Whoosh! Online
Edition Take a Journey Through Tartarus!


“End of the Beginning”  Episode 56/319


Soldier 1:  “It’ s closing time.  The Quallus Collection will
re-open for viewing tomorrow.”

Woman’s Voice:  “How lifelike-- you can practically hear him

Soldier 1:  “Don’t you understand Greek?  Come back and ogle

Soldier 2:  “Come on.  Come on.”

Man’s Voice:  “You know, we need to spend the entire day-- ”

Soldier 1:  “Nah.  OK, let’s lock her up.”

Autolycus [Auto]:  “Yeah.  Ha-ha-ha-ha!  Oh-- one of these days,
they’re going to erect a statue to you, Autolycus.  [Sneezes]
Ooh, that mercury dust.  [Coughs]


H:  “Good work.”

Hemnor:  “Thanks, Hercules.  That would’ve taken us all day.”

H:  “Well, the day is still young, Hemnor.”

Woman’s Voice:  “Fishcakes.”

H:  “That old well looks like it could use some fixing.”

Hemnor:  “Uh-- we’re a bit superstitious about that.  A few years
back, a-- little tyke named Mardus fell in, and-- well, it was a
real tragedy.  We’ve just left it, a-- as sort of a shrine to

H:  “Too bad Serena wasn’t here when that happened.  Her healing
touch-- might have saved the boy.”

Hemnor:  “Hercules-- you and Serena lived her such a short while.
It’s not that we don’t appreciate the new bridge, the canal-- all
you’ve done for us, but-- you owe us nothing.”

H:  “Cyrenia was our home.  We were-- we were happy here.”

Hemnor:  “And we’ll always look forward to your visits-- as a
friend-- not a laborer.”

H:  “Yeah.”


Auto:  “Ooh!”


Falafel:  “No more wasted time-- slaving over hot cauldrons.  The
falafelometer measures the exact boiling time of eggs.  Ah-- my

H:  “Why don’t you just cook them until they’re done?”

People:  [Laugh]

Falafel:  [Laughs]  “Watch.  Precision timing.”


Auto:  “Come-- to-- Papa.”


Bully:  “Hey!  Chicken man!  I’ll take mine barbecue style!”

Falafel:  “Ha-ha.  Sorry-- these are egg-laying chickens.”

Bully:  “Yeah?  Now they’re _eating_ chickens!  So, start

H:  “You know, that’s not very polite.”

Bully:  “Oh-- I’m sorry.  Allow me to turn _you_-- into an


H:  “Why do people have to _be_ like this?!”


Soldier 1:  “We don’t _have_ a statue  of Hermes.  Guards!”


Auto:  [Laughs]

Soldiers:  “A thief!”  “He has the crystal!”

Auto:  “Oh, no, no, no, gentlemen.  Wait, wait, I know what
you’re thinking.  And, and-- you’re right.  Your security system
failed at our test.  Uh-huh.  I’m with Autolycus Alarm--
protection without measure for-- all kinds of treasure.”

Soldier 1:  “I’ll measure you-- for a coffin!”

Soldiers:  “Grab him!”  “Come on!”  “Grab him!”  “You can do it!”
“Thief!”  “Get him!”  “He’s mine!”

Auto:  “Stop!”


H:  “This is really weird.”


Auto:  “I already shaved, thanks.  Ho-ho-ho-ho!  You must be much
more than the precious little gemstone I _thought_ you were.
Ooh, what’s this?  Instructions.  This should be fun.  Couldn’t
be in better hands than the King of Thieves.  Now, don’t frown--
you’ll get wrinkles.  Ha!  Ha-ha!”


H:  “Someone has stopped time.”



H:  “Well, even the gods can’t interfere with time.  I wonder
who’s behind this.  I’m sure it’s not you.”


Auto:  “OK, let’s see-- frozen time-- time travel-- selective
temporal manipulations.  Ah-hah!  Now, that’s the ticket.”


H:  “Autolycus?  Why am I not surprised?”


Auto:  “OK-- I’m concentrating-- channeling my thoughts.
Unfreeze and let’s-- it’s gonna take some practice.”


