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Season 2, episode 03
Series 203
1st release: 07-02-02
2nd release: 08/25/02
Last update: 08/13/02

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Yancy Butler (Sara Pezzini)
David Chokachi (Jake McCartey)
Anthony Cistaro (Kenneth Irons)
Will Yun Lee (Danny Woo)
Eric 'Kaos' Etebari (Ian Nottingham)

Robert John Burke (Dean Gorner)

Filmed on location in Toronto.


As Sara and Danny investigate a series of bizarre drug- related murders, rookie detective Jake is pulled into a sting with a questionable cop. Now Sara must learn to use the Witchblade to solve the crime and save Jake before it's too late. TNT


While investigating a series of bizarre drug-related murders, Sara, Jake and Danny encounter Dean Gorner (ROBERT JOHN BURKE), a narcotics detective with a bad attitude because his former partner's murder has yet to be solved. Gorner persuades Sara to "loan" him Jake to help with a drug stakeout. Reluctantly, Sara agrees to let the rookie work with Gorner. Meanwhile, Sara receives strange Witchblade visions about the cause of the deaths. As she follows clues involving hallucinogenic pills, Sara learns more about the unsolved murder of Gorner's partner. As she and Danny struggle to assemble the information, Gorner implicates Jake in a drug deal gone awry and escapes with the cash and drugs. The mobsters who want their drugs and money back capture Jake and Gorner and pit them against each other. Affected by the hallucinogenic drug, Jake and Gorner are forced to play a deadly game. Sara and Danny find out about Gorner's corruption, and Sara uses the Witchblade to find Gorner before the drug-altered Jake kills him.


This commentary is by Beboman.

This was the second installment of the brand new season; not a bad episode, but it wasn't a great episode.

This episode was a takeoff from the movie "Training Day" which won Denzel Washington his Oscar as the bad and corrupt cop.

In this episode, Jake is on loan to Dean, a detective who investigates drug cases. As in "Training Day", Jake is put through the ringer as this bad cop makes Jake his fall guy.

I have to say that David Chokachi did a great job with Jake as the rookie cop who gets pulled into this corrupt cop's web of deceit, but is still able to realize what is good and bad and still fights to stay on the good side.

Both the scene in which Dean comes into the bar where Jake is supposed to have finished doing his deal and starts killing everyone with Jake's gun and the scene at the end where they are left by the bad guys to kill each other were very well performed.

In this episode, Sara is not freaked out by what seems to be the ghost of a little girl with her doll. She understands that what she sees is related to the case and is provided to her by the Witchblade. Once again, Sara realizes what is going on and, different from last season, she is not so hysterical about what is going on. She takes each step one at a time and when the time comes, she uses the Witchblade to her advantage.

We see in this episode that Irons is now the apparition, much like Danny was last season, with the only difference that it seems he can show up as part of inanimate objects like a magazine.

Once again, the fight scene between Sara and the bad guys was excellent and she used the Witchblade very much to her advantage.

My only negative comment here is regarding Danny and Sara. Have they ever heard the phrase, "Call for backup". It just seems they go off to do things without any backup and if they continue that way, Danny is going to end up dead again.

I have to once again say that the acting in this episode was very good, as well as the writing and directing. I did enjoy the episode. It wasn't as good as the premier, but it was not a bad episode either.

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