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“Between Friends. The Treasure of Zeus, II”  Episode 02/102


[Narrator:  “Previously-- on ‘Young Hercules’.”

Strife:  “I’m Strife.  I’m bad.”  
Ares:  “Destroy a mortal son of Zeus.”  
Strife:  “You mean Hercules.”  
H:  “What’s your name?”  
Strife-as-NG:  “Ny-- Nysus Gaius.”  
Strife-as-NG:  “He used to tell me about this place-- near the
academy?  In a cave-- up on the mountain.”  
H:  “What cave?”  Strife-as-NG’s Voice:  “They've got a chalice
there-- made by Zeus himself.”  
Ares’ Voice:  “Is my dear brother hooked?”  
Strife’s Voice:  “Like a little fish, Uncle-- waiting for Hera to

Narrator:  “Now, on ‘Young Hercules’.”]


Custodian:  [Screams]

I:  “Ooh!  [Yells]


I:  “A little help here!”


Ja:  “Look before you leap, Iolaus.”


Ja:  “You’re welcome!”

I:  “I was gonna say thanks!”

Ja:  “Let’s break his fall.”

I:  “Go!”

I:  “OK.  Uh-- this way.”

Ja:  “Uh, no, it’s this way!”

I:  “No, it’s this way!”

Ja:  “It’s this way!”

I:  “I”m telling you; it’s this way!”

H:  “Over here!”

I and Ja:  “That way.”

Ja:  “I told you it was that way.”

I:  [Incomprehensible-- “Look out.”]

H:  “Perfect.”



Cheiron:  “These’ll take the stiffness out of that shoulder.  You
were lucky, Hercules.  But the warrior that depends on luck is a

H:  “I understand that this won’t change anything, but-- the last
thing that I want to do is bring harm to this academy.”

Cheiron:  “Selfish desires often mask themselves as good

H:  “Uh-- I thought I knew what I was getting into.  Now, I’m not
so sure.”


Strife [Dressed as NG]:  “Your little bro is tougher than I
thought.  He’s one bad dude.  Takes after his daddy.  Chip off
the old Zeus.  You know-- ”

Ares [Interrupting]:  “Don’t speak.  Don’t-- don’t speak.  We’ll
soften him up where’s he’s weakest-- his pathetic mortal

Strife [Dressed as NG]:  [Makes growling sound]


I:  “You know-- ”

Fiducius [Fid]:  “You are the only one.”

I:  “I was gonna pay.”

Fid:  “Get the money by the end of the week, or you’re out of

I:  “Uh, fine!  Fine.”

Ja:  “What’d Fiducius want?”

I:  “What’s a dinar-counter like him always want?  The academy

Ja:  “Iolaus-- if you’re a little short-- ”

I:  “Ah, nah, nah.  I’ve-- I got it covered.  So, are we gonna
practice, or what?”

Strife-as-NG:  “Practice what?  Oh.”

I:  “OK.  [Chuckles]  Now remember-- what old four-legs says:
‘Balance-- ’

Strife-as-NG:  “Ah!  Ooh.”

I:  “I’m sorry-- ‘-- is the key.’  Don’t think about where you’re
stepping.  Just feel the pole.  It’s nothing.  I’ve seen Herc do
it blindfolded.”

Strife-as-NG:  “Oh, really?  Everybody’s sayin’ he’s always
showing off!  I’ll betcha that’s why he got you involved in that
bird thing!  Stealing Hera’s chalice-- ”

I:  “Hera?  Ah!”

Strife-as-NG:  “Gotcha!  Score one for Nysus!  I can’t believe--
Hercules didn’t tell you the chalice belonged to Hera.  She can
be so nasty.”

Ja:  “I guess he forgot to mention it.”

I:  “Yeah, right-- like Hera could just slip anyone’s mind.”

Strife-as-NG:  “Think fast!  Uh-- nice move, Iolaus.”

I:  “Yeah.”

Strife-as-NG:  “Didn’t see that one comin’.”

I:  “Ah, you were doin’ OK-- for a second.”

H:  “Hey, Iolaus-- finally find someone who hasn’t seen all your,
uh-- special moves, huh?  Iolaus?  What’s your problem?”

I:  “Me?  W-- well I-- I don’t have a problem.  I’m not the one
keeping secrets from my friends.”

H:  “What’re ya talkin’ about?”