Auto:  “Not even real gold-- hardly worth my attention.  Nothing
in this poor village for the King of Thieves.  I gotta get to
Midas’ kingdom.  Hercules-- this little gem is even more powerful
than I imagined!  Whoa!  All those years admiring it from afar,
never knowing its true nature.  Hmm!  Who’d have thought this
simple-- ”  [Sneezes]

H:  “Bless you.”

Auto:  “Thank you.  As I was saying-- hey!”

H:  “Hello, Autolycus.”

Auto:  “Oh, ho, ho-- I can’t believe I fell for that old trick--
I invented it.”

H:  “So-- that’s why everything is frozen.  That’s the, uh--
Chronos stone.  You better hand it over.  It was never meant for
mere mortal hands.”

Auto:  “Not so fast.  I may be mortal, but I’m hardly mere.”

H:  “Autolycus!”


Auto:  “Nothing personal, HerK-- I know you can handle ‘em.  Just
a little something to keep your hands busy-- and away from my

Thug:  “Get his feet!”

Auto:  “Hah!  The possibilities boggle the mind.”

[More fighting]

Auto:  “Ha-ha.  Oh-- time on your hands, eh?”

H:  “Not anymore.”

Auto:  “I’ll fix that.  Ah, just imagine-- I’ll travel through
different eras, pulling off historical acts of larceny.  Hey, I
could get another shot at the Quallus Collection.”

H:  “You just stole it!”

Auto:  “Nah, that’s just the stone.  I’m talking about _all_ of
the king’s jewels.  I actually tried that once in my impetuous
youth, when Quallus was still alive.  Ah, but stealing from him
today, when he’s not around to see it, just doesn’t provide the
same-- oomph.  Hey-- I know.  Ha-ha-- I’ll go back, and I’ll ge
it _right_ this time, that’s it.  Ha-ha-ha-ha!  Hoo-hoo.  Show me
your stuff, baby.”

H:  “Noooo!”

Auto:  “Hey!”

Falafel:  “Hercules-- where’d he go?”


H:  “Look out!”

Auto:  “Oh, no.  Ahh.  Oh, my stone!”

H:  “The well-- those mountains.  We’re still in Cyrenia from the
looks of it-- only earlier.  Is this the time you were thinking

Auto:  “Yes, but so what?  We’re stuck here.  The Chronos stone
is history.”

H:  “Not quite.  The undamaged stone should still exist in this
time period-- right?”

Auto:  “Of course-- all I have to do is steal it again.  Ha!
That’s why your Hercules!  Hey, this should be interesting.
Knowing what I know now-- about Quallus’ security-- I won’t make
the same mistakes twice.”

H:  “No, let’s just get the stone and go.  We don’t wanna risk
interfering with the timeline.”

Auto:  “Wait a minute.  I just thought of something.”

H:  “What?”

Auto:  “How can I steal the Chronos stone now, if I’m gonna steal
it again from the same place later?”

H:  “Good question.  It’ll work out.  Now, now remember-- no
meddling with the primal forces of nature.”

Auto:  “Oh, this time paradox business gives me a headache.”

Woman’s Voice:  “Mardus-- lunch is ready.”

H:  “Mardus.”

Auto:  “What’s the matter?”

H:  “That-- name.  Hemnor said-- ”

Mardus:  “Heeeellllllppp!  Ah!”

Woman:  “Oh!  Oh!  Mardus!  Are you all right?!”

H:  “Kids, you-- can’t take your eyes off them.”

Woman:  “Oh-- thank you-- whoever you are.”

H:  “You’re welcome.”

Auto:  “Well, I’m impressed, Hercules.  That was very heroic.
Only one thing-- what happened to, ‘No meddling with the primal
forces of nature.’?”

H:  “OK-- I was wrong.  It’s hard to go against one’s nature.
But that’s no excuse.  Let’s try not to make any more waves than
we have to.”

Auto:  [Chuckles]

H:  “What?”

Auto:  “You’re just a big softy.”

H:  “Ah, maybe.”


Auto:  “All right, just give me till sundown.”

H:  “No-- you, ah-- are not going anywhere alone.”

Auto:  “I always work alone.  What’s the matter?  Don’t you trust

H:  “You really want me to answer that?”

