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By Virginia Carper
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s.- sister b.- born
step-s.- step-sister d.- died
br.- brother ==- married, significant other
m.- mother
f.- father
gm.- grandmother
gf.- grandfather

Introduction (01)
The Beginning (02-04)
Xena's Family (05-14)
Gabrielle's Family (15-26)
Joxer's Family (27-37)
Callisto's Family (38-48)
Ephiny's Family (49-51)
Hercules' Family (52-54)
Iolaus' And Salmoneus' Families (55-60)
The Modern Era (61)
The End (62-66)
Notes (67-72)

An Exploration of the Descendants of Xena, Et Alia


Macaroni again! Janice Covington, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Janice and Mel.

[01] Since the introduction of Melinda (Mel) Pappas and Janice Covington in THE XENA SCROLLS (#34), fans of Xena: Warrior Princess have been intrigued by Xena's descendants. A subset of Xena fan-fiction has sprung up telling the exploits of the descendants of Xena and Gabrielle. What do we know about them? The following is an exploration into possible histories for each family.

The Beginning

"This is a story of two friends. They met each other in the hardest of times. They learned to care for each other. They became a great team. Some adventures ended better than others. And together they learned life's mysteries."

The Scrolls

[02] "Stories are meant to be told, stories tell us who we are", Gabrielle tells David in GIANT KILLER (#27). The bard Gabrielle recorded the adventures of Xena, the Warrior Princess. With stylus in hand, she pondered what to write on her parchment. In HOOVES AND HARLOTS (#10), Gabrielle tells Xena, "You know, I just thought of something. You're a Warrior Princess and I'm an Amazon Princess. That's going to make such a great story! Yeah, and it all starts with you and me finding those signs in the trees. And then the arrows came flying down..." When they left Salmoneus' beauty contest, Xena asked Gabrielle, "Are you going to write about this?" Gabrielle replies, "I was thinking about calling it 'Queen for a Day.'" [HERE SHE COMES...MISS AMPHIPOLIS (#35)].


[03] In DESTINY (#36), Julius Caesar informs Xena, "Each event in our life is part of a great plan. There are no answers to this. Only destiny." Xena asks, "And who shapes this destiny?" Caesar continues, "It's the blood in our veins, our souls, our desires, our will. They're all in it, together weaving the tapestry we call 'destiny'." When Xena dies a second time, her spirit meets her deceased friend, M'Lila, who entreats her, "You have a destiny, Xena... Now that you know evil, were evil, you can fight evil."

[04] THE XENA SCROLLS (#34) relates a part of Xena's destiny and her friends. Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer help to entomb the God of War, Ares, for the ages. After this titanic struggle, the survivors split the key to opening Ares' tomb, Xena's chakram, into two pieces. After embedding the pieces into the wall of the tomb, they placed Gabrielle's scrolls in a nearby wall. Upon leaving, the survivors promised each other to remember always the evils of Ares and the secrets of his tomb.

Xena's Family

Oops, I guess I forgot to tell you that about Dad. Silly me!

Cyrene, Xena's mum. THE FURIES (#47) will help clarify some parentage issues.

[05] Xena's Family Tree

1.Cyrene== Atrius (Macedonia: Amphipolis)
1.a.Ares, God of War

2.Xena, Warrior Princess (m. Cyrene; f. Atrius)
== Petracles (d.)
== Marcus (d.)
== Borias (d.)
2.a.Toris (br.)
2.b.Lyceus (br.), (d.)
(m. Xena; f. Borias) -- ?
(Centaurs, Greece: Athens)
(m. ?; f. Solon)
(or a longer form of Pappas)
Era: the 16th Century
6.Nicholas Pappas, Ph.D.
(b. 186? d. 1939) -- ?
(Greece: Macedonia, United States)
7.Melinda Pappas
(m.?; f. Nicholas) (United States: South Carolina)
8.Melinda Pappas
(gm. Melinda Pappas) (Greece)




[07] Xena's known family is her mother, Cyrene; her brothers, Toris and Lyceus; her son, Solon; and her father (spouse of her mother), Atrius. There is a question of a third brother since she told Iolaus, Hercules' friend, that she had three brothers [WARRIOR PRINCESS (#H09)].

