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Season 1, episode 08
Series 108
1st release: 07/31/01
2nd release: 08/26/01
Production number: 108
Last update: 11/05/01


Yancy Butler (Sara Pezzini)
David Chokachi (Jake McCartey)
Anthony Cistaro (Kenneth Irons)
Will Yun Lee (Danny Woo)
Eric 'Kaos' Etebari (Ian Nottingham)

John Hensley (Gabriel Bowman)
Nicu Branzea
Nestor Serrano (Captain Bruno Dante)
Kathryn Winslow (Vicky Po)
Bill Mc Donald (Jerry Orlinsky)

Filmed on location in Toronto.


Jake and Sara tail an arms dealer, but a sniper's bullet ends their chase. The case gets weirder when Sara finds a dossier among the victim's effects containing shocking details on Irons, Nottingham ...and herself!

In the dossier taken off the arms dealer, Sara finds her name on the list of Nottingham's supposed lovers! It is noted that Nottingham might be Irons' son. Nottingham appeals to Sara, telling her that they are "flesh and blood, and the Witchblade vision provides imagery that suggests his claim might be true.

A sniper's bullet kills Sarah and Jake's pursuit of an arms dealer, and triggers the discovery of some explosive information.

Evidence from an arms-dealer shooting links the crime to Irons and to Sara. ExciteTV


This synopsis is by Nora.

Captain Dante is having a briefing with the squad. He is telling them about an arms dealer named Armand Parchegian. He is living on a yacht and hardly comes ashore especially in this country, but he is now. The reason must be a big arms sale. In the next scene there is a bunch of balloons around a large present left at a door by a deliveryman. The captain is assigning around the clock surveillance for all the cops. Sara asks a question about what they do with their other workload. Captain Dante gives Sara another lecture about being a good cop and just following orders because he says so. Meanwhile someone is seen picking up the package left earlier.

Gabriel is seen entering a really dirty house - trash everywhere. He calls out to someone named Sly. He walks around a bit still calling out. As he gets to the entry way to the stairwell he sees his friend hanging just above the stairs. He runs up to him and calls out for help to get him down.

Two men get out of a large black limousine. One of the men is explaining something about a weapon that is supposed to be the best and he is primarily selling the weapon to the other still silent man. We see someone opening up the wrapped package on the roof of a building just above where the two men are walking. He opens up the package and pulls out a rifle that he puts together.

Gabriel comes to the station to tell Sara that his friend has been killed and he needs her help. He tells her that Sergeant Orlinsky took the call and just called the incident a suicide quickly. Gabriel tells Sara that his best friend could not have done that. Because Sara and Jake are working the surveillance she cannot go help him right away. But her bracelet begins to glow and she sees Kenneth Irons and then what looks like a cartoon picture of him. She tells Gabriel to give her the address and she'll meet him there. They pass Orlinsky in the hall and he goes to tell Captain Dante that "that bitch" Pezzini was talking to the boy.

Sara takes a look around Sly's house and finds large comic cartoon pictures that he had painted on the walls. Gabriel insists to Sara that his friend did not kill himself even though she is skeptical. As Jake is undercover in front of a large business building he watches as the subjects they are watching hang out in the area. He sees them moving to the car with a man they seem to be protecting. Jake and Sara split up to follow them. As the two men approach the car there is a shot fired and both men go down. Both Sara and Jake run to survey the area as they keep their eyes on the buildings. They could not possibly see anyone though as these are very tall NYC office buildings. The Captain is listening over the radio and takes Orlinsky with him as they move to the murder scene.

The two men are put in body bags. They have surmised that the shot was silent and came from one of the buildings. Sara tells them that it was a silent hit. Orlinsky and Dante try to pin the breakdown on Sara and she points them in the direction of a rifle found in the trunk of the car. As Sara checks out the back seat of the town car, she finds a picture of Irons and a CD. She takes them both. She arrives at Gabriel's and tells him she needs to access the CD files but not at home or the office. She finds profiles on Irons and Ian on the CD.

Meanwhile at the morgue Vicky tells Dante and Jake that there was only one bullet fired and that it went through both skulls. It is a very weird case and she suggests that they possibly run a test of the weapon found in the car on some cadavers to see the results. Captain Dante seems a bit disgusted by the idea, which surprised me since he acts like such a jerk.

