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“The Sword of Veracity”  Episode 25/212


Tallus [Tal]:  “Shira!  Shira.  Shira.”


H:  “That must be Pluribus.”

I:  “Yeah.  Won’t it be great to see Amphion, again?”

H:  “Yeah.”

I:  [Laughs]

H:  “What?”

I:  “Well, I was just-- remembering that battle against the
Macedonians.  We must have been outnumbered twenty-to-one.”

H:  “Iolaus, it was more like-- ten-to-one.”

I:  “Yeah, yeah, yeah-- whatever.  Amphion-- he didn’t want
anything to slow him up.  He just-- jumped on his horse and
charged right in.  By the end of the day, he must have dropped--
I don’t know-- fifty men.”

H:  “He was one of the greatest warriors I’ve ever seen.”

I:  “Hmm-- ”

H:  “And easily the most reckless.”

I:  “Yeah-- so what does a guy like that do in peacetime?”

H:  “Hmm.”


Amphion [Am]:  “There’s no reason to fight.  You’ve gotta seek a
peaceful solution.”

Lycus [Lyc]:  “Not after Trachis has taken everything we’ve got.
The only thing his tax collectors will ever understand is a good

Am:  “Look, Lycus.  If it means anything, you’re not alone.
When we know in our hearts that something is unjust-- we _owe_
it to ourselves to _do_ something about it!”

Man’s Voice [In Background]:  “He speaks the truth.”

Am [Interrupts]:  “And nowhere is it written-- that we must
abide the cruelty of tyrants.”

Man’s Voice:  “We’re with you, Amphion!”

H:  “In my experience, the best way to deal with tyrants is to--
get rid of them.”

Am:  “As usual, my friend, we agree.  The trouble is-- violence
breeds violence.  It’s a vicious circle.  Justice cannot be won
by the sword alone.  Because our fight is not for power-- but
for peace-- and brotherhood.”

Soldier [Sold]:  “All right-- that’s enough!  Break it up!  Move
along!  I’d watch it if I were you.”

Am:  “I appreciate the warning.  Flower?”

Sold:  “Hmmm.”

Am:  “Some people have no sense of humor.”

H:  “Amphion.”

Am:  “Hercules!  Iolaus!  It’s good to see you both.”

H:  “You, too.  Still-- stirring up trouble, I see.”

Am:  “Trying not to, actually.  Come-- you must be hungry.”

Trachis [Tra]:  “You, there!  Halt!  Your name is Amphion, is it

Am:  “You know who I am, Trachis.”

Tra:  “You’re under arrest!”

Am:  “For what?!  Speaking the truth?!”

Tra:  “For murder!  Tallus, and his wife, Shira, were robbed and
killed last night.  Take him!”

Woman’s Voice:  “No, why will they-- ?

H:  “Wait a minute.”

Tra:  “Let’s go, Amphion!”



Tra’s Voice:  “Search the place!”

H:  “What’s going on here?”

Am:  “There’s no reason for you to get mixed up in this,

Tra:  “Get him out of here!”

Man’s Voice:  “How can they arrest him?!”

Tra:  “So, you’re the great Hercules!”

I:  “Yeah-- he is.  And they call me, Iolaus.  I’m with him.”

Tra:  “Good for you.  I’m Trachis.  As Hera’s servant and
magistrate, I’m responsible for keeping the peace.”

H:  “Peace-- of course.  Hera’s always been-- big on that.”

Tra:  “You’d better remember that you and your _friend_ are
guests here.”

Man’s Voice:  “Over there!”

H:  “Good for us.  But you didn’t answer my question.”

Tra:  “What?!  This?!”  [Laughter]

Tra:  “I have a murderer to find!  Your friend either can’t or
won’t recall his whereabouts at the time.  And I have
_witnesses_ who saw him at the scene.”

Man’s Voice:  “Let him show that to Trachis!”

I:  “And which witnesses would _they_ be?”

Tra:  “Two of my men.”

I:  “This whole thing stinks.”

H:  “Tell me about it.”

Tra:  “This goblet was hidden in Amphion’s house!  I _believe_
it belonged to Tallus!”