[08] A greater question is what, if any, relationship, does Ares has with her: her father, her lover, or what? Ares tells her, "You can't deny that I am in your blood" [THE RECKONING (#06)]. Given Ares' penchant for subterfuge, it is more than likely that he is her father. He is not above disguising himself to further his ends. Besides, Ares is not above sleeping with mortal women since Meleager, the Mighty is one of his descendants. Ares' intimate knowledge of Xena's relationship with her father suggests that he is her 'blood' father. Moreover, his obsession to have Xena return to him is that of a father for his 'wayward' daughter. Regardless of his feelings for her, Xena regards Ares as her mortal enemy and may have died in defeating him [THE XENA SCROLLS (#34)].

Solon [Note 1]

[09] Raised by Centaurs, Xena's son, Solon, became a noted lawgiver. During a time of crisis in ancient Greece, he installed democracy in Athens. Later Solon traveled to Egypt where he learned of Atlantis, and passed on that knowledge to Plato. What he knew of the Xena Scrolls, he kept within his family. Whether he learned that he was Xena's son is unknown. What is known is that Melinda Pappas knew about the scrolls, but did not realize that she was a descendent of Xena.


[10] Pappas is a Greek surname that means 'priest of the Greek Orthodox Church.' However, when Greeks emigrated to the United States, some of them shortened or changed their names. Greek names such as Papanicolaou, Pappamichalopoulos, Pappagreorgiou and Pappadopoulos became Pappas. 'Pappas' plus the first name 'Georgiou' becomes 'Father George'. Add the possessive 'opoulos' to 'Michal' and you have 'son of Father Michael'. Whether the surname was Pappas or a shortened version of a Pappas surname, a group of Xena's people were wisdom keepers.


[11] The high tide of Greek immigration to the United States was from the 1880s to the 1920s. Greece was in political chaos and economic crisis, especially in the areas of Macedonia and the Turkish border. Until Nicholas emigrated to America, Xena's people probably remained in Macedonia. Nicholas settled in South Carolina, and eventually became the Dean of the University of South Carolina. A noted translator of ancient Greek, Dr. Pappas was awarded the Nobel Prize in Anthropology in 1924.

Melinda (Mel)

[12] Melinda, a Greek first name, suggested that both of Mel's parents were Greek immigrants. Since she was able to travel about Greece by herself, Mel was probably bilingual in English and Greek. Perhaps Greek was spoken in her home, since she was a first generation American. After her father's death, she continued his work in translating the Xena scrolls. Mel modestly stated that her father taught her the ancient syntax, but she reads the scrolls like novels.

Melinda II

[13] The granddaughter of Mel Pappas, Melinda is a translator of ancient Greek. She is a member of the Xena Scrolls translation team in Greece [the Xena Restoration Society]. Since the Greek community kept close ties, it is entirely possible that grandmother Mel married another Pappas.

Gabrielle's Family

I rolled a Romulan for his clothes. Well, he said he was a Romulan.

Meleager the Mighty, father figure.

[15] Gabrielle's Family Tree

1.Hecuba== Herodotus (Greece: Poteidaia)
1.a.Meleager, the Mighty (foster father)
2.Gabrielle, Amazon Queen (m. Hecuba; f. Herodorus)
== Perdicus (d.)
2.a.Lilac (s.)
2.b.Ephiny, Amazon Regent (step-s.)
3.Cufa (Northern Europe)
Era: 8th-9th Century
4.Covington (England: Huntingshire)
Era: 12th Century
5._Covington (North America: Jamestown Colony, Virginia)
Era: 17th Century
6.Peter Covington (United States: Allegheny County, Virginia)
Era: 18th Century
7.Harry Covington (b. 186? d. 193?) -- ?
(United States: Virginia, Greece)
8.Janice Covington, Ph.D. (m. ?; f. Harry) (United States: Virginia, Greece)
9.Janice Covington, Ph.D. (gm. Janice Covington) (United States: California)




[17] Who Gabrielle met after the death of her husband Perdicus is unknown. What is known is that she had at least one child. (Some fan-fiction stories have Gabrielle's family raise her child by Perdicus.) Since Xena and Gabrielle are devoted to each other, she may have remarried after Xena's death. On the other hand given Gabrielle's bad luck with men, she could have raised the child with Xena.

