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Season 1, episode 05
Series 105
1st release: 07/10/01
2nd release: 08/26/01
Production number: 105
Last update: 11/05/01

COMMENTARY 1 by Andrea
COMMENTARY 2 by Beboman

Yancy Butler (Sara Pezzini)
David Chokachi (Jake McCartey)
Anthony Cistaro (Kenneth Irons)
Will Yun Lee (Danny Woo)
Eric 'Kaos' Etebari (Ian Nottingham)

(Father Alyosha Petrosian)
Roger Daltrey (Father Dennis Del Toro)
Nestor Serrano (Captain Bruno Dante)

Written by --
Directed by Neill Fearnley

Filmed on location in Toronto.


A priest is brutally killed, and a young member of his congregation is the prime suspect. Despite the boy's affirmations of guilt, Sara suspects something else is at work. Investigating, she comes to believe that the boy was possessed by demons, and yet she still believes he was not the one responsible. She also fences with Father Del Toro, who has been assigned by the Vatican to investigate. Del Toro seems to know a great deal about the Witchblade as well, from its time when it was kept at the Vatican. Eventually Del Toro is revealed as the true murderer. Assuming demonic form, he and Sara battle and the Witchblade allows Sara to banish him.

A Catholic priest is brutally murdered by one of his students. ExciteTV

Irons tells Nottingham: "At first I believed the Witchblade chose its wearers only in times of crisis. Wars. Famines. Pestilence. Then I realized sometimes it causes the wars. Creates its own opportunities." "The Periculum" is mentioned by Nottingham. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Irons has Friar Bellamy's missing WWII journals. WarnerBros.

The ghost of a murdered Catholic priest tells Sara (Yancy Butler) that the Nazis, the Vatican and the Witchblade were linked during World War II. TNT


This synopsis is by Nora.

The episode begins in a very large church. There is a church organ playing very gothic music. A priest is talking to god and is very nervous and looking around. All of a sudden there is someone behind him and then a scene of blood. A statue of the Virgin Mary is shown with a tear streaming down its cheek.

The suspect is a young kid Edward Nolan, a counselee of the Monsignor killed at the church. He is seen trying to outrun the police and is cornered. Sara breaks her cover and apprehends the kid before he could be shot.

Kenneth Irons is having a discussion with Ian about the actions of Sara and about how she is becoming stronger. Meanwhile at the police substation, Sara is arguing with the other police about how they are mishandling the suspect. A young priest shows up to claim the suspect and tells Sara that Eddy could not have killed the Monsignor because they were like father and son. He also tells Sara that they believed that Eddy was possessed and that was his problem. Sara gives a raised eyebrow response.

There is a discussion between Sara, Jake and the Captain about the evidence. As usual Jake and the Captain believe that they have the guilty party in jail. A Father Del Toro (Roger Daltrey) enters and is introduced as the Cardinal's attorney. Jake makes some joke about him being able to forgive his own sins. He explains that he is there to help and tells them that Father Bellamy was senile and therefore his analysis of Eddy being possessed could be questioned.

Sara talks to Eddy in his jail cell. She asked his if he killed the priest and he smiles and says yes. While he does this, he sees Sara in her full Witchblade armor. Sara does not believe him and challenges him to tell her how he killed the Father. He mumbles something about holes and cement coverings over them.

Sara talks to the young priest about the stand of the Church on possession. He tells her that it is a difficult to explain since some individuals are willing vessels of evil and someone who is possessed can also be completely blameless - they do not choose Satan he chooses them. She asks about Father Bellamy's senility but the young priest tells her that he was just forgetful. They discover that there are journals missing in Bellamy's office. Those from 1936 - 1944 are missing and these seem to cover the time period of World War II. At this point Danny appears in the room and tells Sara that it is not a coincidence that they are missing. She challenges him to help her by contacting the dead priest and asking him where the journals might be. When Danny insinuates that he could possibly contact the dead she gets very excited and starts rambling about how maybe that is why she was chosen. When she turns to face Danny, he is gone.

The Captain is interrogating Eddy with Jake in the room. Eddy tells them a story about his mother seducing her father and then becoming pregnant. When her father found out he traumatized her and she later tried to abort him by using a vacuum hose. The discussion centers around the trauma causing him to be the way he is.

