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Season 1, episode 01
Series 101
1st release: 06/12/01
2nd release: 07/08/01
3rd release: 08/26/01
Production number: 101
Last update: 11-05-01

SYNOPSIS 1 by Ellen
SYNOPSIS 2 by Shaych
SYNOPSIS 2 by Nora
COMMENTARY 3 by Beboman

Yancy Butler (Sara Pezzini)
David Chokachi (Jake McCartey)
Anthony Cistaro (Kenneth Irons)
Will Yun Lee (Danny Woo)
Eric 'Kaos' Etebari (Ian Nottingham)

Nicole Crimi (Sara Pezzini at age 6)
Kenneth Welsh (Captain Joe Siri)
Kathryn Winslow (Vicki Po)
Nestor Serrano (Captain Bruno Dante)
Peter Mensah (Hector "Moby" Mobius)

Story by Ralph Hemecker and Richard C. Okie
Teleplay by Ralph Hemecker
Directed by Ralph Hemecker

Filmed on location in Toronto.


Learning to adapt to the Witchblade, and her new partner Jake McCarty, Sara Pezzini's role in the Rialto Theater incident is questioned during a hostile meeting with the police review board. Captain Joe Siri makes a big announcement. Sara and Jake tangle with Ian Nottingham over a deranged ex-special forces soldier a "Black Dragon". Captain Bruno Dante is introduced.

Irons tells Sara, "The visions make some of the wielders paranoid but you should trust them. They are showing you things that are real, as real as what you normally see -- if not more so....You see things that other people don't. You see the periphery, the fringes, the faces in the shadows." Irons admits that Vorschlag Industries was involved with the military, developing aggression-enhancing substances that were also intelligence-enhancing. Ian Nottingham was subjected to these drugs. He became, in Irons' words, "an example of the training working perfectly. He is both lethal and loyal." WarnerBros.

Sara Pezzini's reputation is questioned; Joe Siri announces his retirement; special forces soldier. ExciteTV

Sara gets a new partner. ClickTV

Pezzini comes into conflict with experimentally bred super-soldiers called "Black Dragons." Her foe in this one is a Black Dragon named Hector "Moby" Mobius. Moby is inhumanly and impossibly strong and sleek. The socially withdrawn predator seems to be stalking Sara's nemesis, Ian Nottingham. TNT

Sara and new partner Jake McCarty (David Chokachi) get a lead that an ex-Special Forces soldier turned military experiment is out to kill Kenneth Irons, a wealthy businessman obsessed with possessing the Witchblade. ZENtertainment


This synopsis is by Ellen.

Parallax opens with Guy in Black (GIB) running on catwalk in abandoned factory. GIB makes huge multiple story jump to ground and lands on feet, immediately running away from the building. He looks over shoulder and sees Nottingham duplicate jump with no hesitation. The chase continues.

Sara enters a room with flashbacks from last episode flashing in between while she recaps. She faces a board of inquiry about the Rialto incident. One guy, Captain Dante, is hot and bothered. Joe sticks up for Sara, but Dante wonders why some men were injured with a blade of some sort and a "man in black" who hit Jake. Sara claims she doesn't know, and Dante accuses her of hiding something, wondering why she is uncommunicative. When Sara comes back at him, Dante reveals that Joe is retiring and he is the new boss. Sara hands over her badge and leaves. Joe asks Dante to let "the feud die."

Sara and Jake head out to lunch. Sara sees Danny by the side of the road, while on the radio there is a call for assistance. Sara continually looks at the bracelet.

GIB fires at Nottingham, who dodges the bullets.

Sara and Jake respond to call for assistance after the shots have been reported.

GIB puts on motorcycle helmet and he and two other GIBs race at Nottingham while shooting. A woman walking her dog is caught in the crossfire.

