Whoosh! Issue Ten - July 1997


[113] The autograph session was long, I had purchased general admission tickets, so I had to wait for about 45 minutes till I could get in line. But it was worth the wait. I had removed my t-shirt and Hudson looked at it and said "where would you like me to sign?" and I replied "anywhere you want to." So she scrawled out really big on the front her name. I gave her a bracelet that I had made and she loved it. She said it was beautiful, then, laying it across her wrist, she held her hand out to me and in her best Callisto voice she said "put it on." So, like a good little girl, I did. Then I asked her for a hug. I have one thing to say about Hudson's hugs: they are wonderful. In a daze, I got Brad Carpenter's and Robert Trebor's signatures as well. Brad Carpenter made a comment of how cool my t- shirt was and Robert Trebor is also a good hugger. (CF)

[114] In the autograph line, after Hudson Leick signed my enlarged TV Guide ad for RETURN OF CALLISTO (#29), using the pen, she pointed to the picture of Lucy Lawless in the ad and said, "Isn't she a babe?" None of could argue with that. [CC]


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