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Season 1, episode 03
Series 103
1st release: 06/26/01
2nd release: 07/08/01
3rd release: 08/26/01
Production number: 103
Last update: 11-05-01


Yancy Butler (Sara Pezzini)
David Chokachi (Jake McCartey)
Anthony Cistaro (Kenneth Irons)
Will Yun Lee (Danny Woo)
Eric 'Kaos' Etebari (Ian Nottingham)

Laila Robins (Dominique Boucher)
John Hensley (Gabriel Bowman)
Anthony Lemke (Isaac Sullivan ) (as Dominique Boucher)

Story by Ralph Hemecker & Richard C. Okie
Teleplay by David Michaelson
Directed by Vern Gillum

Filmed on location in Toronto.


An art dealer's murder leads Sara to identical brothers who are connected to the witchblade. ExciteTV.

Gabriel tells Sara that the Latin name for the Witchblade is "Digitabulum Magae" -- the "glove of the witch." He sites references to its existence in different cultures, including Babylonian friezes and Celtic Runes. Dominique tells Sara that the "Witchblade is orchestrating your life now. So nothing happens by chance or accident. The blade weaves a web. It draws to itself -- to you -- everything it needs. Only what it needs. To teach you. To achieve its ends." WarnerBros.

When Sara and Jake investigate the murder of a prominent Soho art dealer, they quickly narrow their search to an artist who turns out to be one of an unknown number of identical brothers connected to the myth of the Witchblade. Sara seeks answers about the Witchblade from the incarcerated Dominique Boucher and Internet artifacts dealer, Gabriel Bowman. TNT

The probe into a SoHo art dealer's murder leads Sara and Jake (Yancy Butler, David Chokachi) to one of many identical brothers linked to Witchblade. ClickTV


This synopsis is by Nora.

This episode started with a great summary of the previous episode. It covered all the main points and was a nice way to segment into this episode.

Sara and Jake investigate Isaac Sullivan, a man accused of killing a Manhattan art collector. The lover of the dead art collector identifies Sullivan as the culprit although he is afraid that he will be killed as well. It seems that Sullivan picked up the man at a gay bar named Badlands and offered to paint his portrait. He used the line "everyone has a fantasy. Something so dark and private you never shared it with another living soul. Tonight you tell me your dream and I will make it come true." The dead man's lover tells Sara and Jake that the man who killed his lover was perfect, beautiful, and his eyes did not match. One was dark blue and the other dark black. Sullivan has an alibi though and so must be set loose.

Sara hears Sullivan saying "everyone has a fantasy" as she looks at him through the glass plate window of the interrogation room.

Sara still hears the voice of Dominique Boucher telling her that she refuses to help her with the Witchblade because she does not want Sara to succeed. While Sara searches the internet she comes upon a seller of talismans and she decides to investigate.

The first song in this episode takes place as Sara enters the offices of Talismaniac.com - The Doobie Brothers Shambala. Great song! Anyway she finds a young entrepreneur, Gabriel Bowman, who has a connection to the victim in that he supplied him with odd voodoo types dolls and talismans. Sara is surprised to see him but soon finds out that he owns the business and most surprising of all he knows about the bracelet - could this be another connection to Sara? He offers to buy it or make an exchange with Sara but she tells him that if he helps her in understanding a little more about it she will consider letting him have first crack at it when and if the time comes she wants to let it go.

Sara visits Sullivan's studio and finds that he paints from the perspective of power. He believes that beauty is power. They have an intriguing conversation about art and taking something and turning it into beauty.

Sara accuses Jake of being homophobic because of his negative attitude about the case and his reluctance to get any where near the gay bar to investigate the homicide. The scene with her and Jake arguing about the situation is done in the men's room of the police station. She followed him there when he refused to listen to her. One of the funniest situations of the series takes place as a fellow officer gets an earful from Sara as he makes his way out of the bathroom without first washing his hands.

Sara pays a visit to Dominique in her jail cell and she taunts her again. She tells the rapidly aging Dominique that Irons has made her a compelling offer to take care of her. Dominique tells her that Irons is only interested in her as a "brood mare". This intrigues and confuses Sara.

Sara and Jake investigate another murder - this time a woman. While there she sees Danny but he does not speak. Instead he just leads her to a piece of evidence that connects this victim to Badlands - the gay bar. Again, Jake is truly resistant to going undercover with Sara to the bar and she makes a statement about him not knowing that she was gay herself and he not being able to tell. Not sure if she is telling the truth or just testing him, he denies it and nervously laughs it off.

Nottingham pays a visit to the office of Gabriel Bowman and tells him not to communicate with Sara or he could get in trouble. He offers to pay him for the talisman he was delivering to the Manhattan are collector as compensation for not talking to her again.

At Badlands - Sara is in drag as she tries to go undercover. I'm sorry but if I saw her in that getup in a bar there is no way I would think she was a guy. Jake confronts her again about being gay and before she can answer she lands up kissing Jake in order to distract Sullivan who is in the bar and so he now thinks that Jake is gay. So we never get a straight answer from her either way.

While getting some type of delusional look at one of Sullivan's painting Sara is called out to another murder scene. This time it's the lover of the first victim. While there Sara hears voices she cannot explain as the bracelet glows a bit.