Sara and Conchobar are walking down the street and having a talk about him being Irish Catholic and his experience with the Church. He tells her that he was banned when he was twelve because of his rebellious nature. And he never returned. As they kiss on the street the scene alternates between them in current time and as Conchobar and Cathain.

The young priest is confessing his sins in a confessional and he makes a statement about lusting after a woman (we assume it is Sara) and about having a secret about Father Bellamy.

Sara is seen banging her drum set and Danny appears to her. He tells her that he has brought her something. Her bracelet glows and standing in front of her is the dead Father Bellamy. She says she cannot believe it and he tell her that believing is having faith in what you cannot see. He knows the name of the Witchblade and tells her the story of the Witchblade's connection to the church. It was keep in the Vatican for 500 years when it was taken from Joan Dark, a wielder. He tells her that Satan himself killed him. Although he never saw who it was, he knows this to be true. He tells her about his work as a translator during WWII. He told her that the Pope made a deal with Hitler to provide silence about the nazi's and their entrusted in return for safety to the Vatican. He gave Hitler the Witchblade as a token of their agreement. The Vatican knows that Sara has the Witchblade and they want it back. But he states again, that it was Satan himself who killed the priest although he disappears before he can tell her why and what the connection is. Danny has also disappeared and as she looks down where the priest was standing there is a single drop of blood.

Eddy is talking to Sara about his being a suspect. Sara tells him that she does not believe that he killed his friend the priest. She tells him that she believes he is just pulling one on the Captain and Jake to prove his toughness. He challenges her to come into the cell and she does. She tells him she is crazy also because she just spoke with the Monsignor. She calls him on his pathetic story and his relationship with the priest. She asks him "if Satan is alive and well in New York City, who is he using as his taxi."

Sara talks with Father Del Toro about his lack of belief in possession. She also tells him that the bracelet she is wearing is the original Witchblade. She also asks him about his opinion as an attorney on the recent Pope's apology on the silence of the Church during the Holocaust. He gets defensive about the whole thing and asks her what any of that has to do with the murder.

Jake is a bit put off when Sara turns him down for a burger and a brew in order to spend the evening with Conchobar. They spend a romantic evening together and as they make love Kenneth Irons senses something through his Witchblade scar on his hand. Ian is also seen with his ear pressed against Sara's building downstairs as if listening through the brick and mortar. Very strange indeed. Meanwhile back at the local jail cell, Eddy is seen talking to Father Del Toro who does not appear on the security video monitors. Eddy tells him that he wants to do vile things to Sara and has feelings for her. Father Del Toro tells him that he also feels the same. But he also tells him that when they have these vile and sinful thoughts they must take extreme measures and Eddy says that he will do whatever Jesus wants. He then commences to bash his head into the brick wall. Of course, during this time the security officer that should be monitoring the video monitors is reading an adult magazine and not seeing any of the proceedings.

Sara is summoned to the precinct and told about Eddy's death. It has been deemed a self-inflicted death. She goes to the Church looking for Father Del Toro. The young priest tells her that he has gone to the sanctuary. She encounters him there and asks him if he has seen Eddy lately. He mentions that he had attempted suicide before and Sara asks how he knows his death was a suicide. As she continues her talk with him the young priest slips into the back of the Church, the spirit of Father Bellamy is also there and to complete the picture Ian also sits in the back of the Church.

Father Del Toro takes on the characteristics of Satan as he does battle with Sara over the Witchblade. They fight while floating around the clouds above the Church but then she brings him back down into the sanctuary. The three visitors remained open mouthed as she continues her fight with him. She calls upon him to be gone and he disappears.

Kenneth Irons is asking Ian about how much Sara seems to know now. Ian says he is not sure and when pressed says that maybe he should have stopped her from fighting Satan but this could be helpful later. Irons does not like Ian's perspective and reminds him that he is the subordinate in this relationship. As Iron leaves his office we see on his desk the missing journals belonging to Father Bellamy.

The young priest is talking with Sara about what he saw in the sanctuary and he gives her his word that he will share that with no one. It will remain with him always. She tells him that if he does come back in reincarnation that he considers not being a priest. He gets a cute grin on his face as Sara kissing him on his cheek.


This commentary is by Andrea.

The series is starting to hit its stride. Each episode gets a little better. Tonight's featured Roger Daltrey of The Who as a priest who ends up being "Satan himself" as every other character keeps saying throughout the episode.