[18] When Gabrielle left her home, Xena became her immediate family. Later when she returned to Poteidaia, Gabrielle became close to Meleager, the Mighty. When he thought he was going to be executed, Meleager willed his belongings to his 'daughter' Gabrielle [THE EXECUTION (#41)].


[19] Covington is an English surname that means homestead of Cufa's people. Cufa is a Northern European name, either of Saxon or Danish origin. Since she was also an Amazon Queen, Gabrielle may have returned to her adopted Amazon tribe to live with Ephiny, her step-sister. Her grandchildren were probably attracted to Norse men, since women in Norse societies routinely used weapons.


[20] During the Saxon and Danish migrations, Cufa settled in England. Parish records show that Covington was a common name in Huntingshire, England. A Covington came to the United States as a member of the Jamestown Colony in Virginia. Afterwards, one of Pocahontas descendants married another Covington.

United States:
[21] Covington is a common surname in the American South. Marriage records show that many Covingtons migrated to the mountains of Virginia, and by 1800 to Kentucky. Gabrielle's descendants were adventurous people who sought to see what was beyond the next mountain.

Peter Covington [Note 2]

[22] A large concentration of Covingtons have lived in Allegheny County, Virginia since the early 1700s. The county seat, Covington, was named in 1818 for Peter Covington, a long time resident. Since Gabrielle had married Perdicus, Peter could have been an English corruption of Perdicus. Some of Gabrielle's people became mountaineers, from the Alleghenies, noted for their storytelling.


[23] Harry Covington was called a grave robber, a thief, and a mercenary, plundering graves for profit. He grew up in the aftermath of the U.S. Civil War, when Union and Confederate armies occupied western Virginia. Several skirmishes and one major battle were fought in Allegheny County. Many men from the county served in the both armies, but few survived to come home. Young Harry probably grew up without a father. As a child, he certainly heard the story of the Xena scrolls countless times from his surviving kinsfolk. Since there was nothing to keep Harry in Virginia, he left the mountains to find the scrolls.


[24] Janice Covington became a Doctor of Archaeology to follow her father in searching for the scrolls. Many women of her time were married off instead of being educated by their fathers. Perhaps it was because her mother ran off and she became close to her father. Unquestionably, her father saw to it that she was able to translate the scrolls. Being from the mountains herself, Janice knew how to use a rifle, the weapon of the mountains. Like Gabrielle with her staff, Janice learned how to defend herself with a whip.

[25] After her father's death, Janice searched relentlessly for the scrolls to vindicate him. Attacking Janice for constantly defending her father's sordid reputation, Mel Pappas pointedly told her, "You're living down your Daddy's reputation!" Since the tradition of the Xena scrolls was so strong in her family, Janice believed that she was a descendent of Xena. Her personal belief was so strong that she thought that the blonde Callisto was her Xena. When Ares taunted her that she was really from that irritating, blonde Gabrielle, Janice no longer felt heroic [THE XENA SCROLLS (#34)].

Janice II

[26] Janice grew up hearing the stories of Xena from her Grammy Janice. These stories inspired her to follow in her grandmother's footsteps. Today, Dr. Covington is an advisor to the Xena Restoration Society, and is active in the preserving of the history of Xena [the Xena Restoration Society].

Joxer's Family

Why are you aiming that arrow at me?

More of Joxer's family will be seen in Season 3.