In the next scene the Gabriel tells Sara about Nottingham coming to him. She asks him to explain what he knows about the Witchblade. He gives her the basic background about warriors and women being the only ones to wear it. As he tells her all this she gets visions of all types of warriors in quick flashbacks. He asks her if she wants him to investigate further. She says yes.

While talking with Dominique, Sara convinces her to work with her in order for Irons not to get the Witchblade. Dominique senses that she is close to death and decides to give her clues (why not just give her the answers?). "Everything is in front of you," she says. She tells her that there are no coincidences in her life. The Witchblade is orchestrating her life now. There are no accidents. "Your body, your heart, your dreams, your work is all connected" she tells Sara. She tells her that everything is connected to Irons. Even the case she is working on now. "The blade weaves a web and it draws to itself and to you all that you need only what you need to teach you to achieve its ends. Think." Sara talks through the case. Dominique points her to the brood mare phrase. There seem to be links to Irons and genetic research. The last thing she tells Sara is that she is the brood mare.

As Sara sleeps she hears the voice of Dominique repeating what she said earlier. She wakes up and decides to cook some eggs. Hmmmm. As she sees two yokes in each of her eggs she gets the connection to a fertility doctor, Peter DeAngelo, who is in prison serving time for using his own sperm to impregnate his patients.

Sara visits him in prison and picks his brain to understand what he did. He explains that he only wanted to help his patients and Sara calls him on his use of genetic science to clone or develop a perfect specimen - probably boys. She tells him that she figured out that his work must have been financed by Irons and he does not deny it. He asks if his boys are giving her trouble and as he takes his sunglasses off she notes he has one black eye and one blue eye - just like Sullivan.

Sara and Jake go to Sullivan's studio and confront what turns out to be three identical men known as Isaac Sullivan. They tie up Sara and Jake and play with them a bit. As they push Jake around in a rolling chair, Sara is able to activate the Witchblade and gets to work. Of course she conveniently moves Jake out of the way on his chair so he does not witness her fight with the boys. She punches one out and then stabs the other two after a pretty tame fight. After this she realizes that she cannot account for one of them. He comes at her with a couple of guns in a mirror filled room and so Sara has to figure out where he is, which she does and also stabs him. Nice work overall. Jake of course did not see anything, only sounds of the fighting. As she unties him he looks at her suspiciously trying to figure out how she took them out herself.

Sara goes to visit Dominique to thank her for helping save her life. As she finds her dead and young again, Danny is outside the cell but leaves before Sara sees him. During this scene we hear the familiar sounds of the "Fear the Reaper" song. It continues as Sara goes to her apartment and notices her door open. She finds the Gabriel there setting up a drum set. She says she doesn't want the gift. He tells her that it isn't a gift he is just securing his future investment - the Witchblade. We fade out to someone painting a mural on the side of a building. The painting is very reminiscent of the look of Sara from the comic book series. As he turns around we see only that he has one black eye and one blue one.


This commentary is by Beboman.

* Whoa guys, she finally did it. Sara finally started to try to use and learn about the Witchblade. This was a very good, entertaining episode.

* In this episode, Sara finally starts to take advantage of and to learn about the Witchblade, something that, in a very obscure way, is encouraged by Dominique Boucher. At the same time, it is not encouraged by Ian and Irons.

* This was a very interesting episode because much of the action was concentrated on Jake and Sara. It was about their partnership and how Sara was gradually coming to terms, not only with Danny's loss and being Jake's partner, but also with developing her ability to control the blade. There were very brief appearances from Danny, Ian and Irons.

* I really like that Sara has started to take control of her life again and is taking advantage of what has been given to her by both Danny and Dominique. With their help, she is able to use the blade to her advantage and help safe her life and the life of Jake.

* It was interesting that the killer in this episode tells the story about nine brothers, considering that he is one of multiple siblings who were conceived by genetic enhancement. Their father is in jail for using of his sperm to inseminate women and create a better race. The only thing that makes them different from the rest is that they have a blue eye and a brown eye, just like their father.

* Sara gets the first clue that will lead her to the killer from the lover of one of the victims: the color of the killer's eyes. Then, with the help of Dominique and the blade, Sara is gradually able to figure out what is going on. In the process, she discovers Jake has a problem with homosexuality. That presents some setbacks in their partnership. Also, Sara finds herself stunned by the fact that her prime suspect has an airtight alibi regarding some of the crimes. It is not until she visits the prison and talks to the doctor that she is able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

* In the end, we discover that there are several brothers and Sarah has a showdown with them. With the use of the blade, she defeats them and saves her partner.

* This fight was just super great. Sara was able to use the blade at her command. This was good because it is a beginning for Sara and the blade to unite.

* I also like how Dominique gradually continued to age. By the time she died (I think) or the time Sara started getting control of the blade, Dominique became a young woman again. That was interesting.

* The ending was also interesting. After Sara has killed at least four of the brothers, we see another one at the end of the episode.

* I have to say that the action in this episode was very good. The acting by the lead actors, as well as the guest stars, was also very good and the script and direction were very solid.

* I really did enjoy this episode a lot and was happy to see that Sara started to take control of the blade.


Transcript by SciFI_Angel

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