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Season 1, episode 04
Series 104
1st release: 07/03/01
2nd release: 07/08/01
3rd release: 08/26/01
Production number: 104
Last update: 11-05-01


Yancy Butler (Sara Pezzini)
David Chokachi (Jake McCartey)
Anthony Cistaro (Kenneth Irons)
Will Yun Lee (Danny Woo)
Eric 'Kaos' Etebari (Ian Nottingham)

Kim De Lury (Conchobar)
John Hensley (Gabriel Bowman)
Nestor Serrano (Captain Bruno Dante)

Story by Ralph Hemecker & Richard C. Okie
Teleplay by Richard C. Okie
Directed by David S. Jackson

Filmed on location in Toronto.


Ancient Celtic sacrificial rites are being re-enacted in the streets of New York. Kenneth Irons tempts Sara with clues about the murders from a mysterious manuscript. Pezzini crosses paths with an Irish rock star named Conchobar whose music is mysteriously linked to the crimes.

Sara investigates re-enactments of ancient Celtic sacrificial rites in New York. ExciteTV

A Witchblade vision reveals that the Celtic warrior/goddess Cathain was a Wielder. Her lover was the Celtic prince, Conchobar. This parallels the course of events between Sara and the Irish singer Conchobar, with whom she falls in love. Gabriel Bowman tells Sara the Witchblade was once in Hitler's private collection of objects of power, but it was stolen by one of his own SS officers to give to his mistress. He later tells her that Elizabeth Bronte was the mistress who received the Blade and that she was a British spy who took the SS lieutenant as a lover to infiltrate the Nazis. Bronte was instrumental in breaking the Enigma code for the Allies, which turned the tide of the war. WarnerBros.

Pezzini is investigating ritual murders, mutilations and druidic sacrifices. She crosses paths with an Irish rock star named Conchobar whose music is mysteriously linked to the crimes. TNT

Sara suspects a handsome Irish rocker might be behind ancient Celtic sacrificial rites happening in the streets of New York.


This synopsis is by Nora.

The episode opens up with Irons looking at an old book. There is a vision of a woman laying on a stone slab with rats all over her. A person cloaked in a dark hooded robe runs a sword across the wall scratching something out, and then plunges it into the woman. She seemed already dead so that was interesting.

Sara and Jake make their way to a murder scene and have a conversation about the use of skills and not letting them get stale by not using them enough. Jake seems confused and makes a reference to them not having a love life. Sara gives him that 'your stupid' look and says she means he needs to make sure he get to the gym and shooting range more. Right!

The murder victim seems to be the woman from the earlier vision. She is on a stone slab and the coroner tells them that she was strangled but has a stab wound to the heart. Jake makes a joke about it being maybe vampires. And you guessed it, he gets that look from Sara again.

While Jake is interviewing the security guard of the building, a guy named Brian, he meets Iona McCleary who runs a soup kitchen up the street from the murder site. Meanwhile, Sara is getting visions of burning torches and two figures fighting with swords. She gets a picture made of a scratching on the wall and takes it to Gabriel Bowman, her favorite talisman salesman, for some answers. He says it is galic and does not understand what it means but he may know someone who can. Sara asks if he has learned any other information about the Witchblade. He tells her that he found out that it once was part of a collection by Adolf Hitler himself. It was stolen from him by one of his officers to give to his mistress. Interesting!!!

Sara is working out when Danny pays her a visit. He tells her that she needs to let out some stress and breath more. Jake comes into the gym just in time to see her talking to herself quite passionately. Once again she is caught talking to no one. Jake tells her that she has a visitor. Gabriel Bowman has come by to invite her to a club where an Irish singer that could have connections to the case is playing.

Sara meets the singer Conchobar at the bar. There seems to be a connection between them. She tells him that she is investigating a murder and the symbol that surrounds his name on his flyers is the same one found at the murder scene. He then proceeds to sing an unfinished song that mentions warriors, kings and a witch's glove. Sara is very intrigued and cannot keep her eyes off him. At the same time there is another murder being committed in the same exact way that the previous one was.

Sara has a dream of her and Conchobar having a sword fight in another time. It is a visionary slow motion scene that is beautifully shot. She wakes with a start.

At the police station Sara is told by the new captain that the murder was not a sacrificial murder but a body stolen from the morgue and then possibly used to sell body parts. She does not believe that scenario and disagrees with him. This brings on a confrontation between them and he reminds her who the captain is. Sara receives a call from Irons and is summoned to his office. He says he has information that she can use on her case.

While waiting for Irons in his office, she comes upon the old book he was reading at the start of the show. It tells the story of a woman in ancient times who was a great warrior. She lived alone and associated with no one. A Crown Prince asked her to teach him her great warrior skills and ways of the sword. He would show her the ways of love. When he became king he asked her to lead his army and help vanquish his enemies to help unite the kingdom. She did - all for love. Sara did not finish the story because Irons interrupted her. He tells her he is impressed that she can read a language that has been dead for a thousand years. As Sara proceeds to argue with Irons he places his hand on her chin and she gets a vision of Dominique saying "everything in your life is connected. The blade weaves a web."

Irons tells her that Katain was an ancient Irish war goddess. She wore the Witchblade so there must be merit to the legend. He also tells her that Katain was a tragic figure and so we must be careful with history.

Sara joins Jake at the new murder scene. The girl is one that Sara saw at the club the night before. The sign of Conchobar is on the wall and Sara sends Jake to the morgue while she attempts to track down the Irish singer. When she finds him at his apartment Sara tells him that there has been another murder that follows the pattern of the first victim. His symbol was also scratched into the wall there as well. But the mystery for Sara is that these events seem to follow the lyrics of the song he sang at the club the night before. She asks him about the story he sings about and he tells her that it follows an old ancient story but he has not finished the song so he cannot tell her how it ends.

