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release date: 10/16/01

3.1  What Is An IAXS Completed Project?
3.2  Sample Unreserved Topics
3.3  Directory of Completed Projects


Once a project is completed, it is then submitted to the editors
of IAXS. This draft is then edited for form and content and then
returned to the author for review. When the author re-edits or
approves the editor's draft, then the submission enters the
holding pattern for eventual inclusion into a WHOOSH! issue. When
an article is to appear in WHOOSH! is in the total discretion of
the Editor-in-Chief.

Here's another dinosaur. The old lists of suggestions when we had
the publish or perish rule. I jeep these in because they are fun. 


Here are some possible topics of research:

   Acupuncture in XWP
   Anachronistic Humor in XENA
   Antecedents of XWP: Television Shows of the Past 
        Which Contributed to XWP's Popularity
   Any episode of XWP
   Billy Jack and Xena
   Centaurs in Greek Myth and XWP 
   Comedy in XWP
   Comparisons between the Bonds of Achilles/Patroclus 
        and Xena/Gabrielle
   Conjecture on Life with a Toddler Xena
   Construction of Meaning by Fans of XWP
   Continuity Problems and Bloopers
   Costuming and hairstyles
   Drama in XWP
   Elements of fantasy in XWP
   Evolution of Gabrielle's Innocence 
   Evolution of Gabrielle's Storytelling Skills 
   Filming Locations and Repetition of Sets
   Gabrielle as Victim
   Gabrielle's Shrinking Garb
   Greek References in XWP
   History and background of Gabrielle
   History & Background of Xena
   Horse Back Riding and Training in XWP
   How Mailing Lists, Chats and Bulletin Boards 
       Change Our View of the Show
   How Obsessing over XWP Has Changed My Life
   Interviews of Cast Members: An Analysis
   "Its Just a TV Show!!" 
   Joxer and Don Quixote
   Joxer and His Fighting Style 
   The Loves of Xena 
   Making of a Female Action Hero
   Martha Stewart: Xena Warrior Do-It-Yourself 
        Craftswoman and Domestic Doyenne 
   Medical Accuracy of Xena's skills
   Nancy Drew and Xena
   Non-finality of Death in XWP
   Non-Hardcore Nutball Fans of XWP
   Non-human Characters
   Recycled Actors on XWP
   Relationships between brides and bestfriends
   Relationship between Xena and Palaemon in the 
       Episode BLIND FAITH
   Reviews of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS Episodes
   Romance in XWP
   Salmoneus and Joxer: Comparisons with Comic   
       Types in Roman and Greek New Comedy
   Seska vs. Callisto: Are They of One Mind?
   Sex Role Stereotypes That Are Challenged by XWP
   Special Effects and the Making of XWP
   Spoiler Junkies
   Study of the Psychology of Characters
   Themes from any Season of XWP
   TV Ratings and Xena
   Viewers' Responses to XWP and the MS. Magazine 
   Woman Warriors in Pop Culture
   Xena: Ancient Warrior or Modern Woman
   Xena and Gabrielle's Financial Status, or Where Does 
       the Money Come From??
   Xena and Her Connection to the Ancient Hebrews 
   Xena and Hercules/Steve Austin & Jamie Sommers: 
        When Very Strong People Date
   Xena as a New Kind of Hero
   Xena as a Role Model for Men 
   Xena Collectables
   Xena: Queen or Pawn - Ultimate Chess
   XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS in Advanced Dungeons & 
   Xena Universe as a Pocket Universe
   Xena's and Gabrielle's "connection"
   Xena's Link to the Amazons
   Xena's Role In The Downfall of The Greek 
   Xena's Use of Other People's Bodies


Every successfully completed project will appear in an issue of
Whoosh!, the Journal of the International Association of Xena

The following directory lists all completed projects and which
WHOOSH! they appear in.

