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November 1997

Letters to the Editor

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A Trip to Greece
The Quest Update
Alternative Captions
The Interviews
Xenites in Portugal

Letters To The Editor

A Trip to Greece

[Whoosh! No. 13 (October 1997), "A Trip to GREECE. Ruminations on Xena: Warrior Princess", by Nusi P. Dekker]

Sat, 27 Sep 1997
Subject: Comments on "A Trip to Greece". IAXS Project #103

Hello Nusi,

I wanted to offer you my comments on "A Trip to Greece", IAXS Research Project #103.

From the very moment I heard the sounds of Xena, I could not link it in any way to Greece. She is just not a "Greek female figure". I was a US ambassador to Bulgaria and got to know that country very well. Believe me, I have spent 6 months in Greece, but the Greeks are not like Xena. The reasons are:

1. As far as I know, the real Xena used to fight in the Bulgarian mountains and valleys (see one of the previous issues of Whoosh).

2. In the beginning of each episode Xena rides a horse in the typical Bulgarian Warriors' attire. This is how the Proto-Bulgarian warrior women looked like (I visited the historical museum in the capital, Sofia). The costumes just do not look Greek because they give an Oriental flavor that is not typical to Ancient Greece, but more to Bulgarians. Xena (Lucy) looks a little bit [eastern as well].

3. Bulgarians themselves used to lead a more nomadic life [style] which is typical for Xena.

4. Even the music is recorded in Bulgaria - the bagpipe called "gaida" and the "kaval" that you hear in every episode give that flavor of the ancient Bulgarian warriors. You can find one of the most famous Bulgarian CDs called "Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares" or "The Mysteries of the Bulgarian Voices" and you'll hear the powerful Bulgarian music like the one in Xena. [Editor's note: check out the website http://www.bulcom.net/profiles/gallery_/sounds/real/_folklor.html for more traditional Bulgarian folk music than you can shake a stick at!]

Thus, I think that the character of Xena is purely Bulgarian, but it got mixed with Greek mythology because Greece shares a border with Bulgaria and was culturally more influential. That is why it took all the credit for Xena. Just go to Bulgaria, experience and see for yourself. You'll find more things linked to Xena than in Greece. I myself could still find many "Xenas" there. That is why from the first moments of the film, I knew I would like it.

I hope that would convince you. Bulgaria is an amazing country of powerful kings and warriors, just people do not know much about it.

Best regards,

Jim Westminster

The Quest Update

[Whoosh! No. 13 (October 1997), "Xen a: Warrior Princess Quest Update", by Richard LaFleur]

10/9/97 10:09 AM
Subject: Whoosh, Quest Update

Richard -

Thank you for the thought provoking essay. It helped to solidify my thoughts on this subject and gave me a greater understanding of my enjoyment of XWP.

I have always felt Gabrielle's quest was significant and with your insights, I also have a better understanding of her influence on everyone around her. XWP would be nowhere near as enjoyable for me without her character.

Congratulations on a well thought out and executed article.


Paige Siskin

Alternative Captions

Mon, 29 Sep 1997
Subject: Leick interview ran today

I'm not exactly sure of the technical term, but kudos to the people who put the "alternate" wordings on your Web-based pictures. They are hilarious! There were tears coming out of my eyes I was laughing so hard at the tags for "An Interview With Hudson Leick," by Gillian G. Gaar [http://thirdstory.com/issue11/ileick1.html]. Kudos to all.

ps My Hudson Leick interview ran today.You can read it online at:

Steve Segal
Computer Columnist, Tribune-Review,
622 Cabin Hill Drive, Greensburg, PA 15601
Telephone (412) 836-5577 Fax (412) 838-5171
computer@tribune-review .com

Editor Responded:
The "alt tags" were at first done by me, then Bret Rudnick joined the fun, and currently Marian Pappaceno does the lion's share. Around issue 6 or 7, I started getting bored with looking at the alt tags (alt tags are an html command enhancement where you can assign a name to a graphic which will pop up when the graphic is loading or when a mouse is pointed on it in IE 3.x and above and Netscape 4.x and above) and started typing in silly stuff to relieve the boredom. Bret immediately demanded to join in the fun, and before you know it, we had to bring in someone just to help us with it, and that is Marian. At this time, me and Bret do it when we can and Marian picks up the slack, bless her heart.

The Interviews

Thu, 02 Oct 1997
Subject: Valley Forge, here we come!

I do so many searches and reading for my Tube Watch reports, but for some reason I had not checked out Whoosh! But when I did...I sure wish I had sooner!!! It is a great Online Magazine!!! It is so full of information on just about every aspect on XWP.