Auto:  “No.  Look, Hercules-- I wanna get back as bad as you.
Besides-- I wanna set things right.  The first time I went up
against Quallus, I failed because I was young and reckless.  Now,
with a little seasoning-- should be a snap.”

H:  “I’m-- sure it will be, but I’d feel a lot better if we
both-- went-- together.”

Auto:  “Strange weather we’re having.”

H:  “That’s not weather.  You go on ahead; I’ll catch up with you


Hind:  [Screams]

Strife:  “Ooh-whee!  Oh!  Uh-- that was a bitchin’ light show!
Remind me not to get on Zeus’ smoke list.”

Ares:  “The irony is, the hinds did nothing to defy Zeus.  They
earned his wrath only because he fears the blood in their veins.”

Strife:  “Yeah?  Now they’re-- splattered all over the landscape!
Hey, hey-- looks like he missed one.  Hey, Unc, what’s up?”

Ares:  “Just the milk of inhuman kindness, Strife.  Watch a
master.  Don’t be frightened.  Zeus won’t expect you in mortal
form.  I’m Ares-- and I’ll protect you, Serena.”

H:  “Serena.”



Ares:  “Go now.  You’ll be safe in my temple.  I’ll follow along,
later.  Go.”  [Laughs]


Auto:  “Haa-haa!  Ha-ha!  If only I knew then what I know now.
Ha!  You.”

Past Auto:  “Me?  Oh.”


Ares:  “Lovely, isn’t she?”

H:  “She doesn’t belong here, Ares.”

Ares:  “No-- her rotting carcass belongs in that field with the
rest of her sisters.  But then, you gave ‘em a decent burial.
After all, you are Hercules.  Or are you?  A few more callouses--
an extra line or two around the eyes.  My guess is you’re the
Hercules from the very near future.  I’m surprised.  Time
travel’s forbidden to full gods-- let alone half-breeds.”

H:  “Relax.  I’m _not_ staying.”

Ares:  “Oh, my.  We are taken with the little deer, aren’t we?”

H:  “Let her go, Ares.  She’s done you no harm.”

Ares:  “Hm-hmm-- it’s the good she might do that interests me.
As well you know, the blood of a hind can kill a god.  I’ll be
taking very good care of my beautiful-- vulnerable, new secret

H:  “And if Zeus finds out?”

Ares:  “Who’s gonna tell him?  You?  No-- you won’t meddle.  And
the present-day Hercules is off trapping the-- Erymanthian boar.
So goodbye, Brother.  Feel free to leave a donation on your way

H:  “You’re forgetting something.  I know how things will turn
out.  I just might be looking out for your best interests.  After
all, you are my-- brother.  And when Zeus turns his fury on one--
the rest of us have a way of getting caught in the backwash.  So
you think about your plans for her.  You think hard-- for _all_
our sakes.”


Auto:  “Ha!  Here we go.  Come on!  Huh?  What did I tell ya?
See?  Huh?  _If_ you had bothered to study the plans, you would
know that there was already a tunnel here.”

Past Auto:  “All right, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa-- let me get this
straight.  You’re supposed to be me from the future?”

Auto:  “I’m the walking, talking proof, Junior.  Better believe

Past Auto:  “And I failed this heist?  And now you’ve come back
to help me get it right?  Oh, please.”

Auto:  “Was I ever this pig-headed?  Well, I’ll give you this.
You’re a handsome devil.”

Past Auto:  “Stop doing that.”

Auto:  “Doing what?”

Past Auto:  “This-- this-- this-- I’m not a mirror.  I’m you--
separate, but equal.  Younger and sharper.”

Auto:  “No, wilder and stupider.  Well, at least you finally see
what’s plain as the nose on your face.”

Past Auto:  “Yeah-- OK, OK.  You’re me and I’m you.  Whatever.
You gonna help me get this stone, or not?”

Auto:  “Of course.  Only, this time, we’re gonna go past the
traps we didn’t know about last time-- through this tunnel,

Past Auto:  “I like the way you think, old man.  Sure, they’ll
never know what hit ‘em.  Ha!  The two Autolyci!”