1. 004. Duality and Completeness: An Analysis of the Xena:
Warrior Princess Theme Music (baermer@telepath.com) (W20)

2. 006. The Evolution of the Sidekick (varreo1@uic.edu) (W01)

3. 007. XWP:  The Lesbian Gaze, and the Construction of a
Feminist Heroine (astarte@cyberg8t.com) (W24)

4. 008. The Battle of Corinth (lrdnlson@capital.net) (W01) (W02)
(W03) (W04) (W05) (W06)

5. 011. XWP Quotations: HTLJ's "Warrior Princess"
(klingon@vt.edu) (W01)

6. 015. The Hero's Path: Gabrielle as Focal Hero in XENA: WARRIOR
PRINCESS (cjcs@flash.net) (W02)(W18)

7. 016. XWP and CHINA BEACH (schnepp@pepperdine.edu) (W06)

8. 020. Callisto: Was Justice Served? (Brette4635@aol.com) (W01)

9. 022. Visual Metaphors in Xena (ccarter@shentel.net) (W03)
10. 023. 'I Can't Be Xena 'Cause I'm Not Xena': Warrior Princess
Doppelgangers of the First Season(delirium@execpc.com) (W28)
11. 025. Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni (MauiTrick@aol.com) (W28)
12. 026. Confessions of a Civilian Extra on the Set of XENA:
WARRIOR PRINCESS (brudnick@head-cfa.harvard.edu) (W27) 
13. 033. The Military Technology of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS
(hawkeye@bluedog.apana.org.au) (W29)

14. 034. Xena vs. Callisto: Why are they like they are!
(cwiatt@indiana.edu) (W01)

15. 036. XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS: An Analytical Review
(kpusater@calvin.pitzer.edu) (W01)  

16. 037. Exploring Lucy Lawless Hair Color Myths
(ktaborn@lightspeed.net) (W01)

17. 042. Law & Economics in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS
(phhuang@leland.Stanford.EDU) (W02)

18. 043. Annotated Episode Guide: HERCULES' WARRIOR PRINCESS
(ktaborn@lightspeed.net) (W02)
19. 045. Callisto (astarte@cyberg8t.com) (W28)

20. 046. Was Xena Ever Really Evil (horse@prairienet.org) (W02)
21. 049. Exploring the Depth of Xena and Gabrielle's friendship
(geekgrrl@ix.netcom.com) (W33)

22. 050. The Warriors Way, Exploring Personal Strength in Today's
World (geekgrrl@ix.netcom.com) (W17)

23. 051. Xena's Family: Who Are They? (horse@prairienet.org)

24. 052. The Declining Bodycount on Xena (BPWxenafan@aol.com)

25. 053. Xena: A Demigod? (brudnick@cfa.harvard.edu) (W07)

26. 055. Reactions to Death in THE GREATER GOOD and IS THERE A
DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE  (Bluesong@aol.com) (W03)
27. 056. Water before Whiskey: Applying the Lessons of
Dreamworker" to the Fight for Sobriety (lasteven@tdo.infi.net)

28. 058. XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS -- A Native American Perspective
(simahoyo@blarg.net) (W03)

29. 060. Alexander the Great: Blueprint for Xena?
(Richan@aol.com) (W04)
30. 061. Gabrielle and Xena are Moving "Beyond That", Whatever
"That" Is (prosper4@hotmail.com) (W33)

31. 065. Gabrielle's Blood Innocence: Seeing Red
(mevanslayng@ucsd.edu) (W21)

32. 067. Fait Accompli?  Or Just Fate? Ruminations on REMEMBER
NOTHING (brudnick@head-cfa.harvard.edu) (W03)
33. 071. Gabrielle as Xena's Moral Compass (Crystl313@aol.com)

34. 072. The Goddess Channeled: A Theory of Xena's Strength
(hinderlitera@chicagosymphony.org) (W20)

35. 074. The Shock of Recognition. A Lesbian Appreciation of
XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (DSWriter@idir.net) (W11)

36. 076. Chainmail and its uses on XWP (cclogston@earthlink.net)

37. 077. Callisto: Arch-Villain Extraordinaire
(brudnick@head-cfa.harvard.edu) (W04)

38. 081. Fanfic writers and their sex lives
(shystermcc@yahoo.com) (W25)

39. 090. It's a Wonderful Life, Xena: A Critical Comparison
A WONDERFUL LIFE (jkp@bright.net) (W04)

40. 093. The Role of the Archetypal Woman/Warrior as a Healing
Force (rebhall@hooked.net) (W18)

