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Season 1, episode 11
Series 111
1st release: 08/21/01
2nd release: 08/26/01
Production number: 111
Last update: 11/05/01

COMMENTARY 1 by Beboman
COMMENTARY 2 by Ossian

Yancy Butler (Sara Pezzini)
David Chokachi (Jake McCartey)
Anthony Cistaro (Kenneth Irons)
Will Yun Lee (Danny Woo)
Eric 'Kaos' Etebari (Ian Nottingham)

John Hensley (Gabriel Bowman)
Nestor Serrano (Captain Bruno Dante)
Bill Mc Donald (Jerry Orlinsky)

Filmed on location in Toronto.


Sara's unlikely protector surfaces with a life-threatening passion to watch over her that leads to irrevocable consequences. Sara has no choice but to accept the destiny that comes with wielding the gauntlet and use it to regain what she has lost. But every gain has its price. True to the words of the Witchblade's past wielders, "Nothing is as it seems". A startling discovery about Dante and his team of corrupt cops lead to a suspenseful showdown between the rising warrior and a band of enemies that she must conquer before her father's killer is revealed.

An unlikely protector surfaces with a life-threatening passion to watch over Sara. ExciteTV

Irons reveals that Ian Nottingham was created from preserved stem cells taken from Elizabeth Bronte -- making him kin to Sara! - "Time is elastic. Fluid. Flexible. Reversible. Use it." -- Elizabeth Bronte -"The Will is the link between the soul and the universe." -- Lazar WarnerBros.

In this mind-blowing season finale, Jake plays his trump card, but ends up revealing a greater web of conspiracy and puts Sara and her friends in the lethal hands of Kenneth Irons. Now Sara must call upon the untapped powers of the Witchblade to save them all from Iron's evil scheme. TNT


This synopsis is by Nora.

The series finale begins with a review of the whole series with emphasis on the changes to Sara and her loses. Sara is still on the lam from the police department. The sun rises on another beautiful NYC day. Sara is recording a message expelling the White Bulls. Gabriel is going to place it on the Internet for her. Ian in the meantime is explaining to Irons that he is agonizing between his feelings for Sara and his devotion to Irons. Irons' feels betrayed and kicks him out. Sara is still trying to understand Jake being an FBI agent. She continues recording the video message and implicating Captain Dante as the leader of the White Bulls.

Ian comes to say goodbye but to also warn Sara and Gabriel that they are in danger NOW. As they run off to hide Ian attempts to tease the police. Dante questions Ian as to Sara's whereabouts. Ian in his attempt to protect Sara gets himself killed as he pretended to pull a weapon from his coat. As he is dying he sends Sara a message telepathically. He tells her that if she ever sees him again she should run. Sara in the meantime gets away with Gabriel in tow.

They run out into the street as Dante calls Irons to tell him that Ian is dead. He insists that Dante bring Ian's body on ice to his home immediately. Irons' is talking to a doctor about receiving some type of dose to maintain his age. The doctor tells him that if he does not get blood from Sara he will begin experiencing the age reversal process. Sara is trying to explain to Gabriel about the Witchblade which he saw come to life on her arm for a short time during their encounter with Ian. He recommends that they get some money and a passport and get out of town. He insists that she come with him but she refuses. She finally pacifies him by telling him to go ahead and get her a passport too.

At the Irons home, the doctor is surprised when Ian comes into the room at the command of Irons. He does not look as scruffy and is neater.

Sara gets on a public bus and she remembers her encounters with Ian. All of a sudden Danny is there on the bus with her. She starts to cry as she asks him to help her understand why she has been chosen to wear the Witchblade. They relive the day that Danny died and Sara wishes out loud that she would always hope that day had never happened.

Irons' is questioning Ian about his place and role in the Witchblade acquisition. The new and improved Ian states that although he has some of the past's Ian's memories he is different - stronger - than the previous model. He will not let emotion get in the way. Irons' sends him off to get Sara.

Sara meets Jake parked in his car on a side street. They talk about what happened earlier in the day. She tells him that she wants to get Dante. Jake tells her that they do not have enough evidence yet. Sara believes that she can get any information from Dante and wants him to set up a 'set up' meeting with him. Jake will get it together. He calls Dante who is at Irons place, and tells him that he has arranged to meet Sara. Dante tells him that it should just be the two of them and Jake agrees.

Jake brings Sara to a 'safe house' and she is a bit apprehensive about there even being FBI agents set up there. He tells her not to worry they have been set up for over an hour even thought she cannot see them. He attempts to give her a gun and she refuses.

They are having a pretend conversation as Dante enters the building. They seem to be arguing about the police department and how Jake is stupid for trusting them. It sounds pretty convincing and Jake even tells her that he loves her in this conversation. As Dante calls to them Sara pretends to run away. Jake of course stops her. He laughs at Jake and tells him that was a good one about the 'I love you' piece. He looks at Sara and says he loves her too but very sarcastically.