Cops arrive on scene in time to see one biker losing control and falling over, seemingly dead. Jake fires at original GIB, who shoots Jake in shoulder. Sara dives onto Jake and knocks him down, then engages GIB in motorcycle pursuit, dodging bullets. She watches him do a jump on a dirt ramp then follows him over. In midair he comes from the other direction and shoots at her. Sara goes horizontal to ground and remains unharmed (as well as nails the landing). There are many special effects here. Sara returns to the crime scene after losing the GIB. One man is dead from a broken neck and there is one survivor, who is mumbling stuff about black dragons. He sees Nottingham behind Sara and grabs an officer's gun but Sara kills him. Judging by Sara's facial expression I would say that she is more than a little horrified or unsettled.

Weird Bald Guy (WBG) alone in room in meditation pose saying, "All the can be annihilated must be annihilated. The negation must be destroyed to redeem the contraries."

Sara is sitting at the table in her apartment when someone knocks. She yells for them to come in and it is Joe. He is here to say goodbye, and to apologize that Dante was the one who told her. He has a box for Sara that contains information on her real parents. She doesn't want it, but when he goes he leaves the box in her apartment.


Irons is watching news report of incident at abandoned factory. Nottingham is with him. GIB is seen on screen. "A picture is worth a million words."

At her apartment, Sara wonders how things "could possibly get worse." Danny offers her a list. She is starting to believe she is insane, but is told that there is a fine line between "insanity and clarity." Jake calls and tells her that she has been reinstated.

Next day, GIB is meditating looking at a mural of a dragon. He grabs his head and yells.

At the office, Jake has learned that the two dead guys were from a secret and select experimental warfare program where the soldiers were given psychotropic drugs and visual stimuli. The name of the group was "Black Dragon" and was closed three years ago. Only two members of the group are alive: Hector "Moby" Mobius and Nottingham. As she leaves the office, Sara asks Jake if he has "some federal connections you're not telling me about." Jake replies, "I wish," but when he closes the laptop the screen shows the CIA website and classified documents.

GIB is in his van playing with a lot of little tv screens outside of Vorshlaag Industries.

Sara goes to see Irons, who asks her if the visions make her nervous. She wants to talk about Nottingham, but Irons tells her to trust the visions. She leaves with no information. Outside, she calls Jake, who has received an anonymous tip about the Black Dragons, which tells them to go to an address by the crime scene. GIB, Nottingham, and Danny watch Sara.

At the crime scene they find the mural, as well as the words "Fight Fire With Fire" and a crosshair on the mural. Sara finds and type of headset. When she puts it on she receives visual stimuli that she claims, "makes you want to hit something." Sara receives a phone call from an unknown person spouting some kind of poetry or proverb at her. They split up, and as Sara is about to get on her motorcycle, Nottingham calls Sara and tells her to run. GIB is watching Sara, and it turns out he is Mobius. Sara heads into an alley (smart) and stops. She sees Nottingham come racing at her from a corner and pulls her gun. Nottingham grabs her arm and turns her around so she fires at Mobius, who is blocking one exit from the alley with his van, as they fall to the ground. Nottingham then takes off running after Mobius, leaving Sara behind.


Night. Mobius is in his van and is loading a blueprint of some sort to his laptop. He then sends an email to Jake and puts the headset on his head, lying down to enjoy the show.

Jake reads the new email, and Sara connects that Moby is sending the emails. This email says that Vorshlaag had a military contract until three years ago and provided the drugs for the Black Dragons.

Sara confronts Irons, who admits everything. He also says that Mobius is insane while Nottingham is both "lethal and loyal." Irons offers to show the world to Sara, and asks her if she has ever tried monkey brains, "a delicacy in Burma". He wants to take Sara "under his wing" to protect her. Sara shares her theory that Mobius is after Irons. Unfortunately, here is where I lose all sound for about ten minutes of time. The person taping the show for me received a telephone call and pressed the "mute" button on the remote control. I will do my best describe any action that seems relevant. Moby turns off the headset.

