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"Rebel With A Cause"  Episode 106/603


Jocasta [Joc]:  "Oedipus.  Oedipus!"

Oedipus [Oed]:  "Please, no more!"

Joc [Whispers]:  "Look at me, Husband."

Oed:  "No-o-o!  No!  By the gods, no more!"
Joc [Whispers]:  "Even taking your own sight can't prevent you from seeing the vision of your past.  The prophecy was true, Husband.  No matter how you try, you will never escape fate."

Oed:  "I never meant to hurt you!"

Joc [Whispers]:  "But, you did.  I lo-o-oved you.  And it killed me.  The curse will never be lifted as long as my brother, Creon, is king.  Our rightful heir must take the throne."

Oed:  "But she's not prepared for the responsibility."

Joc [Whispers]:  "Then you know what you must do.  Antigone is the only one who can break the curse.  If she does not-- Thebes will be torn about by the ravages of war-- and _more_ innocent blood will be on your hands."

Oed:  "I can't!  I can't!  I can't!"


[Voices in background]

Guard:  "Problem, stranger?"

H:  "Is it kingdom policy-- to execute members of the royal family?"

Guard:  "Polynices was a traitor.  He got what he deserved."

Oed:  "I doubt if King Oedipus would agree."

Guard:  "Oedipus is no longer the king."

H:  "Since when?"

Guard:  "Since he became unfit to rule.  His brother, Creon, has succeeded to the throne.  Now, move along-- or I'll be happy to give you a personal escort."

Girl:  "Mommy, what's that man doing?"

H:  "Oedipus, no!"



Oed:  [Yells]

H:  "What's the matter, Oedipus?  Stairs out of order?"

Oed:  "Hercules?"  [Cries]

H:  "It's all right."


Oed:  "What brings you here, Hercules?"

H:  "I heard about what happened to your family.  I'm sorry.  Here."

Oed:  "Pity the people who suffered for my sins.  It might do them some good."

H:  "The gods set you up, Oedipus.  You didn't know that Laius and Jocasta were your parents."

Oed:  "They sent me away when I was an infant-- to keep me from fulfilling the prophecy.  But I did exactly that.  The only man I ever killed-- my own father.  My mother-- my wife!"

H:  "Oedipus-- what's happening here?  Why aren't you the king?"

Oed:  "When the prophecy came to pass, my brother-in-law, Creon, took the throne from me.  He invented false charges of treason against my son, Polynices-- and made an example of him."

H:  "I know.  I saw him-- at the city gates."

Oed:  "Unburied-- unmourned-- a message from Creon to those who would oppose his rule.  Hercules-- I've heard word of a growing rebellion in Polynices' name.  Perhaps his death won't entirely be in vain."

H:  "I don't get it.  Why did Creon let you live?"

Oed:  "Revenge.  He blames me for Jocasta's death.  I suppose he has a right to.  It's a far greater torture-- to live in agony-- than to die in it."

H:  "That's why you tried to kill yourself."

Oed:  "I brought nothing but heartbreak to my family, Hercules.  What better way to end the curse?"

H:  "But Antigone's still alive.  What makes you think taking your life won't break her heart?"

Oed:  "Antigone's too far gone to feel real pain, anymore.  She believes her life is already forfeit."

H:  "I wonder where she picked up that attitude."

Oed:  "Jocasta tells me Antigone is the only hope of restoring peace to Thebes.  If that's true-- we are already lost."

H:  "Jocasta's-- dead, Oedipus."

Oed:  "Yet I remain haunted by visions of her."

H:  "Well, then-- it looks like you and Antigone both have your demons to conquer."


Antigone [Ant]:  "You're new on this beat-- aren't you?"

Young Guard:  "Yes, Princess?"

Ant:  "Lose the royal formalities.  I'm not that kinda girl.  No-- a hard man's-- good to find."

Young Guard:  "I-- I would really-- I wouldn't know?"

Ant:  "Is this your permanent-- post?  Or do you offer a more, uh-- personal protection?"

Young Guard:  "Huh!  Any way I can-- be of service."

Ant [Chuckles]:  "Oh, I just-- love-- to be serviced."

Young Guard:  "Oh!  Stop!  Stop!  She took my money!"

Woman's Voice:  "Oh!  Money!"

A Guard:  "You, again!"