Sara asks him why he killed her Dad and he states just because - he bugged him. He also points out that Sara and her Dad share the same irritating attitude. Dante then tells Jake that he must kill Sara and without hesitation he points the gun at Sara.

Sara asks Dante how come he doesn't kill her himself. Dante then tells Jake that if Jake does it they will be bonded for life and knows he can trust him. But Jake puts down the gun and tells Dante that he can't do it. Olinsky walks in to help Dante at that moment. He tells the Captain that he knew he couldn't trust Jake. At that moment a squad of FBI agents looking like swat members, break into the building and tell everyone to get down. But as Dante is putting his gun down he pulls back up and intends to shoot Jake. Sara pulls Jake's gun and shoots Dante. As he is dying he tells Sara something about not trusting anyone that someone else had ordered him to have Sara's father killed. He won't tell her who but as she holds his arm she sees a vision of Irons and a young Dante shaking hands.

Sara takes a taxi to Irons house to confront him. She asks for the truth. He tells her that his experience with the Witchblade has affected his age. He tells her that since she passed the Periculum she has become the most special person in the world. Her blood is pure and special. That is why he can use it to stay young. There is no real explanation as to how he stayed young before she passed the Periculum.

Jake has picked up Gabriel and they have gone to Irons to find Sara. While Gabriel waits in the car, Jake is attempting to get over a fence at the front of the house. He is attacked and killed by Ian as visions of his surfer days run through his mind. Gabriel has gotten restless and decided to get out of the car and make his way into the house as well.

Irons' tells her that she is the daughter of Elizabeth Bronte's daughter. She was kidnapped from her and placed with her adoptive parents. He tells her that she is a biological anomaly. She and Elizabeth were the same in that respect. Her mother had the gift of the anomaly as well but she chose not to use it. He tells her that he has replicated Ian for example from all his has learned about cloning and at that time he comes into the room with Jake's body draped over his shoulder. He drops the body to the ground and walks out. Sara runs to the body and realizes that Jake is dead.

Gabriel has found Jake's badge outside and enters the house, as the front door is open. He attempts to protect Sara as he enters the room but Ian grabs him by the neck instead. Irons' tells Sara that he killed her father because he could not risk her becoming emotionally attached to anyone. He also tells her that he will allow Gabriel to go free if she agrees to give him some of her blood. She agrees and he tells Ian to let him go. Ian instead breaks Gabriel's neck. Even Irons is surprised by this action by Ian. Sara is devastated and attempted to get the Witchblade to respond but it won't. She runs away from Ian and eventually the blade does appear on her arm. She and Ian ensue in a great battle. They do martial arts flies and flips in slow motion and at the same time Irons is seen getting older sitting in a chair. Sara finally wins and kills Ian. She moves to Irons and places her sword at his heart. He is old and tells her he is dying. She seems to have some sympathy for him and withdraws her sword.

Irons' takes advantage of this moment and stabs her in the back. At this time she is wearing full armor a la Joan of Arc. As she falls to the ground Elizabeth Bronte appears and tells her that she can reverse time if she wants. The man who she has seen on the street and the same one that Iron's just told her kidnapped her when she was a child, appears on the balcony and tells her that she can only do this one time and she will remember very little. Danny is suddenly on the floor with her and tells her to choose. When she lifts her head to look for them one more time, they are both gone. Irons' in the meantime is crawling on the floor. Sara pulls the knife out of her back and licks the blood off in her mouth. She stands above Irons and tells him that she would never give him her blood. As he dies she stands and holds the sword to the sky and a bolt of electricity hits it.

All of a sudden the clouds start churning and things start reversing. Imagine witnessing all previous eleven episodes reversed and stopping finally as she is sitting with Danny in front of the theatre waiting for Gallo on the day that Danny dies. She tells Danny that today is not the day to do this, which surprises him. She also asks him if he ever got the feeling that something big had just happened and they missed it. He jokes that he has no idea what she is talking about. Sara reaches over and starts the ignition and tells him to put the car in gear and they should get out of there. Gallo and his men are seen getting out their cars and entering the theatre as they drive away. As they do the old man that kidnapped Sara is standing on the street corner and watching them drive away. As the camera pans across the street we see Jake hanging up a phone across the street - also watching them drive away.


This commentary is by Beboman.

Did Sara Pezzini rise above her limits in this episode? Did she exceed the usual limits? I think she did that in this episode. SO, if she and this episode did that, why do I have this feeling of emptiness. I feel as if I were waiting for something more. Somehow, I did not get that extra moment, that extra sensation.

