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Season 1, episode 1
Series 101
1st release: 09-12-98
2nd release: 09-15-98
3rd release: 10/14/98
4th release: 01/10/99
Production number: V0801
Last update: 01/12/04


SYNOPSIS 2 by Debbie Roche

Ryan Gossling as Hercules
Dean O'Gorman as Iolaus
Chris Conrad as Jason

Kevin Smith (Ares)
Joel Tobeck (Strife/Nysus Gaius)
Sharon Tyrrell (Alcmene)
Nathaniel Lees (Cheiron)
Angela Dotchin (Kora)

Written by Rob Tapert and Liz Friedman
Teleplay by Mark Edens
Directed by Chris Graves

God of Mischief, Strife disguises himself as a cadet (Nysus Gaius) and tricks our hero, Hercules, and his best friends, Iolaus and Jason, into removing a beautiful vase (chalice) from Hera’s cave. Hercules’ mission -- to take the chalice to his father, Zeus -- turns deadly when a wooden Phoenix comes to life and attacks our heroes.


Synopsis by KSZoneW

Ares and Strife are talking about how to get Strife to be more noticed, and not just Strife. Ares suggests Strife kill a half god, a son of Zeus, as Ares does some sword practice on a makeshift metal warrior he controlls. Ares, out of anger, bashes down the warrior and Strife decides to go kill Hercules. Herc is at home, on break from Chirons Academy, as he practies some spear throwing and sack tossing in his mothers barn. He is attacked by someone under disguise. The two play fight and soon Herc finds out it is just Iolaus. Alcmene comes in and wishes the two well as they head back to Chirons Academy. Chiron is a centaur, half man and half horse creature. Alcmene tells Herc as he sets off not to worry that Zeus wasn't there for her or him, because Herc starts to mega worry about it.

The teenage to be heros set out to the Academy and stop at a local nearby inn to find dinner. Young Iolaus isn't impressed with Chiron's food. The guys meet Jason there, and Iolaus trys to flirt with the inn owner Kora, who likes Jason a little more than Iolaus. The boys almost fight with two saytrs, who trip a robbed man, who is really Strife under disguise. A fight almost ensues, but Kora stops it and the boys leave, as Strife uses a phony name and travels with the guys to the Academy, in hopes of killing Hercules, well actually luring him to his death. The boys train hard at the Academy, and Herc shows Strife the ropes, as Chiron cheers them on. Chiron is not happy when Herc starts to loose control of practice, as Strife mentions Zeus has a chalice on the mountains nearby and wants it back from Hera's control. Herc and him talk and he gives Herc the intructions. Herc heads off and Ares appears in a water barrel, and tells Strife "good job".

Herc sneaks out at night, with Iolaus and Jason, as Jason isn't sure this is a good idea. The boys enter the cave, fearing a state of a Phoenix, on top of the cave, will come to life. It doesn't and they enter. Herc picks Iolaus up as Iolaus vaults over a hidden hole and almost falls in. The boys encounter a falling spike ball, as Jason ducks down with Herc and Iolaus bats the spiked ball down. Herc grabs the chalice of Zeus, sitting on a rock and when Iolaus acts stupid and pours the water out, it turns into a blaze of fire and almost kill the boys, as a giant explosion chases them. They make a suicidal leap from the cave and survive, still having the chalice. They joke about beans and a big burst. The next morning, the statue comes to life and the Phoenix comes to life and hunts down the guys and the chalice. They sneak into the Academy, very late and past breakfast hour. The large bird like creature attacks and scoops up the chalice and Iolaus, and Herc is picked up and he swings a rope and latches onto the creature. Iolaus falls into Jasons waiting arms and they watch on in worry as Herc is carried on the large beast. Strife hides behind the walls and watches as the large creature carrys Hercules into the forest....

[To be continued]


This commentary is by Debbie Roche

Ares & Strife plot to destroy Hercules.

Strife goes 'undercover' at the academy, as a cadet named Nysus, and tells Hercules of a chalice that Zeus gave to Hera on their wedding day. Strife tells Herc that the chalice just sits in a cave. Herc decides he will take the chalice from the cave and return it to Zeus.

Herc seeks out of the academy, only to be caught by Jason & Iolaus. When asked where he is going, Herc simply says to a cave to retrieve a chalice. He never mentions it is HERA's chalice.

The boys get to the cave a notice there is a big wooden Phoenix statue pearched on the top of it. They enter the cave, side-step a few booby-traps, and reach the chalice.

Iolaus wants to see what's in it, and when he see's it's only water, he dumps it out, on the altar it was on, and hands the chalice to Herc.

It wasn't water, it was some sort of 'gasoline' because next thing you know the altar bursts into flames and the guys high tail it out of there and run back to the acadmey.

After the smoke clears, the Phoenix comes to live and flies after them.

The boys reach the academy and then hear the Phoenix screaching. Iolaus grabs the chalice and heads for the academy doors. The Phoenix cathes him. The Phoenix takes the chalice in one claw, and Iolaus in the other.

Herc tries to save Iolaus by lassoing the Phoenix. Herc manages to get the Phoenix to drop Iolaus, but it carried away by the Phoenix.


Godly Appearances: Ares, Strife

Godly mentions: Zeus, Hera


10-04-98. From Debbie Roche. They are obviously not airing the episode in order. yet. Hope they fix that. I'd love to know the real (or is it reel) order. Also, a few questions come to mind. Are they taking into account all of Ian's Young Herc Adventures? Because.....

  • At the end of the "movie" Jason is being crowed King of Corinth, yet in the series he is referred to as "the crowned Prince of Corinth" or just plain "Prince".

  • In the movie Yvetta was the first woman to enter to the Academy, yet in the Series Lilith is treated as the only woman to have ever been in the academy. Have the guys forgotten Yvetta already?

  • In "H:TLJ -- Medea Culpa" it is stated that as of this moment, Young Hercules has never been with a woman. Yet, on the series it looks like things are heating up between Herc & Cyane.

  • In all the Young Herc flashbacks in H:TLJ Jason has been KING OF CORINTH.
  • 09-28-98. Some info on star, Ryan Gosling. Born: November 12, 1980 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Filmography: "Are You Afraid of the Dark" (TV guest appearance) (1992) Jamie; "MMC" (TV series) (1993 - 1994); "Ready or Not" (TV guest appearance) (1993) Matt; "Road to Avonlea" (TV guest appearance) (1996) Brett McNulty; "Goosebumps" (TV guest appearance) (1996) Greg Banks; "Flash Forward" (TV guest appearance) (1996) Scott Stuckey; "Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal" (TV guest appearance) (1996) Adam; "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" (TV guest appearance) (1997) Shawn; "Breaker High" (TV series) (1997 - 1998) Sean Hanlon; "Young Hercules" (TV series) (1998 - ) Hercules.


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