Sara is having strange dreams. When she wakes up she calls a woman in a lab coat. After watching the tape, I believe she asks the woman to perform an autopsy or test of the brain of one of the dead men from the crime scene.

Moby is driving somewhere.

Sara arrives at the woman's office, where a brain is on a scale. She and the woman talk.

Sound comes back

The brain is supercharged with nerves, making it sensitive to light and sounds. In Moby's parked van, Nottingham, after breaking into the van, is transfixed by a series of flashing lights from all the television sets. While this is showing, the doctor continues to talk about people's fears and reactions to certain things. Moby drives off with Nottingham in the back of the van. The doctor concludes that someone has been playing God, "trying to rewind and fast-forward evolution at the same time."


Moby breaks into Irons's home, propping Nottingham up for the retina scan.

Sara realizes that Moby thinks he is both the dragon and the dragon-slayer.

Moby is greeted by Irons.

Jake heads off to the doctor about his gunshot wound.

Moby has tied Irons to a chair, and Nottingham starts to come out of the influence of the drugs. He calls Sara on the cell phone. She hears Moby and Irons talking and sees a series of visions before grabbing her jacket and leaving. Moby calls Sara "the maiden" who has been corrupted by Irons. He blasts a flame from a flamethrower at Irons. At the front door Sara holds the bracelet up to the retinal scan to gain entrance to the building.

Moby puts on a gas mask and continues to heat things up. Sara is on the upper level and shoots Moby two or three times before jumping to the lower level to avoid the flames. She drops her gun when she lands and is trapped in a corridor, but now the Witchblade is activated. She is able to withstand the flames and advances on Moby. There are flashes of Sara in both leather and armor. She comes up to Moby and kills him as he begins to shoot flames at Irons again. He tells her that she "got the wrong dragon" then dies. Irons whispers, "yes." Nottingham breaks lose and frees Irons while Irons reminds Sara of his previous offer, which she refuses. Nottingham thanks Sara for "finishing his job" for him. Irons tells her that a "dead body revenges not injuries," which is one of the things Moby told her when he called her anonymously when she and Jake were in the room with the dragon mural.

Sara looks at the picture of her and her father, the bracelet, and the box containing information about her birth parents as the scene fades to black.


This synopsis is by Shaych.

Starts with a black man who looks mean as all get out and an unidentified other man. Both men are physically incredible, able to leap tall buildings... etc. Ground level, the chase continues.

Detective Sara Pezzini's voice talks about the Witchblade and how everything started three weeks ago.

Pezz is in full dress, standing before a review board being ripped a new one by a Captain Dante. Seems they don't much care for her explanation of what happened at the Rialto. As they discuss the wounds made by some kind of blade, the Witchblade bracelet morphs forms. It's still a bracelet, but now larger and slightly ornate.

Dante asks if she knows who the man in black is. Pezz says she doesn't. Dante continues to rip into Pezz, and she finally tells him that he has no right to treat her the way he is, but he does. Captain Ciri (Siri? Ceres?) is retiring, and he's the new boss.

Dante tells Pezz that she's under review. She hands in her badge and leaves.

Joe Siri asks Dante to let Pezz walk on this one. He says he'll owe him a favor. Dante agrees, saying that he'll collect big.

In the car, after the meeting, Pezz and Jake are riding along. Calls play in the background as Pezz remembers Danny and then talks to Jake about learning about Siri's retirement.

Back to the industrial area. Shots fired. A man in a motorcycle helmet is firing at the black man.

The call goes out and Pezz and Jake respond to the shots fired.

Face off between three guys on bikes and Nottingham. The bikers shoot at Nottingham, but he evades all the bullets. An innocent bystander gets hit. Nottingham gets one of the shooters. Jake and Pezz come up on the scene, Jake yells for them to stop. Gun battle ensues. Jake is shot, Pezz leaps over, grabs Jake's gun (she doesn't have hers, she turned it in with her badge) and fires back, dropping one.