Auto:  “Nothin’ll stop us.”  [They laugh.]

Guard’s Voice:  “Hold it right there!”

Auto’s Voice:  “Uh-oh.”


Serena:  “Why?”

Man:  “Help!  We were hunting!  My brother got slashed by a wild
boar!  Help!”

Serena:  “Oh, it hurts.”

Man:  “By the gods!  It’s a miracle!  How can we ever repay you?”

Serena:  “You said you were hunting-- what?”

Man:  “Golden hinds-- horns and hooves of pure gold.”

Serena:  “Why would you possibly want to kill creatures so

Man:  “I’m sorry.  If it means that much to you-- I promise-- we

[Serena morphs into a hind.]

Man:  “A golden hind!” 

H:  “Don’t-- even think about it!  Now, get out of here!  Go!
Serena-- easy.  OK, when you calm down, you’ll be able to change

Hind:  “How do you know about me?  Do you serve Ares?”

H:  “Never.  You don’t have to, either.”

Hind:  “But, he offered to help me-- protect me from Zeus, and--
men like those.”

H:  “You don’t need his help!”

Hind:  “Whose, then?  Yours?”

H:  “I can’t stay.  Not here-- not now.  But believe me-- you
don’t need Ares.  You have the strength inside of you.”


Soldier:  “On your knees, scum!”

Past Auto:  “Hey!”

Quallus:  “So, my not-so-secret passage has proved an
irresistible lure yet again.”

Past Auto:  “You’ll show me the way-- right.”

Quallus:  “Either I’m seeing double-- or it’s time to start
cuttin’ wine with breakfast.”

Auto:  “Uh, actually, we’re-- twins.”

Past Auto:  “Look, the name’s Autolycus, King.”

Soldier:  “Down!”

Past Auto:  “Naturally, you’ve heard of me.”

Auto:  “Us?”

Quallus:  “No-- and somehow, you don’t look exactly identical.”

Past Auto:  “Ho-ho!  That’s because my brother’s lived a hard
life, as you can see.  He’s paid the price in bad skin and--
premature hair loss.”

Auto:  “You shut up, or you’re gonna suffer premature teeth

Quallus:  “Ha-ha!”

Past Auto:  “Ooh.”

Quallus:  “Your duality must prove handy in the alibi stakes.  I
salute you.”

Auto:  “Thank you.”

Past Auto:  “Thank you.  You know, I’ll never forget the time I--

Quallus:  “Shut up!”

Auto:  “Yeah, shut up.”

Past Auto:  “Huh.”

Quallus:  “No bags-- so you must have been after something
small-- easy to carry [emits a foul eructation]-- like my new
acquisition-- the Quallus crystal.”

Past Auto:  “Oh, _that’s_ original.”

Auto:  “I-- take it you don’t know its pedigree.”

Quallus:  “Ooh, I know its history.  The more men lust to steal
it, the greater its legend grows.”

Past Auto:  “Well, in that case, why don’t you let us go?  We’ll
gladly add to its history.”

Quallus:  “I think not.  Guards!  Lock ‘em up!”

Soldier:  “OK, let’s go!  On your feet!”

Autos:  “I’m going, I’m going.”  “Quit shoving.”


Hind:  [Screams]

Ares:  “Easy, easy.  Just lie still.  Now that you’re the last of
your kind-- I’m afraid you’re a prize trophy for poachers.”

Hind:  “I always had my family to protect me.”

Ares:  “You’re gonna have to learn to defend yourself.  I could
teach you-- if you let me.”

Hind:  “That other man said I had the strength inside me.”

Ares:  “True-- you merely need someone to bring that to the
surface.  If he plans to stay on and become your benefactor,
then-- so be it.  But if not-- I humbly offer my services.  I
would decide quickly, though.  These woods are full of


Ares:  “It’s too bad we can’t use this against Hercules without
upsetting the other gods.”

Strife:  “Yeah-- but, uh-- why-why do we wanna use it against

Ares:  “Why do you think?”

Strife:  “Well, uh-- well, uh-- it’a-- it’d be cool?”

Ares:  “Or-- he’s come back to get the hind’s blood to use
against _us_ in the future.”

