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Season 1, episode 09
Series 109
1st release: 08/07/01
2nd release: 08/26/01
Production number: 109
Last update: 09/10/01


Yancy Butler (Sara Pezzini)
David Chokachi (Jake McCartey)
Anthony Cistaro (Kenneth Irons)
Will Yun Lee (Danny Woo)
Eric 'Kaos' Etebari (Ian Nottingham)

Christopher Cordell (Transvestite)
John Hensley (as Gabriel Bowman)
Kenneth Welsh (as Captain Joe Siri)
Eden Roundtree (as Charleyne)
Bill Mc Donald (as Jerry Orlinsky)
Nestor Serrano (as Captain Bruno Dante)

Written by --
Directed by Ralph Hemecker

Filmed on location in Toronto.


Sara (Yancy Butler) is investigating the murder of a pimp when she receives a mysterious package. She starts reeling when clues suggest the enemy may not be who she thought. All she can trust is herself, and hopefully... the Witchblade. Logline

Sara receives a mysterious package while investigating the murder of a pimp. ExciteTV

Capt. Bruno Dante put the hit out on James Pezzini, contracting mobster Tommy Gallo to murder him in a White Bull cover-up. Currently, Dante answers to a higher authority - Kenneth Irons. Irons has begun rapidly aging like Witchblade pretender, Dominique Boucher. "Sara Pezzini is a lioness. Fascinating as a zoological specimen. But worthless as a pet and yet...invaluable for the blood that courses through her veins." -- Kenneth Irons. WarnerBros.

The delivery of a mysterious package embroils Sara in an investigation into the murder of a pimp. ClickTV

Sara is immersed in an investigation surrounding the murder of a pimp when a mysterious package is delivered to her. Her world begins to unravel when clues suggest the enemy may not be who she thought. The only thing she can trust now is the knowing eye of the Witchblade. TNT


This commentary is by Beboman.

Talk about a super great episode, full of plot twists, deception and betrayal in every corner. I was absolutely on the edge of my couch all through it.

The emotional turmoil Sara was in during this episode would have driven anyone past the edge. Yancy Butler did such a good job with Sara in this episode that at the end when Sara was leaving Jake's place, I was just in tears, exhausted from all that had happened.

You know Sara can't win for losing. Not only has she got Dante to deal with, we find out Dante is hooked up with Irons and they both want Sara's destruction. For two different reasons, but the end is the same.

There is something in Sara's blood that Irons needs and wants. Is that what has helped him stay young all those years? And Ian is getting a bit more defiant. I really liked that interchange between Ian and Irons. Irons tells Ian that Sara is, "invaluable for the blood that courses through her veins", to which Ian responds, "And it is her blood you covet.". Great scene.

It seems that Sara and the "Blade" have begun to work as one. It is just great to see how things come together. That slow motion effect when Sara opens her mind to "The Witchblade" was simply magnificent.

I would have expected Sara to have been lied to or betrayed by many people, but never by Joe. He was her father's partner and her mentor. Come to find out that he knew who killed Sara's father and was too much of a coward to say or do anything. That was just too low of a blow for anyone and after all that Sara has gone through, it was an even greater blow for her.

I know that Joe tried to redeem himself when he finally told Sara all about the death of her father, but I found that too little, too late. Sara was and is already up to her neck in problems and this new turn of events, other than to confirm what she already knew, did not help her all that much.

So, we move down the line to Jake. How low can any person go? He has totally betrayed Sara. He has given Dante all the weapons he needs to destroy Sara, all because he is jealous of Ian. This is just a poor excuse for a total and complete betrayal. I really wish Sara had let Ian take care of him when Ian had the chance.

I really wanted to slap him when Sara opens her heart to him and tells him all she knows. He knows what is going on and he still leads her down the path to her slaughter. One thing that was interesting was that the "Blade" did not warn Sara of what was going on with Jake. It was as if the"Blade" still trusted him.

I was glad when Joe finally developed a bit of backbone and stood up to Dante. It did not do any good other than get him killed, but he knew that to start with.

I thought one of the most touching scenes in this episode was Sara's way of telling Gabriel goodbye. Gabrielle was right; Sara was putting her affairs in order because she was sure she was going to die. Very good scene, very well performed by both actors.

So, Dante has met his match and didn't even realize it. You should never try to corner a wild animal. You do not know how it will react. That is exactly what Dante did to Sara and the results were just terrific. You have to give the woman two thumbs up for her audacity to go straight into her enemy's camp and threaten the jerk. I laughed when she told Dante, "Darn Bruno, your wetting the bed," after she lets him know she is on to him. Terrific scene.

After this episode, I have come to realize that Irons will stoop to the lowest levels to get the things he wants, even if that means throwing Sara straight to the wolves. What he did to Sara at the television station had no name. He led her to believe he could help her, when in reality he was just setting her up.

But I really did enjoy the final confrontation between Dante and Irons where Irons is upset at what Dante has done. When Dante says that he will die trying to get Sara and Irons says, "Then have it your way." If that is not a death sentence, I don't know what that is.

I have to say that this was a super excellent episode, with many very good plot twists. The acting was outstanding, as well as the directing and writing. I truly enjoyed it and I really hope they will keep the show around a while longer.


Transcript by SciFi_Angel

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