Man’s Voice:  “He denied the evidence.”

Tra:  “The stains-- are blood!”


Tra:  “Amphion would have you believe he’s a _man_ of peace.  He
_wants_ you to believe that so you’ll forget your debt to Hera--
and follow him, instead-- a soldier-- who’s killed countless
times before-- even innocent women and children.”

Man’s Voice:  “We believe this!”

H:  “It’s a lie!  I know this man, and he is _not_ a murderer!”

Tra:  “If it isn’t true, deny it.  You have their ears.”

H:  “Amphion-- say something.”

Am:  “I told you to stay out of this.”

Tra’s Voice:  “Very well-- let us proceed-- ”

Tra:  “-- and go to the truth of this matter.  Did Amphion kill
two innocent people-- because they discovered him stealing a
globlet?  Or did he silence him because they discovered his
secret?  That all he really craves is power!”

Woman’s Voice:  “It must be true, or he’d deny it!”

Tra:  “If you wish to save yourself-- now’s the time.  So be it.
In the name of Hera-- I sentence you to death by fire on the
night of the full moon-- two days hence!”


I:  “Why did you stand there, and let him say you killed
innocent women and children?”

H:  “Amphion, if you don’t tell us what’s going on, we can’t
help you.”

Am:  “I never asked for help.  The siege of Carthage was coming
to an end.  We were ordered to take this little town.  The men
there knew they were outnumbered, so they started using the
women and children as shields-- trying to escape.  I was
supposed to lead the attack-- but my leg was wounded.  By the
time I got there-- ”

I:  “The-- the women and children?”

Am:  “Slaughtered-- every one of them.  That was my last

I:  “It wasn’t your fault.”

Am:  “I should have stopped it.”

I:  “What could you have done?”

H:  “Iolaus is right.  I know you, Amphion.  You would have
stopped it if you could have.  Tell me something.  Do you really
think becoming a martyr-- will put Trachis out of power?”


H:  “Trachis?  We need to talk.”

Tra:  “This is all delicious.  Are you sure I can’t tempt you?
In that case, I take it you’re here on your friend’s behalf.”

H:  “We just want to get to the bottom of this.”

Tra:  “Given his refusal to defend himself-- I fail to see what
we have to discuss!”

H:  “Why don’t we start with the truth?  Have you ever heard of
the sword of veracity?”

Tra’s Voice:  “Of course, I have.”

Tra:  “According to legend-- exposure to its blade renders one
incapable of lying [Laughs]-- if you happen to believe that sort
of thing.”

H:  “It’s not just legend-- it’s real.  And it’s hidden in the
Thalian caves.”

Tra:  “Are you aware that there are hundreds of them?  [Laughs]
I didn’t think so.  You better get goin’.  You don’t have much

H:  “We’ll see you tomorrow, Trachis-- with the sword.”

I:  “Hundreds of them-- you never told me that.”

H:  “It slipped my mind.”

Tra:  “It’s _sad_ really, to see the great Hercules blinded by
loyalty!  Trying to save a man who won’t even save himself!

Sold:  “What do you want us to do?”

Tra:  “Even if the sword does exist-- they’ll never find it in
time!  Just keep an eye on them.  And if they do happen to get
lucky-- kill them.”


I:  “Well-- how we gonna find the right cave?  I mean, do we
just say, ‘Hey!  Here we are!’ and expect it to pop up in front
of us?!”

H:  “We could try that.”

I:  “No, better yet-- we spin a stick, and go in whatever
direction it points.”

H:  “That sounds even better.”

I:  “Herc-- ”

H:  “Huh.

I:  “You do have a plan, don’t you?”

H:  “What if we just-- follow the light?”

I:  “What light?”

H:  “At noon-- the sun reflects off the mountains-- and makes a
beam that points to the right cave.”

I:  “How do you know that?  Uh-- what am I thinking?  He’s
half-god.  Iolaus-- sometimes-- ”


I:  “What happens if it’s cloudy?”

H:  “Maybe we’ll-- run into a Hestial Virgin?”