Strife:  “Yeah, you’re right.  That wouldn’t be cool.”

Ares:  “Aah, it’s a pity I can’t do unto Hercules before he does
unto us.  But I’m afraid-- my hands are tied.”


H:  “Uh!  Uh!  Uh!”



H:  “Ahhhh!  Uh!  Serena.”


Past Auto:  “Next time you feel the need to share your gift of
wisdom and experience-- don’t!”

Auto:  “You know-- if you’d look before leaping, we would not be
in this mess.”

Past Auto:  “It’s a little more than a mess.  In case you haven’t
noticed, we’re in a dungeon!  That chopping block outside is
being expanded for _two_ heads.”

Auto:  “Well-- it’s gonna have to be big as a house just for

Past Auto:  “Oh, you know what?  You’re pathetic!  You’re
cynical, cautious.  What happens to me that turns me into you?”

Auto:  “You know-- it’s a wonder I ever survived my reckless
youth to become the master knave that I am.”

Past Auto:  “I’d hang myself if it would just put you out of my

Auto:  “Hang yourself with what, Junior?  They took our grappling
hook, our cables, all our tools.”

Past Auto:  “Has your memory gone, too?  We keep extras in a
secret place.  Sheesh!”

Auto:  “Well, I didn’t forget; I just stopped keeping them there,
because it started to make me limp.  Hey, someone’s coming!
Throw me a line.”  [They fake laughter.]

Soldier:  “Ah-- what are you two so happy about?”

Past Auto:  “Ah-- well, it’s the company.  You see, uh-- hah!
He’s a very witty guy.”

Auto:  “Of course, I’ve heard all of his jokes before.”

Past Auto:  “Yeah, but, uh-- you heard the one about the tavern?
Oh, it’s a-- screamer!  Go ahead, tell him.”

Auto:  “Uh-- yeah, yeah, um-- an-- Egyptian and a Cimmerian go
into a tavern.  The Egyptian’s got a monkey on his shoulder.  He,
uh-- ”

Soldier:  “Huh?”

Auto:  “All right, I got him.”

Past Auto:  “Oh, no!  I got him.”

Auto:  “Oh, no!  I got him.”

Soldier:  “Give those back!”

Auto:  “Ha-ha!  Ha!”


H:  “Serena-- I-- thought I was dreaming.  Thank you.  My touch
won’t hurt you.  It’s OK.”

Serena:  “You’re not like the others.”

H:  “Trust me.  I’m a friend.”

Serena:  “I sensed, when I was healing you-- we’ve met before
today, but that’s-- not possible-- is it?”

H:  “No.  No, we’ve uh-- we’ve never met before today.”

Serena:  “Somehow, I feel if you’d arrived sooner, my sisters
might still be alive.”

H:  “I wish I had, I-- ”

Serena:  “No, I’m not blaming you.  Oh, I’m grateful for your
kindness, but-- I can’t explain it.  But after healing you--
feeling your anguish-- it’s almost as if I now realize I have a
destiny-- a-a path I must follow, wherever it leads.”

H:  “You’re right.  You, uh-- you do have a destiny.  And it’s
not my place to stop you.”

Serena:  “I have to go.  Ares is waiting.”

H:  “Wait!  Do one thing for me.  Sleep on it tonight.  Whatever
you decide about Ares-- it can wait till tomorrow.”

Serena:  “All right-- tomorrow.”


Past Auto:  “Hey, are you sure this ‘Hide inside till everybody
leaves’ gambit worked last time?”

Auto:  “Once the guards lock up-- we’ll have the whole place to

Past Auto:  “Well.”

Soldier:  “Come tomorrow.  Come on!”

Quallus:  “The twins are loose!  Triple all patrols!”

Soldier:  “Yes, sir.”

Quallus:  “I want a human net thrown around the crystal!”

Past Auto:  “I told you, we should’a made the snatch before

Auto:  “This would’ve worked if you hadn’t gotten us caught in
the first place.”

Past Auto:  “This would’ve worked, if you had-- ooh!”

Auto:  “Come on!  Before we’re locked in!”

Soldier:  “There they are!  Get ‘em!”

Autos:  “Yodel-ay-hee-hoo!”

