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The Xena: Warrior Princess FAQ

Maintained since 1996 by Cynthia Ward Cooper, FAQ Administratrix
& Debbie "Mistopholees" Cassetta, the High Priestess of Sacred Visuals

Originally created by Ted Turocy in 1995
Maintained by K. "Kicker" Wieczerza in 1996

Last modified September 3, 2002


Comments, critiques, corrections, and submissions are always welcome!  E-mail me!  If you have questions regarding the show that aren't answered in the FAQ (and PLEASE check first—I get a LOT of e-mail!), feel free to e-mail me with those, as well—I'll do my best to answer them, or to refer you to someone who can. HOWEVER, please don't send me questions regarding when the show is playing in your area; I can't answer them. Try TV Guide.com instead.

This document may be copied, provided proper credit is given and no changes are made to it in any way. You may link to this document from your own web pages— just e-mail me if you wish to do so.


This document is intended as an introduction and reference guide to the Xena: Warrior Princess television series.  Although every effort is made to keep this document up-to-date and accurate, it is in no way to be viewed as official information from MCA/Universal or Renaissance Pictures.

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