41. 094. What's the Use of Having a Sword, If You Have No Arm?
(carperv@FRB.GOV) (W15)

42. 095. How Was and Is Xena an Effective Commander?
(carperv@FRB.GOV) (W06)

43. 096. A History of Xena (Michael@xenite.org) (W22)

44. 097. Comparison of the Bacchae of XWP and Euripides' Bacchae
(i001402@disch3.disc.dla.mil) (W14)

45. 098. Topless Women Talk About Their Lives
(mark.allen@tafensw.edu.au) (W23)

46. 099. The Evolution of Gabrielle (nibbles1@bee.net) (W21)

47. 103. A Trip to Greece: Ruminations of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS
(nush@itsa.ucsf.edu) (W13)

48. 108. Xena and Heathcliff: Byronic Heroes (GallusMag@aol.com)

49. 109. Ares:  Mind, Body, and Soul. An Analysis of the God of
War in TEN LITTLE WARLORDS (italiano4@earthlink.net) (W04)

50. 117. Romancing the Fan:  Romance and XENA Fan Fiction
(jcwilder@hotmail.com) (W25)

51. 118. Black Athena: Cultural Influences in the Xenaverse
(bf60001@binghamton.edu) (W04)

52. 119. The Kiss: Xena and Gabrielle (LoisAnne@concentric.net)

53. 124. Xena: Warrior Born or Warrior Made
(rlafleur@msgate.cv.com) (W09)

54. 125. The Official Guide to Clan MacGab and The Gabberish
Lexicon (ccarter@shentel.net) (W04)

55. 126. So You Want To Be A Tedite? (SeuneAeryk@hotmail.com)
56. 129. Anachronism Be Damned: An XWP Historiography
(baermer@telepath.com) (W26) (W27) (W28) (W30) (W31) 

57. 139. Charles Siebert: Director of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS
(kmc@albany.net) (W13)

58. 144. What the Heck Is a Chakram, Anyway?
(brudnick@head-cfa.harvard.edu) (W08)

59. 145. High Mortality Rate of Significant Others
(panthera@ix.netcom.com) (W07)

60. 146. XWP and HEATHERS (heller_j@internet-zahav.net) (W27)

61. 147. A Fan's First Introduction to Fan-Fiction
(merryg@hotmail.com) (W06)

62. 149. Dark Warrior Pasts - Kira and Xena (kira@zip.com.au)

63. 150. Xena: Feminist Icon (lunar@u.washington.edu) (W09)

64. 151. XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS: A Perspective
(macavite@ix.netcom.com) (W10)
65. 155. Sexual Power in XWP (rgordon1@hotmail.com) (W27) 
66. 156. THE PRICE and the Anglo-Zulu War. Battle of Rorke's
Drift: The Fiction and the Reality (carperv@FRB.GOV) (W35)

67. 157. Why XWP? (bearsden@olypen.com) (W29)

68. 161. Is XWP a Comedy or a Drama or a Tragedy?
(Prettybboy@msn.com) (EW11)

69. 164. Xena's Destiny: The Events and People Who Shaped Her
Life. (ruffell@home.com) (W10)
70. 165. The Casting of Athena (carylsue@bigfoot.com) (W26)
71. 168. Warrior Psychologist (quoth@shaw.wave.ca) (W32)

72. 170. Salmoneus: A Most Progressive Character
(BlackMonk@msn.com) (W26)

73. 173. XWP and Post-Feminism (W13) (gt4727b@prism.gatech.edu)

74. 174. Xena's Heritage: The Story of Her Father Atreus
(nush@itsa.ucsf.edu) (W06)

75. 179. The Reintroduction of the Victorian Romantic Friendship
in XWP (trueblue@itis.com)(W14)

76. 180. The Real Joxer vs. The Suave Joxer: The Pros and Cons in
FOR HIM THE BELL TOLLS (klane@zebra.net) (EW15)

77. 181. Happiness in Slavery: Xena Warrior Princess as the
Masochistic Ideal (edeyneka@juno.com) (W14)

78. 187. Bacchae and the Successful Mixing of Traditional and
Contemporary Vampires  (76715.2512@CompuServe.COM)(W06)

79. 194. Dressed to Kill: Costume in XENA, WARRIOR PRINCESS
(emfarrell@earthlink.net) (W36)