I do understand that this program is based on a comic book and that the door had to be left opened for future episodes. I understand that by taking Sara back to the moment before she and Danny entered the theater where Danny lost his life, it would give the show a new start. But I still feel like I missed something. With that said, I am not going to dwell on it and I will move on to some really great things about this episode.

This episode explained a few things: like how Iron had Ian made out of the stem cells of Elizabeth Bronte and some other genetic factors. We also found out that Iron had several Ians made, and that there had been several before him and at least one after him. We also learned that because Sara passed the Periculum, her blood became like a fountain of youth, just like her grandmothers.

We were also told that Sara was kidnapped as an infant and placed in the house of James Pezzini. What we were not told is why Sara's mother was not able to use the Witchblade.

Another very important point was provided: that Sara has the ability to turn time back. This is something that can only be done once, then it is gone. So Sara makes the choice and takes time back to the moment before she and Danny enter the theater. A good choice by Sara. It was just like she said; they had time.

We also find out that the several Ians have had some form of defect with the last Ian getting too emotional regarding Sara. That cost him his life. The new Ian, however, is cold-blooded and extremely aggressive.

In this episode, Sara is taken to her emotional limits. She finally loses everything that is dear to her, like Jake and Gabriel. Sara even loses her defender and protector, Ian.

I have a question that was left totally unanswered and is part of the premise of the show. Sara has the ability to see Danny, her dead partner, because of the Witchblade. Then how come Gabriel was able to see and even speak to Danny?

There were some really great scenes in this episode. One of them was the scene between Sara, Bruno and Jake at the safe house. That was an excellent scene, very well done. Bruno ended up as Iron had suggested: DEAD.

Talking about dying: it was Iron who sent Bruno out to kill James Pezzini, so Sara could fulfill her destiny and his at the same time. That was a good twist in the plot. Of course, we knew that Iron would stop at nothing to be able to fulfill his destiny with the Witchblade.

Another good twist was the man who kidnapped Sara. We had seen him during the run of the show. We first saw him at Danny's funeral. Come to find out that he has some magical powers that are related to the Witchblade. I hope next season they develop this character a bit more.

Another super great scene was the fight between Ian 2 and Sara. That was really great, very well choreographed and acted. I loved it when Sara killed him just as coldly as he had killed Jake and Gabriel.

Also, that final scene between Iron and Sara when she pulls the knife out of her back (no pun intended) and tastes her blood from the knife. What a powerful scene with Sara looking over Iron's aging and dying body.

In general, this was a very good episode that left the door open for many things to come. For now, Sara can face a new future with an insight into that same future. Hopefully, some of the mistakes made this time will not, hopefully, be made again.


This commentary is by Ossian.

Alright, let's ignore the ending for a bit. ;) There are a lot of other interesting things in this ep. How about discussing Gabe for a bit?

Take for instance his bizarre reaction to seeing the Witchblade in action. Er, didn't he know all along what it was? Hadn't he been researching it for Sara? I was under the impression that he knew exactly what it was pretty much from the beginning. I would have preferred his "what was that?" line changed to something more like "wow, it really works". I can buy his startled disbelief but not his momentary utter cluelessness. It didn't ring true.

Again, I really love Pez's big sister routine with him though. Nice that she's so much more protective of him this week than she was last week. ;) Then again, how "safe" is it to buy fake passports? LOL! I guess "safe" has become a very relative concept in Sara's world.

Also very cool was the little conversation he had with Danny. At first I wondered if this meant that other people could see Danny if he wanted them to. Combining the facts that Gabe can see both the Witchblade and ghosts though makes me think that maybe the ability has more to do with the boy than with the ghost.

How about his interaction with Jake? Grateful but not trusting. ;) Gabe quoting Sara there was such a quaint, little brotherish thing to do. I thought it was kinda funny (ie: implausible) that he dug a gun out of Jake's glovebox while he was supposed to be waiting. A) Why does Jake keep an extra gun loose in the glovebox? B) Did he put it there while Gabe was watching or was Gabe just rummaging around because he was bored? C) How funny was it that Jake met so much resistance on the way into Irons' place and Gabe just walked straight in all the way to the main chamber? *grin* D) How telling was it that Ian 2.0 took about two blinks to neutralize Gabe's threat with the gun once he did get there?

I think that they did great characterazation on this show. For all his "guest" status, John did an amazing job as Gabriel. He was only in half the episodes, but he came across as a very distinct character who did a lot to add depth to the show. The actor was well-cast for the part too. ;)


This commentary is by Rogue.

Big topic of debate first: The ending. I personally liked it. The thing to remember, as has been already pointed out, is that it wasn't all a dream. It _happened_. My theory is this: the Witchblade intended for all of it to happen, and for Sara to live through it all and then do the 'rewind'. Sort of a combination of a training exercise and a worst-case scenario.