I:  “Oh.  Wh-what’s a Hestial Virgin?”

H:  “They watch over the toys of the gods-- like the-- sword of
veracity, and the-- shield of forgetfulness.”

I:  “Well-- I guess until we find one-- we-- might as well keep
searching the caves.”


Tra:  “I know you didn’t kill those people, Amphion.  And I
_can_ help you-- if you’ll let me.  All you have to do is to go
out there and admit you were wrong!  Tell them to pay their
tribute!  And respect my authority.  If you do that-- I’m sure
the real killer will turn up somewhere, and you’ll go free.  And
if you don’t-- your naive ideas about peace will die with you.”


Sold:  “It’ll take a week to search all those caves-- and if
they find it-- we’ll be waiting.”


H:  “Ah, nothing in this one.”

I:  “Um-- Hercules?”

H:  “I know-- we’re being watched.”



H:  “Who are you?”

Leah:  “I’m Leah.”

I:  “Hi.  Uh, I’m Iolaus.  Uh, and, uh, this is my friend, uh--

Leah:  “Oh, I know.”

I:  “You do?”

Leah:  “Yes.”

H:  “Oh.”

Leah:  “Hestia told me.”

I:  “Oh, then you’re a virgin?  I mean [Clears throat]-- you’re
a-a-a-- ”

H:  “Hestial-- ”

I:  “Hestial-- Virgin.”

Leah:  “Yes.”

H:  “Well, good.  Then you can lead us to the cave where the
sword of veracity is hidden.”

I:  “Is there a problem?”

Leah:  ‘Well, it’s not that simple.  I mean, I can’t just _lead_
you to it.”

H:  “Why not?”

Leah:  “Hestia-- made us swear not to reveal its location.  We
can only accompany those who seek it.  If she decides their
cause is worthy-- she’ll lead them to the right cave.”

H:  “Well-- our-- cause _is_ worthy-- so there shouldn’t be any
problem.  You know, i-it’s funny-- when I needed the shield of
forgetfulness?  A Hestial Virgin led me right to it.”

Leah:  “Yeah-- well, things change.”

H:  “They sure do.”

I:  “Well-- uh-- allow me to-- ”

Leah:  “Thank you.”

I:  “-- help you.  I, just, uh-- thought-- ”

H [To himself]:  “Iolaus.”


H:  “Any luck?”

I:  “Nah-- just some-- broken wine jugs and-- love letters all
over the walls.  What is it about kids these days?!”

H:  “Too long ago to remember, huh?  Where’s Leah?  She doesn’t
seem to know the area very well, does she?”

I:  “She’s a virgin, not a mountain goat.  Actually-- Herc,
I’m-- I’m having feelings for-- and-- I don’t know, with her
being a virgin priestess and all-- ”

H:  “Iolaus-- get over it.”

I:  “Uh-- I’m _trying_, I’m _trying_, I-- it’s just not that
easy, ya know?”

H:  “All right.  If nothing else works-- here’s what you do.
First, you find-- a lake-- or river, but it can’t be just any
lake or river.”

I:  “No?”

H:  “No.  It’s gotta be cold-- colder the better.  In fact, it
should be-- freezing.”

I:  “OK?  Then what?”

H:  “Jump in.”

I:  “Just like that?”

H:  “Just like that.”

I:  “What?  And that works?”

H:  “Oh-- every time.”

I:  “How do _you_ know?”

H:  “I’ve-- emloyed the method once or twice in my life.  Uh-- ”
[Clears throat]

I:  “Oh.  Oh, OK, thanks.”

H:  “No problem.”

I [Clears throat]:  “Hi.  You all right?”

Leah:  “Yes.  Sorry I fell behind.”

H:  “Hmm-- yeah.  Uh-- there’s _some_-- sunlight left.  So we
can- still search a few more caves-- with your help, of course.”


Lyc [Whispers]:  “Amphion-- what have they done to you?  Here.
Go on.  Have some.”

Am:  “Lycus-- how did you get in here?”

