Whoosh! Issue 14 -
November 1997

IAXS project #Pending
By John G. Picone
Copyright © 1997 held by author
386 words

The Queen Elizabeth 'screwing in a lightbulb'

Soundtrack available on Varese Sarabande label, VSD-5750.

[01] Joe LoDuca is responsible for the beautiful music that is played each week on both Xena: Warrior Princess, and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. He is an award-winning composer and is respected by his peers and fans alike.

[02] But admit it, though, don't you wonder what that chorus is really singing about at the beginning of the show each week? You know, after the gaida (bagpipes), and after that omni-present "Action-Voice" guy says his pithy words? Wonder no longer, village-folk. Here's the actual words and music, as told to me by noted Xena historian, and former speaker of the House, Tip O'Neill.

[03] It's a tricky rhythm, like a 3/4 thing with triplets, so just grab your bouzouki and your ethnically-correct percussion instrument of choice and sing along when the music starts...for those of you playing along at home, the chords are:

Em                    Bm

Da da da da da da, da da da

Em                 Am (with an F#)                      

                (play an A minor with an

                      F# note mixed in)

Da da da da da da, da

Am                    Dm(with a B)

Da da da da da da, da da da

Am                 Dm (again with a B note mixed in)

Da da da da da da, da

[04] Xena, Warrior Princess

Xena's a warrior prin-cess
Back where the warriors dwell,
Hercules has his friend Io-laus
Xena has her Gabri-elle...

Giants and Cyclops and War-Lords
Gods and immortals don't-die
Centaurs and Serpents and Cae-sar
Yaie yaie yaie yaie yaie yaie-yaie...

They're on twice weekly or 3-times
These two pre-Mycenaean gals,
And Gabrielle and her Xe-na
They just might be more than "pals"...

Yaie yaie yaie yaie yaie yaie Xe-na,
Yaie yaie yaie yaie yaie yaie-yaie,
Yaie yaie yaie yaie yaie yaie Xe-na,
Yaie yaie yaie yaie yaie yaie Yaie!!!...

[05] Xena: Warrior Touch-Tone Version (warning: if you have a rotary phone, this will not work as well...)

1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2-2
1 2 3, 1 2 3, 2
7 8 9, 7 8 9, 7 8-8
7 8 9, 7 8 9, 8...

We are the Amazons, We are the princesses, We are the ones
to make a Titan cry, so let's start hitting...

From the jewel box pamphlet.


John G. Picone John G. Picone
Back to the beginning, two tiny amoebas, the STAAAAAAART of Life!... I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, a burgh full of some of the most beautiful and friendly people around. In Pgh, there is a really high value on tolerance and helpfulness. I also lived in Belgium for a while growing up, and after high school I went to Alaska for three years. (I think the most beautiful place on Earth...). Now I am an erstwhile young surgeon, done with Residency (or "The Other Side", as we call it). Now my beautiful wife (and a new small human on the way) are moving back to the Pacific Northwest, to a little Seaside town on the Oregon/California border. In short, I'm a very lucky guy.
Favorite episode: Letssee..hmmm, my favorite XENA episode. You know, it's hard to say your favorite or least favorites, because it's actually as a body of work, how they sustain this powerful energy and warmth that astounds me most. If I had to say one that blew me away most, it would be the two-parter, DESTINY (#36) and THE QUEST (#37). Those were heavy. (But then, sometimes, you love the light ones like A DAY IN THE LIFE (#39), best.)
Favorite line: OK, Favorite line. Hmm, I remember really howling at something (actually, many things) Autolycus, the King of Thieves says in THE QUEST (#37), durned if I can remember... (I got to see that one again sometime...) Somewhere in there, Xena says "Tell Hades to get ready for a lot of dead bodies!!", but I don't exactly remember [actually it is DESTINY (#36)]. So, I'll say "I don't need a Solstice present, you are a gift to me, Gabrielle." (Xena, in A SOLSTICE CAROL (#33). That was so cute.
First episode seen: A FISTFUL OF DINARS (#14).
Least favorite episode: I guess the episode I liked least (although I still liked it some) was A NECESSARY EVIL (#38). It's like ANYONE can become a God, or Immortal, get death rays or some ultimate power-deal. Anyone can p*ss on people, kill Amazons, threaten and try to kill your closest friend, and there's really no accounting or remorse; and, they all come back eventually in a later episode!

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