The other flees, but Sara goes after him. Chase and fire. Lots of stunt work and fun camera angles. Close ups on Pezz's eyes. Then, an incredible jump between two dirt mounds by the fugitive. The Witchblade's gem glows and Sara goes to make the same jump.

In midair, the two cycles cross over the jump, the fugitive fires at Pezz but she lifts up to avoid the shot. I can't accurately describe this other than to say that it was so damn cool stunt and camera work.

Later, Pezz and Jake are talking about what happened. One man is down, plus the innocent. They have another in custody. They go to talk to their prisoner, but he's pretty freaked out. He sees someone over Pezz's shoulder. High above, in the unfinished building, is Nottingham, staring down at them. Crazy guy mutters something about dragons, goes for one of the cops guns and gets shot for his trouble. One more dead.

In a building, a man listens to some rather dark stuff about annihilating and being annihilated.

Later, at Pezz's, with Enya in the background, Siri shows up and they talk about his retirement. Before he leaves, he gives Pezz a box that her father asked him to give her. Sara doesn't want it, but Siri leaves it behind anyway. Sara notices the box, but does not open it.


News brief. Irons is at his office is watching it. He notices the black man in the background. He says to Nottingham that a picture is worth a million words.

Pezz is at home, lying down when Danny the friendly ghost shows up. They talk about whether or not Pezz is going insane. Danny tells her that she needs to work on her confusion tolerance... the ability to endure confusion.

The phone rings.

It's Jake. He wants to know how she is. She says confused. But he's got good news... she's back on. She thanks him and hangs up.

Next day. The black man is meditating, staring at this mural of some strange lizard beast. He reaches up, grasps his head and is almost going to split his own skull open, then screams with primal rage.

At the precinct, Jake recounts that the two dead guys were guinea pigs from a military unit where they were fed psychotropic drugs and forced to watch odd videos. They were called the Black Dragons. The unit was disbanded three years ago, with two of the men left behind. One is Hector Mobius aka Moby and Nottingham. Pezz asks Jake if he's got some federal connections he's not telling her about, and he says I wish.

As she leaves, we see that Jake is perusing a classified CIA database.

Outside, in a wired for sound van, Mobius watches Vorschlaag Industries office.

Pezz goes in to see Irons, who is expecting her. He asks about the visions. She asks about Ian Nottingham. He goes back to the visions. She's not willing to banter. She wants to solve a crime. He tells her that she sees things that others don't... the faces in the periphery... and that this might help her solve crimes.

She asks about his boyfriend, Ian Nottingham. He tells her that Nottingham is in his employ, but not in that capacity. He tells her that Nottingham is his own man. She asks about Nottingham's military background. Irons invites her to his home, but Sara says to have Ian call her. She leaves.

Pezz calls Jake. He tells her about an anonymous email about the Black Dragons sending them to someplace in Tribecca, which is near the crime scene. They plan to meet there.

Sara gets on her bike, notices something strange, but passes it off. We see that Mobius is watching her. So is Danny.

Jake and Pezz find the mural, and a set of VR goggles programmed with an MTV like clip show of sights and sounds. Sara looks at the VR goggles and sees all kinds of imagery... mostly to do with violence. "The dragons of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction." Is intoned by one of the visions.

"Wow, it's like some over-amped video that makes you almost want to hit something."

Jake is wowed and puts on the goggles.

Sara's phone rings. A man's voice mutters all kinds of weirdness, ending with, "A dead body revenges not injuries."

Pezz grabs the goggles off of Jake, who is reluctant to part with them. They leave because Pezz is creeped out. She tells Jake about the phone call. As they leave, we see that they are being listened to by Mobius. Pezz theorizes that Mobius is the one that called her.

Jake leaves and Sara gets a phone call. It's Nottingham. He tells her that she's in danger from Mobius. He tells her to start running. She doesn't want to trust him, but she does, taking off. She races down alleyways, looking around for her pursuer. She then sees Nottingham heading for her at breakneck pace. She aims for him, but he tackles her, pushing her arm away and using her finger to fire at Mobius, who fires back.

