh, yes.  I’ve heard that you’re afraid of nothing.  Kao
here-- he’s afraid of many things.”

Bor:  “This girl has spirit.”

Kao:  “This girl deserves to die-- speaking like that in front of
my guests.”

Ake:  “You won’t kill me.  Xena won’t let you.  Because in her
heart-- she knows that she will soon love me.”

Bor:  “Xena loves no one.”

Ake:  “I’ll be your student, Xena.  You’ll take me with you.
You’ll teach me everything you know.”

Kao:  “I have a few lessons for you!”

X:  “Here-- 50 pieces of gold.  It’s the best offer you’ll get
for her.”

Kao:  “I do what I want with my property.  I say this isn’t a
good day to trade.”

X:  “Is it a good day to die?”

Bor:  “It’s unhealthy to negotiate with this one.  I’d take the

Kao:  “Guards!”


X:  “I’ve shut off the flow of blood to your brain.  You got 10--
9-- 8-- ah, forget it.” 

Bor:  “I would have taken the gold.”


X:  “You know, Borias?  I have a dream-- a dream of conquering
every land between here and Brittania.”

Bor:  “Xena-- you’re always looking for green pastures to rape
and pillage.”

X:  “Yep-- and maybe there’s more in this than just the ransom,
huh?  I mean, with her father as an ally, I could get a nice
toehold on that island.”

Bor:  “What makes you so sure she’ll lead you to Daddy?”

X:  “Ah, she wouldn’t lie to me.  Hm-m-- she worships her

Bor:  [Laughs]

X:  “What’s so funny?”

Bor:  “Xena, you couldn’t teach a dog to bark.”  [Laughs]

X:  “Akemi!  Come here.  I wanna show you something.”

Ake:  “You’re wrong.  Xena will be a gerat teacher.”

X:  [Snickers]

Ake:  “I’m ready.”

X:  “All right.  If someone’s comin’ atcha with a right/left
combination-- this is what I wantcha to do.  You feint back,
twist in the direction of the blow, and then deliver a vicious
jumping, spinning back-kick.  All right?”

Ake:  “Right, so-- that’s right, a left-- a feint-- uh, a
jumping, swinging-- ”

X:  “-- jumping, spinning back-kick.  All right.  Now, I’ll be a
bad guy.”

Bor:  [Laughs]

X:  “Lesson one-- trust no one.”


Bor:  “Remember, Xena-- I get 10 % of the ransom.  [Laughs]  Good
luck, teacher.”


X:  “Come on, Akemi-- keep up.”

Ake [Sighs]:  “My ribs are still a little sore.”

X:  “Well, next time we’ll start with something a little
simpler-- like listening.  Listen to that.”

Ake:  “To what?”

X:  “To life and death.  Every sound, every movement, is a
message.  A wagon just crossed a creek up ahead.  A deer grazing

Ake:  “When you listen to the Kami like that-- you must be at

X:  “The Kami?  What’s that?”

Ake:  “The Kami are the powers behind all nature.  They make the
sun shine-- the grass grow.  They brought you to me.”

X:  “No, no, no.  When I listen like that, I’m at war.  Every
sound is a possible warning of an enemy approaching.”

Ake:  “I believe that one day, Xena-- the Kami will help you know
peace.  And I would be honored-- if you would accept this.”

X:  “Oh-h-h-h-- uh-h-h-h-h-- it’s really pretty.”

Ake:  “It’s our scripts.  When my people are overcome with a
feeling-- that needs to be preserved-- we write verse.”

X:  “Oh, yeah?  Like what feeling?”

Ake:  “Love.”

X:  “Love?”

Ake:  “‘Yesterday-- the moon took lodging on my sleeve.  Today--
I have hope for even the brokenhearted stars.’”


[The Present]

G:  “So beautiful.  To write something like that, she must have
loved you very much.  What’s wrong?”

X:  “The truth is, Gabrielle-- she broke my heart.”



G:  “Se broke your heart?  I don’t understand.”

X:  “For a while, I didn’t understand myself.”


[The Past]

X’s Voice:  “When I travelled with Akemi to her island for the
ransom-- I was to learn that my heart was seeking something

X:  “I thought I was taking you to your father.”

Ake:  “His castle’s in the north.  We came here first to visit my
grandfather.  He-- died here-- many years ago.”

