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Season 1, episode 11
Series 111
1st release: 08/14/01
2nd release: 08/26/01
Production number: 110
Last update: 09-10-01


Yancy Butler (Sara Pezzini)
David Chokachi (Jake McCartey)
Anthony Cistaro (Kenneth Irons)
Will Yun Lee (Danny Woo)
Eric 'Kaos' Etebari (Ian Nottingham)

Kier Dullea (Dr. Immo)
Nestor Serrano (Captain Dante)
John Hensley (Gabriel Bowman)
Noah Danby (Burgess)
Eden Roundtree (Charlene)
Ken Kramer (Lars Bengstrom)
Kelly Ivey (Kate Havilland)
Stefan Brogren (Leeman Bostwick)

Filmed on location in Toronto.


Pez searches for a congressman's missing daughter; clues suggest Jake may be on the dark side. ExciteTV

Having exhausted the mummified remains of Elizabeth Bronte to sustain his life force, Irons becomes obsessed with acquiring Sara's Witchblade blood to restore his youth. "Behold. Time runs two ways." -- Kenneth Irons Jake reveals to Sara that he is really an FBI Agent investigating the White Bulls. WarnerBros

On the lam from the NYPD, Sara turns to Jake for help, but is Jake in on the conspiracy against her? Meanwhile, Kenneth Irons struggles to stay alive as he spins out a plot to attain the one gruesome elixir that can save him! TNT

Pez is investigating a crime surrounding the missing daughter of a congressman and is thrown for a loop when she finds herself in the middle of a deal being brokered by a band of crooked cops who know she is on to them. Pez is astonished when the Witchblade reveals clues that suggest Jake may be on the dark side. TNT


This commentary is by Beboman.

This was an interesting episode and with some really interesting plot twists.

The first thing was Iron. Not only did he kill Elizabeth Bronte, but he literally kept her on ice so he could farm her DNA, and use it to keep himself young.

Now that whole scene of Iron getting that injection of Bronte's DNA in his eye was just a bit more than I really wanted to know. I'm taking a sidebar here and I want to find out: what did that doctor mean when he said he was part of the process to develop Ian. Was he meaning that Ian is a mixture of Bronte's DNA and Iron? If that is true, then he is related to Sara.

But going back to Iron and his DNA injection, it seems like Iron has developed some type of tolerance to Bronte's DNA and now he needs Sara's blood to get back to who and what he was. Boy, what a punch Sara's blood carries. Man, Iron went from a very old man to a young man again within seconds. Great work from the makeup department.

So we move right along. I'm getting really upset at IAN. He is still his master's messenger. Iron needed Sara's blood and he did not hesitate to go after it. I really thought he was beginning to get some backbone when it came to Iron, but I guess I was wrong. Ian is still in this stage of total servitude when it comes to Iron.

Now Sara has some great powers of concentration, because even under the most emotional and trying times, she is able to pull it together to help Jake solve the murder case of the Congressman's daughter. Not bad.

It was really good to see how in tune Sara and the "Blade" have become. Sara consults the "Blade" and lets the "Blade" take control when it is needed.

But I was very upset with Sara in this episode. She knew how dangerous dealing with the White Bulls is and she still sent Gabriel out to find out who the bullet engraver is. I understand that she was desperate and in that type of situation you take extreme measures, but sending Gabriel out was not one of her best moves. It almost cost Gabriel his life.

Talking about Gabriel, that scene where he is almost killed and the scene at his apartment were very good. The man is a real and loyal friend.

The "Blade" definitely has some very strong powers. It not only allows Sara to see and talk to Danny, her dead partner, but it also provides the link for her to talk to anyone who is dead. We saw that in a prior episode and we are shown it again in this episode when Sara goes to the funeral home and is able to communicate with the dead Congressman's daughter. That whole scene was very interesting. It also showed how much Sara has grown and is able to understand the powers of the "Blade"

As we already know, Sara is a very gutsy lady. After catching the murderer and turning him in to a police officer who recognized her, she turns her back to him after telling him that he is going to have to shoot her in the back if he wants to take her in. You have to be either extremely confident that he is not going to shoot or extremely brave to take that chance.

The ending of this episode was just great. Jake ends up being an undercover FBI agent assigned to investigate the White Bulls. The expression on Sara's face when she found this out was just great. That whole scene made me smile. It was so well acted by all involved and so well written it released some of the pressure from the episode.

This episode did not have convoluted story lines that left us with more questions than answers. Some questions were and still more questions were raised which need to be answered (I hope) by the end of this season.

In general, this was a very well written episode with some really solid directing and acting.


Transcript by SciFi_Angel

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