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“Cold Feet”  Episode 26/126


Ja:  “It was _not_ my fault.  You’re the one that challenged the
satyrs to a race.”

H:  “Oh, really-- I think that you’re the one that told ‘em I’d
run through the town naked if we lost.  Huh?  I am _never_
showing my face in Guilder again, OK?”

Ja:  “Ha-ha-ha-- your face wasn’t the problem.”

H:  “Oh-- ”

Ja:  “Hey-- where are we goin’ on the break?”

Ja and H:  “Northern lands-- ‘cause they’re great!”

Ja:  “Where’re we goin’ on the break?”

Ja and H:  “Northern lands-- ‘cause they’re great.”

Ja:  “Where’re we goin’ on the break?  ‘Cause  they’re--”

H:  “Hel-lo.”

Girl:  “I’m from the northern land.  I’d be happy to show you

Ja:  “Oh-- well, that’d be, uh-- great.”  [Laughs]

H:  “That would prove for some great times.”

Girl:  “You’re Jason-- the prince-- aren’t you?”

Ja:  “Uh, yeah-- I-I am.  Right.  And-and this is my, uh-- this
is my friend, Hercules.”

H:  “Hi.”

Ja:  “What are you, uh-- beautiful ladies doin’ out all alone?”

Lilith [Lil]:  “Uh, Jason-- hey-- ”

Ja [Interrupts]:  “No.  No.  No.  No.”

Lil:  “Jason-- incoming.”

Ophistus [Oph]:  “Ah-- Jason.  I’ve been looking everywhere.”

Ja:  “Hello, Ophistus.”

Oph:  “Your coronation date is fast approaching, young prince.
You can no longer put off your instruction in royal etiquette.
To be king, you must grow up, and-- put aside childish things.
Report to me in the morning, and we shall begin.”

Lil:  “Whoa-ho-ho-- that guy needs to get a life.  I mean,
seriously-- any life.”

H:  “Whoa.  Whoa.  Hey, listen-- where you goin’, huh?  Curfew’s
not for an hour.”

Ja:  “I got an early wake-up call.”

Lil:  “Whoa.  What’s his problem?  Uh-- I mean, I know Ophistus
is a drag-- but I thought-- Jason was looking forward to all that
king stuff.”

H:  “Yeah-- so did I.  Listen, uh [Whispers]--  Excuse me.
Excuse me.  [Normal Voice, Laughing] Hi.  I’ll-- talk to you
later.  Just keepin’ my options open.  Yep.”


Oph’s:  “It’s of _utmost_ importance to remember that an
ambassador from Cydonia-- must _always_ be greeted with the left
hand, and-- and must never be seated, facing south.”

Ja:  “Why should we respect their customs, huh?  They’re pirates!
They-- they attack their neighbors.  They ignore their treaties.”

Oph:  “This is statesmanship, my prince.  The formalities are
what’s important.  Great cities have gone to war for less.”

Ja:  “This is ridiculous.”

Oph:  “Perhaps.  But you’d best pay attention.  Protocol makes
the world go round-- and you’re meeting the Cydonian ambassador
on your next break.”

Ja:  “No.  No. No-no-no-no-no-no-no.  Ophistus-- pal, buddy--
chum-- see, I got plans for the break.”

Oph:  “I’m afraid not.  Your royal calendar is booked solid for
months-- months-- and months-- and months.”


Ja’s Voice:  “Red squad-- fan out on my signal.  We got ‘em now.
Hercules and his men are holed up inside.”

Ja:  “We’re gonna crush ‘em.  Fern’s up.”

Lil:  “I surrender!”

H:  “Well-- looks like we got you surrounded, huh?  You fell for
the dummy-- dummy!”  [Laughter]

Ja:  “Hey.”

H:  “Yeah!”

Ja:  “This isn’t funny.”

H:  “Whoa-- it’s just a game, Jason.”

Ja:  “It’s _not_ just a game!  I’m gonna be the king of Corinth!
This is real!”

Lil:  “Whoa-- what’s his problem?”

H:  “He’s just got a lot on his mind-- ya know?  He just needs to
work it out.”