[27] Joxer's Family Tree

1.Mother Joxer== Warlord Joxer (Greece)
2.Joxer (m. Mother; f. Warlord)
== ? Meg, King Lias' Cook
2.a.Jed (b.) 2.b. Jace (b.)
3.Kleinman (Eastern Europe) Era: 19th Century
4.Kleinman (Russia: The Pale, the United States)
Era: 1880s
5.Jack Kleinman (m. ?; f. Kleinman) -- ? (United States: New Jersey)
6.Kleinman (m.?;f. Jack Kleinman)
== Ralph Raimi.
7.Ted Kleinman (gf. Jack Kleinman)(United States: California)
8.Jack Kleinman, Ph.D. (gf. Jack Kleinman)(United States: Washington)
9.Ted Raimi (m. Kleinman; f. Ralph Raimi)(United States: Michigan)


[28] CALLISTO (#19); GIRLS WANNA HAVE FUN (#23); WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP (#30); and THE XENA SCROLLS (#34). (Joxer's brothers: preview of KING OF ASSASSINS.)


[29] Joxer informs Xena and Gabrielle that he comes from a warlord family. While in search of the Bacchae, Joxer tells Orpheus, the musician, that his mother wanted him to be a musician. She had him take lyre lessons. Later he remembers his mother's birthday and races home. Whether his mother found a wife for him or he married Meg (the former tramp) is not known but he did have children.


Eastern Europe:
[30] Kleinman is an Ashkenazim Jewish name common in Eastern Europe. In the 1800s, European Jews were forced to take surnames. In Hungary, government officials assembled all Jews in the town's square. They separated the Jews into four groups -- tall, short, dark, and blonde. Then each group was assigned a surname -- "gross" for tall, "klein" for short, "weiss" for blonde, and "schwartz" for dark.

[31] The Kleinmans lived in the region of Russia called The Pale. The Tsar restricted all Jews to towns inside The Pale. Various Tsars who hated the Jews, allowed the Cossacks to conduct bloody pogroms (killings). In 1880, the new Tsar unleashed the bloodiest pogrom ever. Many Jews sought to escape, but if caught, they were killed. The Kleinmans stole across the border to Germany and left for America. Their successful escape could be attributed to Jack Kleinman's grandmother who was a witch (or so he claimed).

United States:
[32] Jack Kleinman's grandfather emigrated to the United States, and settled in Hoboken, New Jersey. Because of the societal prejudice against jews, a common occupation for immigrant Jews was in sales. The elder Kleinman probably went to work as a brush salesman, as did his grandson, Jack.

Jack (Jacob)

[33] Jack Kleinman was a brush salesman at the Victory Brush Company in New Jersey. By 1940, many American Jews knew that the Nazis were killing Jews in Europe. Jack wanted to help defeat the Nazis, but the U.S. army rejected him for service (although the US was not at war then, they were building up their forces in response to the rest of the world's militarization). He left home and enlisted in the Free French forces. Jack became a lieutenant in the French Army, and was awarded several medals for bravery. Jack had an interest in archaeology, and had some knowledge of the scrolls. He could read the various wall writings with Janice Covington in their search for the scrolls. When Ares taunted Jack that he was related to "Joxer, The Idiot" (a fact that Jack already knew), he remained undisturbed. After the War, he had his scrolls from the dig translated.


[34] Ted Kleinman, Jack's grandson, became a writer. After finding the scrolls in his grandfather's attic, he traveled to California. At various studios, Ted tried to sell a TV series based on the Xena scrolls [THE XENA SCROLLS (#34)].

Jack [Note 3]

[35] Jack Kleinman also had a grandson who became a noted scientist. This Jack Kleinman died in Alaska while examining several erupting volcanoes. In his memory, the U.S. Geological Survey founded the Jack Kleinman scholarship for university students desiring to study volcanology. "Consideration in the selection of grant recipients will be given to the characteristics that best defined Jack Kleinman: exuberance, integrity, reliability, loyalty, and the abilities to relish challenge, inspire enthusiasm in others, and delight in the natural world."

Ted (Theodore) Raimi [Note 4]

[36] Ted's father, Ralph Raimi, married Jack Kleinman's lovely daughter. Ralph's father, a Polish Jew, emigrated to Michigan. A shopkeeper, the elder Raimi bought brushes from the Kleinmans.