The next day Jake seems to be feeling a bit jealous as he and Sara talk about where they are on the case. He accuses her of being easy on Conchobar. She calls him on it and asks him if this is personal between them both. Jake of course, denies it. He goes on to talk with Iona at the soup kitchen. He asks her about Brian the security guard that worked both buildings where the murders took place. She tells him that he is a very nice guy and always helped the transients. He was also Irish catholic and seemed to be finding his way spiritually.

Sara in the mean time, has gone over to Irons' offices to continue the story in the ancient book. As she reads she found out that Katain once spurned by the King Conchobar, refused to help him. The king sent a druid to help bring her back. The druid sacrificed an old woman and yet Katain would not come back. Then the druid sacrificed Katain's own sister Dedria twice. First by strangling her and then stabbing her with a knife make of stone. Sara saw the similarities between that story and what was happening with the murderer on the loose. As she attempts to read further she is interrupted by Irons again. But at the same time she notices that the last page in the story is missing. It has been torn out. She asks Irons about it and he seems just as surprised that it is gone. The next chapter begins with the King Conchobar dying a tragic and painful death.

Sara goes to the club to ask Conchobar to sing the last line of his song so that she can see if the murderer might be there. He says he will not do that for just that reason. He says, and I swear, that he is a bard. A descendent of kings and singers and is beholden to their code of not telling a story till it was ready. But he surprises her anyway by telling her that he has finished the song and will sing the last part tonight. As he sings he says that the virgin sacrifice will be Iona and she will set the Kingdom free. (Okay, I really feel I have to take a moment to let sink in the fact that we now have a female warrior and a bard who have had an earlier life together and are destined to meet again. What does this remind me of? Hmmmmmm. I'll have to ponder that one a while.) The song also states that the sacrifice will take place in a previous sacrificial alter.

Sara races to the second alter and sends Jake to the first. She believes that the next murder will take place at one of the original murder sites. Meanwhile Brian has met up with Iona as she was locking up the soup kitchen and has asked for her help. They walk off to get coffee and he leads her to an abandoned building. He pulls her onto the stone slab and gags and ties her down. Brian puts on the dark robe and pulls down the hood. Sara arrives and using the Witchblade breaks into the building. Brian makes a speech about the summoning of Katain in order to bring her to teach him to fight so that he would have past life glory restored. Sara bursts in and attempts to pretend that she is Katain and commands him to put down the sword. He hesitates at first then proceeds to hand her the sword. At the moment he does someone in the shadows shoots Brian. Jake gets to the building and tells Sara he heard a shot come from the building. Sara notices Ian on scaffolding above them. She looks around and finds a gold shell casing with a black bull on it.

At a visit with Gabriel Bowman he tells Sara that he knows about Elizabeth Bronte and how her work helped end WWII. He shows her a picture of Elizabeth with the German officer that was her lover. She is of course, identical to Sara and is wearing the same bracelet.

The episode comes to a close with Conchobar playing his guitar and singing to Sara at her apartment. There is a definite connection between and if we are to believe the short episode description at the Witchblade official site, they are soul mates. Again, hmmmm.


This commentary is by Beboman.

This was still another super great episode with Irons looking at some type of old Celtic Book. I thought this might be a clue of what this episode was going to be about and, in a way, I was right. Still, I found this episode to be very good and interesting.

Finally, in this episode we see Sara making an effort to work with Jake and to even try to count him in on her plans. This is very hard for Sara. She is still trying to put her life together in some form of normality.

Also in this episode, Sara continues to use the "Blade" to her advantage. From the moment she walks into the crime scene, the "Blade" starts to provide Sara with information about what has taken place.

As in prior episodes, the information regarding the past owners of the "Blade" is gradually provided to Sara via Gabriel, Sara's new ally and one of the few people Sara really trusts outside of Danny, her dead partner.

In this episode, we are told that the "Blade" was part of Hitler's collection and was taken by one of Hitler's men and given to his mistress, who happened to look very much like Sara. Coincidence? I don't think so, because in a prior episode, we were led to believe that Elizabeth Bronte might be Sara's grandmother. It seems that using the "Blade" helped the Allies break the "Enigma Code" which led to the winning of WWII.

It is very interesting how the murders Sara is investigating have such closeness to the stories sung by the Irish songwriter named Conchobar. It is also interesting how his stories are also related to an old Celtic tale about Conchobar and the Celtic Goddess Cathain, who, by coincidence, also wore "The Witchblade" and was madly in love with Conchobar.

The thing is that no matter what Irons has tried to do to win Sara, she has not fallen for him and is using another source (Gabriel) to obtain her information regarding "The Witchblade".

I'm beginning to really dislike this Irons guy. He is just getting on my last nerve with his mind games and stuff. Don't just provide information to Sara a piece at the time. Either tell her all she needs to know or just don't say anything and let her figure it out. By golly, she is an intelligent woman and she has some really good deductive powers.

There are a few questions I have. Was it because Sara was wearing "The Witchblade" or did she really know how to read such an old book in Celtic? Also, how did Conchobar know he and Sara had been together in a past life? I was just wondering.

It was interesting how Sara finally puts all the pieces of the puzzle together at the end and figures out who the killer is and who the victim is going to be. Good deductive work by Sara.

The last few scenes where Sara stops the crazy guy from killing his last victim were just great. She was in total control of the situation and she did everything just right.

At the end of this episode, I had a few questions that I hope get answered in the next few episodes. Who really killed this crazy guy and why? What does that bullet casing with the bull have to do with Sara? We have seen that type of casing before in other episodes. And finally, is Conchobar truly Sara's soulmate? I hope so.


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