Oph:  “Prince Jason!  Where are you?!  Prince Jason!”

Lil [Laughs]:  “In your face, son of Zeus!”

Oph:  “Have you seen Jason this morning?”

H:  “W-we thought he was you, doin, uh-- ”

Lil:  “More royal shoe-tying lessons?”

Oph:  “Oh, by Zeus, it’s true!  The prince has been kidnapped!”

H:  “Kidnapped.”

Oph:  “It was my responsibility to raise a good king.  I made a
promise to his father!”

H:  “Oh-- kidnapped-- that-that’s crazy talk.”

Oph:  “Jason is gone.  What other explanation is there?!  I must
return to Corinth at once.  Uh-- prepare a ransom!  Organize a
rescue party!  Post a reward!  Oh!”

Lil:  “You really think Jason’s been kidnapped?”

H:  “No-- but, uh-- I have a pretty good idea where he is.”

Lil:  “Uh-huh?”

H:  “Yeah.”

Lil:  “Ha-ha-ha-- you think maybe we could get that reward?  Ooh,
that is, after we make sure he’s OK and everything.  You know?”

H:  “Yeah.  Yeah, I know.”

Lil:  “Whoa-a-a-a-a!”


Ja:  “Whew.”

Woman:  “Ooh-- a customer.  Hello, how ya doin’?  Haa-- hee--

Ja [Interrupting]:  “Oh-- thanks.  Worked up a real thirst comin’
from the south.”

Woman:  “Oh-- need a tour guide?”

Ja [Interrupting]:  “No, no.  No, thanks, creepy lady.  Bye.

Woman:  “Bye.”


Ja:  “Ah-- let me help you here.  Ready?”

Balan [Bal]:  “Whoa.  Whoa.  Whoa.  Whoa.  Whoa.  Whoa.  Thank
you, young man.  My name is Balan.  And this is my daughter--

Ja:  “Hi-- how ya doin’?”

Bal:  “I don’t believe I’ve seen _you_ in these parts before?”

Ja:  “I’m just, uh-- just passin’ through.”

Pelia [Pel]:  “Ooh-- ”

Bal:  “Uh-huh.”

Pel:  “-- nice boots for a wanderer.  Is that Corinthian

Ja:  “Uh-- I don’t know.  They-- they were a gift.”

Bal:  “It’ll be dark, soon.  Do you have a place to spend the

Ja:  “No, that’s-- that’s fine.  I’m just-I’m just gonna go.”

Bal:  “Nonsense.  In exchange for your help-- you’ll be my guest
for dinner.  And I have a nice, warm barn, so you don’t have to
sleep in the weather.”

Pel:  “My father doesn’t take ‘No’ for an answer.”

Ja:  “Oh.”

Bal:  “Then it’s settled.”


Ja:  “I’ve never seen lakes so blue in all my life.  We didn’t
know where the-- water ended and the sky began.”

Pel:  “You’ve been so many places.  I’ve always dreamed of

Ja:  “Well, what’s keepin’ ya?”

Pel:  “Well, I had some money saved to travel-- but we had a bad
harvest one year-- and then Mother died.  And there’s so much to
be done around here.”

Bal:  “Hmm.  Where are you off to next, Jason?”

Ja:  “Um-- I’ll probably just go to bed.  Uh, I don’t know.  I’ll
just keep walkin’ around.”

Bal:  “We could really use an extra hand around here-- at least
through the harvest.  The work’s hard, but-- we like it.  What
d’ya say?”

Ja:  “I’d love to.”


Lil:  “Spending our break looking for Jason?  Ha-ha-- I mean, are
you sure we’re going the right way?”

H:  “No-- I’m not.”

Lil:  [Laughs]

H:  “Jason said he wanted to go to the northern lands.”

Lil:  “Yeah, well I hope he realizes what great friends he has--
especially when he’s choosing-- ambassadors.”

H:  “Uh-- you know?  You’re startin’ to sound _exactly_-- like

Lil:  “Is that a bad thing?”  [Laughs]

H:  “Ah-- hah.  Yes.  Ah.”