Lyc:  “Never mind that.  I know you’re not a murderer.  But if
you have to deny everything you believe in in order to save
yourself-- then do it-- please.  We _need_ you.”

Am:  “I can’t.  I’m sorry.”

Lyc:  “Amphion-- ”

Am:  “Lycus-- I appreciate what you’re trying to do.  But what
good would I be if I turne my back on everything that I believed
in.  All that would do is make Trachis stronger.  Can’t you see
that?  At least this way-- my death might do some good.”

[Offscreen]:  [Whistle]

Lyc [Whispers]:  “I have to go.”


H:  “Leah-- is Hestia going to guide us to the cave or not?”

Leah:  “It’s hard to tell.  I hope so.”

H:  “Me, too.  Amphion’s a good man.”

Leah:  “Yes, he is.  I mean-- I’m sure he must be.”

H:  “Yeah.  Well.  I’ll take the first watch.”

I:  “No!  Uh-- ”

H:  “Iolaus-- why don’t you tell her how-- Amphion defeated the
Macedonians?  It’s-- quite a story-- especially the way he--
remembers it.”

I:  “Uh-- uh-huh.  Well [Clears throat]-- you know?  Hercules is
exaggerating a little.  Amphion didn’t defeat them _all_ by
himself.  I mean, I was the one that really-- ”

Leah:  “He doesn’t like me very much, deos he?”

I:  “No, no.  H-he just, uh-- well, he doesn’t _know_ you yet.”

Leah:  “And you do?”

I:  “No-- but, um-- I’d like to.  Uh-- I don’t mean to pry, but,
um-- how does a woman like you get to be a virgin, anyway?”

Leah:  “What do you mean-- ‘A woman like me’?”

I:  “Well, you’re not exactly the type.  I mean, for one thing--
well, you’re-- you’re pretty.”

Leah:  “Bandits-- killed my parents when I was very young.  I
was captured and forced into slavery.”

I [Falls off rock]:  “That’s terrible.”

Leah:  “Yeah.  Well-- then, one night-- like magic-- I got my
calling.  When the sun came up the next day-- I ran away.  And--
well-- here I am.”

I:  “Uh.  Yeah-- here I am.  I-I’m sorry.  I, uh-- I didn’t mean
to, uh-- ”

Leah:  “Where are you _going_?  Did I _say_ something?”

I:  “No!  No!  Um-- I-- uh-- good night!”  [Clears throat]


I [Splashes]:  “Ooh!  Oo-ooh!  Ooh!  Brrrr!  Ooh; ooh!”

H:  [Chuckles]


Tra:  “Hera-- I call upon your help.  Hercules seeks the the
sword of veracity to destroy all that we’ve built.  As your
servant-- and partner-- I beseech you-- make sure he doesn’t
succeed.  And, together, we can continue to prosper.”


I:  [Snores]

H:  “Sleep well?”

I:  “Yeah.  Yeah.  Oh, by the way, the, uh-- it worked, you

H:  “Hmm?”

I:  “Jumping in the water.”

H:  “Oh.  So, this thing you have for Leah.  It’s over now.”

I:  “Oh, yeah.”

H:  “Really?”

I:  “Yeah, yeah, yeah.  As far as I’m concerned, she could be a

H:  “Is that right?”

I:  “Yep.”

Leah:  “Good morning.”

H:  “Morning.”

I:  “Hi.  Sleep well?”

Leah:  “Yes-- thank you.”

I:  “Good.  You look-- rested.”

H:  “A tree, huh?”


I [Sighs]:  “Aw, no.  What now?”

H:  “If it’s not-- too much trouble-- do you think you could
Hestia to at least-- point us-- in the right direction?”

Leah:  “Hestia works in mys-_ter_-ious ways.  I guess it
wouldn’t hurt to try?”

H:  “Thank you.”

Leah:  “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-- ”

I [Meanwhile]:  “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Leah:  “-- eeeeeeeeeeee.  Hestiahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  There-- that

H:  “Are you sure?”

Leah:  “When I was  novice-- Hestia tested me-- by asking me to
find a small stone-- at the bottom of a huge quarry.  I-I
searched for days-- ”

H:  “Uh-huh?”