Ja:  “He means, ‘Why didn’t you tell us the chalice in the cave
belonged to Hera?’”

H:  “I didn’t think she’d miss some stupid old cup, OK?  That’s

I:  “Well-- maybe we’d have tried to stop you, maybe not-- but
you should ‘a told us.”

H:  “You’re right.  I’m sorry.”

Cheiron’s Voice:  “Pair drills!”

Cheiron:  “Pick a partner.  Warriors must learn to fight
back-to-back-- depend on your comrade as he depends on you.”

H:  “Listen, let’s talk about this later, OK?  Partners?”

I:  “Well, I’m not sure I can trust you.”


Voices:  “That guy from-- ”  “What a rules freak.”

Kora:  “Kitchen’s closing.  Anything else?”

I:  “Uh-- how about a-- slow walk in the moonlight-- you-- me--
the stars?”

Kora:  “Alone, Iolaus-- with you?”

I:  “Uh, uh-- sure.”

Kora:  “OK.  Sneak into the academy barn-- crawl into the
hayloft.  Close your eyes-- and dream on.”

I:  “I don’t get it!  What is her problem?”

Ja:  “She has good taste.”

I:  “Uh-- so, what’s my share?”

Ja:  “Ah, don’t worry about it.  I got it.”

I:  “Ah, thank you, Jason.  I owe you one.  Huh?”

Strife-as-NG:  “Nice guy.”

I:  “Mmm.”

Strife-as-NG:  “I betcha he had everything he could want--
big-time money-- family.  He can’t know what it’s like to
struggle to get by like-- well, like you and me.”

Kora:  “And there-- that’s alone-- ”

Strife-as-NG:  “And a-- girl like Kora-- is only impressed by one
thing-- money.  Check how she looks at Jason.”

I:  “Ah-- they’re just talkin’.”

Strife-as-NG:  “I may be outta line here, but, uh-- if you were a
girl-- who would you go with-- the future king of Corinth-- or--
a guy like you?  See ya back at the academy.”

I:  “Mmm.”


Ja:  “Where’s the old Iolaus smile, huh?”

I:  “Why would you care?”

Ja:  “What’s that supposed to mean?”

I:  “All my life, I’ve had to fight for everything-- you know?
And you-- you’ve-- just had it handed to you.”

Ja:  “What’s your problem?  You think I’ve had it easy?”

I:  “No, no-- I bet attending those royal banquets is-- really
tough.  Ah, great!  My money pouch is gone!”

Ja:  “Maybe I’ll see you back at the academy.”

Strife:  “Hmm.”


Kora:  “Leonidas!  That better not be my new Thessalian

Leonidas [Leo]:  “Sorry.”

Kora:  “Oh-- how hard can it be to carry dishes?”

I:  “Hmm-- you’re not much-- but you’re all I got.”



Fid:  “Well, Iolaus-- I didn’t expect to see you today.  What’s
your excuse this time?”

I:  “Uh, there’s no excuse.  I’ve come to pay my academy fees.”

Ja’s Voice [?]:  “What’d he say?”

Tarsus [Tar]:  “Cheiron!”

Cheiron:  “Constable Tarsus.”

Tar:  “This-- is official business, Cheiron.  Two of your cadets
were seen leaving Kora’s inn last night-- about the time it was

Cheiron:  “We have nothing to hide.  Truth is our greatest

Ja:  “Iolaus and I were the last ones to leave the inn.  I’m
Jason of Corinth.”

Tar:  “The young prince-- I-I’ve heard about you.  Well then-- if
you and your friend left the inn together-- then someone else
must be the thief.”

I’s Voice:  “Uh-- ”

I:  “W-w-well-- I went back to the inn, to get my money pouch.
I, uh-- I dropped it at our table.”

Tar:  “And helped yourself to some coins to put in it!”

I:  “Oh-- no, no-- I saw the money on the counter-- but I didn’t
take it.  I don’t have any money.”

Fid:  “You had enough to pay your fees.”

I:  “I borrowed that money from Nysus.”

Strife-as-NG:  “Wh-wh-- from me?  I-- Iolaus-- you know I don’t
have that kind of money.”

I:  “Nysus, come on-- this is no time to joke around.  I’m on
probation here!  They’ll bury me!”

Strife-as-NG:  “I’d love to help you out, but-- I don’t know what
to say.”

