Whoosh! Issue Ten - July 1997

The Xena Blooper Reels

[81] Most of the Xena Blooper Reel centered around Lucy Lawless flubbing up her lines. There were a lot of scenes when she was saying something, messed it up, then said the requisite "b* gg *r" or "sh*t*." There was one scene from WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP (#30) where she kept messing up the scene when she tells Diana and Philemon to stay in the corridor. She messes it up, she and Renee smile, then turn back around and do it again. This happens 5 times. There is also one where Xena's line is "I still have a few tricks up my sleeves" and then Lucy cracks up, saying, "I don't have any sleeves." There is one where a male bad guy draws Xena's sword and whaps Lucy on the back of the head and one, where instead of Gabrielle being scared of the rat like she is supposed to, Renee O'Connor starts laughing uncontrollably. There are also two clips of Lucy Lawless falling off of Argo : one where she is getting off Argo and she slips on the way down and O'Connor catches her and they both smile; and, one where she attempts to remount while the horse is at a canter and fails, being dragged a little on the ground. There is one where Melas from CALLISTO (#22) flubs up his lines a couple of times, and then the best one: Lucy Lawless is in full Bacchae outfit and she starts going off on "Peter picked a pile of pickles" with her fangs on (sounds really funny), and then she goes "Renee, come here" and Renee O'Connor comes over and then they start singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas" in their full Bacchae outfits. It sounds really funny because of their fangs, and what is even better, the director left the strobe light on, so you have the flash effects as well.

[82] The XENA blooper reel was different from what we saw in Burbank. It was missing two clips (I verified this later in the evening with Sharon Delaney). We did not see Lucy Lawless on the cross singing "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts" and we missed the clip from BEWARE OF GREEKS (#12) where the gals call Perdicas a slut. Ms. Delaney said they gave her a different tape to show this time. [CC]

[83] You can get a XENA blooper tape with a XENA Fanclub membership. (CF)

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