Pel [Slowly]:  “Here we go-- come on.”


Woman’s Voice:  “Celebate!”

Pel:  “Dance?!”

Ja:  “No, no, no-- I’ll just watch.”

Pel [Interrupting]:  “Come on!  No excuses!”

Ja:  “No.  Ahhhh.”  [Laughs]


Ja and Pel:  [Cheer]

Ja:  “Yeah!  Whoa!  Whoa!  Oh-ho.  Oh-- that was fun.”

Pel:  “Wow, those boots of yours could show me a thing or two.”

Ja:  “Well-- I have a great dancing partner.  Ah-- man, I like it

Pel:  “Hmm.”

Ja:  “Whew-- this is the life-- hard day’s work-- good night’s
sleep.  A little dancin’ thrown in.  Huh?  Ha-ha-ha.  My old life
was startin’ to get so complicated.  Whew.”

Pel:  “Oh-- well, you think this life is simple?  You have no
idea of the decisions-- the risks.”

Ja:  “Like what?”

Pel:  “Well-- if we plant too early-- we miss the rain.  Nothing
grows, and we go hungry.  If we plant too late, we miss the
market.  Nothing sells, and we go poor.  What if there’s an early
frost?  What if we don’t have enough hands at harvest?!”

Ja:  “OK.  All right.  See your point.”

Pel:  “The work’s the easy part.”

Ja:  “No, it’s not that easy.”

Pel:  “It’s Daptes.  Father, father!  Come quickly!”

Daptes [Dap]:  “Where’s your payment, Balan?”

Bal:  “Please-- Daptes-- we-we-- we-we had a poor harvest.  I
have only enough for my family and-- ”

Dap:  “I don’t want excuses!  I want payment!  You _know_ the

Ja:  “Leave him alone!”

Dap:  “Insolence!  You’ve earned yourself an early grave.”



Dap:  “I don’t know who you are!  And I don’t care.”

Pel:  “Please, Daptes-- my cousin’s only just arrived.  He
doesn’t know about the payment.”

Dap:  “Be sure you teach him.  Yah!  Come on!  Hah!”


Pel:  “You’re hurt, Father.  Sit down here.”

Ja:  “How long has this been goin’ on?”

Pel:  “For years.  He used to come once a season, but-- now-- ”

Ja:  “King Laetes should put a stop to this.  He’s an honorable

Pel:  “Honorable?  We beg for his help, but it never comes.  He
doesn’t care about us.”

Bal:  “Unless we don’t pay our taxes on time.”

Ja:  “Why don’t you fight Daptes?”

Pel:  “Don’t you think we’ve tried?”


Ja:  “Listen to me.  You don’t have to live in fear of Daptes.  I
can teach you how to fight.  Your cause is just.  You must take a
stand for yourselves-- and for your neighbors.  Are you with me?”

Villagers:  “Yes!”

Ja:  “Pair off for hand-to-hand drills.  Hey.”

Pel:  “Who in Tartarus do you think you are?”

Ja:  “What are you talkin’ about?  I’m-- I’m tryin’ to help.  I
thought you’d be happy.”

Pel:  “Happy?  This isn’t your home, Jason.  These aren’t your
people.  You’re a good man, but what you’re doing can get people
killed.  You’re just passing through.  You mess up-- then we have
to live with it.”

Ja:  “Seems to me that you got a lot to live with right now.  The
others are behind me.  I know what I’m doing.”

Pel:  “I hope so.”


Lil:  “I do _not_ understand what Jason’s problem is.  I mean,
why’d he run away like that?!  The guy has _so much_ to look
forward to.”

H:  “Yeah, but, maybe it’s too much-- you ever think about that?
Huh?  I mean, people expect a lot of that kid.”

Woman:  “Yeah, there we are-- ”

H:  “Ah, well.  Hello, there.  [Chuckles]  We’re actually lookin’
for our friend.  We think he may have passed by here.  He’s, um--
well, he’s about that tall-- and, uh-- dark hair-- oh-- oh.
There you go.”

Woman:  “Tall, dark, and handsome, you say?  Ha-ha-ha-ha!”

