Whoosh! Issue Ten - July 1997

"True or False" Trivia Contest

[89] The True or False game was a good test of Xenite and Herculean knowledge. $100 prize bags were awarded to the winners. [CC]

[90] As they approach the stage for a true-false quiz for prizes, you get the full spectrum of the devoted: kids, teen- agers , adults, men, women, all colors, and all ages. They take a risk in showing themselves, to be up front in the spotlight. But that is the point. It shows dedication and loyalty. It is an odd version of musical chairs. When it comes to Xena's quiz, there is a mad rush to the stage. They let the winner of the Hercules contest play. The pride with which they raise their "True" or "False" sign. The pain when they have to relinquish them. But hey, there are no losers in this flock. We all believe. Which is more important than anything. (LS)

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