X:  “Are you telling me that we have walked days in the wrong
direction to see a _dead_ guy?!”

Ake:  “We must visit my grandfather to seek his blessing.  He’s
dead-- but-- I can still speak to him.”

X:  “All your talk about moons up your sleeve-- you were playing
me for a fool.  I oughtta just-- !”

Ake:  “You hear the Kami through the sounds of nature.  In the
same way-- I hear sounds that are silent to you.  My grandfather
says that you are a wise and appropriate teacher-- and-- he feels
your sword-- is not good enough.”

X:  “There’s a string of widows from here to Greece that say

Ake:  “Compared to a Katana-- all other swords are toys.”

X:  “Well-- then get me one of those.”

Ake:  “The great Katana lies near here-- but-- you must know-- in
our country-- women are forbidden to own Katana.”

X:  “Well, they’re just gonna have to get used to it, aren’t


Ake:  “Sensei-- I come bearing a challenge.  My master wishes to
fight you for possession of the Katana-- forged from the purest
ore-- of the Hakiman temple.”

Sensei [Sen]:  “Your master must be a mighty samurai.”

X:  “Oh, no-- I’m just a girl-- in search of a really good

Sen:  “A woman?!  A foreigner!  Challenging us-- for the sacred
Katana?!  This-- is a great insolence!”

X:  “Well, I guess you’re gonna have to teach me a lesson, hm-m?”


X:  “Ooh, gimme, gimme.”

X:  “Yeah.  Grandpa was right.  Now, _this_ is a sword.”


Ake:  “‘In a flurry of snow-- two breaths of wind unite-- and
become as one-- and then disappear into each other.’”

X:  “Listen, Akemi-- I don’t want you to take this the wrong
way-- I really love this sword-- and you’re a nice kid, but I
just came for the ransom.”

Ake:  “I don’t believe that.  What do you hear now?”

X:  “Snow falling on cedars.  No-- your heart-- beating harder
than normal.”

Ake:  “You’re a master of war-- yet-- you know no words to speak
of love.  And then you go and save my life.  There’s no greater
gift of love a teacher can give a student than that.  I have
another gift I must ask of you.  I saw what you did to kill that
coward, Kao.”

X:  “It’s a sacred trust.”

Ake:  “I would be honored-- beyond words-- if you’d teach me

X:  “All right.”


[The Present]

G:  “You knew her for a few weeks and you taught her the pinch?
Xena, in all the time--”

Captain [Interrupts]:  “Higuchi is under siege, and there’s no
place to dock.  I’m turning back.”

X:  “What?!  Gabrielle, I’ve got to go ashore.”

G:  “I’m with you.”

X:  “I knew you’d say that.”


X:  “Firebombs.”

G:  “They’re going to burn Higuchi to the ground.”

X:  “We’ve gotta release the water from the tower.  Gabrielle,
what would you do?”

G:  “I saw these acrobats.  They used-- ”

X:  “Show me, Gabrielle.”

G:  “Climb on!”

X:  “All right.  What’s next?”

G:  “This way!”

X:  “Gabrie-e-e-e-e-elle!”

Warrior:  [Screams]

G:  “Whoa!  Xena!  [Yells]  Go for the ladder!”

Warriors:  “Kill her!”  “Retreat!”

Villagers:  [Cheer]

X:  “Whoo-hoo!”

Villager:  “Yeah!  We’ve won!  We’ve won!”

G:  “Higuchi is saved.”

X:  “Not quite the way I would have done it, Gabrielle, but it
sure worked.”  [They chuckle.]



G:  “You know, Xena, I still don’t understand.  You taught Akemi
the pinch.  Did she ever use it?”

X:  “Yes, unfortunately, she did.”


[The Past]

X’s Voice:  “After a many days’ walk-- we reached her father’s

Yodoshi [Yod]:  “Akemi?”

X:  “Akemi, what are you doing?”


Ake:  “You have 30 seconds to live.  My brothers-- my sisters--
my mother-- and my gentle grandparents-- I avenge all your deaths
at the hands of this monster.”

Ake:  “Father-- ”

X:  “Father?”

Ake:  “-- I pray you suffer in death-- the way your family
sufferied in life.  It was my duty.  He had to die.”

X:  “I don’t care about that!  What about the ransom?!  Where’s
my money?!”


Ake:  “Forgive me, Xena.”