FICTION WRITERS  (atyl@aol.com) (W25)

81. 197. Comparison of the Amazon Princesses to the Priestesses
from "Mists of Avalon"  (dgtlstrc@lsbsdi1.lightspeed.net) (W12)

82. 218. Confessions of a Xena Freak (Nuttree1@aol.com) [e-mail
edition] (W13)  

83. 227. The Xena Tapestry:  The Woof and Weave of History and
Myth (carperv@FRB.GOV) (W07)

84. 228. Volcanos: The Foes of Gods (carperv@FRB.GOV) (W11)

85. 229. Joxer from a Disability Perspective (carperv@FRB.GOV)

86. 230. Why doesn't Renee O'Connor get more credit? Or What have
*they* got against Gabrielle? (XENAadict@aol.com) (W09) 

87. 231. Depictions of Goddesses in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS:
Statues, Shrines, and Temples, and Their Significance
(nush@itsa.ucsf.edu) (W13)

88. 235. Trial and Triumph of a Fan Club
(LoisAnne@concentric.net) (W08)

89. 239. The Importance of Sapphic Subtext in XENA: WARRIOR
PRINCESS (meister@u.arizona.edu)(W17)

90. 240. A Fan's Analysis of the Show (CRISEEE@aol.com) (W09)

91. 256. A Day In The Life: Food and Drink (What Xena and
Gabrielle Eat On the Road) (carperv@FRB.GOV) (W10)

92. 258. Puritanism, Transcendentalism, and Capitalism in XENA:
WARRIOR PRINCESS (Richan@aol.com) (W08)

93. 259. Shakespeare and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (Richan@aol.com)

94. 261. The Making of an Amazon Queen (dirdib@hotmail.com) (W12)

95. 262. The XWP Portrayal of Julius Caesar in Comparison to the
Real Julius Caesar (curator@museum.simplenet.com) (W22)

96. 263. Fear of Femininity - A Critique of XENA: WARRIOR
PRINCESS (joeguy@idirect.com) (W17)

97. 264. Xena and the Challenge of Destiny (IRentoul@msn.com)

98. 269. Xena in the RETURN OF CALLISTO
(broderickp@earthlink.net) (W10) 
99. 272. Spider, SAND SPIDER!: The Natural World of XENA: WARRIOR
PRINCESS (carperv@FRB.GOV) (W29)

100. 273. The Xena Scrolls: Exploration into the Descendents of
Xena, et alia  (carperv@FRB.GOV) (W13)

101. 274. The Evil Xena: Myth or Fact (Olivos@aol.com) (W20)

102. 275. Perdicas: His Growth as a Character, and His Influence
On the Development of Gabrielle (Oshram@aol.com) (W08)

103. 278. Xena: A Myth for the Nineties (kirbyk@netcom.com) (W15)

104. 281. The Dark Side of the Force: Xena and Darth Vader
(gecho@pacbell.net) (W13)

105. 286. Women and Violence on Screen (DouglasEby@aol.com) (W13)

106. 288. XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS Through the Lenses of Feminism
(meister@U.Arizona.EDU) (W10)

107. 291. THE PRICE: An Application of Maslow's "Hierarchy of
Needs" (rlafleur@msgate.cv.com) (W11)

108. 292. Xena: Warrior Theme Music (J314159ohn@aol.com) (W14)

109. 294. The music of XWP (hperkins@best.com) (W23)

110. 299. Callisto: Die Furie  (i001402@disch3.disc.dla.mil)

111. 302. The Female Hero, Duality of Gender and Postmodern
Feminism in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (rhonda@cc.gatech.edu) (W13)

112. 304. Comparison of Amazon portrayal in Xena with the
existing historical evidence of the real Amazons
(Themiscrya@aol.com) (W12)

113. 305. The Teen Perspective on Xena
(bloodhound@mindspring.com) (W11)

114. 306. Hudson Leick (GGGaar@aol.com) (W11)

115. 309. The softening feelings toward Joxer (W16)

116. 311. Horseless: Why Gabrielle doesn't Ride
(Stormybard@hotmail.com) (W21)

117. 313. Martial Arts (dplunkett@THERIM.COM) (W22)