[37] The youngest of three brothers, Ted inherited the Xena Scrolls from his grandfather, Jack Kleinman. Unlike his cousin Ted Kleinman, Ted was successful in convincing a major television studio to base a series on the stories of the scrolls.

Callisto's Family

No, I **am** Farrah Fawcett.

Callisto's family reunions are lightly attended.

[38] Callisto's Family Tree

1.Arleia == Krykus, the warlord(Greece: Cirra)
2.Callisto (m. Arleia; f. ?)
== ? Theodorus
(Greece: Cirra)
3.Smythe (England)
4.John Smythe == Jane of Brouncker (England: Essex)
5.Thomas Smythe (m. Jane; f. John)
6.Sir Thomas Smythe (m. Alyce Judd; f. Thomas) Era: 15th Century - 17th Century
7.John Smythe (England)




[40] Callisto lost her younger sister and mother in a fire set by Xena's army at the village of Cirra. She blamed Xena for their deaths and sought revenge. Callisto hated everyone and used men for her own purposes. The only two males known to be close to her were Theodorus, her lieutenant, and Ares, the God of War. She murdered Theodorus and betrayed Ares. What child she had, she probably abandoned in her pursuit of Xena.

[41] Callisto's father, Krykus, was captured by Xena while he was instigating a war between the Amazons and the Centaurs. "A battle between hooves and harlots, I wonder who will win." [HOOVES AND HARLOTS #08)]. An absent father, Krykus did impart the skills of a warlord to his daughter.


[42] Smythe is the Old English spelling of "Smith". One of Callisto's people settled in Essex, England, and was either a black, gold or silver smith.

John Smythe [Note 5]

[43] John Smythe served as High Sheriff of Essex and assistant to King Henry VIII of England. A group of Callisto's people had become keepers of law and order. Callisto, herself, sought to punish Xena for her crimes. She told Hercules in SURPRISE (#H49), "We both believe that the wicked should be punished."

Thomas Smythe (Customer Tom Smith) [Note 5]

[44] Like his father, Thomas Smythe was a powerful member of the Tudor Court. Called "Customer Tom Smith," he developed the English woolen cloth trade. A brilliant lawyer, Thomas became a friend to both Queen Elizabeth and the Lord Protector of King Edward VI. He served them well as the Secretary of State Affairs. One of Callisto's descendants had achieved a position of power. (When Hercules chastised her for hating Xena, she screamed at him, "I saw my family die helpless." [SURPRISE (#H49)])

Sir Thomas Smythe [Note 5]

[45] Thomas Smythe not only loaned 31,000 pounds sterling to Queen Elizabeth, he also raised money to finance the English fleet, which destroyed the Spanish Armada. For services to the Crown, King James I knighted Sir Thomas Smythe. Known as the best businessman in England, he became the Treasurer of the Virginia Company. The Smythes of Essex became tied with the Covingtons of Huntingshire in the founding of Jamestown Colony. A great-nephew of Sir Thomas captained one of the first ships to the colony in Virginia, probably with a Covington as a passenger.

John [Note 6]

[46] In THE XENA SCROLLS (#34), the descendants of Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer were directly named. However, John Smythe was probably from Callisto's line, since he resembles her warlord father. "Looking for this?," John waved the other half of Xena's chakram at Janice (Gabrielle's descendent). Supposedly only Mel (Xena's descendent) could retrieve the chakram. In reality, Callisto was the only one who could catch Xena's chakram in mid-air. "You want this? Come and get it!", Callisto teased her [CALLISTO (#20)].

[47] With Callisto-like mannerisms, John hisses, giggles, and laughs at Janice and Mel, but ignores Jack (Joxer's descendent). As Callisto torments Gabrielle about killing Perdicus, he torments Janice about her father. John sneers, "The Daughter of Harry Covington not interested in money?" He harasses Janice more, "Look what I've got! The Key [to the scrolls]!"

