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The Sapphic Subtext

KissEven though both Xena and Gabrielle have both had male love interests, Xena: Warrior Princess has a strong lesbian following.  There has been frequent discussion regarding the characters' sexual orientation on the various forums and mailing lists.  The suggestions of a lesbian relationship are not unintended.  In a November 1996 interview in the Denver Post, Lucy Lawless addressed the issue thus:  "We are aware and we're not afraid of [the lesbian element].  This is a love story between two people.  What they do in their own time is none of our business."  Bolstering this view, producer Rob Tapert has said coyly that the relationship was "Whatever you want it to be."

Campfire sceneDo they?  Don't they?  Will they?  Won't they?  That Xena and Gabrielle have an extraordinarily close, loving relationship is undeniable.  The Xenastaff takes every opportunity to cultivate the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, whether it's drawing them closer or developing the infamous Season Three Rift that nearly tore them apart for good.  They've done a great job of making it so viewers can see whatever they want in the show.

Kiss AgainFor a more in-depth exploration of the lesbian aspects of the Xena-Gabrielle relationship, see Diane Silver's Xena Subtext FAQ.

Perhaps the best way to describe Xena: Warrior Princess is as a fantasy/action series with a riveting relationship between the two main characters, which appeals to many people in many different ways. Brava!!!

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