H:  “Handsome?  Yeah.  Yeah.”

Woman:  “You did say, ‘Handsome’-- handsome!”  [Laughs]

H:  “Oh-h-h-h-- ho-ho-ho-ho-ho.”

Lil:  “Ah-- so, which way?”

Woman:  “North.”

H:  “Oh.  Hey-- thank you.”

Woman:  “Business before pleasure, handsome.”

H:  “Oh.  [Chuckles]  Um-- ”

Lil:  “Let’s get out of here.  Run.”


Man’s Voice:  “They’re coming!”

Ja:  “Go.  Go.  Go.”

Man’s Voice:  “Everyone!”

Bal:  “We have nothing for you, Daptes.”

Dap:  “What do you mean, you have nothing for me?”

Ja:  “There’s not gonna ber any more payments.”

Dap:  “You don’t learn your lessons very well, do you, Cousin?
Well, perhaps you need another example.”

Ja:  “Take your men and get out of here.  Now!”

Dap:  “You’ll pay for this.  All of you will pay for this!  This
isn’t over, Cousin!”

Bal:  “Yes.  Yes!”

Villagers:  [Cheer]

Dap:  “Come on!”

Ja:  “I’m glad to see that you came around.”

Pel:  “Fight’s gonna happen with or without me.  I can’t just
stand around and watch.”

Ja:  “Sometimes ya have to take a stand and fight for what you
believe in.”

Pel:  “We tried that, years ago.  It didn’t work.  All that
happened was it stole what was left of my father’s spirit.”


Pel’s Voice:  “What if Jason’s wrong?  We could lose everything.”

Bal:  “I share your worries, daughter.  But give this young man
some credit.  He’s a-- a leader-- and with his help-- we have a
chance-- a real chance to break free of Daptes.”

Pel:  “Well-- I haven’t heard you talk like that in a long time.”

Bal:  “I haven’t felt like this in a long time.”


Pel:  “Movin’ on?”

Ja:  “I’m gonna face Daptes alone.  I’m the one he wants anyway.”

Pel:  “No.  Look-- it might stop the attack-- but it won’t solve
the problem.  You’ve given these people hope, Jason.  They
haven’t had that in years.  And you can’t just yank it away.”

Ja:  “I can if it’ll save lives.”

Pel:  “Yeah, well, maybe you should’ve thought of that before.
Now, they’re ready to make a final stand-- and they need a
leader.  They need you.  Please.”


Warrior:  “There’s nobody here, Daptes!”

Dap:  “Cowards!  They’ve run off!  Burn it down!”


Dap:  “Not bad for a farmer.  I could use someone with your

Ja:  “Don’t even ask.  Hercules!”

H:  “How ya doin’, Jason?”

Ja:  “Go right!”

H:  “Come on!”

Ja:  “No more payments!  You’re going away for a long time.  Get
him outta here!”

H:  “Hey.”

Ja:  “Hey, thanks for coming, guys.”

H:  “Hey-- we’re always there for you-- you know that.”

Lil:  “Hey, friends till the end-- OK?”

Oph:  “You’re safe, young prince!”

Pel:  “Prince?”

Oph:  “Ah-- are these the scum who kidnapped you?!”

Ja:  “Yeah, Daptes and his men.  Yeah, take ‘em-- take ‘em to
King Laetes for punishment, please.”

Oph:  “Go.”

Soldier’s Voice:  “Yes, sir.”

Oph [Sighs]:  “And now-- your education.  We’ve lost days.  We
haven’t touched upon official posturing.  Not to mention-- ”

Ja:  “Oh.  Um-- we’ll do that later-- OK?  OK.  Great.  Pelia--
I’m sorry.  I guess I wanted you to like me without knowin’.”

Pel:  “You gave my father back everything.  You’ll be a great
leader, Jason.  You already are.”

H:  “Knock, knock.  Hey, uh-- we should get going.”

Lil:  “It’s a long walk back.”

Pel:  “Go be great.”

Ja:  “Thank you-- for everything.”

H [Clears throat]:  “Uh.”

Ja:  “Party at my palace!”

People:  [Cheer]

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