[48] John knew about the scrolls and sought possession of them. This suggested that Callisto's hatred of Xena was passed down in his family. His family's memory did not include anyone else except for Xena and Gabrielle since Callisto focused her whole being on destroying Xena. However, Ares knew John as one of Callisto's people and promptly killed him as punishment for Callisto's betrayal of his Godhood. As John died, he muttered, "My God!"

Ephiny's Family

My god! Is that a television series coming right towards me?

Though not born of royal blood, Ephiny worked her way to the top of the Amazon food chain.

[49] Ephiny's Family Tree
1.Ephiny (Amazon Regent) (m.?; f. Tyldus)
== Phantes (Centaur) (d.)
1.a.Gabrielle (step-s.)
2.Xenon Gabris Phantes
(m. Ephiny; f. Phantes) (Centaur)
3.Countess Marie Duvall
== ? Count Francois
Era: 18th Century




[51] The Amazon Ephiny became Gabrielle's step-sister when Terreis, sister to Queen Melosa, gave her Amazon Right-of-Caste to Gabrielle. Ephiny taught Gabrielle how to use the staff and gave Gabrielle her war staff. After helping to avert the war between the Centaurs and the Amazons, Ephiny took Phantes, the Centaur, as her husband. After he was killed, Xena and Gabrielle helped to birth her son, Xenon. Ephiny returned to her tribe, sending Xenon to be taught by his father's people. When Gabrielle became Queen, she appointed Ephiny as her Regent.

Hercules' Family

XENA! We have got to talk. This ratings thing has gone on TOO FAR!

Hercules may be much more closely related to Xena than we might have thought --
much to Kevin Sorbo's consternation.

[52] Hercules' Family Tree

1.Alcmene == Zeus (King of the Gods)
== Amphitryon (d.)
== Jason (Leader of the Argonauts, former King of Corinth)
2.Hercules (m. Alcmene; f. Zeus)
== Deianeira (d.)
== Serena (Golden Hind)(d.)
2.a.Iphicles (King of Corinth) (m. Alcmene; f. Amphitryon)
== Rena
3.Children (m. Deianeira; f. Hercules)
3.a.Ason (d.)
3.b.Klonos (d.)
3.c.Ilea (d.)
4.Robert, the bandit (France)
Era: 18th Century




[54] Hercules, the Son of Zeus, helped Xena to change her path from evil warlord to compassionate adventurer. Once Xena's lover, he is now a good friend of hers. In CALLISTO (#22), Xena told Gabrielle once that if something ever happened to her mother or Hercules or Gabrielle, that she would turn evil again. When Hercules was accused of murdering his second wife, Serena (the former Golden Hind) Xena and Gabrielle left to find her actual murderer, who was Strife, Ares' Nephew.

Iolaus' And Salmoneus' Family

Yes, they call me Peter Pan. Wanna go for a malt at the soda shop?

Iolaus and Gabrielle in a tender QUEST (#37) moment.

[55] Iolaus' Family Tree

1.Jean Pierre, the bandit (France)
Era: 18th Century

[56] Salmoneus' Family Tree

1.Count Francois == ? Countess Marie Duvall (France)
Era: 18th Century




[58] Iolaus, friend of Hercules, first met Xena when she was an evil warlord. After she reformed, he became her friend and later Gabrielle's. When Xena died the second time, he and Gabrielle fought off bandits trying to steal her corpse.


[59] Salmoneus also knew Xena when she was an evil warlord. With his good humor and twinkly manner, he encouraged her to become good. Later in his travels as a salesman, he encountered Xena and Gabrielle several times. They tolerate him because of his cheery disposition.

Les Contemptibles

[60] LES CONTEMPTIBLES (#H53) depicts the 18th Century French descendants of Hercules, Iolaus, Salmoneus, and Ephiny. The two highwaymen were descendants of Hercules and Iolaus. One of Salmoneus' people became a nobleman and later a hero. With his friends, Robert and Jean Pierre, he joined the Chartreuse Fox, to fight the injustices of the King. Inspired by the stories of Hercules, the Countess Marie joined the Republican forces as the Chartreuse Fox. Deep inside the aristocratic gentlewoman lurked Ephiny's Amazon soul.