118. 314. My First XENA Episode (Sneech36@aol.com) [email
edition] (W14)

119. 317. The Daughters of Brunhilde. A Comparative Study of
Wagner's Brunhilde with Shield-maidens of Television and Film
(lashmar@mcmaster.ca) (W14) 
120. 321. An Analysis of HOOVES & HARLOTS  (EpnEph@aol.com) (W29)
121. 322. My Xena Guru (kindlaw53@aol.com) (W26)

122. 326. Amazons: The Brave Women Warriors Of Greek Myth
(ruffell@home.com) (W12)

123. 327.The Amazon tribes in HERCULES AND THE AMAZON WOMEN,

124. 328. XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS Quest Update
(rlafleur@msgate.cv.com) (W13)

125. 329. Xena and Ares - A Match Made In Hades (W20)

126. 330. Deconstructing Gabrielle (ccarter@shentel.net) (W21)

127. 331. Hippolyta's Girdle or Discovering Maslow's Hierarchy in
Amazon Culture (Richan@aol.com) (W12)

128. 332. Amazons: Beyond Fiction into Exsistence
(surferdp@inreach.com) (W12)

129. 333. Why Subtext Becoming Maintext Would Ruin XWP
(welshwarrior@hotmail.com) (W27) 
130. 342. Callisto Redeemable and Velasca Unredeemable
(70210.357@compuserve.com) (W28)
131. 345. The Zeal For Xena: Appropriation, Discursive
Elaboration, And Identity Production In Lesbian Fan Fiction
(varmstro@sfu.ca) (W25)

132. 348. Xena:Warrior Princess and The Rime of The Ancient
Mariner: What could they possibly have in common?!
(deesimmons@hotmail.com) (W20)

133. 351. Xena Is Born to the Purple - also White and Gold
(dcbona@earthlink.net) (W20)

134. 355. Ru Emerson's first Xena novel, The Empty Throne
(JGordon262@aol.com) (W13)

135. 356. Whips in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (dplunkett@therim.com)

136. 359. The Music of XWP  (poorldl@earthlink.net) (W18)

137. 362. The Acting: Is it good? Is it bad? Somewhere in
between? Does it matter? (derror@prodigy.net) (W15)  

138.  633. How Xena Brought Me Fame, Fortune, and a Shoo-in for
Tenure. (casey@mindancer.com) (W30)

139. 367. Historic Amphipolis and Potidaea

140. 369. I am a closet Xena watcher (PHIL728@aol.com) (W14)
141. 371. GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN (ldhannum@juno.com) (W27)
142. 376. Gabrielle And Timon Of Athens: The Failure Of Goodness
(JRR900@aol.com) (W28)

143. 377. Dark Characters with "Good Hearts" (A Comparison of
Xena and Fonzie) (fwaxman@iscdn.mcgill.ca) (W15)

144. 378. Understanding the Women of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS
(Xena239358@aol.com) [email edition] (W18)

145. 381. What Are Little Girl's (Swords) Made Of?
(dplunkett@cybertrails.com ) (W27)

146. 382. Dream Archetypes in DESTINY (rlafleur@msgate.cv.com)

147. 383. XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS and Rudolph the Red-Nosed
Reindeer: The Gift of the Misfit  (bfishkind@worldnet.att.net)
148. 385. Xena And Gabrielle: Political Oxymorons
(Gustav@execpc.com ) (W28)

149. 386. Salmoneus and Xena's redemption (mjac@sunlink.net)

150. 387. Immortals and Immortality on XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS
(schmeelke@juno.com) (W18)

151. 393. Gabrielle's relationship to Trees in XENA: WARRIOR
PRINCESS  (Cathyogrady@classic.msn.com) (W21)

152. 396. Why I Am a Subtextite (rabbit133@juno.com) [email
edition] (W14)
153. 398. Xena: WP and HERCULES: TLJ, the stylistic differences
between the shows (metaphor123@netscape.net) (W22)

154. 400. Honor Harrington and Xena: A Comparison
(erin_catriona@hotmail.com) (W15)

155. 403. The Tarot Imagery of THE BITTER SUITE
(Mereditor@aol.com) (W19)

111.	404. Xena and Princess Diana: More Alike Than You Might
Think. (intransigent@rocketmail.com) (W15)

