Whoosh! Issue Eleven - August 1997


IAXS Research Project #305
By James Uhl
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An actress, acting

Xena: Warrior Role Model

[01] The show XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, has had a tremendous affect on teenagers across the world. Xena is one of the first independent female heroes to become a hit on television. Teenagers need someone to look up to, so why not Xena? While some teenagers obviously are watching XENA for entertainment reasons, others are getting something much more substantial from it.

[02] The show has affected teens in all sorts of areas. Some teenagers have stated that they draw self-confidence from watching XENA. Many have said that through the show they have learned that it is not what other teenagers may think of them that counts, but what they think of themselves.

[03] Others have claimed that their school work has improved. How could XENA help their school work? Some teenagers see all that mythology and notice it. They end up wanting to learn more about what happened and that is exactly what they do.

[04] XENA also helps many teenagers overcome peer pressure. Some Teens are starting to stand up for what they believe is right, no matter what the "cool" thing is to do. XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS teaches many good moral values that need to be shown to teens.

[05] It is therefore apparent that XENA has aided many teenagers who want to be the best that they can be and have fun in the process. The show XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS helps many people in many ways.

[06] It is not all Xena, though. Some viewers think that Lucy Lawless is the real role model. They think it is wonderful to see a single mom doing such a great job. But whoever you decide to be your role model, either the real actress or the woman she portrays, both offer teens a very useful and very real role model.

A real person, being

Lucy Lawless: Actress and Mother


[07] Special thanks goes to all the teenagers who helped me write this article by contributing their ideas. Also special thanks to WHOOSH! for making this happen.

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