Auto:  “Yodel-ay-hee-addly-oop!”


Auto:  “Are the words, ‘Stealth, plan, think before you act’ in
your vocabulary?”

Past Auto:  “Are the words, ‘Over the hill’ in yours?  Why don’t
you go back to that old has-beens’ home where you came from,

Auto:  “All right, OK.  That does it!  Come on!  You want a piece
of me?!  Huh?  I’ll show you who’s a has-been.”

Past Auto:  “This oughtta be interesting.”

Auto:  “Ho!  Hey, hey!  Pretty quick for an old guy, huh?”

Auto’s Voice:  “I’ll drop you like a sack of fools’ gold.”

Past Auto’s Voice:  “You and who’s army, Grandpa?  Huh?”

Auto’s Voice:  “I’ll show you who’s a has-been.”

H:  “Autolycus?  Talking to himself?”

Past Auto:  “Hoo!”

Auto:  “Hey, hey, hey, hey.  Not the face-- not the face.”

Past Auto:  “You got a point.”

Auto:  “Ohh!”

Past Auto:  “Ooh-- that’s gotta hurt.”

Auto:  “Oh-- look.”

Past Auto:  “What?”

Auto:  “-- for the whipping, eh?”

Past Auto:  “Not the hair!”

H:  “Break it up!  Both of you, just, uh-- I’ve heard of being
your own worst enemy, but this is ridiculous.”

Auto:  “Come on now, Hercules.  Is that any way to treat your

Past Auto:  “Jerkules is your partner?  Oh, what kind of
goody-two-shoes did you turn into?!”

Auto:  “You watch your mouth.”

Past Auto:  “Oh, why?  Is little-goody-two-shoes embarrassed,
huh?  [Sings]  Mr.  Goody-Two-Shoes; Mr.  Goody-Two-Shoes.  Oh!”

Auto:  “I ain’t that good.  I know this is a huge shock,
Hercules, but-- at one time, I was actually-- obnoxious.”


Ares:  “Do you have any-- _any_-- idea what Zeus would’ve done to
you if you’d succeeded?!”

Strife:  “Oh, come on, Unc, you practically _jammed_ the arrow in
my hand!  I bet you wouldn’t be all bent out of shape if it had
done its job!”

Ares:  “It didn’t!  You failed!”

Strife:  “I wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been for Little Miss
Heal-It!  I don’t know why you wanna keep that doe-eyed bleeding
heart around, anyway.”

Ares:  “The plan-- was to use the hind’s blood to keep the other
gods in line.”

Strife:  “Well, it’s a good plan.  It could still work.  Do you
want I should rope her?  Bring her in?  You know, a corral in the
dungeon’ll hold her an eon or two.”  [Laughs]

Ares:  “That was not my intent.  I was looking forward to
cultivating her warrior spirit-- releasing the rage within.  I’m
afraid I now know what must be done to ensure my future
longevity.  It is the hind-- who must die.”



H:  “Well-- now we have to get that stone and get out of here,
before it’s too late.  Have you got a plan?”

Auto:  “Have I got a plan?  It’s so simple, it scares me.
Naturally, I’ll have to do it alone.”

H:  “Naturally.  And what I have to do, I have to do alone as
well, so, uh-- we’ll meet up here later.  That’s got to be a
little weird.”

Auto:  “You have no idea.”

Past Auto [gagged]:  “You have no idea.”


Quallus:  “The collection will stay closed until the twin
Autolyci are recaptured.  I expect your swords to make the two of
them into fifty.  But stay alert!  Watch every trapdoor, every
hole!  You snooze, you lose your head!”

Auto:  “My ears are burning.”

Soldier:  “There he is!”  

Quallus:  “Wait!  There’s only one of him!  It could be a trick!”

Soldier:  “But, Sire-- ”

Quallus:  “The other one’s gotta be around here, somewhere!  Keep

Soldiers:  “Sire-- ”  “Quick!”  “Don’t be distracted!  That’s
what they want!”

Auto:  “Confounding, aren’t I?  Hah!”

Soldier:  “He has the crystal!”

Quallus:  “Autolycus!  You’re alone!”