Tar:  “There’s one way to find out who’s telling the truth.
Search their rooms!”


Tar:  “Is this your pouch?!”

I:  “Well, yeah, it’s mine-- but it was empty when I put it in

Tar:  “Take him away!”

I:  “What?  Chei-Cheiron!”

Cheiron:  “Be patient.  Let justice run its course.”

I:  “Look-- Hercules!”

H:  “Iolaus!”

Cheiron:  “Wait.”

H:  “Cheiron-- listen, I’ve known Iolaus my whole life.  He’s a
lot of things, but a liar he’s not.”

Cheiron:  “Then both of you must work to find the truth.”

Strife-as-NG:  [Giggles]


Man’s Voice:  “Lights out, cadets!”

Ja’s Voice:  “Shh-- quiet, Hercules.  You’ll wake everybody up.
Did you put the money back?”

H:  “Yeah.  Thanks for the loan, Jason.  I hid it at Kora’s and
when she finds it, she’ll just think that she misplaced it.”

Ja:  “Right, right-- they can’t convict Iolaus if no money’s

H:  “Yeah.”


Strife [Dressed as NG]:  “Too, too clever.  He’s got a mind like
his dear old dad.  He wouldn’t hide it in an obvious place-- oh,
no!  All right, ya little half-god-- where didja [sic] hide it?
I’m losing my patience!”

H:  “The money’s not here, Nysus.”

Strife-as-NG:  “Ohhh.”

H:  “Why’d you frame Iolaus?  Why did you send me to the Phoenix
Cave to get the chalice?!  Jason’ll be here any minute with the
constable, so you better confess now!”

Strife-as-NG:  “Confess?  [Laughing]  Boring!  Life should have a
little-- mystery, don’t you think?  Uh-uh-uh-- don’t touch.”


H:  “Who are you?  You’re a god, aren’t you?”

Strife [Dressed as NG]:  “Ah, well-- that’s the story of my
life-- aah-- nobody knows me.  But Zeus’s big bouncing baby boy
is gonna put me in the big leagues.  I destroy Hercules-- and
everybody’ll know the name of-- ”

Strife [Morphing into usual appearance:  “Strife!”


Strife:  “Oh, you’re gettin’ higher-- OK.  How’s the weather up
there?!  OKay-ay.  Whoo-hoo!  Oh, extreme.  How ‘bout we set a
few ground rules?  First one to touch the ground-- loses.  Can’t
say I’m not fair.”  [Laughs]

I:  “Come on!  That all you got?!  Ya fight worse than you dress.
If you wanna be a real god, you have to do better than that.”

Strife:  “Hee-hee!  Whoo!”

Ja:  “Tarsus!”

H:  “Strife?  Uh!  Ow!”

Strife:  “That’s too bad, Hercules.  You know, you really
shouldn’t mess with _real_ gods.  [Sing-songy]  Somebody might
get hur-urt.”

I:  “Hercules!  Relative of yours?”

H:  “Yeah-- I think so.  Listen, um-- I’m sorry about getting you
guys in-- ta all this mess.”

I:  “Mess?  What mess?”

Ja:  “We don’t mind being chased by giant birds.  We just wanna
know why.”

H:  “OK.  It’s a deal.”

Kora:  “What’s going on?!  Hey!  Who’s gonna pay for this?!”

Ja:  “Well-- _we_ didn’t make the mess.”

I:  “But-- if ya need a hand-- ”

Ja:  “-- I’d be happy to help ya.”

I:  “Oh-- well, I can probably do it, Jas.  It’s OK.  I don’t

Ja [Interrupting:  “I-- I just offered.”

I:  “Yeah-- I know.  I know, but-- you know, you probably got
things to do.”

Ja:  “No, I don’t.  I offered first.”

I:  “No, really, I don’t mind.”

Ja:  “I could probably help carry the heavy things.  I offered

I:  “Oh, really?”

Ja:  “Did you hear me?”


Ja:  “Think about it, Hercules.  You thumped a god.”

H:  “Ah-- it wasn’t a very big god.”

Ja:  “I bet all of Olympus knows about it by morning.”

H:  “You think so?”

Ja:  “Yeah-- guarantee it.  So what are you gonna do with Hera’s

H:  “Zeus and Hera’s chalice.”

Ja:  “OK-- Zeus and Hera’s chalice.”

H [Sighs]:  “I’m takin’ it to my dad.”


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