Whoosh! Issue Ten - July 1997

HERCULES Blooper Reels

[44] The HERCULES Blooper Reel mostly showed prop accidents and Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst playing off of each other. There was a scene where Hercules' stick broke and one where one the side of a castle wall (in a staircase) fell on Iolaus and requisite thugs. There was a scene from THE WARRIOR PRINCESS (#H09) where Iolaus turns on Hercules, then when they finish the scene, Kevin "Run for your lives, he's gone mad" and then Michael comes through with a rabid dog look on his face, growling. There are a few scenes where Michael Hurst messes up his lines, and then says "f***" and a scene where Kevin is kissing his leading lady, and the director never says cut, so he stops and says "I'm not going to stop." There is also one scene where a bunch of thugs storm the castle wall and then the crew members follow them. (MM)

[45] The HERCULES tape was identical to the one we saw at Burbank. [CC]

[46] You can get the HERCULES tape with a HERCULES fanclub membership. [CF]

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