Sara is reading the profiles on the CD and finding out that Ian was part of a Special Forces military team. There are also insinuations that Sara and Irons are lovers on the files. She seems pretty disgusted as well. Captain Dante asks Jake to generate a file of potential suspects based on the type of skills the individual who pulled the trigger would need to have. Meanwhile Sara is convincing Gabriel that she is not Iron's lover. She has a light moment with Gabriel as he teases her as to why she really came to him for help. He also points out to her that the file also has information that alludes to the fact that Ian might be Irons son. He looks at the clock and it reads 8:18 pm. At that moment Sara gets visions of the buildings downtown and Ian holding a rifle. When she comes out of the visions she realizes that Gabriel is gone and the clock shows 11:11pm. The phone rings and it is Iron's who seems to just know where she is all the time. He tells her that Sly was a protege of his and he needs her to help in the investigation. He also tells her to get down to the police station because someone needs her.

Sara enters a jail cell where Gabriel is being held. She asks him what happened. He tells her that she had gone into some kind of trance and so he left and went to Sly's wake only to find his partner attempting to sell off the remaining artwork. Gabriel hit him and broke his nose so he was arrested. Sara tries to tell him that she understands how he feels because she has lost a few loved one's this past year. As she is talking to him Danny appears in the cell as well. She explains that she once thought that time was linear but now she knows that we can still share moments with those that have left us in some ways. He is free to go and she threatens him if he does not stay out of trouble.

As Sara walks into her office she finds Ian sitting on top of her filing cabinets. She asks what he is doing there and he replies that he loves her. He said "especially in unguarded moments." She seems quite taken back. He then tells her that he is there to turn himself in for murder.

Jake reads Ian his rights and he calls him on his history as a surfer dude. Sara is also in the room. As Jake interrogates Ian, Ian plays with his words and teases him. Jake loses his temper and Sara asks him to take a break. Ian asks Sara to take his hand in order for her to know the truth. As he holds her hand with both of his, the bracelet begins to glow. He continues his word game with Sara as she questions him about the hit. She tries to get him to break when she tells him that between them, the hit was a beautiful thing.

Sara is asking Ian if he is just protecting his master. As she sits with Ian she hears the words of Elizabeth Bronte telling her about a warrior walking with death constantly. As Ian tells her how she feels about murdering the ones she has killed. As he says this all the images of those she has killed with the Witchblade come to mind. He tells her that she obviously enjoyed killing the woman who killed her lover Conchobar. Ian states that if he can have another encounter with her like they just had, she could keep him in jail forever.

Gabriel receives a comic in the mail that seems to have come from his friend Sly. It mentions the choice of dying with dignity or being alive with disdain.

Jake comes to Captain Dante and tells him that he has decided to accept the invitation to join the White Bulls. Dante is very pleased. Orlinsky in the meantime has signed Ian out from jail. When Sara intercedes and asks what he is doing, he tells Sara that she does not have enough evidence to keep him there. Ian on the other hand is looking for Jake to 'repay' him for something.

Jake is out in a soccer or football field doing pushups. Sara is at Sly's house looking around. Gabriel comes in because Sara called him. At the field Ian encounters Jake. Sara attempts to tell Gabriel that he needs to accept his friend's death. She tells him that refusing to accept the suicide is just Gabriel fighting to let him go. She also tells him that he needs to mourn and she will keep investigating the death. She gives him a much-needed hug and as she does she sees Ian and Jake at the field together. At the field Ian and Jake begin to fight and right off the bat Ian just pummels him. He tells Jake that he does not deserve to say Sara's name let alone be her partner because he will betray her. They continue to fight and Jake is getting beat up pretty badly. Finally Ian pulls out a bull imprint bullet from Jake's pocket and puts it in Jake's mouth. He is about to punch him when Sara yells at him to stop.

Ian tells her that Jake has betrayed her. She calls him a psycho. Ian tells her that to save Jake she must kill him. As the Witchblade appears on her arm she tells him that would be his choice not hers. He lets go of Jake and as he gets up to walk away, he says "Sara, you wouldn't lift the blade against your own flesh and blood would you?" When she asks him to repeat what he said, he tells her that her partner needs assistance. She yells at him to repeat what he said but he just runs away.

In the precinct office, Sara cleans up Jake's face and he calls them 'even' since he helped her with the Irish Militant group and she helped him here. Ian calls her on her cell phone and he tells her that Gabriel is right and his friend Sly did not commit suicide. He tells her that he always liked the comic that Sly published and hangs up. He does not answer her question about his flesh and blood statement.


Transcript by SciFi_Angel

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