Nottingham continues pursuit of Mobius, leaving a frazzled Pezz behind.

"Confusion tolerance, my *ss," Pezz says, as she pants to regain her breath.


Night in the city. Mobius is in his van, dong something with computers. He sends email. He puts on his goggles and watches some kind of video.

At the stationhouse, Jake gets another anonymous email. Pezz things it's from Moby. According to the email, Vorschlaag industries had a defense contract... they supplied the drugs for the program.

Pezz goes to see Irons and he does not deny it. He tells her that there were some unfortunate side effects. He tells her about Hector Mobius. He says he's totally insane, but Ian Nottingham is a perfect example of what was good about the training. He's lethal and loyal.

Irons then asks her if she's eaten monkey's brains. Pezz is thrown. Irons tells her that she thinks she wants direct answers to direct questions. Pezz says she knows she does. She asks after Nottingham. Irons offers to sweep her off her feet, take her around the world, etc. Pezz sarcastically tells him that it's a generous offer... just her, him and the Witchblade. Irons offers to protect her, but she tells him that he's the one who needs protection. She thinks that Mobius is after him. Irons tells her that as long as Ian Nottingham is on the job, he has nothing to fear.

Pezz wakes from a nightmarish realm of imagery peppered by Irons' monkey's brains question. She picks up the phone calls the morgue and talks to the M.E. Vicky Poe. She wants Vic to check the brains of the two perps she and Jake hauled in earlier.

Nottingham is following Mobius' van and he knows it.

Later, Vic tells Pezz that her dead guy's brain is tweaked. His R Brain, or reptilian brain is larger than usual. Turns out that this is the source of all fear. He was really smart and really dangerous. His whole sub brain was turbocharged. A brain like this would be very sensitive to sound and strobing lights. Pezz brings up the children who went into seizures in Tokyo while watching lights strobing from a cartoon. She theorizes that her victim could be energized or taken down by a combination of sight and sound.

Vic tells her that reptiles freak people because it's a fear of ourselves. The history of evolution is synonymous with the development of the brain. Someone's been playing God.

While the doc and Pezz have been talking, Ian Nottingham has been investigating Mobius' parked van. As he enters the vehicle, he is zapped by sound and lights flashing, knocking him out.

As Pezz leaves, Danny shows up again speaking of confusion tolerance. And in riddles. She converses with him; Dante catches her talking to herself. She gives him the EF-off look.


Mobius has Nottingham.

Pezz and Jake are talking about why Mobius is after Irons. Pezz theorizes that Moby thinks he's both the dragon, and the dragon slayer.

At Irons' office, Mobius shows up with Nottingham in tow.

Irons and Mobius trade jibes in poetic verse. Irons plays chess. Mobius says that Active Evil is better than Passive Good. A stare down occurs.

At the precinct, Jake wonders if Irons needs protection. Then he leaves to go see the doc about his arm.

Irons is tied up. The poetic banter continues. Irons asks Mobius what he wants.

Repentance and revenge. Irons calls Pezz and she hears what's going on. She has a vision via the Witchblade about the dragon.

Mobius says that Irons is the dragon, and Nottingham is the flame and Pezz is the maiden, only she's been corrupted, so she'll die to. Now, Mobius is the dragon, and Irons shall be licked by his flame. He lights up a flamethrower. He goes on about how his comrades were hunted down. Mobius goes on and on, puts on a mask and fires up the torch.

Sara bursts in and a nice fight ensues. She uses the Witchblade to withstand the flames, waltzing through them as if she were in a nice cool shower. We get to see armored Pezz/no armor Pezz flash cuts. With determination in her eyes, she strides right up to Mobius and gives him the flaming fing-er-blade. Then she sticks him but hard in the gut.

He tells her that she got the wrong dragon, then falls.

Irons whispers, "Yes!" and grins fanatically. He tells her well done and asks if she's thought about his offer to come under his wing and see the world.