Leah:  “-- searched _ceaselessly_-- until, finally I gave up.”

I:  “Oh”

Leah:  “When I sat down, the stone was right in front of me.”

H:  “So-- what you’re saying is we should-- shut up and-- trust

Leah:  “Not me-- Hestia.”

H [Sighs]:  “Well-- for Amphion’s sake-- I hope you and Hestia
are right.”

Leah:  “Yeah, me, too.”

I:  “Look!”

H:  “I, uh-- guess I-- owe you an apology.”

Leah:  “Don’t worry about it.”



H:  “Iolaus.”

I:  “Yeah.  Come on.  Don’t worry.  It’ll be OK.”

Leah:  “Look out!”

H:  “Get the sword.”

Leah:  “A-aren’tcha gonna-- help Hercules?”

I:  “Nah.”

H:  “Anytime.  Ah!  Come on, that had to hurt a _little_ bit.


Leah:  [Screams]

I:  “What?!  What?!  Who’s that?”

Leah:  “I can’t tell you.”

I:  “Oh.  OK?  Well-- one way to find out.  Excuse me?  You’re
the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen.”

Leah:  “What?!”

I:  “Ha-ha.  I’m just testing.  If the sword makes you tell the
truth, then, uh-- this can’t be it.  Herc said, if you point it
at someone, they can’t lie.”

Leah:  “What was that?”

I:  “Hercules.  Huh.”


Leah [Whispers]:  “Iolaus.”

I [Whispers]:  “Yeah?”

Leah [Whispers]:  “Was that your foot I just stepped on?”

I [Whispers]:  “No.”

Leah:  “Ahh!”

I [Softly]:  “It’s OK.  Uh-- I’ll protect you.”


I [Sighs]:  “There must be dozens of swords here.  What’s that?”

Leah:  “It says, ‘Welcome to the cave of Hestia-- goddess of the
hearth.  The sword of veracity is a powerful weapon.  Once
removed from the cave, it must be used with caution-- and then
returned when its purpose has been fulfilled.’”

I:  “Well, we don’t have time to check them one by one.  Let’s
take ‘em all-- we can check ‘em on the way out.”

Leah:  “Oh, no!  Wait!  It says only _one_ sword can be removed
from the cave.  If we take any others, we’ll never get out

I:  “Oh-- really?”

Leah:  “That’s what it says.”

I [Sighs]:  “OK, then, come on.  Let’s-- dive in.  Point one at
yourself.  See if you can’t lie.  [Clears throat]  My name’s
Hercules, and-- I love Hera.”

Leah:  “I had a frog for breakfast.”


H:  “Nice breath.”

Minotaur:  [Screams]


Leah:  “This is a rutabaga.”

I:  “I have two heads!”

H:  “There you are.  What’s taking so long?”

I’s Voice:  “I was gonna ask you the same thing.”

H:  “Well, I’ve been a little-- busy.”

I:  “Yeah, well, we’ve been-- taking a nap.  No, no-- have to
get the right sword.”

H:  “Oh.”

I:  “Hercules-- I hate your guts.  Ha-ha-ha-ha.  Uh-- no

Leah:  “I can fly.”

H:  “This reminds me of when I went after the shield of
forgetfulness-- which I never did.  There had to be thousands of
‘em.  Trouble was, when I found the right one, I forgot why I

I:  “Oh, yeah, that’s right.  So, what did you do?  Look!  A
flying pig!”

H:  “I had it written down on my hand-- which-- fell off.”

Leah:  “Look out!  Two hairy monsters, right behind you!  No!


I:  “I _thought_ you took _care_ of this guy!”

H:  “Yeah, I thought so, too.”

I:  “So, where’d his friend come from?!”

H:  “Why don’t you _ask_ him?”

I:  “Uh-- Herc-- uh-- how do you wanna handle this?”

H:  “Well, uh-- sometimes ya hafta improvise!  Remember what we
did against those two giants at Cardesius?!”

I:  “Oh, yeah!  I gotcha!”

H:  “Now!”