Ant:  "Hands off.  I'm the princess?  Remember?"

A Guard:  "You're nothin' but a disgrace!"

Ant:  "Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Some people have no respect."

Creon [Cr]:  "Young Antigone-- why am I not surprised to find you in trouble again?"

Ant:  "Is that a multiple choice question?"

Cr:  "You are a memeer of the royal family-- and as such, you should be setting an example for your people."

Ant:  "You mean, other than being a royal pain in the ass?"

Cr:  "Hmm?  Tell me-- do you know why your father summoned Hercules?"

Ant [Snickers]:  "Hercules?  I didn't know he had-- but I hope it's not because he thinks I need a boyfriend.  Now, if you'll excuse me-- I need a drink."


Ant [Laughs, then belches]:  "So, how about you-- muscles?  You wanna take me on?"

H:  "Thanks, but I'll-- pass."

Ant:  "You know, it's not very gentlemanly to try to take advantage of a girl when she's soused."

H:  "Don't flatter yourself.  Your father asked me to look after you."

Ant:  "Then, you must Hercules."

H:  "That's right.  Oedipus is worried about you."

Ant:  "Well, he should be.  I mean, he may be crazy, but he can count-- one kid down-- one to go?  Right?!  Figures they'd take the good one first."

H:  "And you're just gonna let Creon get away with it, huh?"

Ant:  "It's a rather bold decorating statement, wouldn't you say?  Creon always did like red."

H:  "You know, I, uh-- I almost believe that you don't care about what's happened to your family-- almost."

Man:  "Huh?"

Ant:  "I didn't ask for any of this!  But it's what I got!  So, who are you to judge me for it?"

H  "I know-- you suffered more loss than most people can imagine, Antigone-- but I also know you've got more opportunity than most-- people can dream of."

Ant:  "What?  The opportunity to _star_ in my own personal Greek tragedy?"

H:  "You're the rightful queen of Thebes-- and that gives you a power no one else has.  You can save your people-- from civil war."

Ant:  "There are rebels-- who oppose Creon-- and all they can do is hide in the forest.  What makes you think I can do anything I can if they can't?"

Man's Voice:  "That's it!"

H:  "Good question."


Oed:  "Just rest, Antigone.  You're safe at home."

Ant:  "`Safe'-- and `home' are not two words I would ever use in the same sentence.  How did I get here?"

Oed:  "Hercules brought you."

Ant:  "Right-- my  new watchdog.  Thanks for siccing him on me."

Oed:  "He's heres to help-- if you'll let him."

Ant:  "There's nothing I hate worse than someone who talks like a priest-- but doesn't wear a robe."

Oed:  "All I ever wanted, Antigone-- was to give you an easy life.  Instead, it seems I gave you the one thing I never meant to."

Ant:  "And, what's that?"

Oed:  "Despair?"

Ant:  "Yeah.  Well-- thanks for nothing."

Oed:  "Antigone!"


Crony:  "Hercules-- saved Oedipus from falling to his death this morning, your Highness."

Cr:  "I'm getting tired of waiting for that old fool to die.  The last thing I need is someone coming along to protect him."

Crony:  "He's also been interfering with your soldiers-- asking questions about the rebels.  I'd say he was trouble."

Cr:  "Come to that conclusion yourself, did you?  How soon will the new weapon be ready?"

Crony:  "I'm in the process-- of determining-- the exact-- proportions."

Cr:  "Then it is time for a clean sweep-- to eliminate my enemies once-- and for all-- rhe rebels-- Oedipus-- and Hercules."

Crony:  "What about the princess?"

Cr:  "Let her drink herself into oblivion and die in disgrace on the streets.  The people of Thebes-- will appreciate their king-- all the more."


Ant:  "Yah!  Yah!"

Guard:  "Hah!"

Ant:  "Yah!  Yah!"

Guard:  "Hah!"

Ant's Voice:  "Yah!  Yah!  Yah!  Yah!  Yah!  Yah!"

Guard's Voice [Interrupts]:  "Go!  Go!  Ha-hah!  You'll never win, Antigone!"

Ant's Voice:  "Wanna bet?!"

H:  "Antigone."

Ant's Voice:  "Yah!  Yah!  Yah!"

H:  "Yah!"

Man:  "That's my horse!"