She tells him a flat out no. Nottingham thanks her. Not for saving his life, but for finishing his job.

As Sara leaves, Irons says, "A dead body revenges not, injuries."

She hears Mobius say, "You got the wrong dragon," again.

At Pezz's place, candles burn on the table as she looks down at the box that Siri left for her and a picture of her father and herself.


This synopsis is by Nora.

This is how it all begins: "Sara Pezzini. A New York City Detective, drawn into a chance encounter with a supernatural weapon. Each day. Each mystery. Each encounter will ultimately reveal her true destiny." Duh duh duh duh duh dum. The music starts and it never stops.

We begin the continuation of the story of Sara Pezzini (Pez as she is often called) a motorcycle driving NYPD cop who joined the same police force that her father belonged to.

This the first official episode of the Witchblade series, was a combination of drama, action, and music video packed into one hour. The format is not much different then the original movie. We are updated about all that happened in the movie by Sara's voice narrating at the beginning.

For those who need to be refreshed on the movie as well - here goes. Sara is a NYPD detective who spends the entire movie trying to avenge the death of her father, and a childhood friend named Maria. It just so happens that the same man - James Gallo, killed both. During a chase after a bad guy through a museum, she encounters the Witchblade. It turns out to be a weapon that mysteriously if not seemingly magically, affixes itself to her right arm and turns her into a warrior with superhuman powers. (Hmmmm. Remnants of a modern-day Xena perhaps??) In her search for Gallo she loses her partner Danny Woo and after he dies in front of her she ensues in one of the most impressive TV shootouts that rivals anything seen on the Matrix. It is during this scene that she truly experiences the power of the Witchblade, killing all the men in the theatre where this all takes place, effortlessly, in slow motion, and to the beat of a pounding music backdrop. She soon acknowledges that the weapon, which is now disguised in the form of a bracelet on her right wrist, is somehow associated with a New York City businessman named Kenneth Irons and his disciple Ian Nottingham. Mr. Irons soon tells her that she is a chosen or charmed one who is next in line to inherit the weapon she has experienced. He offers to be her guide and wants her to come under his tillage. She being a tough NYPD cop, refuses. She will not be beholding to no one. She finally gets Gallo and calling herself "Justice" turns him in to the police. Unfortunately he "jumps" out of a window before he is properly punished. Another mystery associated with Ian and the Witchblade. It ends with the disciple Ian reaffirming her place in the long line of Witchblade Warriors!! Oh yes, one more thing. Her dead partner Danny appears to her occasionally as somewhat of a spiritual guide who seems to know and understand the legacy that awaits her.

Now on to the series debut: Sara is now finally being interrogated about the killings at the Rialto Theatre that took place in the movie. No one seems to understand how so many could be killed and she come out of it with just a few scratches. The new boss wants some answers. We can tell that he and Pez will not be getting along too well.

The combination of Sara still struggling to understand her connection to the Witchblade she has somehow been betrothed to, and how she is now accepting that it can come in handy in a nasty situation, is seen in the very beginning. Pez and her new partner Jake are caught up investigating a group of motorcycling bad guys linked to a group of dragon tattoo wearing members of a militia group. Somehow Ian Nottingham is involved as we see him pursuing the group before Pez and Jake are called to the scene. Sara after a quick shootout, and a bad guy motorcyclist are racing through an industrial area. Sara is pursuing him through and between buildings and finally play chicken on their bikes with both characters flying through the air at each other. They remain suspended in mid-air as a bullet from the bad guy slowly glides under Sara as she has now lifted herself off the bike and is parallel to it with her hands on the handlebars. It is quite an interesting use of special effects and the accompanying music makes it fun to watch.