(Michael.A.Deeds@lmco.com) (W17)

157. 411. Coinage of Amphipolis (JohnCBlanken@juno.com) (W18)
158. 414. Xena's Supersense: Is Xena's Superhuman/ Supersensitive
Hearing a Consequence of Her Evil Warlord Persona, a Biological
Abnormality, or a Gift from the Gods? (astefan@bfree.on.ca) (W27)

159. 415. Xena and Rizzo (Oshram@aol.com) (W23)

160. 416. Linking Caesar with Xena (lashmar@mcmaster.ca) (W17)

STARS OF XENA (BGaynor@compuserve.com) (W24)

162. 418. The Odyssey vs. ULYSSES (jstep64@aol.com) (W17) 
163. 421. Callisto: A Necessary Villain (xxsite@hotmail.com)

164. 422. Evolution of Alt Fan Fiction (boesec@rpi.edu)


165. 424. Divide and Conquer: Lessons from Caesar (freb@unc.edu)
166. 427. Serious or Silly: What Show are We Watching?
(snoopy1@pig.net) (W30)

167. 429. Falling In Love with XWP (chulat@hooked.net)[email
edition] (W18)
168. 430. Lesbian Erotica Without Apology: The Erotic As Power
(rebhall@hooked.net) (W25)
169. 431. Write Your Own Xena Fanfiction Flowchart
(JSandsmark@aol.com) (W25) 

170. 432. Exploration of Mental Illness in THE FURIES
(carperv@FRB.GOV) (W30)

171. a433. Draco, the Warlord (carperv@FRB.GOV) (W16)

172. 434. Xena's Attributes for Personal Defense
(dplunkett@THERIM.COM) (W15)

173. 435. Gabrielle's Staff Techniques (dplunkett@THERIM.COM)

174. 436. Gabrielle: The Killer Within Her (KSZoneW@aol.com)

175. 439. Improving Season Two: Episode Order, Relationship
Development and Continuity on XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS
(alexant@Juniata.Edu) (W22)

176. 440. Gabrielle's Staff Combat Techniques
(homerincan@email.msn.com) (W21)

177. 447. Xena Fever: Confessions of a Cynic Who Succumbed
(awsmith@mindspring.com) (W23)

178. 448. Avengers or Airheads: The Xenaverse Furies
(i001402@disch3.disc.dla.mil) (W15)

179. 461. Is Xena's Father A God? Yes! Is It Ares? No!
(margaret@dial.pipex.com) (W24)

180. 462. DARKMAN II: The Return of Durant (1994)

181. 473.  Lao Ma as the Classic Good Mother Archetype

182. 476. Dagine: Dramatic Adversary or Comic Relief?
(woodsl@erols.com) (W16)

183. 477. Darius (woodsl@erols.com) (W16)

184. 481. Tall, Dark and Deadly:  A Comparative Look at Xena and
Emma Peel (MyHops@aol.com) (W22)
185. 484. Xena Fan Fiction: Methods, Resources, and the Future
(XXLMUSCLE@aol.com) (W25)

186. 485. Xena's Breath of Fire (dplunkett@therim.com) (W18)

187. 486. Xena and Skill Development (W20) (dplunkett@therim.com)

188. 487. Gabrielle and Pacifism (ragnarok@impulz.net) (W21)

189. 491. Xena vs. Dark Xena. Good vs. Evil: The Internal
Struggle (ruffell@home.com) (W22)

190. 492. THE RAINBOW WARRIOR (mark.allen@tafensw.edu.au) (W18)

191. 493. Cry Murder (snelson@dockingbay.com) (W17)

192. 496. The Horse Nomads of Asia and the Real Amazons
(srichey@televar.com) (W23)

193. 499. Lucy Lawless: the Woman Behind the Warrior
(ruffell@home.com) [email edition] (W17) 
194. 503. Gabrielle: Benedict Arnold or Hidden Heroine of "The
Rift"? (drucilla_81@geocities.com) (W26)
195. 507. Where Have You Gone, Zenobia? (LRGaver@aol.com) (WE23) 

196. 509. Would Xena Have Approved of the Hippocratic Oath
(mcomette@sprint.ca) (W22)

