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(Stuart Baird, 2002)
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Review by Mil Toro, (c) 2003 Mil Toro

Beware: Spoilers may be in the review

Going into Nemesis, I hadn't read any spoilers or reviews so I had no idea what it was about or that it was supposed to be TNG's last movie. I only knew it was written and directed by fresh meat ;)

Things I liked:
***the nurture vs nature plotline. At first I wasn't too keen on the idea that DNA predetermines personality traits. Something about liking to think we have free will. But then I thought of identical twins and how they frequently end up in the same line of work or with the same likes/dislikes, even if separated at birth. So the plotline had some "scientific" basis to it. Worked for me.
***the "young" Picard. I thought the actor did a credible job. Very cool outfit too ;)
***Romulan woman commander. I was glad they didn't kill her off even though her ship was pretty much decimated. Heh. Doesn't she eventually land on Earth and become a crime fighter?
***the special effects. Incredible!! There was so many cool shots/scenes like the viewscreen being blown out and the whizzing through the corridors sequence. The dune-buggy scene didn't bother me but it was hilarious when it zoomed back onto the shuttlecraft. So over the top, it was funny!
***seeing Guinan (although way too brief). Why wasn't she on the freakin' ship????
***the action scenes. Lots of great action, especially the big battle scene.

Things I didn't:
***the Troi mind-rape was entirely unnecessary. Is this the ONLY way women can be violated? Just the fact that the guy was invading Troi's mind was enough. Not to mention that they telegraphed the mind-rape with Troi's earlier encounter with the guy in the chamber. Too predictable. On the plus side, at least she gets to do something useful for a change and turn the psychic powers around. Oh, and does this mean that the real Picard has a deep dark urge to rape Troi? UGH.
***I could live the rest of my life without seeing Frakes in anything ever again. Did we really have to see that big ole donkey nekkid? My eyes! My eyes! Somebody should ship him off to the glue factory. Fast.
***DummyData...er... I mean, B4. Talk about cheapening Death. It reminded me of FRIEND IN NEED and how Xena wasn't "really" dead but a walking "spirit" able to do everything a living human being in the flesh could do except grab her Chakram. Whatever. Lame.
***SupermanData. So far over the top than the shuttlecraft scene that it leaped into stooopidity. Ah....never mind.

Side Dish: Who aged the most or looked like they aged the most? Frakes. Hands.Down.UGH. Amazingly, Stewart looked pretty much the same even though he's older than all those actors (62). He still looks good. Spiner looks way older than he is (53). And not in a good way. What is up with that? McFadden looks like she's had some plastic surgery. Hmm... not flattering. Sirtis looks her age but still looks great. Burton looked his age too but was fine. Goldberg never seems to age, which was fitting since her species is a lot older than humans and so they wouldn't age as fast. Perfect casting . Who could tell with Dorn?

Nemesis is not one of my alltime favourite Trek movies, but I would give it 4 out 5 five stars. I thought its tone was very different from other Trek movies and I liked the change.

Overall, my list of Trek movies, best to worst:
4 The Voyage Home
6 The Undiscovered Country
8 First Contact
2 The Wrath of Khan
10 Nemesis
7 Generations
3 Search for Spock
1 ST: The Motion Picture
9 Insurrection
5 Final Frontier

Heh. I guess I'm predictable with the even over odd favouritism. I already have the first 3 movies on DVD, but I don't plan on buying 9 or 5. Have only seen them once and never again. Ugh. But I plan on getting the rest of the full version DVDs as they come out.



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