As Sara and her partner begin the investigation into the killing of the group of motorcyclists, she also has to deal with her boss Joe retiring. This is emotional for Sara due to the fact that her father was best friends with Joe and she has known him most of her life. It may be that he has been a constant in her life especially after her father was killed on the job. Joe visits and brings her a box that her father left with him with specific instructions to give to Sara - and I am guessing it was arranged to be done at this time. No real indication here either way though. He tells her that there is information inside to her real identity. She resists and refuses to take it and he leaves it anyway. Hmmm. Things that make us go hmmmm.

The use of music on almost every scene may put off some people but I have always been a fan of combining visual with audio so for me it works. The missing pieces such as what is Sara's true past and why is she so reluctant to find out who she really is, is sometimes frustrating but we just have to give the powers that be the benefit of the doubt that all will be revealed in due time. But truly, isn't that the allure of shows' like Witchblade that we remain left waiting and wanting more week to week?

In the meantime, Mr. Kenneth Irons sitting in his high-rise penthouse is obviously associated to this group as he monitors all the action on close-circuit TV and feedback from Ian. But still no real indication as to what his connection really is.

Jake and Pez are running down evidence and information about the Black Dragon Unit as they are called, that by all indications has disbanded. Jake informs her that he has found out that they were an experimental warfare group that only has two remaining members left; Hector Mobius (i.e., Moby) and Ian Nottingham. At this point Sara is suspicious that Jake has some federal connections that allow him access to all of this information. Mixed into the scenes with Jake and Sara discussing the situation we see Moby practicing some mind controlling tactics using some form of night-vision goggles of sorts.

Sara pays a visit to Mr. Irons looking for Ian in order to question him about his association to the Dragon unit. I anticipate that Sara's interactions with Mr. Irons will be some of the most humorous of the show. He attempts to intimidate her with knowledge of the Witchblade and all that is happening to her but she will not have it. She not only can take it but can dish it out as well! I like we'll like that!! She returns to the police station to discuss the prospect that Moby is leading them on a wild goose chase. Jake informs Sara of the association that the Dragon unit has with Kenneth Irons. She decides to check in with Mr. Irons later to get more information. She finds out that they were a band of chosen soldiers that were brought together by the government to form an experimental warfare group - a troop of highly intelligent military assassins that got out of hand. Ian being the only loyal and sane one left essentially had to terminate the rest of them.

Moby, now believing that he is the "Dragon" and the "Dragon slayer", has now captured Ian and has brought him to Mr. Iron's home. He has come to kill the real Dragon - Mr. Irons, thereby fully assuming the role of leader. While they are tied up on chairs and being taunted by Moby, Ian dials Sara on his cell phone behind his back, and she hears the conversation between them. She then races on her motorcycle to the Irons home and gets there just in time to see Moby attempting to barbeque both Irons and Ian with a blowtorch. She calls Moby out and then after being grazed by the flames of the torch directed at her, fully activates the Witchblade. As she walks, in slow motion, sword in hand, and alternating between full armor and modern motorcycle wear through the flames (this is hard to explain but must see to believe), we witness again, the power she possesses with the Witchblade. She kills Moby with a swift slash of the sword but before he dies whispers that she has killed the wrong dragon.

The show ends with Sara sitting in her kitchen table looking at the box left for her by her father - still unopened - and a picture of them together when she was a child. While a song plays and the camera comes around her, we see Danny off to the side watching her.


This commentary is by Ellen.

Well, to be quite honest, I am slightly confused because I missed the movie that started the series. Other than that, here are my (few) thoughts.

* I like the special effects in this episode, but I wish they wouldn't keep repeating the same shot from different angles.

* I thought the story moved along pretty nicely.

* Why was Jake on the CIA website? Did he hack into the files? Does he have access?

* Are Irons and Nottingham to be trusted? I can't tell. If someone has an answer, please fill me in.


This commentary is by Nora.

The interactions between Sara and the deceased Danny are very interesting and may prove to be pretty funny when we consider the looks she gets from others, as she seems to be conversing with herself.

Yancy Butler (Sara Pezzini) does a great job of showing Sara's vulnerable side and has some really good comedic scenes that strengthen or balance her portrayal of this character. I do look forward to the character loosening up a bit. I think I counted just a couple of smiles throughout this episode.