The Modern Era

Who cares if this myth/history thing is pure drivil, I get to wear the pants!

"The most important archeological find of the Century...something that will revolutionize the way we look at the ancient world. It has the power to turn myth into history, history into myth -- the Xena scrolls."
-- Dr. Janice Covington, THE XENA SCROLLS (#34)
[61] How did four people from diverse backgrounds come together at the site of the Xena scrolls? Joxer's close-knit family kept alive the memory of Joxer and the scrolls. Since Gabrielle was the scribe, she retold the stories of Xena to her children. A mountain family, the Covingtons kept Gabrielle's stories alive. Xena's people stayed near Amphipolis, her home village, until the early 1900s. They were familiar with the scrolls but not about their kinship with Xena. Callisto passed her hate of Xena on in her family, who kept the obsession alive.

The End

[62] In 1939, Dr. Janice Covington wired Dr. Nicholas Pappas for help in translating the scrolls. While going through her late father's papers, Mel Pappas found the telegram. She responded to Janice's request by going to the dig in Macedonia. The French government (in exile) assigned Lt. Jack Kleinman to protect the dig. Meanwhile, John Smythe found the key to the tomb and wanted to get inside.

[63] When Jack arrived, Janice asked him why he was there. Jack answered, "There are deep, dark secrets of the gods that need to be guarded." Entering the tomb, Mel read the writing on the entrance, "All ye who enter, beware the wrath of the God of War." As she walks through the tomb, she shivers, "I don't know why, but I get the feeling that this was the site of some titanic struggle between good and evil."

[64] When Ares awakes, he challenges Janice, Mel, Jack, and John, "If the world thinks it knows death and destruction now, wait till it gets a load of me." With callous disregard, John challenges Ares, "Who are you?" "The last sight, you'll ever see." Then Ares kills John. Unknown to Ares, Xena's spirit enters Mel's unconscious body. Xena fights Ares to keep him from leaving. Meanwhile, Janice retrieves her whip and stops him from killing Xena. Jack helps the two women escape before the tomb closes on Ares' hand. Three descendants of Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer were there to prevent Ares from spreading his evil. [THE XENA SCROLLS (#34)]

Another Beginning

[65] Janice Covington blows up the tomb to prevent anyone else from releasing Ares. Jack Kleinman says his good-byes and roars off on his motorcycle back to his corps. John Smythe's death releases Callisto's spirit to find rest.

[66] Mel gently tells Janice, "Well, maybe it's time we both step out into the world and show them what we can do." Looking at her, Janice replies, "Together? ... C'mon, you can give me a hand." The two load Janice's truck and leave together on a new adventure.


Note 1:
[67] The historic Solon (638? - 559 B.C.) was a noted lawgiver and poet in Athens, who traveled to Egypt. After learning about Atlantis from the Egyptians, he told Plato what he knew about the legend.
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Note 2:
[68] The historic Peter Covington was the oldest inhabitant in Merry's Store (later Covington). He resided near the confluence of three tributaries of the Jackson River, in Virginia (United States).
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Note 3:
[69] The historic Jack Kleinman was a volcanologist who died in a kayaking accident in Alaska (United States) in 1994. The Jack Kleinman Internship is for any college student conducting research on volcanology.
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Note 4:
[70] The historic Ralph Raimi is a noted Mathematics professor at the University of Rochester, New York. His family lived in the Polish section of Detroit. The historic Ted Raimi, who is NOT Ralph's son, is an actor on the TV series, Xena: Warrior Princess.
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Note 5:
[71] John, Thomas, and Sir Thomas Smythe were a noted English family who served the Tudor and Stuart Kings.
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Note 6:
[72] Although John Smythe of THE XENA SCROLLS (#34) resembles Dagnine, the warlord of ORPHAN OF WAR (#25), he has more in common with Callisto.
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