I and H:  “Minotaurs.”

I:  “You know what?  You are-- far and away, the most--
beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.  I-- think I’m falling in love
with you.”

Leah:  “Iolaus.”

H [Chuckles]:  “Hey, you-- better let me have that.”

I:  “Oh, uh-- I’m sorry, I-- I didn’t mean-- ”

Leah:  “Well, at least we know it works.”

H:  “Y-es-- it does.  Shall we-- go?  This thing really is


Sold:  “Stay where you are!  You’re under arrest!”


A Sold:  “Hey!”

Sold’s Voice:  “Stay inside!”


Lyc:  “Where are you taking us?!  What have we done?!”

Woman’s Voice:  “Why us?!”

Girl:  “Mommy!”

Tra:  “Like lambs to the slaughter-- ha-ha-ha.  You’ve preached
your high ideals, Amphion-- but that’s over now.  I _know_ about
Carthage.  That’s why you’re doing this, isn’t it?  As if your
martyrdom could bring back those [Slowly] poor, innocent women
and children.  I think you should reconsider my offer-- because
if you don’t cooperate-- history just might repeat itself.”

Sold’s Voice:  “Or else!”


Leah:  “Iolaus?”

I [Sighs]:  “I just feel so-- ”

Leah:  “Oh, don’t worry about it.  If you wanna know the truth--
I was flattered.”

H:  “Uh-- Leah, now that we’ve found the sword-- why are you
coming back with us?”

Leah:  “Why?”

H:  “Yeah.”

Leah:  “Well, because-- Hestia _wanted_ me to.  She came to me--
in a vision.”

H [Sighs]:  “I see.”

Leah:  “You know? I care-- about what happens in Pluiribus.
Trachis has to be stopped.”

I:  “Ah-- Herc-- ”

H:  “Looks like Trachis wants to stop us.”



H:  “Ah-- if you don’t-- mind stepping aside, we have a--  big
day ahead of us, much to do.”

Sold:  “Take him!”


Soldiers’ Voices:  “Let’s get him!”  “There’s only two of ‘em”
“Kill him!”

Leah:  “Yes.  Yes.  Yes.”

I:  “Ha!  Herc-- ”

Sold:  “That’s enough!  Move, and I’ll kill her!  Now-- who have
we got here?  Leah.  Don’t hurt me!  I-- I’m a coward!  Honest!
I-- I just work for Trachis ‘cause he pays well  and-- girls
like the uniform.  I’ll do anything.  Please-- please, let me

Leah [Softly]:  “Get outta here!  [Normal Voice]  And what about

A Sold:  “My-my father beat me when I was a kid!  Being a
bully’s all I know!”

H:  “Well, it’s-- never too late to change-- ”

A Sold:  “I always liked working with my hands.  I could make
pottery!  Bruce and I could open that interior _decorating_
business we’ve always _dreamed_ about!”

H:  “So-- who are you?  I mean, no Hestial Virgin could handle
herself like you just did.”

Leah:  “Three years ago-- Trahis killed my parents in Thrace.  I
followed him to Pluribus.  I didn’t care what happened to me.  I
swore on my parents’ grave that I would avenge them.”

H:  “You must have had plenty of chances.  What stopped you?”

Leah:  “I met Amphion.  He taught me a better way.  He’s not
just my teacher.  We’re going to be married.”

I:  “Great.  Congratulations”

Leah:  “Here.”

H:  “Why didn’t you tell us before?”

Leah:  “Would you have taken me along?  Iolaus-- I’m sorry.  I
didn’t set out to mislead you.”

I:  “Look on the bright side, Leah.  At least, I won’t burn in
Tartarus for having fantasies about a virgin priestess.”

H:  “I-- hate to interrupt, but, if she’s going to get married--
we-- better go save the groom-- ”

I:  “Leah-- the story about the rocks and the quarry-- you made
it up.”

Leah:  “Yeah-- pretty quick thinking, huh?”

I:  “You picked the right cave.”

Leah:  “Yeah, I know.  I’ve been wondering about that myself.”