The possibility of the direction and mystery this show could take week to week is pretty exciting and a challenge. Time will tell how it pans out.


This commentary is by Beboman.

First and foremost, I have to say that the stunt work in this episode was just awesome. The acting in this episode was also very good.

One of the scenes that really touched me in this episode was the scene between Sara and Joe, her father's old partner and the man who came the closest to her as a father. This scene was emotionally charged and put Sara once again on an emotional overload. I wonder how much more this character can take before she has a total breakdown.

I am of the opinion that all that is happening to Sara is some form of test by "The Witchblade" to see if Sara is truly deserving.

The main focus of this episode is Irons. This episode gives us, the audience, a bit more insight into Irons' past and some of the things of which he is capable. It also gives us more information about the relationship between Ian and Irons, which is very much a master/servant relationship.

As in the pilot episode, Irons provides Sara with more information about "The Witchblade". He tries to get Sara under his control as a way to control the "Blade", which is his obsession. However, Sara still does not trust him.

I found it very interesting how easily Ian falls into the trap set by Moby, considering that he is supposed to be one of these super great special forces type guys. Unless, of course, this was also a trick from Irons to see if he could count on Sara to come and protect him.

I also like the fact that Sara very politely rejected Irons' offer. I wonder how this is going to play out in future episodes.

I think another important point this episode was trying to make was the fact that Jake and Sara start getting closer as partners. Sara starts to trust him. This is important for her, giving her a bit more stability. However, as her relationship with Jake starts to work, Sara is faced with the fact that her new captain has it in for her, for whatever reason.

Regarding her new captain, I have a major problem with this guy. How can he be in charge of the Homicide Division and at the same time be in charge of Internal Affairs. That is a conflict of interest. Not even NYPD would allow that. It will be interesting to see how this plot twist develops.

Talk about some awesome special effects. That motorcycle scene between Sara and Moby was just too good to be true for television. TNT went all out to get that scene done and it came out just right.

Also, that final fight scene between Sara and Moby was just awesome. You could see Sara take full control of the "Blade". The intensity in Sara's eyes and her determination were just great. This was another of those great stunt and special effects scenes.

Also in this episode, Sara begins to take more control of "The Witchblade". We shall see what happens in future episodes, because at this point, Sara's life is still in total turmoil.

It was interesting to see how both Jake and Sara reacted to the subliminal gadget they found in the loft or place in which Moby trained. This gadget helped Moby keep control of his life and it helped him to focus on his mission (a somewhat questionable mission, but a mission never less). However, it was very interesting to see how Jake and Sara reacted to the same gadget. Sara did not want anything to do with it and found it somewhat alarming, while Jake succumbed to it emotionally and found it very interesting. This is especially interesting considering that Sara is in emotional overdrive while Jake is supposed to be a bit more steady. I really found this to be a great contrast between them, one that I am sure will be explored in the future.

This was another very well acted episode. It had a great plot and story line which provided good entertainment. There were some outstanding special effects and the direction was solid.


"Parallax" is being hyped as one of the most effects-laden episodes of the season. A preview tape of "Parallax" provided to The Continuum by TNT prompted them to comment "[the tape] included a high-flying motorcycle chase scene with more Matrix-style effects. In fact, the tape featured a disclaimer 'temporary visual effect' as Sara Pezzini is fired upon during a huge motorcycle jump. The climax of 'Parallax' also features many fire effects, and the episode also continues the unique angles and quick edits that were featured in the pilot movie. The episode, which was actually the third shot, was directed by Witchblade executive producer Ralph Hemecker, who also directed the pilot movie. He also wrote the teleplay, based on a story by himself and Richard C. Okie. 'Parallax' is a favorite episode of the Witchblade cast. 'It's pretty rock 'n roll,' said David Chokachi, who plays Jake."


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13th Street review of "Parallax"

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