Ant:  "Yah!  Yah!  Yah!"

H:  "Come on!"

Ant:  "Yah!"

Guard:  "Not fast enough!  Yah!"

Ant:  "Yah!  Come on!  Yah!  Yah!"

H:  "Yah!"

Guard:  "Yah!"

Ant:  "Yah!"

Guard:  "Yah!"

Ant:  "Hyah!"

H:  "Come on!"



H:  "Yah!  Yah!  Yah-h-h!  Antigone!  Congratulations.  Ya almost killed yourself."

Ant:  "That was kind of the point.  Don't you have a monster to slay?"

H:  "You know?  You are worse-- than a child, Antigone.  You're an adult who acts like one.  If you wanna spend the rest of your life looking down a mead glass, well, then do it.  If you wanna tempt the fates by _jumping_ off a cliff, well then, do that to-- but I am _through_ playing babysitter!"

Ant:  "Don't you get it?!  I can _not_-- tempt the fates!  They have already decided how my life is gonna end!"

H:  "So, then what are you doing out here?!  Helping them along?!"

Ant:  "This is the only choice I have left to make for myself!  If I am destined to die, then _I_ will be the one to do it!"

H:  "Wait-wait-- let me get this straight.  You are trying to take control of your life-- by killing yourself."

Ant:  "What else can I do?  Nobody escapes their fate."

H:  "So I-- keep-- hearing-- but I still don't-- believe it-- and in your heart, neither do you.  If you really wanted to end your life-- there are easier ways to do it."

Ant:  "But none as fun."


Cr:  "As king-- it is my duty to protect my people from all enemies, be they foreign invaders, or-- local traitors.  For speaking out, publically, against me, this prisoner has been found guilty-- of treason."

Terus [Ter]:  "I didn't even have a trial!"

Cr:  "A crime-- which is punishable by death.  As you witness this execution, I know you will all take great comfort in seeing justice-- done."

H:  "Justice?  Or murder?  You may have intimidated these people into submission, Creon-- but you won't be as lucky with me."

Cr:  "Speaking out-- against the king?!  There is enough _justice_-- for all."


Ant [Yells]:  "Come on!"

Ter:  "Thanks."

Cr:  "Take the others and get out of the city!  Find the rebels in the forest!"

Ter:  "Come with me.  The rebellion could use your help."

H:  "I will--but not yet.  I'm gonna give you _one_ chance to step down peacefully, before I take you down myself."

Cr:  "If you think-- you stand a chance against me, you're as crazy as Oedipus is-- or should I say-- was?"

H:  "What have you done to him?"


Ant:  "Maybe I misjudged you.  You really do know how to have a good time."

H:  "Oedipus."


H:  "Oedipus!"

Oed:  "What's all the noise?  What's going on?"

H:  "It's time to go.  Creon may have already sent-- someone to-- kill you."

Ant:  "What are you doing?"

H:  "It's poisoned.  How much did you eat?"

Oed:  "Just a few bites.  Truth be told, I-- don't really care for the new chef."

H:  "Maybe it's not too late.  Is there a back door out of the castle?"

Ant:  "U-underground tunnels-- I've been sneaking in and out of 'em since I was little."

Guards' Voices:  "Seal the bedchamber!"  "Let's get 'em!"

H:  "I'll take care of them.  You get your father out of here.  We'll meet just outside the forest to the north.  Go!"


Rebel's Voice:  "Terus!"

Ter:  "Someone's coming!  What happened?"

H:  "Where can I put him?"

Ter:  "In here.  There you go."

H:  "He's lucky he didn't take any more of the poison, or he'd be dead by now.  I just hope those herbs I gave him work."

Oed:  "Antigone?  My child."

H:  "I should 'a never left him alone."

Ant:  "But you had to go chasing after me.  Is that what you're saying?  Creon-- did this, not me."

H:  "Yes, he did.  So, what are you gonna do about it?"

Ter:  "Look, I'd offer you something to eat, but-- we're running low on food, and-- well, pretty much everything else."

Ant:  "Sounds like it's time to fire whoever's in charge around here."

Ter:  "Polynices was in charge-- until he was hung up like a scarecrow to die.  You know, his memory is the only thing that gives us the strength to keep fighting against Creon.  And that's a cause we're willing to die for-- but you wouldn't know anything about that kind of nobility-- would you, Princess?"