Auto:  “Ah-- now you’ve heard of me.  Let this be a lesson to
you, Quallus.  Two of me is just too much of a good thing.”

Quallus:  “Get him!”

Soldiers:  “Yeah!  Come on!”


Auto:  “Sorry, Junior-- but taking you along would’ve been like
tripping over my own four feet.”

Past Auto:  “You idiot!  It probably took you twice as long.
Admit it-- without me, you’re nothing.  You’re a washed-- ”

Auto:  “Hercules tells me you won’t remember me when I’m gone,
so-- this is goodbye.  You’re going to age like a fine wine,
Autolycus.  Bon appe’tit.”


Serena:  “Please, don’t make it any harder.”

H:  “So, you’ve-- made your decision.”

Serena:  “I have to follow Ares.  I have no other choice-- not

H:  “You’re right.  Be well, Serena.”

Serena:  “I feel we’ll meet again.”

H:  “I know it.  No.  Ares!”

Strife:  “Whoo!”

H:  “It’s not supposed to happen this way!”

Strife:  “You’ve only got yourself to blame!  You know-- messing
with the timeline-- that’s nasty business!”

[H fights Ares.]

H:  “This is hind blood.  You know what it can do.”

Ares:  “You’re bluffing.  She’s dying, anyway!  What is the

H:  “It’s in your _power_ to take the hind-- but spare her human
half.  Do it!”

Ares:  “You’d kill me-- over that pathetic creature?”

H:  “She was my wife!”

Ares:  “Ya happy?!  The hind is no more.”

H:  “There’s nothing more for you here, Ares.  It’s all right.
It’s all right.  Ares won’t hurt you anymore.”


H:  “It’s OK.  It’s OK.  Look, uh-- whoa!  Hey!”

Serena:  “Oh!”

Boy:  “Ow!  My knee!”

H:  “Are you all right?”

Serena:  “Their touch-- won’t hurt me?”

H:  “No.  Hey-- he can’t hurt you anymore.”

Serena:  “Look at that.  Are you all right?”

H:  “Autolycus-- did you get the stone?”

Auto:  “Did you ever have any doubts?  After all, I am the-- ”

H:  “-- the King of Thieves-- yes.”

Auto:  “Why, thank you.  We better go.”

Serena:  “There, now.  You’ll be fine.”

Boy:  “All right-- let’s go play-- ”

Serena:  “I couldn’t heal him.  I’ve lost the touch.”

H:  “You made him feel better.  That, in itself, is an incredible

Auto:  [Coughs]  “Oh, look at the time.”

Serena:  “You have to go-- don’t you?”

H:  “Uh-- yeah-- yeah.”

Serena:  “I don’t even know your name.”

H:  “It’s-- Hercules.”

Serena:  “Hercules-- a strong name.  I won’t forget it.”

H:  “Yes, you will.  Goodbye.”

Auto:  “Uh, come on, come on.”


Auto:  “Ha-ha!  Back home again-- thanks to my handy little
Chronos stone.”

H:  “Hmm.”

Auto:  “Oh-oh!  Careful, careful-- I went to a lot of trouble to
steal that.”

H:  “I’m sure you did.  You’ll always have the memory.  You’ll
get over it.”

Auto:  “Oh, that was so rude.”


H:  “Oh, uh-- this must be yours, huh?”

Serena:  “What do we say, Honey?”

Girl:  “Thank you, Mommy.”

Serena:  “No, not me-- it’s the nice man we have to thank.”

Girl:  “Thank you, sir.”

Serena:  “Good girl.  Why don’t you go help your Daddy pack a
lunch for our picnic?”

Father:  “Ah!  There you are!  Ha-ha-ha!”

Serena:  “She’s shy.”

H:  “Sh-- she’s beautiful.”

Serena:  “She is, isn’t she?  Well-- thank you again.  Goodbye.”

Father:  “Hi.”

Serena:  “Hi, Honey.”

Auto:  “You gave Serena her life back.”

Father’s Voice:  “Are you ready to go home?”

Auto:  “Too bad to do it, you had to wipe out everything the two
of you would have shared.”

H:  “Yeah-- the best thing that never happened to me.”


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