Whoosh! Issue Ten - July 1997

Stump the Experts


The Stump the Experts panel
(left to right): Melissa Meister, Brad Carpenter, Sharon Delaney,
Saroj Selvan, and Kate Schumaker

[47] Stump the Experts was a chance to win prizes by asking a HERCULES/XENA trivia question that could not be answered by the panel. The panel included Brad Carpenter (Renaissance Pictures), Sharon Delany (Creation Entertainment), Saroj Selvan (Apollena, Queen of the Amazons), Melissa Meister (WHOOSH! Cub-Reporter), and Kate Schumacher (Michael Hurst Fan Club). The panel was able to answer most of the questions, although the names of the three Titans in the XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS episode THE TITANS (#07) [Creon, Hyperion, and Thea] and the name of Gabrielle's mother [Hecuba] did stump them. A number of people asked questions that they themselves did not know the answer, which is not a winning strategy. A question on the number of fish that hit Gabrielle in A DAY IN THE LIFE (#39) (answer, one eel, two fish) -- Brad Carpenter commented that they were real fish, and Sharon Delaney mentioned that the out takes brought the number of fish that struck Renee O'Connor to twelve. [CC]

[48] This is serious business, the crowd loudly disapproved of a question about Lucy Lawless' physical dimensions (Thou shalt not defame the image of the goddess, lest ye be judged). "Stump the experts" questions that the questioner does not know the answer to are met with stern rebuffs (Thou shalt not quote the scrolls if ye not be worthy). [LS]

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