197. 512. XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS on the Internet
(rharlow@sun.iwu.edu) (W22)

198. 513.Xena's Personal Tarot Reading (smako@compuserve.com)

199. 515. THE BITTER SUITE: the Emotions and the Clarity
(sheralove@hotmail.com) (W19)

200. 518. The Use of Tarot Symbolism in BITTER  SUITE
(lashmar@mcmail.CIS.McMaster.CA) (W19)
201. 521. Lao Ma and Obi-Wan Kenobi  (Oshram@aol.com) (W18)

202. 524. Gabrielle:  From Pet to Amazon Queen
(SueDayton@aol.com) (W21)

203. 525. James Bond and Wai Lin and Xena and Gabriel
(bclar1@pop.uky.edu) (W23)

OF LONDO MOLARI: Studies in the Path to Repentance
(richardf@skypoint.com) (W19)
205. 528. How Long Til My Soul Gets it Right:  Karma, Rebirth,
and All this Uber-fiction (SciRhet@ix.netcom.com) (W25)

206. 535. The Relations and Relationships of Xena (tgm@bpc.co.nz)
207. 537.  Time Out of Mind:  Alternate Realities in Hercules and
Xena (nhutchins@wheelock.edu) (W24)

208. 540. The Joxer Syndrome (trustno1@globalserve.net) (W21) 
209. 543.  Belief Systems in Xena's World (langel@pon.net) (W31) 
210. 551. Xena & Bodicea : Fighting tactics and ethics
(plinkfish@aol.com) (W32)
(batmorda@ix.netcom.com) (W21)

212. 555. HOW SUBVERSIVE IS XWP?  (rgordon1@hotmail.com) (W21)
213. 556. Gabrielle and the NIGYSOB Game
(lashmar@mcmail.mcmaster.ca) (W29)
214. 557. Gabrielle as Hero (ShaunMC@tamu.edu) (W26)

215. 558. An Index for Weisbrot's OFFICIAL GUIDE TO XENA: WARRIOR
PRINCESS  (mklossne@asl.lib.ar.us) (W22)  
216. 559. The Dramatic Plausibility of the Gab Drag
(BRobert@Schultz.net) (W28)
217. 560. If it doesn't kill us, it will make us stronger: A
Study of Friendship (KFaith2222@aol.com) (W28)
218. 562. Why Is Joxer Seen As A Threat And Other Problems
(iaxs@aol.com) (W26)

219. 568. Are You a Joxerholic? Take This Test to Find Out
(flasheart@hotmail.com) (W23)

220. 586. Empowerment and XWP (mickisix@tisd.net) (W24)
221. 590. Christian Icons in THE BITTER SUITE (carperv@FRB.GOV)

222. 592. Dissing Dahak: What Went Wrong with the Third Season of
XWP (eaweek@hotmail.com) (W26)

223. 597. A Mind That Matters: Gabrielle As New Myth
(ccarter@shentel.net) (W21)
224. 601. Web Fame (spikus@erols.com) (W25)

225. 604. Fan Fiction: Pressure to Perform and Conform
(lnjames@deepika.squonk.net) (W25)

226. 605. Review of Fanfic Developed Conventions & Stereotypes &
History of XWP Fan Fic (pilotom@gate.net) (W25)


228. 608. The Third Season Of XENA: Archetypal Journey Into Crass
Commercialism Or Postmodern Roadmap To Personal Salvation?
(maeras@aol.com) (W24) 
229. 617.  Hair as a Function of Personality on HERCULES and XENA
(eaweek@hotmail.com) (W29)

230. 619. An Index To Nikki Stafford's LUCY LAWLESS AND RENEE
O'CONNOR: WARRIOR STARS OF XENA (mklossne@asl.lib.ar.us) (W24)
231. 621. They Are Letting You Write You Thesis About What?
(rowett@email.unc.edu) (W25) 
232. 624. The Price: Xena and Gabrielle's Different Perspectives
on War (lpw@pobox.com) (W28)
233. 627. Bead Xena (Richan@aol.com) (W29)
234. 630. Index To THE CHAKRAM (mklossne@asl.lib.ar.us) (W27)
235. 631. Sharks in the Xenaverse (carperv@FRB.GOV) (W34)