My favorite items to read are interviews. I like to see how the actor conducts themselves, what they say...just about everything about them. I like to see how an interview brings their personality out so that you can get a greater appreciation for them and see the differences between them and the characters that they play.

I enjoyed [Bret Rudnick's] interview on Chris Ryan, BTW!!! I'll be reading the other one on BERNADETTE JOYCE a little later when I have some time.

Take Care!

Angela Lesa Wheaton
aka ALWheaties
http://ksp.si mplenet.com/xena_tubewatch.html

Xenites in Portugal

Wed, 24 Sep 1997
Subject: A pleasant fact

I have been stuck in Portugal for several months now and there is little or no English speaking television here. I was getting very perturbed that I was missing all my Xena episodes. I cannot even have my son tape them because they use a different format VCR here. Anyway, on Sundays, at 1414 hrs, they have been nice enough to run Xena in English (with Portuguese subtitles of couse). I am now able to take this assignment in stride. My whole team comes to my room on Sunday, with a bottle of Port Wine of course, and some good Portuguese cheese and we "Party on Xena".

Keep up the good work.

Jay S. Kaplan


Thu, 2 Oct 1997
Subject: Letter to the editor

Just throught I would drop you a line to tell you what a great job you all are doing on Whoosh! I love every part of each issue but where has the "Gabrielle Scrolls" gone? We were promised another one in October's issue.

Anyway, I hope you can help me with this question I have all ready asked on some mailing lists I am on but [to no avail]. The question is what dates did they start filming the second and third seasons and what dates did they stop filming the seasons and when do they break for the winter after the season is stopped filming of in the middle?

Also, any chance of having an indepth interview with Lucy Lawless or Renee O'Connor in the near future in Whoosh?

Geoffrey Hill

Editor Responded:
Thanks for writing Geoffrey and we got good news and bad news for you.

As you remember, Whoosh began a clever and highly entertaining serial by Shelley Sullivan which approached looking at the episodes as aired from the perspective of Gabrielle. The conceit (or gimmick) was that they were the "notes" that Gabrielle took (kind of a "dear diary" style) which would later be the basis for the "Xena Scrolls". We saw it as a creative way to review what had happened in the episodes. To us it was a derivatiive and quirky episode guide. However, someone and their lawyers begged to differ.

I said there was good and bad news, didn't I? The good news is that there is something in the works (commercially) which hopefully will satisfy within you what the Gabrielle Scrolls did. Personally, my position is the more the better. The good stuff will naturally be sifted from the dregs, and life will go on. I am looking forward to the barrage of commercial materials which are being rumored and promoted as being "in the pipeline".

The idea of the "Xena Scrolls" is brilliant and as I have said in the past, and way before we ran the Gabrielle Scrolls, this idea does need to be mined.

The bad news? The bad news is that Whoosh voluntarily decided to cease running the "Gabrielle Scrolls" as a professional courtesy towards the team who are currently developing some projects which might have been or might not have been affected by our further running of that series.

As to your second question, I am working on the answer. Eventually I hope to have filming dates added to the Whoosh! episode guide. As is, I do know that the mid-season hiatus for season three began around August 15th and will end October 19, 1997.

As to your final question, in deference to Xena licensees, agents of Renaissance Pictures have requested that Whoosh not pursue any interviews with either Ms. Lawless or Ms. O'Connor. We will still, of course, cover their appearances and words at conventions and other events, but they will be handled as media reports and not as official interviews.


Tue, 23 Sep 1997
Subject: Hi

Hi. I just wanted to tell you that this is my favorite website. This is the best place for any Xena-obsessed person could go, and I love it. Keep up the great work!



Mon, 29 Sep 1997
Subject: What a Great Job!

Dear Kym,

What a great job you are doing! I hope that the time and effort you put into this project won't be too much. Keep up the teriffic work and, oh yes, don't forget to get away from the computer at least once a day. Seriously, this stuff's super!

B. Bryant

Editor Responded:
Thank you for your kind words. However, I cannot take complete credit for this adventure in public fan obsession. Check out ( the STAFF page) and you can see the 29 plus volunteers who keep this website on the edge of hardcorenutballism. There is a mysterious force in the universe which generates the interest and energy required for long term obsessive fan behavior. Thank goodness I was able to find these 25 plus generous and altruistic souls who agreed that a major portion of their lives should be devoted to all things Xena.

As to your other request, you will be proud of me! Instead of going to the San Francisco Xena Convention, I am going to Yosemite Park to actually do things outside like walk, look at trees, and run amuck with my son and husband. No laptop, no Xena paraphenalia, no television. Okay, I might take some Whoosh business cards with me...because you never know when you might meet a potential convert!

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