Tra:  “Beautiful sunset, isn’t it?  Ah, well, it’s time for this
foolishness to end.  At my command, he’ll release that arrow.
If you still refuse to cooperate by the time it hits the
ground-- your friends will burn.  It’s your choice.  If Amphion
was just a murderer-- he’d die alone!  But he’s commanded you to
steal from the great goddess, Hera-- while infecting you with
his false message of hope and love!  Fortunately, Hera is
forgiving!  She has commanded me to give him once last chance to
retract his lies-- before the rest of you pay the price!”

A Woman:  “Save them!  Kill Amphion instead!”

Tra:  “Enough!”

Man’s Voice:  “Only Amphion needs to die!  Hera must be
satisfied  Oh, ye of little faith [?]!”

People:  “Oh!”

Tra:  “You fool.”

Man’s Voice:  “Don’t give in, Amphion.”

Woman’s Voice:  “It’s our cause, too!”

Am:  “Wait!”

Tra:  “What did you say?”

Am:  “I’ll-- do anything you want.  Just don’t hurt them.”

Man’s Voice:  “It’s him!”

H:  “Trachis!”

Tra:  “Hercules!  You’re too late!  Amphion’s about to confess.
The will of Hera must be done!”

H:  “Hera’s will?  Or yours.”

Tra:  “This is no time for troublemakers.  Stop him!”

H:  “This-- is the sword of veracity.  In its presence-- no one
can lie.  Trachis!  Trachis, _look_ at me!  You murdered Tallus
and Shira, didn’t you?

Tra:  “So-- what if I did?  It was a small price to pay!
Amphion’s a fool!  Can’t you see that?!  Peace and brotherhood!
They’re just words!  They don’t work!  Not in this world!  _You_
wanted law’r [sic] and order-- and I gave it to you!”

H:  “And all that _tribute_ you collected-- it went into your
own pockets.”

Tra:  “What difference does it make?!  I earned it!  What are
you standing there for?!  Kill him!”


Sold:  “Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

Men’s Voices:  “Swing harder!”  “What’s the matter with you?!

Tra:  “No one can save you now.  Burn for Hera.”

Woman:  “Help us!”

H [?]:  “Quick!  Get some water!”

Leah:  “Where’s Trachis?”

H:  “Never mind him!”

Lyc:  “Please, let me through.”

Am:  “Sorry, I-- I gave in.”

Lyc:  “You were trying to save lives.”

I:  “That was close.”

H:  “Yeah.  Trachis.  Going somewhere?”

Tra:  “You.  Why?”

Leah:  “Remember Thrace?  That was my mother and father you

Am’s Voice:  “Leah, wait.  What are you doing?”

Leah:  “Keeping a promise.”

Am:  “Killing him won’t bring them back.”

Am’s Voice:  “Have you forgotten everything we believed in?”

Leah:  “I don’t care anymore.”

Am:  “Don’t say that.  You know it’s not true.”

H:  “No!  Don’t stop her.”

Tra:  “Please-- I don’t want to die.  I was just doing my job.”

H:  “Go ahead.  If it’s what you really want-- then do it.”


Lyc:  “Amphion and Leah!  Happiness to both of you!  And peace!”

Woman’s Voice:  “-- under Amphion and Leah!”

H:  “Congratulations, you two.”

Am:  “What, are you leaving so soon?”

H:  “Well-- we have to get the sword back before it causes any
more trouble.”

Am:  “Thanks, old friend.”

H:  “Ahh.”

Leah:  “Goodbye, Iolaus.”

I:  “Bye.  Uh, ah-- Amphion.”

Am:  “Iolaus-- thanks.”

H:  “Leah-- be safe.”

I [Chuckles]:  “Can I have a look at that thing?  Boy-- hard to
believe such an ordinary-looking sword could be so powerful.”

Older Woman:  “You wanna know what I do with those fruitcakes
you bake every year?  I feed ‘em to the goats.”

Younger Woman:  “Yeah?  Well, I only put up with you ‘cause
you’re married to my brother.  I never liked you anyway.  Come

Older Woman:  [Gasps]

H:  “Yeah.”


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