236. 635. Christian Symbolism in XWP
(Cathyogrady@classic.msn.com) (W31)

237. 639. A Tale Of Two Villains: Callisto And Najara
(brudnick@cfa.harvard.edu) (W28)
238. 640. Xena's Travels in THE DEBT (cr@clear.net.nz) (W29) 
239. 641. Betty Page and Xena (Nap@concentric.net) (W34)
(mataxes@yahoo.com) (W33)
241. 656. The Myth Of The Redeemer In XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS
(FINKENVL@mail.ncaur.usda.gov) (W31)

242. 657. Archetypes In XENA:WARRIOR PRINCESS (cbremer@ou.edu)

243. 658. On the Set of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE
(chelehel74@yahoo.com) (W30) 
244. 665. The Once and Future Warrior: Parallels Between Colonel
Kira Nerys and Xena,  Warrior Princess. (jrr900@aol.com) (W34)

245. 670. Shamanism in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS
(fnktl@aurora.alaska.edu) (W32)

246. 672. What is it about Xena?  (kfoster@kraft.com) (W30) 

247. 680. How Do I Feel?  Lucy Lawless in Santa Monica, 1999
(mevanslayng@ucsd.edu) (W30)  
248. 681. Xena and Gabrielle Go Camping: Exaggeration, Artifice,
Parody and Masquerade. (jadec@sia.net.au) (W35)

249. 682. Obsessed Fan Story: A Hat By Any Other Name
(faith2@computron.net) (W32)

250. 684. Gabrielle And Non-Staff Techniques (Or Why Gabrielle
Should Not Fight With Sharp Objects)  (rax@eclipse.net) (W32)
251. 685. My Gods, What Did They Do To You (rax@eclipse.net)

252. 686. Are We Better Off Now...Than We Were 3 1/2 Years Ago?
(hawk@dbtech.net) (W30)
253. 688. Ya Gotta Have Faith: Xenaworship (madcelt@sprint.ca)
254. 689. Working Out Your Own Salvation With XENA: WARRIOR
PRINCESS (lori.c.patton@vanderbilt.edu) (W33)

255. 693. A Most Delightful Villain (cr@clear.net.nz) (W32)

256. 694. Christian Theology In THE BITTER SUITE
(dhlusko@series2000.com) (W31)  
257. 700. Fans, Sycophants, Superfans, And Psychofans: What Kind
Of A Fan Are You? (RENPICFan@aol.com) (W34)

258. 701. THE WAY: A Spiritual Epiphany For Xena
(dhlusko@series2000.com) (W32)

259. 702. All Hail! The Amazon Queens (BJFitzpat@aol.com) (W33)

260. 703. Is Gabrielle A Marxist? (balliso@clemson.edu) (W32) 
261. 704. Pursuing Vengeance: Becoming A Monster
(lmwaite@aol.com) (W35)

262. 705. Laura Palmer: Warrior...Princess...Tramp...Homecoming
Queen (rcwalters@hotmail.com) (W34)

263. 706. And The Oscar Goes To FASTER CHAKRAM, KILL, KILL!
(J314159ohn@aol.com) (W34) 

264. 707. The Once And Future Beaver (carperv@FRB.GOV) (W36)

265. 708. Debunking The Myth Of The Joxerphile
(esbeckras@yahoo.com) (W35)
266. 709. Xena and Achilles (imh@gardencitynet.co.uk) (W35)
267. 711. Dualism Vs. Non-Dualism In Xena: Warrior Princess
(Antiwolf@USFamily.net) (W35) 
268. 712. The Anatolian Connection (spiritcircle@yahoo.com) (W35)

269. 713. DCV -Or- Sex, At Last! (w.james@latrobe.edu.au) (W35) 

270.  714. Yes Lucy, There Is Still A Subtext On Xena
(ValAtty91@aol.com) (W37)

271. 720. The Last Temptation Of Callisto
(w.james@latrobe.edu.au) (W36)
272. 724. Savior Figure: Eli or Xena? (dhlusko@series2000.com)
273. 727. Subliminal Messages In ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE
(xxsite@hotmail.com) (W37)

274. 728. Where Have All The Kisses Gone? (derror@prodigy.net)

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