One of the operative lines in this ep was, "You never know what someone will do until the critical moment. This episode gave everyone exactly that- their critical moment. Ian, choosing to sacrifice his life rather than betray either of his 'masters'. Jake, having the gun on Sara with the order to kill. Gabriel, in way over his head, but choosing to stick by Sara rather than run. (Though Gabe's been in that situation for several eps now, and has not wavered.) Irons, having lost Ian, lost control of the White Bulls, aging rapidly and close to death, and with no control over Ian 2. And finally, Sara herself, having lost all her friends, destroyed all her enemies, and quite probably dying herself. So, she got _everyone's_ measure- including her own.

Did anyone else find it touching how childlike Ian was at the beginning of the episode? Irons' fatal mistake- he didn't train Ian to deal with his emotions, and in trying to 'fix' Ian 2, just made him uncontrollably vicious.

Stuff we learned:
*"Bob" has a name- Lazar.
*Ian was indeed cloned from Elizabeth Bronte, and genetically enhanced.
*Jake is indeed a Fed, and did help take down the White Bulls. *


Love the idea of putting Sara's testimony on the 'net, and the fact that Gabe helped with it. I wouldn't be surprised if it was his idea. Afer all, "It's a .com world, baby!" ;)

Jake doesn't seem to learn, does he? Ian 1 cleaned his clock without breaking a sweat, so we KNOW the boy didn't have an ice cube's chance in Hades' hearth against Ian 2. Not bright, Jake.

Re the 'angel' comments: Gabriel is the name of one of only two angels mentioned by name in the Bible, other than Lucifer. (Ever heard of the "Archangel Gabriel"? Him.) The other was Michael. Why the name 'Gabriel' came to be synonymous with angel, while 'Michael' did not, is a mystery to me.

Hope Ian doesn't keep that clean-shaven, slick look. He reminds me way too strongly of the 'Columbian drug-dealer' stereotype. :P

Questions left unaswered:

Who/what is Lazar? What is his connection to the Witchblade?

And what is Ian's connection to the Witchblade? Is it merely his 'Blade blood' that gives his powers, or has he actually worn the blade, however briefly? If the former, why didn't the model girl have similar powers? (By powers, I mean at the very least, his ability to talk to Sara telepathically, the way he did in this ep, and to see the Witchblade, as he did a few eps back, plus seeing Danny in "Periculum".)

Ian 2 mentions 'others', plural. Have there been other Ians?

And what relation is the model girl (sorry, forgot her name) to Sara? They could conceivably be sisters, or at least cousins. Did Ian kill her (per his orders) in the first go-round? Will we see her again?

Why the animosity between Jake and Ian? It started before Ian wiped the floor with Jake, so that can't be the cause. And what did Ian mean by "Do you remember who you really are?" and "Does anyone here really believe that champion surfer fiction of yours?". And why Jake's smirk when he found out Ian was dead? At least he had the grace to try to surpress it in the face of Sara's obvious upset, but still.

Why could Gabriel see the Witchblade this time? It's obvious enough why he could see Danny- he was about to die. But why the ability to see the Witchblade? Not sure I like the idea of his being some relative of Sara's - that would be stretching credibility too much, seeing as Ian is related already- but maybe it's just because he's close to Sara, or because it's somehow important that he believe in the powers of the Witchblade. I hope this means John Hensley will come back as a regular next season.

How did Gabe manage to find a guy to make them fake passports so quickly? Does he have some underworld connections we don't know about?

Why did Sara's 'armor' remain after this fight? In every other one, we're left unsure whether it was even ever there or just an illusion, yet in this instance, it's not only there, it remains after the battle is over. And is there any significance to Ian 2's appearing in armor too? It reminded me of the suspiciously Ian-like knight who challenged Joan of Arc in a flashback in a previous ep. Is there a connection? Has Ian appeared in Sara's previous incarnations as a Bladewielder?


08-23-01. From Patt McLaughlin. Throughout the series Gabriel has seen Sara talking to Danny, but has always commented on her talking to herself or some such. I am wondering now if he has been hiding his ability to see Danny, or if this is a new ability.

It is interesting that it coincides with him seeing the Witchblade. Someone (sorry, I'm bad with names) commented on the oddity of his surprise and confusion seeing the Witchblade. It's true that he was supposed to be researching it for her, but I'm not sure that reading about something is the same as seeing it first-hand. And- forgive my memory lapse, I'm getting old- did he know that she had the Witchblade, or did he just know she was interested in learning about it?

I've been wondering, IF these are new abilities, what triggered them? I keep thinking about how Sara could touch Danny when she was dying, and wondering if there's a connection. Gabriel had a recent brush with death, not to mention that he was approaching his own death at Ian.2's hands as this episode unraveled. Don't know that there's a connection, but wondering....


Transcript by SciFi_Angel

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