Rebel's Voice:  "Can I help you?!"

H:  "Can I make a suggestion?"

Ter:  "Please."

H:  "You should station troops to watch the perimeter of the camp.  Creon's bound to have troops searching the woods."


Cr:  "They were right-- _under your noses_!  Now, they stand a chance of fortifying their position if they join the rebels in the woods!"

Crony:  "Your Majesty!"

Cr:  "What?!"

Crony:  "The new weapon-- will be ready-- in the morning."


Cr:  "Show me."

Crony:  "Each of these substances is harmless-- so long as you keep them apart-- say-- in a container-- with two compartments.  But-- if the barrier between compartments-- were to break-- "

Cr:  "Most-- impressive."

Crony:  "You know I do my best for you, your Majesty."

Cr:  "I believe Hercules and the rebels are in for quite-- a surprise."



H:  "They're not blaming you for his death, you know.  They just-- don't-- "

Ant [Interrupts]:  "They just don't think I deserve to be Polynices' sister-- or a princess."

H:  "It doesn't matter what they think-- does it?"

Ant:  "He was the only one who ever stood up for me.  Even when we were little, and I used to get into trouble-- laughing in the-theology class-- caught stealing-- .  Polynices was always there to help me out.  They're right, Hercules-- I don't deserve to be his sister."

H:  "Feeling-- sorry for yourself isn't gonna help you or them."

Ant:  "You don't know what you're talking about.  I'm not feeling sorry for myself.  I'm fine."

H:  "So fine, you can barely go a day without getting drunk or risking your life."

Ant:  "Well, why not?  Polynices spent his whole life for everyone else, and what good did it do him?"

H:  "Maybe, the question should be, what good did it do you?  All your life, you've had the freedom to do whatever you wanted, thanks to your brother.  But, believe me-- if you let Creon stay on the throne, you won't have that freedom for long."

Ant:  "All my family is dead-- or dying.  I can't save them.  But maybe there's something I can do for Polynices.  I can give him a decent burial.  I owe him that much."

H:  "No, that's exactly what I meant, Antigone.  It's too dangerous to go back in that town.  You'll be walking right into Creon's hands, and I can't let you do that."

Ant:  "Oh, you can't.  Aren't you the one who said I shouldn't let anybody else decide my fate for me?"

H:  "Getting yourself captured or killed won't do anyone any good.  If you really want to honor your brother-- help the people he spent his life defending."

Ant:  "I'm not gonna let Creon show my brother off like a trophy anymore, Hercules."

Ter:  "I hate to say this, bu, uh-- she's right."

Ant:  "Thanks-- I think."

Ter:  "Look, we owe it to Polynices to pay our proper respects-- and to show Creon that we're not intimidated by him."

Ant:  "I'm not asking for your approval or your help.  If I have to do this alone, I will."

Ter:  "You won't be alone."

H:  "All right.  Let's do it.  We'll need a few more volunteers."

Ter:  Oh, we're ready."

H:  "What are we waiting for?  Come on."


Guards:  "Hear that?"  "Hmm?"

H:  "Oh-h-h, hey, guys.  It's a nice day for a stroll, isn't it?"

Ant:  "Thanks for your kind donation."

H:  "Oh."

Ant:  "Could do some serious damage with these babies."

H:  "Yes-- you-- could.  Come on."



Rebel:  [Cheer]

Ter:  "That was great.  You should'a seen it.  They didn't know what hit 'em."

H:  "It's an ambush!  Fall back!"

Ant:  "You mean, run away?  Forget it!"

H:  "Hey-hey-hey!  That _wasn't_ a suggestion!  This way!"

Ant:  "Hey!"

Guard's Voice:  "Over here!"

Rebel:  [Screams]

Ter:  "Come on!"

Ant:  "What was that?"

H  "I've heard about experiments in the Far East-- with chemical reactions like that.  But no one has been able to make it work!"

Ant:  "Yeah, until now!"

H:  "Yeah, until now.  They found the camp.  Come on."


[Fight continues]

H:  "Get everyone out of here!"

Ter [Yells]:  "Help me!"

H:  "Let's go!  Come one!  Antigone!  Look out!"

Ant:  "You OK?"

Ter:  "Yeah.  Thanks."