X:  “I don’t suppose there’s any inheritance in this!”

Ake:  “I have one last thing to ask of you.  Restore my honor.
The sacred katana.”

X:  “You want me to cut off-- ?  That’s why you wanted me to take
the katana.”

Ake:  “After that is done-- take my ashes-- and place them in the
family shrine-- in the town of Higuchi.”

X:  “No, no.  No, I’m not going to-- !  Akemi.”

Ake:  “I pray you will.  ‘The-- snow melts.  Flowers fade.  And I
pass-- as all things do.’”

X:  “You-- ”

Ake:  “‘But-but time-- and love-- they go on.’  Restore my honor,

X:  [Yells]


[The Present]

Villagers [Cheer]:  “Xena!”  “Yeah, Xena!”  “Xena!”

G:  “How will you feel when you come face-to-face with Akemi’s

Harukata [Har]:  “Better question is-- how will Xena feel--
face--to-face-- with the ghosts of the people she killed at

X:  “What?”

G:  “Who are you?”

Har:  “My family name is Harukata.”

Ken:  “But he’s know as the killer of ghosts.”

G:  “Xena saved your city.”

Har:  “This time.  But that does nothing to atone-- for what
happened-- when last she was here.”

G:  “What’s he talking about?”

X:  “I was fulfilling Akemi’s dying wish-- to place her ashes at
the family shrine here in Higuchi.”


[The Past]

X’s Voice:  “Word got out that I was honoring the ashes of a girl
who had killed her father.  The townsfolk felt that I would be
defiling her graveyard.  They banded toegether to stop me.”

X’s Voice:  “I tried to ignore them, but they came after me.”


X:  “No!  Akemi!”

Villagers:  “Fire!  Fire!”


[The Present]

Har:  “The wind took the fire-- from house to house.  40,000 of
my townsfolk-- perished-- in the flames!”

X:  “No, it’s not possible.”

Har:  “That is-- only the beginning!”

Ken:  “Akemi told me that after she killed her father, Yodoshi’s
spirit was so full of evil-- even the underworld would not allow
him to enter.  He becoame Lord Yodoshi-- the eater of souls.  The
40,00 lost spirits were at his mercy.  Now he holds them-- inside
him-- enslaved.”

X:  “Then I am guilty of a greater evil than I ever thought

G:  “Xena, it was a horrible accident.”

X:  “No-- no, I must put things right.”



X’s Voice:  “Can you hear them?”

G:  “I thought I heard a horse, before.”

X:  “Listen not just to the sounds-- but to what’s behind the

G:  “How many are there?”

X:  “At least three armies are gathering.”

G:  “I’ll warn the others.”

X:  “Ghost killer-- I know that you think of me as your enemy--
but you must believe this.  My spirit aches for the torment I’ve

Har:  “We both want-- the same thing-- to release those souls.”

X:  “You’ve devoted your life to killing Yodoshi.  Why is it that
you have never succeeded?”

Har:  “I have the power-- to slay-- but it is impossible for me--
to get close enough-- to use my blade.”

X:  “Why?”

Har:  “Because-- I am mortal.  Only-- another ghost-- can trap--
a spirit as mighty as Yodoshi.”


X:  “Akemi-- I know what I must do-- but I’m afraid that this
day-- what’s done may not be undone.”

G:  “Xena, the militia is prepared.  Why aren’t you ready?”

X:  “Gabrielle, come here.  [Sniffs]  Come here.  Give me your
hands.  All right.  Here.  Feel the surge of blood under the
skin.  Now, just behind-- ”

G:  “Xena-- you don’t have to do this.  I understand why you
would never wanna teach me the pinch.”

X:  “No.  No, today more than ever-- I want you to know what I
know.  Please.”

G:  “Why are you doing this?”

X:  “Gabrielle-- if I only had 30 seconds to live-- this is how
I’d want to live them-- looking into your eyes.”

G:  “Stop this.  Stop it.”

X:  “Always remember, I love you.”

G:  “Why would you teach me this right now?  I don’t understand!”

X:  “There’s nothing to understand.  I just wanted you to know
everything I know.  Let’s go.  We got a battle to win.”


Ken:  “Wouldn’t it be better if we stayed with Xena?”

G:  “Xena wants us to lead a contingent to the east plain.  She
said a group of Yodoshi’s archers are gathering there.”


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