One consistency thing I noticed here. Last week Sara was razzing Jake because he suggested vampires after they found a woman with a strange puncture wound in her chest. This week, not halfway through the episode she's believing that Satan is in New York City. Anyway, she seemed a little too quick to go for it this time.

We learn more and more about the Witchblade, and the perhaps malicious underpinnings of Irons and Nottingham. In this episode we discovered that Adolf Hitler received the Witchblade from the Pope himself in a deal between the Nazis and the Vatican. Thus we also learn that Sara has the Church on her tail--they want their treasure back.

I am so glad Sara has a boyfriend! It doesn't hurt that he is a hottie with a very beautiful accent, either. But one icky thing here, I think both Irons and Nottingham were "spying" on them while they were having sex! That's just not cool. But those men have devious things in store for Pezz, I'm sure of it. Although Nottingham seems a little nicer than Irons. That last scene with the two of them together, when he has to force Nottingham's head back down because he's getting too sure of himself? I think that points to some trouble between the two of them in the future. Nottingham might get a little soft for Pezz and turn to her side.

One last note...I really wish Daltrey hadn't insisted on pronouncing Pezzini "Petzini." Especially with his demon voice. That got a giggle out of me.

All in all, I thought the episode was highly entertaining. I give it a thumbs up.


This commentary is by Beboman.

This was a very interesting and powerful episode that touched on two very sensitive issues without being preachy or disrespectful.

The two main issues in this episode were the Catholic Church overlooking the atrocities committed by Hitler during World War II and the issue of exorcism. Both of these issues were handled very well and they were able to tie them in one way or another to Sara and the Witchblade.

According to what the dead priest (I can't remember his name) tells Sara, the Witchblade was a token given to Hitler by the Pope upon agreeing to overlook what Hitler was doing, as long as Hitler did not attack the church.

So, this explains how the Witchblade ended up in the hands of Hitler. From there we know from a previous episode that an aide to Hitler took the Witchblade and gave it to his mistress, who we believe was Sara's grandmother.

It is explained in this episode that the church has not changed the way that an exorcism is done. It is also explained that there are two ways to be possessed. One way to be a willing vessel (the real thing) and the other is to be a possessor (one who is just being used). This is a very interesting theory which serves to explain that Edward was not really an evil person, but just one who was being used by evil, while Father Del Toro, even though he seemed to be good, was really a willing vessel of evil or evil incarnate.

I am going to have make a sidebar here and say that Edward picked a very painful way to end his life. Banging his head against a wall (literally) must have really hurt.

There were some really great moments in this episode which brought a smile to my face. One of them was the first encounter between Danny and Sara when she figures out that if she can see and speak to Danny thanks to the Witchblade, what is stopping her from doing the same with the dead Monsignor.

Also, those scenes between Sara and Conchobar. It is so great to see Sara smile and feel some happiness. And the chemistry between both actors is very good.

Danny's second visit to Sara, this time with the Monsignor, is very enlightening because it is during this visit that we, by admission from the Monsignor, learn how the Witchblade came into the possession of Hitler. Also, Sara gets some more information regarding the reason why the Monsignor got killed. But it is not until Sara and Jake talk that Sara is able to put the puzzle together and is able to figure out who the killer really is.

The scene where Sara confronts Father Del Toro is just superb. Both actors did an incredible job with it.

The fight between good and evil (Sara and Father Del Toro) was outstanding, with some really great special effects.

Even though this was an Ian and Iron light episode, we see at the end that Iron once again holds the pieces to the puzzle by having the Monsignor's missing journals. What made that part interesting was the fact that Ian, in his own way, tried to stand up to Iron. That final interaction between the two of them was very cleverly done.

In general, this episode was a really well performed, scripted and directed episode with some really good special effects and a great job by the make up department.


06/10/01. Roger Daltrey of The Who, will guest-star on the sixth episode (fifth after the pilot which I count as number one for some reason), according to the Comics Continuum Web site. According to the site, Daltrey will play Father Del Toro, a Catholic priest who is brutally murdered by one of his students. As a ghost, the priest reveals that he was murdered to conceal a controversial bargain that suggests the Nazis and the Vatican were allies during World War II, and that the Witchblade was used to seal the deal.



Transcript by SciFi_Angel

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