Ant:  "Come on.  Come on!  Let's go!  Go!"


Ant:  "You stay with him."

Ter:  "Where are you going?"

Ant:  "Creon sent all his forces here.  The city walls will be unguarded.  I'm goin' after Polynices."

Ter:  "Antigone, wait!"

H:  "Antigone!"

Rebel:  "I sawr [sic] her heading back towards Thebes."

H:  "Oh, great.  Here."


Ant:  "Ooh, this is just a little-- "

Guard:  "Halt!"

Ant:  "-- easy."

Cr:  "Well-- isn't this nice?  The prodigal daughter returns.  I'd advise you not to move, my dear, for your own sake-- ."

Ant:  "Antigone!"

Ant:  "Hercules!  Watch out!"

H:  "Ah-h-h-h-h!"

Ant:  "Hercules!  No-o-o-o-o!"



H:  "One more step to the left, it would have been a falsetto."

Ter:  "Hercules!  You're hurt!"

H:  "Don't come any closer!  Those bombs-- they're buried under the field.  Footsteps enough [?] to set them off."

Ter:  "OK, maybe if you retrace your steps, you can back out in one peace."

H:  "No-- Creon has Antigone.  I have to get to the city."

Ter:  "How you gonna do that?"

H:  "Very-- carefully."


Cr:  "I'll admit-- you surprised me.  I never thought you'd bother to get involved."

Ant:  "Let's just see someone helped me see the error-- of my ways."

Cr:  "Ah, yes, the late-- great-- Hercules.  Without him, your little friends don't stand a chance."

Ant:  "Maybe, they'll surprise you, too."

Cr:  "They're fighting a battle that's already been lost.  Polynices-- is dead-- and the throne-- is mine.  What can they do, now?  Restore Oedipus as king in my place?"

Ant:  "I'll take your place myself."

Cr:  "You?  The disgrace of the royal family?  You're nothing but a self-indulgent, apathetic little brat."

Ant:  "Not anymore."

Cr:  "All right.  If you'd rather play the martry like your beloved brother, have it your way.  Take her to the square.  She's to be executed immediately."


Cr:  "Citizens of Thebes-- today-- my heart is heavy.  In my quest-- to make our fair country a safer place-- I have uncovered a traitor-- within my own family."

Ant:  "How many times are you people gonna stand there and listen to this before you do something about it?!"

Cr:  "This should be amusing."

Ant:  "I know-- none of you like me very much, and I haven't given you much reason to-- but I am no traitor!  If anyone has betrayed the people of Thebes, it is Creon!  He's stealing your money in the name of taxes!  To make [?] weapons that he plans on using against his own people!  And if you're not careful-- any _one_ of you could be labeled a traitor-- and end up where I am now."

Cr:  "You see?  Your words are useless.  My people have more sense-- than you give them credit for."

H:  "Kids-- don't try this at home."  [Yells]

Woman's Voice:  "Oh!"

H:  [Yells]

Ter:  "Let's go!"

Cr:  "Now!"

H:  "Let her go, Creon!"

Cr:  "Now, you're _really_ annoying me."

H:  "Yeah, I do that."

Ter:  "Sorry we're late."


Rebel:  "Ha!  Ha"

H:  "Are you all right?"

Ant:  "Creon!"


Cr:  [Yells]

H:  "No-no!  Wait!  Wait!  Wait!  He's toast."

Ant:  "It's really over, isn't it?"

H:  "With every ending-- comes a new beginning-- your Majesty."

Rebels:  [Cheer]

Ter:  "Queen Antigone!"


Ant:  "Although we commend his body-- to the gods-- Polynices' memory will always be with us.  For I will dedicate my reign-- to the people he loved-- my people-- the citizens of Thebes."

Oed:  "Polynices would have been proud."

Ant:  "What about you, Father?"

Oed:  "I don't need eyes to see what a fine queen you'll make, Antigone."

Ant:  "Maybe there's hope for us, after all."

Oed:  "You were right, Hercules.  We both had our demons to conquer."

H:  "I'm just glad you're feeling better."

Oed:  "Thanks to you."

Ant:  "I wish you could stay for a while, Hercules.  To be honest-- I'm a little nervous about doing this alone."

H:  "You won't be alone, Antigone-- not anymore."


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