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Are there any female Centaurs?

Centaurs--all male

They're half human, half horse—you can't miss them! We've seen plenty of male Centaurs at war and at play, in camp and on the road, but NEVER have we seen any Centaur women!

We know that Centaurs perpetuate their race by mating with human women, at least some of the time. Ephiny, the Amazon warrior, married a Centaur and gave birth (by Caesarian) to a Centaur, as did the human woman Lyla on Hercules. However, both had sons. Wouldn't the genetic odds dictate an occasional semi-equine female?

Apparently not. I have the scoop from the horse's mouth, Steve Sears, writer and Supervising Producer of XWP. I quote: "There are no female Centaurs." Period. End of story.

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