Whoosh! Issue 13 - September 1997


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By Diane Silver
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Questions were asked in the spring of 1997.

GONEGRA on the Birth of Xena Chats

[62] When did the AOL chats start and what happened?

[63] Do you want to know when the AOL chats "started" or when people actually showed up? Sunday, October 15, 1995 was the first chat where people showed up, at 10 PM ET in the private room 'Lawless.' October 8 was the first chat but I was the only one there.

[64] There are several boards on AOL. There's one board in particular that I know of that was started on September 9, 1995. I don't know who created that one. It's in the area of Keyword: TV Viewers under the Syndicated folder. Probably the most popular board on AOL was started on September 12, 1995. It's in the Sci-Fi area, under Current TV shows. Sorry I don't know more about those boards or who started them or what have you, but I don't check them out very often.

[65] Why did you start the AOL chat? Wasn't Tyldus the only other person who showed up at the second chat?

[66] Why did I start the chat? I have no idea. Um, I guess it was to chat with other people about favorite eps and stuff, but honestly, I don't know. I just thought it was a cool idea. It's not entirely true that Tyldus and I were the only two at the first one. I was there, then he showed up and we chatted for a while. I remember him saying he was just going to kind of lay low at the chats and see our response (so much for that idea, eh?). It eventually came out that he worked on the show, and I got all excited. I mean, how lucky is it that we get two incredible guys (the other is Avicus) that work on the show to come on the chats consistently? What are the chances of that? I know I'm really, really grateful that they spend the time interacting with us, and I think I've told them that on more than one occassion.

[67] You want to know what we talked about? Sheesh, does the guy get any privacy? Well, I did tell him my age, so he should consider himself quite priviledged. The other two people at the first chat were Nitefal and Trillian. They're both really cool and still come on quite often, and definitely deserve some credit for keeping this thing going.

[68] When did you get involved with X:WP and get involved online? What did you do first?

[69] I've been watching the show basically since it first aired. I happened onto Herc during it's first season (after a Bulls basketball game), the first episode I caught being AS DARKNESS FALLS (or something like that), where Lucy was in it. Then I saw the preview for the following week for the start of the trilogy and I was basically hooked. Over the summer at a basketball camp I heard some friends of mine saying that Xena was going to have her own series.

[70] I first got involved online with Herc over the summer ('95). I checked out a board a few times, then when Xena started airing I would post to boards and eventually the chat came about.

[71] Has your involvement online changed your view of yourself, the world, the show?

[72] Hmmm...I now have much more respect for the people who work on the show. I find it fascinating how it goes from one step to another and then is finally completed after so much work.

[73] What is different now than in the early days?

[74] Different people, new people, different perspectives. The show's exploded, and the online explosion reflects that. All of a sudden you can't keep track of any of the NetForum posts. You see names at chats you've never seen before. It's great, but at the same time it's weird. But the more the merrier, right? So it's been fun to see the changes online. I don't know if the changes seem more drastic to me because of what's happened to me over the past year causing my online time to be cut down or what. I don't know what's been different recently because I haven't made it to the chats that much lately, so don't take my word.

[75] Again, Tyldus and Avicus have been absolutely incredible. I have a lot of respect for both of them.

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